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Interpretation of Dreams about Snakes. Meaning of Snake Dreams.

snakes in dreams - transcendence

The interpretation of dreams about snakes depends primarily on the associations of the dreamer and how snakes are used in the dream-story. The meaning varies.

To one person, snakes are feared and loathed. Just the thought of a snake makes their skin crawl. To another person, snakes are symbols of temptation and evil. But snakes are also commonly associated with good health, virility, transformation, and the presence or blessing of God.

These associations form the basis of dream symbolism. The process of making associations can be as simple as whatever comes to mind first associated with a snake. If I say “snake,” you say “____?”

Of course, a lot depends on what type of snake, right? How a snake is presented in your dream and how you react to it tells you what it symbolizes.

Is the snake dangerous, or just chillin’? Do you run in terror at the sight of it, stare in fascination, or even play with it? What role does the snake have in the dream-story, and what actions, if any, does it take? Where is the snake encountered and who, if anyone, is with you? What does it all symbolize, and how does it fit together as a story about you?

This is how you figure out the meaning of a snake in a dream, the same general process that you use with any dream symbol. The snake is an enigmatic dream symbol that can’t be interpreted using pat definitions. Instead, dig into the story and analyze the dream. I’ll show you how.

Snake Symbolism: Venom

snake bite dream
A dream’s actions speak volumes about the symbolism.

Let’s begin with a common use of snake symbolism. Snakes are known for being venomous. That idea can be stretched to speak to a way that something poisons your thoughts and feelings or harms body, your heart, your spirit.

Venomous can mean “bad influence.” It works into you and influences you in a bad way. The influence could be from a person, but consider also everything that you could take into yourself in the figurative sense.

Now stretch the idea. Someone who is mean as a snake is a bad influence. Just being around such a person is hazardous to your health! Their influence is like venom. Everyday comparisons between people and venomous snakes are common, so it’s an easy connection to make. They wound. They strike. They stalk.

That use of the symbolism will stand out in the dream-story. The snake will be venomous. It will bite, or you will fear it biting you or someone with you in the dream — danger and fear personified in the form of a snake.

If the snake is not venomous, does not bite and inject venom, or does not provoke fear, it’s probably not related to the symbolism of venom. A dream could even turn this idea on its ear by showing you wanting the venom of the snake because you know subconsciously it could be helpful. For example, chemotherapy is a sort of venom or poison used to treat cancer. Or you are overcoming fear or learning your true personal power.

Venomous thoughts and feelings

dream venomous snake

The symbolism of a snake as something venomous doesn’t end with how it can describe certain people. Situations and thought processes can be venomous, too. “Venomous” and “poisonous” are used to describe situations that slowly kill you, that are chronically stressful or hurtful and bring out the worst in people. A negative ideology, belief, feeling or thought that works into your system is venomous.

“Venomous” can describe thought processes and the way you talk to yourself. Thoughts like “I’m good for nothing” and “I can’t do anything right” are venom in the psyche. They poison you from within, as do feelings such as shame and self-loathing.

Venom can be used to describe anything that attacks the body and mind from within, such as certain substances: sodas, alcohol, drugs, heavily processed foods. Remember that the symbolism is based on your perceptions and how your body and mind react to the intake of something. Some people can eat Twinkies all day long and are fine. For other people it’s slow death. Some people can drink alcohol and it doesn’t bother them. Others can’t. It’s venom.

Just this one use of snake symbolism has many variations. The other uses of the symbolism we’ll cover also have many variations. The goal here is to show you ways that dreams use associations with snakes to create symbolism, and how the meaning of a snake in a dream is shown in the story.

Snake Symbolism: Fear

fear of snakes in dreams

Dreams make comparisons based on your associations, and fear is a common association with snakes. They can symbolize anything that you fear: people, places, situations, or just the idea of something such as speaking in public or health problems. If you fear it, a dangerous snake can symbolize it. The idea can be stretched from here to the moon. For example, fear of getting into trouble, failing a test, or losing something you love can be symbolized as fear of a snake.

But if you don’t fear snakes, they’re not as likely to be used in your dreams to symbolize fear. Or if the snake in your dream is not a potentially harmful variety, you have nothing to fear. Of course, some people fear any snake, so again, it depends on you and how you react to snakes in general and specifically to the snakes in your dreams.

Dreaming about overcoming fear of a snake is a strong indicator of overcoming a fear in your waking life, too.

Snake Symbolism: Constriction

Constricting situations are comparable to the killing method of Boa Constrictors, Pythons and Anacondas. For example demands, obligations, and responsibilities can feel constricting. Bad situations can feel like a noose around the neck. Relationships can be constricting. People can become “ensnared” in all sorts of ways.

What better way of symbolizing something that constricts than with a snake? Keep in mind, the constriction is not necessarily “bad.” I know a mother and daughter who both dreamed about letting a python out of their family home where they live together with an elderly relative. The Python symbolizes the constriction on their lives caused by caring for that relative, and allowing it to leave the home shows their willingness to “let go” of their relative so she can die in peace. They don’t want her to die — it’s not a malicious or selfish desire. It’s just an acknowledgement of how they feel and the reality of the situation.

reddit dreams
Reddit Dreams

Now make the next leap and imagine how constriction by a snake in a dream can symbolize loss of circulation to a limb while sleeping, or a blocked airway. A blocked airway is constricted. Make another leap to consider that the real story is told in the dream symbolism of the body part affected. Dreaming about a snake wrapped around your neck, for example, could be a sign of a constricted airway, aka “sleep apnea.”

Dreams react to external and internal stimuli and turn it into symbolic imagery. If you have sleep apnea or another condition that restricts the airway during sleep, dreams are likely to visualize it somehow.

Snake Symbolism: Sneak Attack and Engulf

Snakes are known for attacking out of the blue. They can lie still and hidden for hours waiting for lunch to wander near. This characteristic of snakes can describe people and situations, too. Some people lie in wait for an opportunity to attack. Situations can be fraught with potential for danger summed up in the image of a snake waiting to attack.

Picture how a snake eats. It engulfs. It opens its mouth and swallows whole. Imagine the possibilities for how that can be used as symbolism and to describe how you feel, or an addiction, or an all-consuming desire. It “engulfs” a person.

Snake Symbolism: Mother Nature’s Natural Healer

rod of asclepius - healing dreams

A snake is shown wrapped around the Rod of Asclepius, which is the basis of the Caduceus, and both symbols are associated with medicine and healing. Associations with good health stem from a snake’s ability to renew itself by shedding its skin and hibernate for long periods.

This idea has strong connections also with personal development and the psyche, because “shedding your skin” means letting go of the old to become something new. A period of personal hibernation can precede a period of transformation. Hibernation is also the best cure for some ailments of the body.

Beautiful Green snakes in dreams are particularly fortuitous because green is associated with nature and growth. Again, though, judge by how the snake is used in the dream-story. Check out the comments section at the bottom of this post to see a number of examples of green snakes.

The snake is connected with nature, which goes through cycles, and with instincts which we all have for renewal and health. Sometimes the best medicine is to listen closely and give your body what it needs. Snakes are highly sensitive to their environment and sense the slightest vibrations. Associate with those ideas and you can see possibilities for how snakes in dreams can symbolize personal sensitivity to the subtle signs from your body and your environment.

Snake Dreams: Temptation

Author J.M. DeBord. I know a lot about snakes in dreams.

In the story of the Garden of Eden, a snake tempts Eve to eat the apple. It symbolizes humans’ separation from nature and natural instincts, and has evolved as a general symbol of temptation. This use of the symbolism is more likely to show up in the dreams of people who strongly believe in the story of the Garden of Eden and in the snake as a symbol of the Devil.

But Wait: Snakes Aren’t All Bad!

The possibilities covered so far are all negative, but snakes are marvelous works of evolution that have many positive associations ripe for use as dream symbolism.

One time, when giving a public lecture about dream symbolism and discussing snakes, I covered many of the “bad” associations. A Native American woman in the back shot up her hand. “In my culture, snakes are positive,” she said, objecting to my portrayal of snakes. “My people view them in relation to spirit and Mother Nature, and dreaming about them is a good sign.”

She gave me the perfect opportunity to discuss the many good associations with snakes. They live in the ground and that closeness to Mother Earth creates a strong association with nature. Nature is associated with wisdom, fertility, and instincts. Snakes are used in rituals to bless crops for a good harvest and bless people to have abundant children and health. Cultural associations play a strong role in dream symbolism, especially with snakes because of the broad spectrum of perceptions and associations from culture to culture.

dream analysis: snakes
The snake emerges from the forehead to represent activation of the “Third Eye.”

Another very positive association exists between snakes and kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that rises out of the hips, travels up the spine, and emerges out of the forehead or crown of the head to connect with the “upper realm.” It’s visualized as two snakes intertwined and rising up the spine.

A snake emerging from the head is a symbol of deep insight and enlightenment.

Carl Jung’s View of Snakes in Dreams

A snake bite, especially a bite on the wrist or hand, is known in certain dream interpretation circles to be associated with a call from inside a person to “shed their skin” and transform. Carl Jung wrote about it in his book, “Dreams” and he identified snakes as the most common symbol of transcendence, meaning “rising above” the ordinary life and becoming a complete person. They are creatures of the underworld, and in the dreams the underworld means the unconscious mind, where the desire and energy for personal transformation arises.

Carl Jung book Dreams

I encountered the association in the dreams of a friend. In order to succeed she drove herself with feelings of anxiety and fear of failure. She had several dreams of being pursued by snakes, culminating with a dream about being bitten on the wrist. Oddly, she started encountering snakes in her waking life, too, and she lived in an urban environment where snakes are rarely encountered.

I felt that the dreams were telling her to find a new way of motivating herself, which would require a personal transformation. The wrist is the connector of the arm and the hand, and it creates compound symbolism combining the symbolism of the arm, a symbol of strength and preparation, with the hand, a symbol of taking action or connecting. In this sense, a snake bite on the wrist is a call to action to bring out your inner strength.

You could also say that nothing gets your attention like a snake bite! Bites in dreams can mean simply that something within you is trying hard to get your attention.

Snake as Phallic Symbol and Symbol of Masculinity

phallic symbols everywhere

Snakes’ long, cylindrical shape is associated with the penis, making them a phallic symbol. The association is easily stretched to include males in general. “All men are snakes,” a frustrated woman says.

Taken further, snakes are associated with everything about men and masculinity, positive and negative. A snake can symbolize a particular man or just men in general. It can symbolize masculine energy, the yang of Taoist thought, or the energy of a particular man or group of men. I find this use of the symbolism mostly in females’ dreams.

As with all symbolism, look at the action to determine the meaning. If the snake is trying to crawl up your leg under your pants, it might be a phallic symbol. But if the snake is on a rock sunning itself, it might symbolize something “warming up,” as in “warming up to the idea.”

For example, a woman who is thinking about getting back into the dating scene is “warming up” to the idea.

Snakes in Dreams: Examples for Analysis

Next is a dream that uses an association with snakes as meaning something dangerous or invasive, titled “Killed a snake with a knife in a dream:”

There is a large snake in my garden hiding under the shed. I try to take pictures of it but keep failing. Eventually it begins to become aggressive toward me, so I retreat into my house via patio doors. Somehow the snake gets its tail stuck in the door. It manages to wriggle through the door and under the carpet. I get a kitchen knife and stab it several times through the carpet.

