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the man or woman of your dreamsSoulmate Dreams: Dreaming about the Love of Your Life

Wouldn’t it be great if soulmates really exist? If the man or woman of your dreams is a flesh ‘n blood, living human being?

Soulmates are really misunderstood. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in all types of relationships: parent, child, sibling, friend, grandparent—even rivals and enemies. A soulmate is someone who comes into this world with you to be part of each other’s lives, for a brief time or a lifetime. For love. For sharing. For sex. For caring. Most of all, for growth and wholeness.

Soulmates help us grow, and growth is often spurred through adversity. Soulmates can be our most difficult and challenging relationships. Some end tragically. But in the big picture, every experience that helps us grow is worth it.

Soulmates incarnate into this world with us with a purpose in mind, a plan, then it’s up to us to follow through. They reincarnate with us through many lifetimes. If you don’t know that reincarnation is real, check out the research of Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Ian Stevenson.

The Story of Soulmates Who Meet in their Dreams

Today I want to share with you a young woman’s amazing experience that starts with a recurring dream. She dreams about being strapped to a boulder the size of the Earth and senses someone strapped to the other side of it, and feels hopeless about ever knowing this person with a world full of people standing between them. If either of them move out of unison, they both will die. In the second part of the dream, she sees a gate with no fence, in a setting that’s heavenly. She senses presences there and they force her to accept their power. With it, she starts to see artwork, very distinct styling. Beautiful. Below is an example:

dream about soulmates

reddit dreams

Reddit Dreams

In her waking life she searches for the artwork. And searches, searches. Finally she finds it. The artist is a young man her age. He lives only 30 miles from her. She follows his work and sees new creations as they’re posted online. Every dot, curve and line of his art is familiar to her from her dreams, but she waits before contacting him, despite the extraordinary dreams about this man and his art.

The week before I found her dream about a soulmate experience posted at reddit.com, she finally contacts him and says she’s seen his art in her dreams. He says that he’s seen her in his dreams and shares something he wrote about her–wrote before he met her in waking life. He has dreams about being together with her during various times and places.

They are soulmates who first met (in this lifetime) in their dreams.

Seriously – Are Soulmates Real?

author J.M. DeBord

I’m RadOwl, your teacher.

I do not blindly accept the notion of soulmates. I was quite skeptical the first time I ran across the notion and inclined to think that it’s wishful thinking. People can make themselves believe things that aren’t true, such as “he  must be my soulmate. We just met last night but it’s like we’ve known each other forever.” That’s probably not a soulmate. That’s a crush or infatuation but there’s a hope expressed that she (or he) will finally meet “the one.”

I had synchronous experiences that chiseled away at my skepticism and I came to accept a broad idea of what a soulmate is and understand how it shows in dreams. But it took years to figure it all out and I suggest that you at least give some time to percolate after having a powerful dream about being in love. Soulmate dreams will recur. It’s not a one-shot deal.

Be Careful Because Falling in Love in  a Dream Doesn’t Usually Mean “Soulmate”

understand animus carl jungHowever, you have dream characters that you fall in love with and ultimately they represent something about yourself that you love. Falling in love in a dream promotes internal unity and bonding.

In fact, ladies, you are meant to fall in love with your animus.

Gents, you have an anima who can appear in your dreams as the love of your life, your lady in waiting.

Get to know these dream characters.

Thank god we live in such a wonderful universe that gives us special and meaningful relationships that extend through space and time to keep us together. Otherwise, if life was a “one and done” deal, I’d feel cheated of the deeper potential created by strong bonds of love and communion between human beings.

My favorite source of info about soulmates is Edgar Cayce:

Edgar Cayce's teachings about soulmates

Click picture to read more about Cayce’s soulmate teachings

More Accounts of Soulmates Meeting in Dreams

Dreams can lead you to your soulmates (plural, because we can have many). The young couple described above who met in their dreams are one of several examples I’ve found. I know a man who dreamed about seeing a beautiful woman singing on stage in a small club. He saw himself dressed in a military uniform. He wasn’t in the military at the time, but later in his life he joined it. One night he was in a club, in uniform. He saw a beautiful woman singing on stage, with the same hair, voice, and presence as the woman in his dreams. He talked to her after the show and they really hit it off. He knew they were destined to be together.

