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headshot_compressedI’m author J.M. DeBord, aka RadOwl the Reddit.com dream expert. I wrote the book Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams for people who want the easiest possible system for understanding their dreams.

Many awesome books have been written about dreams, but in my experience most people don’t know where to begin. One source says a dream means one thing and another source says something else, sometimes contradictory. Unless you study the subject in-depth you won’t have the base of knowledge to judge for yourself.

I’ve studied the teachings of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Ann Faraday and Fritz Perls, Robert Johnson, Robert Moss, Edgar Cayce and many others so that you don’t have to. I boil down the best of what really works and combine it together into a user-friendly system I call DREAMS 1-2-3.

Dreamwork comes in threes. It has three basic steps to it:

  1. Remember your dreams.
  2. Interpret your dreams.
  3. Live your dreams.

Dreams have three story elements: settings, characters, and symbols.

And they have three narrative components: action, reaction, and resolution.

By looking at each part of a dream individually you can gain clues to the meaning of dream-stories and see how it all connects with your waking life.

Your dreams are like a life coach that knows you better than anyone and says things in a way you really understand. The dream coach speaks the language of symbolism. Symbolism is how the unconscious mind — where dreams originate — communicates to its counterpart, the conscious mind. Understanding your dreams begins with understanding symbolism.

You know the language of symbolism because it’s hardwired in your mind. You just don’t know that you know it!

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I’ve been a guest on many media programs including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He says I’m “one heck of a dream interpreter” and I’m proud to earn his praise.

As a moderator at Reddit Dreams I’ve interpreted thousands of dreams and answered hundreds of questions about them. Through my media appearances, books and online work I’ve reached millions of people around the world.

The best way to contact me is on Facebook, or at reddit. At reddit, just mention my name in a post or comment, just like this: /u/RadOwl.

Publishing Dreams 1-2-3 has opened many doors to bring my system of dreamwork to the public. A new book is in the works, The Big Book of Dream Interpretation will arrive in June 2017. I’m creating an online course and partnered with an expert programmer to create software for journaling and interpreting dreams. It’s an exciting time.

I also offer one-on-one dreamwork.

My system makes dream understandable for everyone. Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you.


3 Responses

  1. D V says:

    I posted my dream up here for more an answer, and u pulled it down, care to elaborate on why, I had a dream my on and off ex kept feeding me his never ending dick, and it just kept going down by throat. What does this mean?

    • RadOwl says:

      I get a lot of comments and don’t remember that one specifically, but am happy to give you some ideas now. For this dream, I’d focus on the symbolism of his penis and what it means to swallow it. In simplest terms, you’re getting a never-ending supply of something. Like, he won’t stop acting like a dick, or he talks about his dick or fellatio all the time. It could symbolize taking in his masculinity or even connect with feelings about giving him oral sex.

  1. April 20, 2016

    […] About me – J.M. DeBord aka “RadOwl” the reddit dream expert […]

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