I joked with this dreamer that all he needed was Adam and Eve and an apple tree to complete the picture of a snake in a garden. Judging by the fact that the dreamer tries to take pictures of the snake — symbolism for gathering evidence or “getting the picture” — my guess is he has encountered something in his life that’s akin to the phrase “snake in the grass” and is trying to protect himself from it, or to gain concrete proof for himself that something isn’t quite right.

“Snake in the grass” describes a person who is untrustworthy, who hides their true nature until it is too late for their victims to get away. ‘Under a shed’ can mean the snake is related to something at or about work, since a shed is where work tools and supplies are kept. A garden is a way of describing something that is planted, tended or grown. For example, a garden might describe an idea that’s planted like a seed and grows in the mind or in your life. A garden is also a place for peace and contemplation, and if a snake is in your “inner garden” it means something has invaded your peace of mind.

meaning of snake dream

The snake in the dream gets into his house, the dream’s way of saying that the situation is “close to home.” A house in a dream can be a way of describing the life you have built for yourself, or life in the body or mind. Being outside of the house symbolizes outside of personal boundaries. This snake is trying to slither inside, meaning get passed the dreamer’s guard and hide “below the surface,” symbolized in the dream as under the carpet. However, he recognizes the danger and takes steps to eliminate it.

Keep in mind that this dream can just as easily describe some kind of influence on the dreamer, not necessarily a person or situation in his life. For example, maybe the dreamer’s attitude toward something is negative, or something in his thoughts or feelings is “poisonous.” It could symbolize a bad habit, a vice. But because I don’t see any sign of what it could symbolize, I think the dream is more likely to connect with something threatening his boundaries.

Dream: Snakes get into my house

Terms such as “trouser snake” use the comparison of a snake to a penis. It’s not the most common association, but snakes as phallic symbols do pop up in dreams, like the next dream, titled “Snakes in my house.”

I was in my living room and a large snake was there, not aggressive but trying to get my attention. I decided it wanted out but was afraid to pick it up, so I had it follow me through the kitchen to the back door where it and four other large snakes exited my house. But one tiny snake refused to go because it was too cold outside. I let him stay. Relevant info: I am a girl and had been at a bar that night with about 40 guys I used to work with.

Picture the scene with this attractive girl in a bar surrounded by 40 guys she knows. How many of them do you think hit on her? Do you see a comparison with the snake in her living room trying to get her attention, same as the guys the night before tried to get her attention? Male sexual interest doesn’t bother her — she’s not afraid of the snakes in her dream, and that reaction is a huge clue to the symbolism. But she doesn’t want them in her house, either, meaning she is not interested in a relationship or sex with any of them. Or maybe none of the guys interest her enough to invite them home.

The way she leads the snakes out of her home in the dream shows she is comfortable with sexual attention and adroit at handling it. If she savagely hacked at the snakes with a machete, I might wonder if she felt similarly about guys hitting on her or the thought of sex with a man. Leaving the small snake inside says to me that she wants some male energy in her personal life, just not a lot of it.

If you read the original post, you’ll see that I joked about how trouser snakes — penises — shrink back from the cold, too, like the little snake that didn’t want to go outside! Another way of looking at it is the cold can symbolize being viewed as “frigid” if she handled male energy less tactfully, but I don’t think it applies to this dream.

The little snake can also describe males who don’t display machismo, or who might be overlooked because they don’t draw attention to themselves. I can’t say for sure that I’m correct; I use this dream to illustrate possible interpretations and show how the association process works.


As you can see, the interpretation of a dream about snakes has many possibilities. Whether a dream of snakes is symbolic of something venomous, constricting, untrustworthy, enlightening, blessing, healing, transcending, or transforming depends on the dreamer. Associations are key. If an association doesn’t feel right to describe the snake in your dream, it doesn’t fit.

I encourage you to think broadly, but most importantly, think for yourself. Whatever a snake means to you in your dream is based on your personal experience. Only you know what it really means.

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237 thoughts on “Interpretation of Dreams about Snakes. Meaning of Snake Dreams.”

  1. Hi, I had a dream that my sister brought a thin dark green snake into my house (living room to be exact) so that two kids could play with it
    ( random kids belonged to a very distant acquaintance in Australia, they have no real connection to me at all). The snake bit me on my ankle or leg so I panicked and trapped it into a zip lock plastic bag( it looked like a large sandwich bag). At first I only zipped it across half way so the snake tried to escape which prompted me to zip it across the whole way. The snake then started gasping for so much air taking really loud breaths and poked it’s head out of the middle of the bag and bit me again, this time I think it was on my arm. The sound of the snake gasping for with it’s mouth open was very very clear.

  2. Hello. Thank you for this article. I’m intrigued to know about my dream. In my dream I woke and noticed there’s a bump by lower right side (closer to the back and upper buttocks). When I touch it, it started to move like a slither moving around that area of the body. Slither then coiled giving the bump form. When I took a closer look I saw a line of stitches on the lower buttocks. Someone put the snake inside my skin. I couldn’t remember if I it to go out of my body or not. I did felt scared when I saw that in me but it did not hurt me at all. Maybe it seems more scared of it being in there I am not sure. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Your comment arrived when I was vacationing and got overlooked. I have a moment now to give feedback on your dream. First, in response to the dream I’d thoroughly check out that part of your body when you found the snake beneath your skin. If you don’t find anything unusual, that’s great. Continue to monitor that area of the body. It’s a good idea to always consider possibilities for a dream’s obvious meaning. If you’re female, that area of your body is around where one of your ovaries is. Snakes are associated with fertility, so it raises the question of whether something in there has become active!

  3. I’ve already had 4 dreams in less than a month about snakes. My first one a snake bit me on my arm, my second one a venomous snake bit me on my arm and I was rushed to the hospital because I was dying, my third one I was trapped in a room with hundreds of snakes attacking me And my fourth one a green snake wrapped itself around me and went inside my ear to bite me.

    1. The recurrence of the dreams is a sign that something in you and/or your life needs to be corrected. Snake bits can symbolize ideas such as a biting comment or injury to your psyche or body. But sometimes it’s a way of getting your attention. When do people get bitten by snakes? When they aren’t paying attention. I suggest making that goal front and center. Pay close attention. Don’t let your mind wander too far or too long. See if your dreams respond.

  4. First of all, I hardly ever dream, and when I do, I never remember the dream only the feeling associated with it. This dream about the snake was very vivid and detailed and I can remember almost everything that happened.
    I was at work (teacher.. elementary school) when they give out a warning that snakes have spotted on school grounds and to be careful. I’m approached by this snake that I assume is venomous based on its diamond head shape, but I later figured since I didn’t die it just not have been venomous. Anyway, it bites my left leg but it doesn’t let go and I try to get people to help me get the snake off and no helps me. It finally just released itself. At one point during the dream, I half way woke up and thought “that crocodile hunter guy would get bit all the time and he never died so I should be fine” and fell back asleep. It was as if the dream continued to which I was going along in my everyday life (shopping, working, home) with this visible snake bite (2 puncture holes) on my leg.

    1. Hi Andie, the theme of being bitten by a snake is a common one for dreams, and that doesn’t mean it automatically means to you what it means to other people who dream about it. Since you are at school when you encounter the snake, begin by reflecting on the situation there. For example, are you having conflict with someone? Or is the environment in general causing you pain of some kind? A clue to the meaning is found in the fact that you look for help and don’t find any. What are you dealing with on your own? And finally, the bite leaves a mark and you go about your daily business knowing it’s there. Think of the phrase “left a mark” and the types of situations where it’s used. The dream shows it physically, and it may represent something that left a mark on your emotions, attitudes, feelings, and so forth. How is school / your job leaving a mark on you? That’s the question that may get you to the meaning of the dream.

  5. Hi, Naomi Bryant here, I had a dream that my 4yr old had got sick we were in a house in a wooded area. She ran in the kitchen was choking and i said you okay come here. She came to the sink and began to throw up, as she was throwing up all i seen was p pouch of some kind I pulled it out and put it in the sink then I was pulling other things out her mouth. As she was done I picked the 1 thing up it looked like a pair of lungs connected, then I picked up the pouch looked at it and it was like a little snake but with like a dragon face. As soon as this happened it was like my dream switched and so many people had heard about what came out and they were after it chasing us following us we were running from the house and they were chasing us. They finally cornered us and was abruptly trying to get the thing in the pouch. So to protect my children I gave it to them and they went on about their way and the dream ended. What does that mean?

    1. Hi Naomi, your dream presents mysterious imagery. I can offer a suggestion and you see if it rings a bell. First, most dream characters represent aspects of yourself even when they look like people that you know. Your daughter in the dream looks like her, but it’s actually a symbol for something about you. This is true in most cases, though sometimes we can dream about people we know, especially people we care about. Parents are known to dream a lot about their children because they must be so diligent about taking care of and protecting them. In the dream you give over the pouch as a way of protecting your child, so ask yourself, what are you giving up for the sake of protecting your child o or children? It’s symbolized as the snake, and I can’t tell you what it means to you.

  6. Hello. My mother had a dream in the morning yesterday, about a coiled black snake in her bedroom underneath her chair where she was sitting. The black snake was giving or trying to give her multiple different white snakes. All she remembers is that she spoke to the snake telling it to f**k off, but it did not speak back.

  7. Hi new here has a dream last night were there was fire in the house and we were about getting out with the little valuable things we could pick on the fly . This is when my cousin whom am not close to in real life abandons her therapy snakes 2 vipers black and yellow . I personally don’t like snakes shockingly I wasn’t scared of them nor threatened in any way rather I felt pity and asked my cousin , are you not going to save your snakes ? they getting burn in there. She didn’t care and told me to save them I didn’t either. That’s the dream.
    What could this mean ?

    1. Therapy snakes that are vipers? That’s a new one to me.

      Your reaction to the snakes is important. You are not scared of them, in fact you sympathize with them for being left behind and in danger. Since everything in a dream represents something about you, I’d ask myself if the dream is saying something about providing for my own comfort or needs. In the dream you have an opportunity to save the snakes but don’t, and it brings up the question, are you not giving enough to provide for your own comfort?

  8. I dreamt surviving a fire with a friend and it was like we had a mission to do about a snake, I don’t know what the mission was but we had the means to call out the snake wherever it was hiding by burning some stuff, the first time the stuff didn’t catch fire so we couldn’t call out the snake, we burnt the stuff the second time and the snake came slowly and wrapped around both my legs and never letting go, no matter how much I tried to get if off my legs, it couldn’t let go, some time I managed to get it one leg but it still caught the leg and brought it back together with the other one, it didn’t seem harmful or want to bite me but I was scared and I hated the unpleasant feeling of it wrapping around my legs.

  9. I had this dream of running away from something and I entered into room and closed the glass door. Somehow the snake entered the room and I get scared. It has a black head and body was black and white checkered. It was moving slowly along the walls. I climb up the bench to be safe. That’s when I realise it’s going towards the little stuffed animals I love(strangely they are alive, and they were with me while running away and coming into this room). I muster up courage and think of killing it. I ask my brother(I did not see him until now) to kill it but he hesitates and I take a bowl and smash it’s head it dies(at this point this snake is inside the basket full of things and it’s head shows up that’s when I hit) and immediately one more comes up and my brother kills it same way. What does this mean? Surroundings were gloomy and dull the snake was also moving very slowly.

    1. The simple idea is you are confronted by a fear in the form of the snake. It’s a dream symbol, and your reaction of fearing the snake gives the basic idea of what it symbolizes. Your brother as a dream character participates with you in the action of killing the snake, implying the idea of something you two have in common. The surroundings are gloomy, and the atmosphere of a dream tends to reflect your mood or state of mind. Are you fighting off a bad mood that’s symbolized as the snake? That’s a possibility.