Three days after they met, he asked her to marry him. They are still married and have children and wonderful lives together, to my knowledge.

A good friend, Steve Ernenwein, says that spiritual guides told him twice while lucid dreaming that he would soon meet his wife, Erica. His guides told him his future wife would be “American and “hot.”” They are now married and have their first baby.

I spoke extensively with a guy at reddit who claimed to meet a woman in his dreams and find out her first and last name and details about her recent accident that required hospitalization.

A few weeks later he was shopping for groceries and passed by a woman that looked just like the one in his dreams. Before he could stop himself, he said her first name out loud as a question. She asked, “Do I know you?” He said her last name, remembered from the dream, and it was correct. He then played it off as “oh, we must have met somewhere.”

They got together for coffee and conversation and found many things in common. He kept to himself how he really knew her—“yeah, sure, we met in a dream. STALKER!”—till they knew each other well enough to tell her the truth. He told her the dream detail about the accident she was supposedly in. She showed him the scars.

They became good friends and at last update their relationship remains a friendship. Whether they’re soulmates is hard to say, but you figure there must be a damn good reason he dreamed about her before they met and knew her name and a major detail from her recent life.

A taboo subject – yet popular one for discussion

When you dig into this subject and invite people to share their experiences, you might be surprised by how often you hear about people first meeting in dreams, then meeting in waking life. The subject can evoke strange and even negative reactions so it’s not talked about openly as much as it could be. Subjects such as soulmates, past lives, and precognitive dreams invite derision. They aren’t readily talked about unless the right environment for open sharing is created.

Yet, we see references all the time in pop culture to “love of your life” and “destiny” and “soul mates.” There’s a much deeper truth here that’s only being hinted at and alluded to. For example, the movie “In a Dream” is about a woman who keeps dreaming about a guy and she’s convinced he’s real, which of course makes her friends and family say she’s reading too much into her dreams.

In a Dream Trailer from Edina Kishonthy on Vimeo.

As a researcher, I rely on the accuracy and honesty of people who report experiences like the ones described above, so proving that it’s real is not like, say, proving that gravity is real. But a point comes when the preponderance of evidence weighs heavily on the ‘it’s real’ side of the scales, and the individual accounts don’t matter as much as the collected work.

Be skeptical. That’s the right mindset to approach any subject. But keep an open mind. If you want a soulmate, well, you might already have one or more in your life and just need to recognize the deep bonds that connect you with people in your life. If you want a sou mate who is the love of your life, well, the universe I live in grants such wishes to those willing to focus first on growth, healing, and wholeness. You might have already dreamed about the person.

dream interpretation dictionary

Give yourself a foundation in dream interpretation, then you can tell which dreams are soulmate dreams.


Short fiction with a soulmate theme: Surprise! You’re Dead. Now What?

See the following reddit subs for more info about dreams, past lives, and Edgar Cayce:


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I'm the author of "Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams," and "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Sign and Meanings." At reddit.com I'm known as RadOwl. I began studying dreams in the early 1990s and delved into all major schools of thought, especially the writings of Carl Jung.

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  1. mary says:

    HI, I have dreamed at least 4 tines with a stranger, but in the same familiar place. It has been in my studying roooom,which is inside of my campus´s libary.He has the same name, Michael Barner or Reed. He´s tall manm with red straight but messy hair and dark blue eyes. he has little of bear too- he looks like a bad boy, ish. laider black jacket and dark jeans. i like him but i hjave not meet him in real life. What should i do? i need help and I really want to meet him soon. Thanks, mary

    • RadOwl says:

      First thing you can do is be open and receptive to everyone — it helps to strengthen your ability to attract good people to you. If Michael is a real person, you’ll find each other one way or another.

      However, do consider that Michael could be a stranger in the sense that he symbolizes something strange or outside-the-norm to you. He’s not a person, he’s a character in a story. The way he’s portrayed in the dream could connect with the underlying symbolism. For example, you run across him in your study room. Well, what are you studying? What could be characterized as a bit “bad” or “rebellious?” Think of what you’ve been studying and your feelings and perceptions of it.

      Dreams can create attractive characters in order to create internal bonds within you. Dreams are a viewing station into processes of the unconscious mind. They show what’s going on beneath the surface of your mind. Now, think about Michael and consider the idea that he symbolizes something attractive to you that you also perceive as rebellious or bad in a fun way.

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