  10. In the dream I see a snake on the ground, I believe it is a poisonious one, it is poised to strike me. Then a person appears out of nowhere next to me. Tells me to grab the tail of the snake and snap/shake it, like you would a whip, and that that will take the aggression out of it. Then I wake up

  11. I dreamt that I bought three snakes. One pute white one, very large and one all black very large one. The third one was a small green one, it was skinny. They were tame and i did not want to cage them but i wasnt sure how to care for them. I interacted with them and pet them and got to know them in a sense and then i had to leave. I felt bad leaving them alone but i had to go to the store. I picked them up and put them in one room. Then i went to the store and shopped a little and didnt like anything. So get out of the store i had to climb down a later and i didnt feel like thinking about the focus i needed to climb down it. I was annoyed but eventually aucked it up and slowly went down the ladder and made it. When i got home the room i left my snakes in was open and a kid im close to was sleeping in the room. I couldnt find the snakes and i told my family how i bought three snakes but now i cant find them, sorry, but we have to look for them. I was worried my family was mad at me for having the snakes but noone even cared, just my worry. Then i knew the snakes were fine and that they were survivors so i didnt worry too much and knew they would come around.

  12. I dreamed a long white snake.. While im walking together with 2 girl.. One is young and the other one is middle aged.. We saw a long white snake so we stopped walking and we try not to moved.. So the long white snake wrapped my left leg

    1. Rizza, White snakes are known to be good dream signs, though there’s nothing automatic about dream symbols, only patterns. There’s not enough detail for me to read further into the dream, but I can give you a question to ask yourself: where do you fit into the picture with the other two girls. Also, has something “stopped you in your tracks” recently?

  13. Hi. I had a dream of a python wrapping around me and I break a stick and it loosens up and I get away. I run and it keeps trying to wrap around me but then I keep getting away.

  14. Thank You Very Much Rad !!!
    Appreciate Your Time Effort and Incredible Breakdown!!!
    I am an NLP beginner and I understand the in the frame semantics 👍 you are right about the experience as is…
    Me n my cousin share lot in common he also has a business finance crisis similar to mine…
    Yes of course I need to meditate to understand my shame and my relationship with my family…
    I am feeling sense of accomplishment by linking the experience to the base chakra…
    I recieved great priceless extremely valuable mentorly advice !!!
    Thank You And All The Best for Your Endeavors!!!

  15. Hi Rad,

    I saw a dream where i was in a scenic area with green small grassy gardeny area with bushes on one side, I was with my younger cousin (male) and likely my family members were somewhere behind the bushes kind of a holiday scene, when I saw a long brown (coppery shiny) snake near me, I wasn’t panicked not was the snake… Was wondering at looking at it to go into the bushes when it suddenly came behind jumped and bit my butt on a-hole area, it felt like a baby bite with some teeth incersion – I was quite quick and grabbed its neck with my left hand brought the hand in front of me saw the snake and threw in the bushes, I remember telling my cousin it bit me there how can I show to any doctor, it’s good that I wore jeans, I am in a financial mess, I had a fight with my wife yesterday and a bad situation with a recovery agent for a loan that my employee took and fled… I am hoping for my business to get stable and start a new business also… I searched online but couldn’t find anything relevant… I am also understanding Chakras Kundalini Bhagwat Geeta and doing few spiritual rituals and going deeper into spirituality these days… Please help me understand 🙏

    1. Hello Ashish, first I encourage you to think of a dream as an experience instead of something you see. It’s a minor but important semantics difference that helps you frame your understanding of the dream as something you experience. It’s a real experience as it’s happening. Also, tell your dreams in present tense. For example, instead of saying “I was in a scenic area” you say “I am in a scenic area.” It’ll help.

      First, notice that you see your family nearby before encountering the snake. It could mean that the dream brought them into the scene to indicate the dream has something to do with family life. The opening scene of a dream is often where you find clues to the subject of it. I can’t say why your cousin is with you, but it could be the dream’s way of indicating you two share something in common in relation to the subject of the dream. For example, maybe he has difficulty with his wife or his business. Or maybe he’s an example you can follow to help you better understand or handle the problem you are dealing with. What are your associations with your cousin, meaning the thoughts, feelings, and memories that come to mind when you think of him? Associations can be the basis for symbolism, to help you understand the people in your dreams as symbols.

      Where the snake bites you is significant, and your reaction in the dream of thinking in terms of potential embarrassment could be a clue. There’s potential for metaphorical symbolism, too. In the US, “bite me in the ass” is something we say when a situation turns bad after thinking it was good. We might say “that decision seemed good at the time, but it came back to bite me in the ass.” Notice that the snake attacks from behind. That could relate symbolically to the employee that stole money from you. It was a “sneak attack” and you were “bit in the ass.” In other words, you put your trust in someone who betrayed you, and now you’re embarrassed because the situation makes you look bad. The fact that it occurs behind bushes that shield you from view could be symbolism for the idea that you’d rather your family not know about the situation.

      The situation is a challenge to your deepening spiritual practice. I suggest that you find peace with it. Let it go, and learn. Namaste.

  16. Hii.. I dreamt of brown and white stripes python was climbing down from the tree and I was trying to inform my mom about it but she could see or understand as I was scared and not clear in my talks. The snake just climbed down from the tree and went away. What does this mean

    1. If it was my dream I’d focus my attention on thoughts about my family tree, my lineage and ancestry, and ask if there’s something related to my maternal line (your mom is in the dream, indicating maternal line) that scares me. The snake is in a tree and your mom is in the dream, so put the clues together and you have the idea of “my mom’s family tree.” Then there’s the snake. A python is a constrictor, so think along the lines of “something feels constricting to me.” It also scares you and puts you at a loss for words. The snake does not do anything harmful, it just slithers away, indicating that the situation is something related to your observations and thoughts.

  17. Thank you so much for the interpretation! That makes sense about asking for a previous mentor during the dream as well if it was kundalini. Appreciate your work 🙏

    1. Awesome!

      Hey, by the way, I found out recently that the snake venom in kundalini experience can represent a substance of transformation. It’s believed that the kundalini energy sparks physical transformations, and venom is a substance that transforms flesh. It’s symbolic, of course, and it’s another indicator that your dream is pointing toward kundalini awakening. Very cool.

  18. Hello! I had a dream last night, after feeling particularly spiritual yesterday evening. A snake was my companion, with no negative feelings in the dream. We were sort of assigned to each other? I was an ox and then the snake was my friend. I was a human shortly after and we were still close friends. Eventually, it started constricting my body around my shoulder. Then, more and more, but this was also not a bad association. It was around my shoulder, and then worked its way up and around my body, biting a long the way but never meanly. The bite was very pleasant, which surprised me. It released this type of energy that was somewhat sexual, similar to energy/awakening dreams id had before. I distinctly remember it biting my right hand. The more constrained I was, the more energy I felt. Eventually, I could only lie down and was seduced to the snake continuing to constrict around me. Those around me were concerned seeing this snake wrap like that, but I was all for it because it felt very good and peaceful. At some point though, I remembered asking for someone to send my old martial arts teacher to help, worrying about totalling letting go to the snake/not making it. I pondered if the venom was helping me awaken or it was part of its attack to trick its targets. Even though towards the end I debated the virtue of the snake and showed concern for my lack of fighting back (thinking, oh no, does this mean I am loosing my will to live?) I had this renowned sense of peace for the process. The snake felt like a friend or at least a very positive sexual energy. I didn’t die at the end, and woke up before anything else happened.

    I do remember the snake was making its way to my head, where the constriction would end.

    Thank you for any advice.

    1. The dream imagery screams “kundalini awakening,” though it’s not a sure thing and with dreams you avoid jumping to conclusions. The way the snake works its way up toward your head and your feeling of sexual energy… yeah, these details are very “kundalini.” lol. You know what I mean.

      So let’s say the dream really is about awakening. Let’s look at other details to see if they’re related and what we can learn from them. The snake bites but it’s not mean. Since you know subconsciously what it means for the snake to bite, your reaction in the dream is very telling (link is to a lesson about dream reactions). It must be something good or at least OK, because if it was bad you’d react differently. The snake bites your right hand, and bites to that hand in particular as known to symbolize the idea of taking action, because the hands carry out actions more than another other body part.

      Then there’s the idea of giving up control by allowing the snake full control, and you wonder if it’s a trick. I’ve heard of similar reactions from people experiencing awakening. You really are giving up control and are wise to do it consciously. In the Hindu tradition there are pictures drawn by people who have been through the process and they show themselves flat on the ground with a goddess dancing on their back. I remember specifically in Autobiography of a Yogi that Gopi Krishna said it felt that way sometimes, like he had no control and the kundalini laid him flat. It’s natural to wonder if you’re losing your will to live (or even losing your f-in mind) because you are surrendering to something unknown. But many people have been through this process and I suggest that you find a mentor.

  19. I had a dream last night about 2 snakes: 1 red and 1 black. I have this strong intuition that they were both venomous snakes. Anyway, they were intertwined with each other and almost dancing. Im deathly terrified of snakes so I didnt want this dream to mean a bad thing. Can someone tell me what this means???

    1. In the dream the snakes do nothing to harm you or suggest the idea of it, so I don’t think there’s anything here you’d call “a bad thing.” But there is something mysterious about a snake dance. Two powerful and instinct-driven creatures interacting. Looks interesting to me. What sort of energy have you been feeling lately? That’s the route I’d take to explore the personal significance of the dream. A dance is an express of energy, and snakes as symbols can have meaning related to energy. Beyond that, I can’t say. This dream hasn’t reached its resolution.

  20. Hi, thanks for this nice article! I had two different dreams in a month with a big green snake. In the first one I see a green snake and I feel very scared and I try to run away from it but in the end it jumps to my back and kind of sticks there. I become shocked and don’t know what to do. It doesn’t hurt me but I don’t know what to do with it. In the second one someone has a very big green snake in her hands and although I don’t want the snake she wraps it around my neck and shoulders without me having any time to react. I feel again very scared but it doesn’t hurt me, just stays on my upper body. I begin to feel calmer. Both snakes had very bright green colors.

    1. Since the snake looks and acts the same in both dreams, you can surmise they’re related. Some shades of green are associated with nature and healing, and green creatures in dreams can be good signs (even when they’re scary creatures). A lot can be gleaned from your reaction to the snake being on your body. You’re scared but are able to calm down and just allow the situation to unfold. It shows control of yourself. That’s a commonality between the dreams, and you can see an evolution of your response between dream 1 and dream 2 where you have more control.

      I’d focus there for the significance of the experience. It appears to be a scenario created to give you an opportunity to respond with more control, and ultimately the control you have in the dream world carries over to the waking world. I posted a video about lucid dreaming where ability to control is one of the lessons taught by the instructor. You might find it interesting.

  21. I had a vision that a huge green snake was forming a constriction around my body. But hadn’t begun restricting. My puppy was in my hand I thought the snake was after my dog, so I threw my dog far so she could get away. I sacrificed myself and the vision was over. I would love to know more about what it could possibly mean.

    1. First, look at the main action of constriction and ask if you feel that way about anything happening in your life. You might be able to identify a specific situation, or specific thoughts and emotions. Or it might show a pattern or tendency of your life to get yourself into situation that are constricting and, based on the second big action of the dream, you sacrifice yourself for others.

      Here, read this lesson about dream reaction. It specifically addresses dreams where you sacrifice yourself.

  22. Dreamed of baby snakes with big heads sleeping in an apartment in a corner. They woke up and started coming toward me. There are other people in this apartment but don’t see the snakes. As I was quietly walking toward the door to tell others about the baby snakes I saw another longer snake sliding out a sofa and it saw me and went back in. I woke up when I was getting my phone to call 911 to report the snakes. I had this same dream twice in one week.

    1. If I had two dreams like these, I’d analyze the dream story and note that the scenario begins as a small problem symbolized as the baby snakes. The problem isn’t noticed by other people. And as you focus on the problem you realize it’s getting bigger or could get bigger… quickly. The snakes don’t present an overt problem, but your reaction of calling 911 in the dream suggests that you subconsciously know its true nature, or you perceive the situation as a potential that could get big if it isn’t handled now.

  23. Hello! I had a dream this morning about this area where they kinda reared animals, i was only shown snakes and bats in this dream. I was walking and there was this huge bowl of calm snakes, i somehow fell into it with my feet on them, i was scared so someone immediately dragged me out and told me they can’t harm me. I continued walking and at the end u stopped and a big white bat flew on my shoulders and it seemed like a pet and it liked me, I wasn’t scared. I woke up.

    1. One way of approaching the meaning of the dream is simply to understand it as a parable, we’ll call it “The parable of the scary animals.” In the dream you find out when “dip into” something that scares you that there isn’t actually anything to fear. That’s a huge realization that only comes after a fear is faced. For example, someone fears flying then works up the courage to a take a flight. Everything turns out fine, and they realize there was nothing to fear. But they can’t find out until taking the flight. Your fear can’t harm you. It can even become your ally like the white bat that lands on your shoulder. But you don’t know that until after facing the fear.

      There’s a powerful and important lesson in this dream.

  24. I had a dream dher was a snake that wanted to touch my tummy but i was abit afraid then it still rubbed itself on my tummy an went away then same tym i felt i was pregnant an could feel a baby inside me..what does my dream mean

    1. Tasha, this dream has two meanings that are most likely, but please remember that dreams are so personal I can’t say what your dream means. One, something is being created inside you in the figurative sense. It’s new, it’s growing. It could be something such as an idea or creative inspiration or desire. Two, you’re pregnant or about to be. It’s literal. The snake is a common phallic symbol. The snake rubs itself on your tummy and you end up pregnant. Hmm, is that a metaphor for sexual contact? I don’t know. It could be.

  25. I dreamed that a small black snake with colors on its belly ( Hot pink, sunshine yellow, slime green) began slithering towards me by the time it got to me which was maybe 2ft it had turned into a black cat with those same colors illuminating from the inside of its body cavity, rubbed up against me arched back like it was happy to see me. If you could expound on this for me it was more to the dream but this was just strange and surprising.

    1. The colors of the creatures are positive colors, and the actions of the snake are friendly. My guess is something about you that has been lost is trying to find its way back to you again. Black in dreams can be a color of mystery and the unknown. Take the idea to mean “something mysterious or unknown about me.” Most dream characters and indeed most dream symbols are projections of aspects of yourself. Try visualizing the snake in your mind and ask it, “what are you?”

  26. I had a dream a snake was stuck in my back it was alive it eventually exited thru my mouth I was going to different doctors to get it removed but no one would help me

    1. You know from reading my post that snakes have a wide variety of possible meanings in dreams. Your dreams brings two possibilities to mind. One, there’s something you can’t see about yourself but it shows in the things you say. Do you find yourself saying things then wonder “where did that come from?” Something on your back is something you can’t see, and in dreams the idea of “seeing” can mean “awareness.” You need help to become aware of the things about yourself that are in your blind spot. Another possibility for the symbolism is the snake represents kundalini energy. It’s route of travel is the spine and it connects from the tail bone to the crown of the head.

  27. I dreamed of a snake wrapped around the lock to gate in my yard. This was after another awful fight my longtime boyfriend I’m trying to get away from. I’m hoping this symbolizes transformation and my life will soon change. I was also a young mother and when I became pregnant with my daughter I not only dreamt about snakes but I started seeing them everywhere in nature. I remember looking it up and reading that they symbolized transformation. Having a child is about the most transforming thing a person can go through! I’m hoping this new dream means change too but I’m concerned that dreaming of it on my lock is a bad sign

    1. Dream symbols are defined by the context of the scene in which they appear and the overall story of the dream. In your dream the snake is around the lock to the gate in your yard. A lock is something that prevents unwanted entry to your personal space. So what are you protecting? Or, looked at another way, what are you unable to protect or keep out because you’re afraid?

  28. I dream that im in a shore with my 3 relatives, then suddenly a big snake or anacondas went to us and grab my neck with its mouth but not biting it at all because as i can remmber i can still shout to my relatives to run… i hope i can get an interpretation here..


    1. When you interpret a dream symbol, you look for ways the action and imagery could express a metaphor. In your dream, the snake has a hold of your neck. That could be a metaphor for the idea of feeling in danger. The snake doesn’t harm you but it could. It’s dangerous, and the situation is dangerous. Your neck is vulnerable. But the snake doesn’t bite or constrict, meaning there’s potential for danger but no harm being done. Now take that idea and ask yourself if there’s something happening in your life that reminds you of this metaphorical idea, or if it matches how you feel about something. Consider especially the idea of something that could be a danger based on what you speak or could speak, because the throat is a part of the body important for producing speech.

  29. My sister, who was 12-years younger than me, passed away two years ago. She was tall, beautiful, smart, honest, and loved by many. It still hurt me badly when I think of her. We were not only sister but best friend for years. I dreamed of her here and there, most of time we talked, not much but each time I feel a bit more closer to her after I woke up.
    Last night I dreamed of my sister, who was trying to hurt me when she did something with about 12 inches of white snake implanted under my skin on my left arm, close to the shoulder. We didn’t talk for a while in my dream. By the time I supposed to take our mother and her/my sister somewhere, she/my sister got the snake out.
    When my sister was still alive, there are times we didn’t talk for few days when we were mad at each other, then either one of us will start to call or text the other. For what is worth, never in my life, that my sister would hurt me.
    I am really disturbed by my dream last night. Would you please kindly help to interpret what my dream meaning for me.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. A white creature in a dream is almost always a good sign, though with dreams there are no absolutes except one: they absolutely are for your own good. The left shoulder is an area of the body that has deep symbolism related to personal transformation. Snakes are symbols of transformation too. Your dreams could be showing a transformation process within you that’s painful but necessary, and your sister was chosen to deliver the message because I’d bet she’s someone who could tell you the painful truth when necessary. Your dreams seems to foretell that your life is about to change. You are about to go somewhere in the personal sense, as in “my life is moving.” But look first to your inner life for the movement foretold by the dream.

  30. I dreamed of snakes in a brown sack. the sack was tied up and I held it in my hand while I stand over a dock on deep dark waters. It was dusk since the skies looked almost dark. I was alone and I felt at peace. The water was not tranquil as it had waves in all directions but not high as to hit the sides of the dock. Then I tried to put and tie the sack of snakes onto the broken big chunk of wood as if an old dock foundation still standing on the side of the dock with its top barely breaking the water. But then the sack of snakes started to sink down and as it did I gently stepped into the water to take hold of the sack of snakes and I drifted down with it for a short moment. As I sink down I could see through the clear calm water around me and as I look up I can even see the constant hit of waves over it. I look down the water and it was deep and dark I could NOT see the bottom. Then I swam up to the surface and back to the dock with the sack of snakes. I unravel the tie of the sack a little just enough to try and pull out food for the night from the same sack. As I was preparing my dinner while I sit on the dock, I had a big blanket beside me that started to catch flames although I was not cooking food and there was no source of fire around me. I kept trying to put out the flames as the blanket repeatedly catches fire on different places. The snakes remained still and calm inside the sack sitting right beside me on the dock. I woke up rig after that. When I woke up I was bothered because I have phobia of snakes and deep dark waters in real life. Please help me interpret this dream.

    1. The dream paints a scene with two of your biggest fears prominent in it, and look how you react calmly. That says something and my guess is it has to do with overcoming these fears specifically, but also fear in general. We react to things in dreams based on subconscious knowledge of what it all means, so it’s possible that you recognize subconsciously the water and snakes pose no danger to you. But I also like to view dreams in terms of the story they tell and how it’s set up deliberately to teach and test you.

      The key for interpreting the dream is in the scene where you try to get your food from the same bag as the snakes, then the blanket catches fire. Blankets are used for comfort and warmth. It’s as if the dream is saying you don’t need them anymore. Notice how the snakes are calm in that scene. Have you found an ability to stay calm despite being confronted by fear? If not, the dream might be showing the ability emerging in you. Dreams tend to show what’s becoming conscious in you, what’s emerging in your personality.

  31. So the dream goes like this: I’ve been to some kind of church picnic or some function that is out in a public place. When it’s time to leave, there are puddles of water everywhere with normal sized water moccasins in them. Water and snakes everywhere! So I go back and tell Scott about it. So my pastor and his friend decide to walk me to my car. As we pass a puddle with snakes in it, my pastor says “they wont bite you” and he kind of charms the snakes with a wave of his hand. Then his friend does it at the next puddle and says “see, their just snakes, they won’t hurt you.” Neither of them or any of the other church people there are afraid, and I feel like I’m the only one who “doesn’t have enough faith”. As we walk a little farther, I’m alone and I look down. I’m stepping in a puddle and a tiny snake goes up my leg and i feel a tiny pain. Then the snake swims away. I look at my knee but I don’t see anything but a tiny puncture. I figure I’m fine. I get almost to my car, and fall face first on the ground. When I wake up I’m in a hospital where they are running an florescent IV fluid that is antivenom. As it hits my system I become incredibly hot until I feel like I will catch on fire. Just when I think I can’t stand it another second, the pain is gone and they are releasing me from the hospital. Everyone from church is expecting me to be there for church the next morning, but I feel surreal and unsure how I survived. So I go to church early the next day, and everything and everyone is totally normal, like it never happened.

    1. Hi. Your dream reminds me of the snake-handling preacher who died from snake bite. Nah, they won’t hurt you.

      Since the setting of your dream is your church I’d guess the dream relates somehow to that part of your life. And since it’s a public place and your faith is a subject of the dream, the first questions to ask to find the meaning are related to your public displays of faith and the perceptions people have and you want to give about yours.

      Are you struggling with your faith or about what other members of your church perceive as your amount of it (“she doesn’t have enough faith”? Has faith been the subject of a recent sermon you heard? Has the subject of faith come up at all in your life recently in any way? Dreams can use one sense of a word to mean another, and faith is something we can express in our leaders and ourselves. You can have faith in a sports team, or in a belief or ideaology. Expand your questioning beyond just your church life.

      Find what faith means in your dream and I think you find your way to the meaning.

      The dream drops other clues. The snake that bites you is in a puddle, and a puddle can symbolize something you want to avoid. The tiny bite of the snake can symbolize an idea like “the seed of doubt.” I’ve heard in sermons that any doubt can interfere with the ability of faith to manifest what you pray for. Doubt grows within you, and in your dream the bite grows worse. The snake creeps up your leg, and that gives me the idea of how doubt can creep up, especially when you are alone with your thoughts. The knee is a strong joint and can also be a point of weakness, and if you think of your spiritual life as being like your body, the fact you’re bit on the knee could show a weakness in it. A knee in a dream can also refer to a “need.” The final scene where youre at church and everyone is normal after your ordeal could symbolize how other people are unaware of your struggles.

      Finally, dreams make wordplays and moccassin can be read as “mock-a-sin”, as in mocking is a sin. Did you mock someone’s faith?

      What an interesting dream. It’s so full of symbolism.

    1. If I caught a gold snake in my dream I’d ask myself how I feel fortunate, and if something I desire is within my reach. Those are the two possible meanings that come to mind.

  32. I was pulling a snake out of my left hand in my dream. I was successful and 2 of the snakes were came out from my left hand. with me, there were 2 relatives. They were smiling when they saw that the snakes were not venomous. What can be the interpretation of this dream, can you explain ?

    1. Think of the snakes as representing two things that were getting in the way of good relations with your relatives until you removed them. The situation could involve the three relatives, or the three could represent your entire family.
      Or the dream characters represent something about you internally such as thoughts, feelings, perceptions. Here, watch this to know more about dream characters.
      The snakes in the dream aren’t venomous, which could mean that whatever “got inside you” did not poison your mind, heart, or spirit. Or it could mean whatever difference you had with your relatives did not poison the relationship.
      Hands in dreams can symbolize ideas like sensitivity, being “in touch,” or “reaching out.”
      I hope my ideas help you understand the dream.

  33. I had a dream of rain of gold coins, second day I dreamt of trying hard to protect a precious diamond from some hooligans and third day I dreamt of a friendly snake who met an accident and cut itself into pieces, I helped him by asking him to transfer his soul into some other living creature.

    1. You could interpret the dreams as meaning first had a fortunate occurence or a good day, then you had to protect it from something spoiling the good that came of it, and the third dream shows that despite the spoiling, the good spirit within you that brings you good fortune carries on. Do you feel lucky?

  34. What does it mean when you dream of walking to a dumpster and spotting a white/gray snake on the sidewalk. I immediately turned around and ran away. However, I turned back around to see that snake slider over to a scene where I thought it was a bigger white/gray snake but it was an elephant which was trying to stand up but kept falling down. Then, I looked up to see that a boa constrictor had the elephant partly wrapped. Then, suddenly a big rock falls down onto the boa forcing it to release its grip, but then pops out a bloody tiger. Then, I woke up.

    1. Your dream features some dramatic transformations from snake to elephant to Boa to tiger. It’s hard to give you definitive advice with a dream like this that’s unusual for how many creatures it features. Here’s an idea for you. You run away from the snake when you’re near a dumpster, which could be a symbolic way of saying there’s a problem you want to get rid of but you’re afraid to. You are like the elephant, trying to “get on your feet” but something keeps knocking you down. The problem is constricting, which is what Boas are known for. You are also like the bloody tiger, wounded but very much alive and ready to break the grip of whatever has its hold on you.

      It’s a suggestion I can offer. Do you see how I translated each symbol into an idea and put it into context of the dream’s story? That’s the basic idea of how to interpret a dream.

  35. Hello, What does it mean to dream about aix snakes sort of lined up next to each other horizontally. They werent trying to harm me it was as if I was looking down at someone lining then up but I dont believe they were my hands I was looking at. It was a very quick dream but the six green mixed with brown snakes lined up is what stood out to me the most.

    1. A key way to decode the symbolism of the snakes is found in your reaction of knowing they aren’t trying to harm you. My guess is the snakes are more important in the dream for how they are used to create six horizontal lines. I’ve seen that use of the symbolism in reference to “family lines.” Think: six members of a family. Six children in your future.

      I suggest that you read up on the numerological aspects of 6, too.

      Approach your research with the fact in mind that you already know what your dreams mean, subconsciously. This lesson is the first one I give in my book RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation.

  36. Hi Dr.,
    I had this dream of a worm twined on a stick was dipped into honey, infact it was completely drenched in it. It was kind of transparent, white in color. It gradually transformed into a snake, which again was transparent white. It seemed appealing as it was silent, gradually undergoing it’s process of transformation and then tried to kind of stand maybe. I don’t know. Since I am naturally afraid of snakes and cringe at the mere mention. In the dream also I kind of reacted in same way and tossed away the stick and woke up. This snake wasn’t a huge one though. Just long and lean enough to twine on a small stick. It was like probably it was just stretching while evolving. It probably was of a few centimeters, as far as I can recall. Kindly help me in it’s interpretation. P. S. I am a P. G. student, pursuing masters in Psychology. I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

    1. Hi, I was out of town and just saw your message. The dream you had sure has some positive signs. Honey is good. It’s healthy and delicious. Snakes are beneficial creatures as long as they aren’t trying to harm you, and in your dream the snake doesn’t try to harm you. In fact, it’s in a process of transformation. Now ask yourself, how are you in a process of transformation? Also, is there anything about the idea of transformation that scares you? Your reaction of tossing away the stick with the snake on it could show that there’s something you are resisting.

      I noticed that the snake on a stick is a mirror image of the Rod of Asclepius. It’s an ancient image related to the power to heal. You can learn more about it here:

  37. I find your dream interpretations to be fascinating. I did gain some insight to my own dream but I would love to hear your thoughts because you seem to be very good at connecting the dots, which is key for me with this dream.

    My son was outside the window on a ladder outside a ground floor doing something to the window (this is especially strange because this isn’t something he would normally do). The window was closed but I could clearly see through it but couldn’t see what my son was actually doing. I went outside to see what was up. A guy who I used to be friends with but was actually in love with, (who is actually is not even a friend anymore) was outside with a girl with short platinum blond hair on a chaise. It was clear she was touching him, seeming massing his lower back and there was an air of intimacy between them. I could see his lower back where her hands were. After I saw them, they seem to quickly get up almost as if they didn’t want whatever was happening to happen in front of me. Also, I somehow knew the two of them had just met that day at my house earlier in my dream.

    I took off. Was running down a road, a car went past me from behind. After the car went past me, I looked down and realized that I was clutching a gray pillowcase in my left hand. Then I realized I only had on jeans and was actually both barefoot and topless! There were people coming towards me up ahead, so I turned left into some grass and ended up face down in some calm clear, relatively shallow water, (maybe a foot deep). While my body was submerged, I was on my elbows and my head wasn’t in the water. I saw a black snake with an irregular yellow stripe glide towards me in the water on my left. Then he seemed to glide backwards away from me. II wasn’t scared at all (even though I am not a fan of snakes). Then just as quickly, he suddenly came back and bit me on my left forearm/wrist. I felt no pain. Then I woke up! No fear but perplexed! I looked up the snake and it appears to have been a non-venomous type whose bite doesn’t hurt but they can wrap themselves around you like a boa constrictor. What does this dream even mean?

    1. Hi Karen, wow you have some interesting and very personal symbols in your dream. Before we try to connect the dots, let’s look at the symbols individually. Your son comes from your body so he can be a great symbol for anything that you create from within you, including your personality since it’s something you create. He’s also a product of a relationship you had with his father, right? Or is this son an imaginary creation of the dream? A window is something you see through, and in dreams it can symbolize the view you have into your internal processes. But in this case, you can’t see what’s really going on.

      You go outside, which could be a way of saying “step back to see what’s going on.” Sometimes you can be too close to something to really see what’s happening. It’s like when you are too close to someone to view them objectively. So we can surmise that in this dream you want to see what’s really going on within you. The dream symbolizes it as your old friend with the woman. If she’s a projection of you — and that’s likely to be the case — what does the dream mean when it shows her being intimate with him? Based on my experience with dreams of this type, it could show your wish to be close with a man or to have the feeling of romantic love. But there’s also a general idea of male energy and the intimate dance you have with it internally. Human beings are one gender consciously and the opposite gender unconsciously, and for dreams can show this internal interaction as interaction with someone of the opposite gender.

      Dreams are rarely what they appear to be!

      But the of them get up and walk away when they know you see them, which could be a way of saying that YOU don’t want to know this is how you really feel or what you really want, or that this sort of thought or desire is something you avoid thinking about. That’s a possibility. Just work with the idea that the dream is showing you something that’s hard for you to know. The dream paints the scenario as they had just met that day outside of your house. If your house symbolizes you, what does it mean that they’re outside? What’s newly coming into your awareness or getting closer to you in the personal sense? Here’s another detail that points symbolically toward the idea of something that’s happening with you and it’s outside of your conscious awareness.

      By the way, dreams are known for showing you what you don’t already know.

      You take off running and the car catches up with you from behind. It can mean that something is catching up with you in the figurative sense. It could be something related to where you want to go in your life, the personal things you want to have, because cars take you places. It’s symbolized as the pillow case. Can you say “intimacy?” A pillow case is where you lay your head at night. Again though, the dream points toward the symbol as being something outside your awareness because it’s in your left hand. In dreams, left can mean “subconscious.”

      Then you end up mostly naked. When a dream shows you shoeless in a situation where you should have shoes on, it can mean you aren’t prepared to do something. Shirtless can convey the same idea. You put on clothes and shoes before leaving your home to go do something, right? So what does it mean if you aren’t dressed when you’re outside your home and in public?

      You end up in water with the snake. It’s like the dream is saying that you can’t escape whatever it is you don’t want to know or acknowledge. A snake bite on the left wrist is a symbol written about by Dr. Carl Jung as a sign that it’s time for a change. The bite is a way of getting your attention. The black color of the snake can symbolize the idea of something that’s unknown or mysterious.

      Now I give the dream back to you so you can ponder my ideas. Keep in mind, they’re only ideas. Only you know what your dream means.

      1. Wow RadOwl, you are so good at this, it’s scary. Thanks for the insight into my subconscious. I spent hours combing the web trying to gain insight into all the symbolism of this dream and was able to figure some of it out but not the way you did. You’ve touched upon the truth more than I like :)

        I’m curious about the ladder my son was standing on (and yes, he really exists). Does it mean anything? Thanks for picking up on the pillowcase because it was so odd to me that I literally could not figure out why I was clutching it in my hand. But yes intimacy makes absolute sense. I also didn’t see the blonde as me but now realize that in fact it was me. And that particular “friend” has serious intimacy issues and sort of hid me, so now it all makes perfect sense to me.

        A friend theorized that my son is my protector and that I was giving too much energy to people that don’t matter (ie that friend) and I’m curious if you see that as well?

        I really appreciate the time and input you gave me and my dream. It’s so rare these days to actually gain anything useful. You rock!

  38. Hello! Like most of the people commenting, I had a snake dream and googled for hours without finding an interpretation that seems anywhere near fitting.
    So please!!! Help me!
    First off, I own a small, black and white California King snake. I’ve never been scared of him in the slightest but recently for some reason I feel a little unsettled when handling him.
    I had a dream last night and he had gotten out of his tank and was roaming around the house and my fiancé and I were freaking out trying to find him. I eventually found him in his tank but the lid was open and the moment he saw me he tried to run out of the tank as to not be caught. I was able to catch his tiny wiggly body with my hand. While holding him, I could already anticipate in the dream that he was probably going to bite me. (In real life I’m very aware of this possibility but it also doesn’t completely scare me because I know he’s not poisonous and he’s very small and it won’t hurt *that* bad.) he wrapped around my hand like normal but then grew wings??? (Small and in proportion to his tiny body) His wings had talons and the tiny things dug into my hand and he then proceed to open his mouth and bite my index finger. I was able to feel both of these pains but they didn’t hurt terribly (I definitely could feel them though) I remember staring at my hand for a good few seconds before waking up.
    The millions of interpretations I’ve read somewhat feel like they all be legit due to all of my personal circumstances. This means I have absolutely no idea what “problem” this snake is trying to tell me about.
    I’m so curious and concerned. Please help me out! Thank you and I’m sorry for such a ridiculously long comment.

    1. Liz, well one thing I can say based on experience is I don’t think the dream is a literal warning about your snake getting loose, but I think it’s wise to inspect the situation with the cage and be extra careful handling The King. It’s important to listen to intuitive feelings. Snakes are creatures of the wild and no matter how much they seem to acclimate to living with humans, yeah, you never know.

      I don’t think the dream is a literal warning because of what happens when the snake grows wings and bites your index finger. Dreams that give literal warnings tend to be literal and not includes elements of fantasy like this dream. It’s only a tendency though. The wings could connect symbolically with the action of escaping and both ideas point toward the same conclusion. Watch out!

      The art of dream interpretation is in how you connect the symbols together within the context of the story and your life. That’s why no amount of searching online is likely to tell you specifically what your dream means. Not only does the snake get away, it grows wings and bites you on the index finger. The details are specific and purposeful. My experience with the index finger as a symbol “points” toward the idea of something being pointed out to you by the action. It’s getting your attention, which could be why you only feel it enough to get your attention!

      So now we’re back to the original question of whether to take the dream literally or not. Something trying to get your attention…snake gets out…you have an intuitive feeling about it. All the signs point the same direction.

      That’s the best I can do from where I sit. You can try a technique of just sitting peacefully with the dream imagery in mind and asking yourself what the dream really means. Pay close attention to your feelings and physical sensations. What do they tell you?

  39. Hey Radowl!

    After listening to so many stories I felt like i had to ask you mine cause I couldn’t find an appropriate enough answer to my dream despite all hail google. so here goes. I dreamt this very vivid dream wherein I’m in my house, in the living room and this large healthy king cobra is right in front of me i feel scared but my mind tells me to control my fear and work on emitting being harmless and love filled creature coz snakes sense body chemistry & all that and i didn’t want to get bitten quite honestly. it slid past my feet and was lying right there very comfortably near my legs , making eye contact and somehow i felt love. I find myself smiling and fully assured that the cobra likes me and i let it be hoping it was a chance encounter and it will find it’s way out. I was in noway interested to pick it up fearing it might take a wrong signal and bite me. so i walk into the bedroom. and this cobra enters the bedroom and raises its body like standing tall to look right into my eyes and im scared he may fall onto my bed so i cover my head with my blanket.I find myself in the blanket for a good two minutes. I know im not bitten but I can’t face this snake out of fear of it biting me if i came out of the blanket and cause well it would smell or taste my fear and bite me.

    that’s when i woke up.

    Please let me know your take on this.

    1. I have a running joke about trying to “google” a dream. I need to just teach a machine what I know, and if I trusted google I’d ask them to back me. The idea for google came to Larry Page in a dream, fyi.

      Inside of a home in a dream can symbolize your inner life. Rooms in a house can symbolize areas of life and aspects of it such as your “living situation.” So you have a snake in your living situation. The could mean the situation is something about your outer life, but living situation can mean the conditions of the moment to moment existence inside your mind, body, and spirit.

      And wow what a snake it is! The king of all snakes. This is something grand and powerful from within you. Now look at how you react. You can overcome your fear of knowing your true power, but you appear to stop short of embracing it. We all have the snake energy — the kundalini — dormant within us, and increasingly it is awakening in humanity. Despite the really wicked associations with snakes, you know a tree by its fruit and the snake in your dream is nothing but love. Nature has infinite love for all us creations.

      Your hesitance is OK. It just means you need time to digest. You are close to this energy — it’s in your living space, after all, so it’s not like you must quest to find it — and now you can know it better consciously. I suggest that you find out about the kundalini energy and the yoga practice of developing it.

      You can also sit calmly with the dream imagery and re-imagine the scene to fully enjoy that time with the king. Feel your way to being completely comfortable together. Really focus on that image and decide what you want to do from here. If you desire to know this great and powerful part of yourself, affirm it and go. Journey well.

  40. Hello RadOwl,
    I have dreams all the time, but in the past few years I’ve not been able to remember them once I wake up. I just know the feeling it gave me. Then last night I had a dream of a snake that I remembered quite vividly when I awoke.
    I was in my car driving down a road near my house when I noticed a large snake in the ditch with its head listed looking across the road. The snake was royal purple with bright yellow stripes across it’s body. As I drove passed it it launched into my car through my open window and clamped onto my wrist. I was scared. It had large teeth and I was thinking it was venomous. The car was stopped now and I was using my other hand to try and get the snake to let go of my wrist. Eventually I got it off and was outside my car now running down the road in a big duvet. I was running to my house to grab my daughter’s phone so I could search if this snake bite was going to kill me. My driveway is L shaped, I get to the turn at the end of my long driveway and there is the snake again, slithering under my garden bench and into my house through a hole. Once through the hole it turns and sees me standing there and now I’m running back down my driveway again. I’m my mind I’m running to my mother’s house, when in reality I live nowhere near her. The snake follows and catches up fast. It launches itself at me again and bits down on the same wrist. Then I wake up.

    1. Hey Zie, there’s nothing like a powerful dream to kick off a period of remembering more dreams and working on your inner life. The snake bite to the wrist is one of the first specific snake symbols I learned to interpret because Carl Jung talks about it in his book Dreams. The wrist is a joint of the body that can change the direction of line from the elbow to the hand. Hands in dreams can mean something related to taking action. Snakes are symbols of transformation. Tie the ideas together and you get a message that the time is now to take action and make changes.

      Notice that the snake just leaps into your car. View it as symbolism. there you are going along with your daily life and this thing intrudes. That’s how this energy rises out of your depths. It comes in response for the need. Change is needed. I’ve seen this symbolism many times and always there is something about the course of a person’s life that needs corrected. The snake is a strong intercessor. It latches on like in the dream and doesn’t let go.

      Notice that you aren’t really hurt by it, and the snake follows you home. Once you think of the home as symbolizing the current state of your life, you can view the snake following you there as saying this thing is coming home with you in the metaphorical sense. It’s there and it needs to be reckoned.

      The venom and looking for your daughter’s phone… it makes me think the dream put those ideas together because you know inside what this all means and you’re asking yourself if you can commit to going in a new direction and still maintain “contact” with your daughter. It could mean you sense that big changes could be coming and your main concern before allowing it to happen (you do have a choice) is your relationship with her or your role as a mom. Maybe that’s why the dream has you running toward your mother’s house. That can be a way of saying you are retreating back to what you know best. Big changes and personal transformation are what you know least — it’s natural to retreat from them. My hunch is you need to be decisive if you want to really know where this new path can take you.

      I suggest that you picture the memory of the snake in your driveway and treat it in your imagination like a character in a story. Face it fearlessly and ask it what it really is and what it wants. Allow it to speak with you. If you read the most recent comment I gave in this comment section, you’ll see an example of a dream where the snake radiates love. Ultimately, all of our dream characters are good, but some rise to the level of being archetypal and your dream snake… yeah, archetypal. It’s good by nature but it’s powerful and can take you in new directions. It’s natural to shy away from it or fear the unknown.

  41. Hi RadOwl!!!

    I remembered a dream from last night, which is interesting because I never remember.
    There was a huge snake on my deck, I was watching it from my kitchen window. It laid a big egg, ate the egg, & laid another egg & left it there.
    I was so freaked out by the egg there because I didn’t want it to hatch & there be a ton of snakes. I took something & got it off the deck & I don’t remember anything after that.
    Do you have any insight for me on this?

    1. Hi Jennifer, my snake dreams tend to be the most memorable and I can relate to why your dream is memorable. You know subconsciously what the dream means and what the snake represents. you know you’re trying to tell yourself something important in that imagery of the snake and the eggs. First thing to consider is you’re seeing a problem that you fear could multiply or grow rapidly and it’ll be something that hits close to home in the metaphorical sense. It hasn’t materialized but you know it’s just a matter of time — an egg hatches after time passes, so a dream can mean it in the sense of anything that takes time to develop.

      But snakes and eggs are inherently archetypal and if that’s how they’re meant symbolically in your dream, what you see is a process happening within you. I don’t have experience with how to interpret this imagery specifically. My advice is to focus on the feeling of dread about the thought of the egg hatching. Think of that action as a metaphor and ask yourself if there’s something that sparks the same feelings in you. Just review your life from just prior to the dream and follow your feelings.

  42. I dreamed that a long thin snake was sleeping with me. I was concerned but not scared. The snake left my bed and then came back and settled between my legs. I woke up. My ex husband is trying to get a portion of my retirement money and my mom has had a stroke and hates me now. My emotions are off the rail, usually I am terrified of snakes.

    1. Snakes in the dreams of women can perfectly sum up how they feel about a specific man or men in general. Sounds like your ex is a good candidate for what the dream could really mean by a snake leaving your bed (it’s your ex so he left your bed, right?) then returning and trying to get up between your legs. Wow, what a metaphor, eh?

  43. Hi Radowl

    I dreamt of a big black python kind of snake having human eyes coming down from the sky , looking for me. I hide behind my window & turned the lights off . Then I peeked from the window to see that this snake is looking for me and then it flew back to the sky when it didn’t find me. I m hiding myself in the dream from the snake. I woke up with this dream.

    After 2-3 days a close friend of mine is bothering me a lot over difference of opinion . Do you think my dream was kind of warning or if she is that black snake or something else .

    Can you please shed some light on it .

    1. There could be a connection between the dream and what transpired with your friend, but there’s no way to say for sure. The snake does have human eyes in the dream and that can mean it symbolizes a person, but when I think of it dropping down from the sky it reminds me of mythological stories featuring snakes. The snakes in those stories are fantastic and oftentimes the stories are really about accessing the incredible potential we all have. Nature built into all of us the ability to be highly potent and wise, and dreams like to use myth-like snakes to symbolize it. Perhaps what’s looking for you is actually your hidden potential.

  44. Hi RadOwl (sorry if this post repeats, it seemed the fail the first time),

    The other night I was sleeping in my best guy friend’s room. I starting dreaming that we were sleeping exactly as we actually were, except that the room appeared white and larger. I woke up casually to see a small bright green snake (maybe garter) coming to a stop on the floor right beside the bed. I woke up my friend to tell him; he looked at the snake and said not to worry about it, and went back to sleep. I didn’t feel concerned, but I watched it slither under the nightstand before going back to sleep as well. I woke again to find it had come up at the foot of the bed and stayed there by our feet. Again, I wasn’t concerned or nervous, I just kept an eye on it for a few minutes. This was all there really was to the dream before I woke up for real, and I really can’t come up with what it’s symbolizing.

    As some background, my friend and I had been more than friends, until he learned of an opportunity to bring his ex to our location. He ended things with me in order to continue with her. But we’ve been navigating the awkward position of being great friends, working together, having obvious feelings for each other in spite of his decision, and the fact that she is still not here. Any insights?

    1. Anyone that knows my name gets my attention and unfortunately I just found your comment a month after you left it. I’d still like to offer my thoughts about your dream.

      You know from reading my article about snakes in dreams that green snakes are generally positive. You react by watching the snake but you aren’t afraid of it and that says a lot, because you know subconsciously what everything in the dream means and react in kind. The context here is where we will find the meaning because it shows you in the same bed with him and he participates as a character in the story. Based on the character’s reaction, whatever the snake represents is something he’s not worried about, and it’s something that’s getting closer to you. You see the symbolism in the action of the snake slithering closer to the bed.

      That’s what we can say based on the story. Now, what’s getting closer to you in the personal sense, and why is it shown as a green snake? Do you think it could represent the return of something about your relationship with him, especially how you feel?

  45. Hello there, my name is Kat.

    I am twenty-eight years old, and I have never had a dream quite like the one I just awoke from.

    I have been googling ALL MORNING.
    I haven’t found a thing.

    Well, here it is…

    I dreamed that for some reason the people I was with were swallowing snakes, but to the point that they’d spit them back out. So, they’d swallow them almost to the end and when the tail was hanging out they’d be able to spit the snake back out.

    Well, I guess I wanted to have a go.
    I remember that I did in fact attempt, but I ended up swallowing the snake whole!!!

    I ran around trying to get help. I was saying that I did it, and how do I get it back up?

    The problem was that I swallowed it completely. Someone let me know that o do it wrong and that I wouldn’t be able to spit it back up…

    I would have to wait for it to come out.
    (I don’t remember if they actually said that it would come out or not.)
    I just wanted it out of there.

    I can remember the feeling of it swimming around in my stomach.
    It felt like all my insides were twisting.

    Anyhow, I finally had to push it out the other end.

    When it came out I was looking at a black snake with grey stripes.
    It was covered in what looked like Vaseline, and it was squirming all around.

    Then I believe I woke up!

    1. It’s funny that tonight I published a post about what it means to dream about cunnilingus, and I encounter your dream which sure makes me think of a similar sex act. Swallowing a snake after seeing other people do it, and swallow it whole? With that hypothesis, the dream’s other detail come together around it. But…

      Maybe my mind is already there and my Freud lenses are on. You can judge for yourself what the dream means. I have no idea if giving fellatio has been on your mind, but I know you can dream about it. Another possibility is the snake symbolizes something else and the dream is about taking it into you. Consuming things in dreams can symbolize what you take into you in the sense of believe, adopt, perceive. You take it in.

      The snake is a specific symbol and what it means … that’s tough. i don’t see anything in the dream that reveals a specific meaning for it. But the fact that you swallow it whole gives me the idea that it could symbolize a belief, thought, or idea, and swallowing it is akin to the phrase “swallow it whole.” You’re “all in.”

  46. First…wow, I have never seen someone that puts as much thought and effort into making sure they respond to everyone. That is impressive and everyone here should be grateful for that. Thank you.

    Second, all my life I have dreamt of snakes. I am not afraid of snakes per se, I have a very healthy respect for them. I grew up in Southern Arizona, I have had run ins with rattlesnakes and coral snakes, but I have also held and even owned garder snakes, king snakes, pythons, boas, and corn snakes. Every time I dream of snakes I feel the dream is important and I usually try to find answers. I usually do not, this is the first time I have stumbled onto your page so I am hoping for some insight.

    Most dreams I have of snakes are different, usually there is some variation of: I’m in a pit with them trying to figure out how to get out, or I am bit unexpectedly, or I am holding one and get bit, or I am bit numerous times, usually in these dreams there is some fear because the snakes in question are venomous.

    This time though, it started with me taking a shower. The shower was weird though, it did not look like my shower, but it was completely brown tiles and there were a great variety of bugs in the bottom of the shower with bright colors. I like bright colors. And there was one spider, it was black but built like a daddy long legs. I do not like spiders but I will not kill them just to kill them. I usually will leave them alone so long as they leave me alone. This spider was looking right at me but it would not come into the shower spray the way the rest of the bugs did. Then next thing I know, I am carrying a nest of eggs into the house, a nest that I knew were snake eggs but for some reason they had the properties of chicken eggs, white, firm, and were in a brown bird nest. I was trying to hurry because I knew the eggs were hatching and I wanted to get them safe so I could watch them / help them to finish hatching. I got the nest down onto our living room floor and picked up the first egg but accidentally dropped it. It did not shatter, but it did crack but it was alright because the snake came out. When they hatched, they were green anacondas. I do not remember how many…maybe 6, maybe 8, but they all hatched and I was trying to gather them up. I kept catching them and then they would get out of my hands and I would have to re-catch them. One stood out to me though, it had an almost triangle shaped head…pretty distinctive when none of the others did, they all looked like normal baby anacondas, all of the snakes were green though, even the one with the weird shaped head. I remember feeling cautious to this one though. I do not remember that I held this snake in particular in the dream. I did catch it but I didn’t pick it up. Shortly after catching it I woke up.

    Your insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. My turn to say wow. I’m grateful for your message and sharing your dream experience. Snakes and spiders are versatile and potent dream symbols, and to understand what a dream is really saying, you figure out what the symbol means to you. Look at how it’s used in the story, the role it plays. Look at how you react to your dream symbols, because it’s likely to be based on your subconscious understanding of the dream. You already know deep down what it all means.

      The spider in the shower dream has a detail that stands out. The spider won’t go in the shower but the other bugs will, which could be a way of saying it symbolizes something that’s bigger and more resistant to being washed away in the metaphorical sense. It’s a way of describing symbolically. What thought, emotion, perception, belief, problem or situation won’t wash away with the rest of what you want to leave behind? Answering those questions may lead you to the meaning.

      The eggs are another clue to the dream. Look at the metaphor enacted by carrying nest eggs. You’re protecting something precious as you move forward in life. Seeing the eggs hatch might be the dream’s way of saying you are seeing something come to fruition. Green snakes tend to be a good dream sign as long as they are not venomous or hostile toward you. Your green snakes are good for what they show that’s healthy and natural emerging in you. Something is coming out of the its shell, which implies a period of behind-the-scenes personal growth that’s now becoming noticeable consciously. How do you feel different after the dream? Have your thoughts or feelings changed in a noticeable way?

      The triangular shape of the one snake’s head could point toward the meaning of the symbol. This shape is associated with inner strength, among other things.

      Duty calls. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

  47. So I’m (female adult) at some sort of family function & outside with group kids around & my sister (adult). We keep spotting these little snakes & I’m scared off them but my sister isn’t & cuts off their heads to protect the children. After we get them all & start to walk away we spot a larger snake & start to head towards it to do the same. However, this time as we walk up on it we notice it had just ate & whatever was inside it was still alive moving around. We grab the snake & are feeling & pushing whatever inside it upwards & it starts to emerge from the snakes mouth. We notice that it is my nephew, her adopted son, & he crawls out all slimy from being inside this snake. Before we have a chance to cut off the snakes head I wake up.

    I should mention that I haven’t talked with my sister in about a month & last night my friends asked if I gave her my new # yet that I got the day before & I told them not yet; I hadn’t gotten to contacts yet on new phone.

    I tend to have some seriously whacked up dreams sometimes where things will change in a dream in an instant & I’ll go from being in one place doing something & then all of a sudden I’ll be elsewhere doing something else… I could be myself at one moment & someone else the next. I could make short stories out of some of my dreams I feel like.

    1. That’s some whacked up dream imagery, but it’s understandable when viewed in terms of dream symbolism and the story. The story is basically about addressing potential threats to children. As a mom you do it all the time, thinking ahead to what COULD be a threat as well as doing the sort of real-time protecting of them. I find quite often that diligent parents dream frequently about threatening situations to their children, and they’ll use other parents in the story (your sister is a parent, right?) to show you something that’s actually about yourself. You see your sister doing the action of cutting off snake heads like it’s no big deal, and the question is, are you seeing something about yourself in that scene (it’s likely) or something that’s potential. Like, maybe your sister has a cooler head when under fire or is less afraid of things like snakes. You might be able to learn from her example.

      But is there more going on here? When you see that a snake has eaten a child and you are trying to free it, then the kid emerges all slimy like something out of the movie “Alien,” a question is implied: what are you trying to free? What’s emerginging in you? The dream could be about something new that’s emerging in you as a parent but it requires you to take steps to free it. What’s holding it back? Fear. Take for example the idea that the you can be more proactive as a parent but something’s holding you back, such as a belief or attitude. You believe that you are assertive, let’s just say. The dream responds and says you can be more assertive and you have your sister as an example. Or maybe there’s something in your relationship with your sister that’s a holdup. Like, you two are competitive, let’s say, or she’s the golden child and your feelings about her and the situation are a roadblock.

      Finally, snakes in dreams can be symbols of fertility. Cutting the child out of the snake is like a C-section! I don’t see how that fits into the rest of the dream. Did you have a C-section and fear of a repeat performance is holding you back from having more kids? That possibility is a shot in the dark but it’s one way of viewing the dream imagery. I hope my ideas help you get to the bottom of the dream.

      By the way, here’s a resource to advance your understanding of dreams.

  48. I hope you can interpret my dream as I feel it is very significant and when I saw the picture at the top of this page, my feelings were confirmed. I woke up on Aug 29, from a dream, which also happens to be my birthday. I dreamed I was walking in the california desert, the sun was starting to rise when I came across a rattlesnake. It never rattled it’s tail. I immediately stopped and stood perfectly still. The snake then formed it’s body into a figure 8 but it’s tail and head were free. It was hissing and showing me it’s fangs. The tail part of its body was sticking straight up. It never shook it’s rattle. I remember thinking how beautiful it looked as the suns rays were outlining its sillouette. I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to back away but I immediately heard my inner self say No. It’s nest is behind you. Just don’t move. After a few minutes of staring at each other, the snake slithered away and I woke up.

    1. The figure 8 shape of the snake is a classic sign of transformation. Now add to that the imagery of the sun rising, meaning “start of something new.” It might take a while before you see what’s beginning in you or in your life, but do keep an eye out for changes. Question is, will you embrace it or back away?

  49. Last night I dreamt a rattlesnake had coiled up behind my back while asleep in my bed. In my dream I woke and realized there was something against my back. When i went to move to see what was behind me I heard the indistinguishable loud rattle sound of a rattlesnake. In my dream I threw the covers toward the snake to cover it while I escaped from the bed. I woke terrified and in a panic as I have always been terrified of snakes all my life. I never saw the snake, only heard it. I have had nightmares involving snakes all my life. When i normally dream of a snake there is usually a conflict in my life that I am confronted with usually revealing itself within a couple of days. Usually if a snake bites me in my dream, I am wrong about a situation or the other person takes advantage of me. If i kill the snake in my dream usually a conflict ends up in my favor.
    Early in my life around the age of 7 or 8 I had a real life event in which I ran past a rattlesnake coiled in the corner of my grandmother’s garage. Once I ran past the snake it began rattling. I was trying to get in the door and the screen was locked. I screamed out for my grandmother and she got the door unlocked just in time as the snake struck at me and missed. I have been terrified of snakes ever since. I have encountered many snakes in my life living in a rural area, but have only heard a rattlesnake rattle the one time as a child and last night in my dream. Due to this, I have not been able to get this dream out of my thoughts.

    1. Here’s how I would approach this dream if I dreamed it. First, I’d think of the rattlesnake as a symbol of danger. Then I’d consider the fact that it’s behind my bed as meaning “I can’t see the danger, but I sense it, I hear it.” The action of covering the snake can mean you are covering up a potential for danger instead of confronting it. The action of throwing a blanket over the snake is symbolic, though I must say, that’s some quick and clever thinking! I’ll remember that if I ever find a dangerous snake in my house.

      Begin there. It’s only an initial approach to solving a dream like this one. Also, look behind your bed. There could be some sort of danger there. I remember the dream someone had about a fire starting behind his bed. He checked it out and found that a wall outlet had shorted and the wires were super hot and melting. If his bedding had touched the wires, they would have caught fire.

  50. Had a dream where I’m outside by a pile of brown brush….leaves etc and a brown snake was hiding under it and and comes up and bites the inside of my right arm, just above the wrist. I’m not really scared of it tho but want it off of me and rub its head in my mom, who’s sitting by the brush, trying to get it off of me or just to get it’s fangs out. Only thing i remember after that is seeing two green dots on myself from where it’s fangs were but it wasn’t hurting.

    1. The first thing I notice is the snake is hidden before it appears, a way for the dream to create a scenario that expresses the idea of something hidden from you. That can mean “outside of my awareness.” Now we add in the idea that it bites you — but look at your reaction. You’re not scared. That can mean you recognize that whatever the snake and it biting you represents, it’s not “bad.” It’s not harmful. In fact, I’d say it could be just trying to get your attention. A bite near the wrist can mean you need to take some sort of action, and knowing what dreams mean by action, it can mean personal change. You have a deeper capacity to know, to feel, to live, and your dream is saying “hey, time has come.”

      Another detail that needs attention is the presence of your mom as a character in the dream. She’s somehow involved in the story thematically. It can mean that whatever change you need to make has something to do with her. For example, something about your relationship with her needs to change. But look deeper at that idea and a possibility comes to mind that what needs to change is in your self-image or -conception that’s based on what you’ve learned from her. Relating it my life, my mom wanted me to have a more conventional life, with family and career and all that. But I knew something else was calling me to have an unconventional life. Over the years I have had to reconcile the strong patterning created by desire to live up to her expectations with what I know to be true for me and what’s right for me. I mean, the last thing my mom would have said to me is “be a dream interpreter.”

      So start there and examine your life for the thing that’s been hiding in the background that’s now coming out. Also, look at the green dots. Picture them in your mind. Ask them, “what are you telling me?” Then follow your feelings and intuitions. You already know what the dream means because you created it as a message-to-self.

  51. Hi, I dreamt that i got into a pool of water and i saw some snakes on the side walls, I kind of lightly shrugged when i saw them but continued entering the water. A small thin snake came to me and tried to bite me but i caught it and tried to keep its head away from biting me. It was non venemous. it made multiple small pricks on my hand while trying to keep it away from biting me further. While handling it i did not seem to be fearful. THen i caught another snake and allowed them to bite one another mouth to mouth as if fitting their open mouths together to form a lock like a plus sign with ones mouth vertical and the other open mouth horizontal, thus freeing myself from it leaving them to bite one another. There after the pool of water kind of receded wondering why the pool was emptied and i came out continued with the dream without any fear. Its when i woke up i realised i had dreamt of a snake in water. The dream did not wake me up out of fear.

    In reality over the last one year snake has entered my house twice once i found it laying in my living room and once i found it behind the cooking range in my kitchen looking straight at me. Both times i called 911 to help remove the snake from the house.

    1. Most likely, what you see here is symbolism for something going on inside you, not inside your house literally. Instead, think of the house as a sort of metaphor for the life you create for yourself. Inside the house can mean “inside of me.” It represents your inner life. Another possibility is it relates to the foundation for living in this material reality and related ideas such as stability, strength, being grounded.

      With that in mind, look at the action with the snakes. First thing to note is you are not afraid of them. That’s a good observation because your reaction to anything in a dream can tell you what it really means. In this case, the snakes in your dream do not represent danger or fear or else you’d see it in your reaction. The shape created by putting the snakes together is important to the meaning of the dream. The plus sign is a classic symbol for creating a firm foundation on which to base your life. It can relate to ideas such as being materially stable — the bills are paid, you’re safe, etc. Or, think of it as being stable inside yourself — you can handle your emotions and other aspects of your inner life. By handling the snakes and sticking with the process even when you’re being bitten, it shows your ability to handle something related to the above ideas. That’s my hunch.

      My thinking about your dream leans toward interpreting it as related to emotions because water in dreams often relates to emotions. You can make many metaphors related to emotions by using water, such as “deep,” “murky,” “hot,” and “cold.” But there’s a deeper layer of possibility because water is also a great metaphor for the depths within you. When you bring the snakes together, the water recedes. That can mean that you are able to make more of your hidden inner depths conscious.

      Now, a question for you. Have you noticed lately that you are getting better at handling fear? If you think of the snakes as symbolizing fear, you can see how the dream builds a story around it. By handling fear you are able to go deeper within yourself. You become more conscious, and water receding is known in dream interpretation as meaning you are becoming more conscious. Fear is the #1 roadblock, so if you are getting better at handling fear and can answer my question with a resounding “yes,” I think it raises a strong possibility that you can summarize this dream as showing you how this ability is benefitting you.

  52. Okay so I was walking with a group of people i don’t really know who they were and I fell into what looked like dirt with holes and I stated to sink into the dirt almost like quicksand and as I was trying to climb out of this pit of dirt I look up and there’s an orange snake and it strikes at me towrwards my chest as it bites me I grab it around the neck and pull it away from my body and I’m holding it in my right hand as I continue to try to get out and I wake up? Totally weird I live in Arizona so dirt makes sense to me from hiking snakes are common here idk it was just strange.

    1. Hey, I live in AZ too, in Tucson, and yeah we’ve got snakes! The orange color of the snake stands out to me as significant because orange is the color of the sacral chakra and that center in the energy body functions as a way of channeling sexual energy. Plus, snakes are known to be symbols of fertility and sexuality. But let’s look at the scenario created by the dream — the story is where the meaning is usually found. You are with a group of people you don’t know. Begin by thinking of that as meaning, perhaps, that they represent how you interact with strangers. Does it feel like falling into quicksand? Focus on that detail because it suggests that there are times when you feel like you are not on solid ground personally, and if you can identify situations when you feel that way, it’ll help you understand the scenario created by the dream. I suggested interaction with strangers as one of those times because it’s known as a situation that can make people uncomfortable, but there are other possibilities and if you just focus on the feeling of sinking and think of that as a figurative representation of something that happens inside you under certain circumstances, it can lead you to connecting the dream imagery with you and your life.

      The second detail that stands out from the dream is your action of preventing the snake from striking you. In simplest terms, it shows you protecting yourself from something that could hurt you. The snake strikes at your chest and that’s where your heart is, so perhaps the dream shows you protecting yourself emotionally. As an example, think of the action of the snake biting as representing when people say or do things that hurt you. It doesn’t even have to be intentional. If it was my dream, I’d begin by asking myself, “what are the things I protect myself from?” It could be protection from criticism, protection from negativity, etc. Start there.

  53. I dream about snakes alot. Mostly i am surrounded by them and im trying to walk all around them. But i just woke from a dream a little bit ago and in this dream, i discovered i had mice in my house and i was sweeping them out into what looked like the door to my garage and so thats when i noticed a huge really really green snake in the garage room. But at some points, it wasnt a room, but was instead steps leading outside, but there was no grass lol. So then this green snake notices the mice i have swept into the room it was in and eats one. I find the other mice in a container dying, and im in the room now with the snake and its huge like an anaconda, but green and it even has a large green stripe going down its body. Then my dog….my actual dog in real life….comes in there and me and my dog are both all around this snake, and then when its “outside but really not”, it is laying next to the steps going down and its just laying there and then it comes back to me and my dog and tries to eat my dogs head. I pull my dogs head out of its mouth and smack it and im talking to this snake as if im punishing it and its letting me. My dog is now gone from the scene, i see the mice that were dying are now stirring around inside this container, i see the snake once again in my eye and then i wake up. Weird lol.

  54. Can’t figure out the meaning of my dream. The last two nights I’ve dreamed of venomous black snakes with red eyes and round heads. In my dreams one is on the railing of my porch laying still and the other is in the front yard a few feet away also laying still. My dream starts out with my being outside by myself watching these snakes,I’m not afraid of them myself but I’m afraid of them hurting my little boy. Neither one attempt to bite or move,they just lay there still with their eyes open like they’re just watching.

    1. Your reaction of thinking about your little boy is a clue to what the snakes symbolize. Do you fear for his safety? Do you think to yourself that you have to be vigilant because you never know what sort of danger a young child could get into? Now, do you see how the snakes could symbolize your fears? Also, look at yourself and ask if there’s anything about yourself that you fear could become a danger to your child, such as a bad temper or moments of inattention. Usually, dreams like this point toward dangers that are outside of you and the dream shows the dreams outside of the house. But it’s wise to always look within yourself too when you search for the source of the dream’s meaning.

  55. I’m trying to figure it out but I can’t. Before my evening shift at work I laided down to take a quick nap. In this dream I was walking maybe like between some homes in some pretty green grass when I noticed a black cat coming towards me. Out of no where the pretty green snake wrapped around the black cat and every time the cat reached at my leg, the snake snatched it back.

    1. One way of interpreting a dream like this is the snake is protecting you from what the black cat represents. There are superstitions about black cats being a sign of bad luck, which is just silly. However, the color black in a dream can symbolize disease or sickness, and the color green can symbolize healing and health. I’m really out on a limb here because I don’t have enough info to give you my best dream interpretation. A key part of any dream is how you feel as you observe the action and reflect on it later when you’re awake. Do you think the snake is helping or harming in the dream? On the surface of it, you might think, well, I don’t want the cat to be hurt. But perhaps beneath that feeling is another one where you feel relieved that the snake is protecting you from the cat.

  56. Hello☺️, in my dream it was myself and my son and daughter. We were going to walk into our house but I noticed a snake in the grass. I pointed it out to my son. As we looked in the grass, there were snakes everywhere. They looked different but they were all green. Finally I say let’s leave them alone before one bites us. And as I saw it my daughter caught one in her hand. She’s holding it by the head so that it can’t bite her. This snake was different though. It looked like a sand snake. I tell her to put it down and it bites her on her left wrist. Her wrist instantly swells and looks like there’s pus there. She screams and starts having trouble to breathe. I say call 911 but I knew that she wouldn’t make it. She falls to the ground struggling to breathe and these white balls come out of her mouth. They look like pearls. She cries and says mommy. I can tell that she wants my help but I didn’t know how to help her. Then she dies.

    1. The simple idea here is there’s something that you feel like you can’t protect your children from. The snake symbolizes it. For example, you can do everything as a mother but your children are still going to encounter things in their lives that are beyond your control. Perhaps you perceive that your son follows your directions — in the dream, you point out the snake to him and he avoids it, buyut your daughter thinks she can handle the snake so she grabs it by the head, the way you’re supposed to, but she’s still disobeyed you and pays a price for it. In a general sort of way, does that describe your daughter?

      First, know that the dream is symbolic. Deep breath, mom. Relax.

      Now consider an idea that everything in the dream shows you something about yourself. Perhaps what you see in the dream is two sides of yourself. One side knows danger when it sees it and stays away. Another side thinks it can handle any situation and sometimes your judgement isn’t so good.

      A snake bite on the wrist can mean that something about you needs to change. There’s a connection you need to make in your mind — the wrist is a connector and can symbolize that idea. Pearls result from transformation. A piece of sand is caught in the oyster and the oyster surrounds it, similar to how the body surrounds a foreign object with pus. Apply that observation to the dream and it raises the possibility that something has worked its way inside of you and it’s irritating. Foreign. But over time you adapt to it and transform it. Perhaps what you see is some sort of evolution in yourself as a mother. Or perhaps you’re being told that you have to let go and let nature take its course. The pearls emerge from the daughter-character’s mouth, an action that suggests “let go or release.”

      That’s the best I got. I hope it helps you get insight into the dream.

  57. I had this dream where a playing field near my house was filled with boa constrictors. Somehow, I needed to cross the field to get to a house, I don’t know why but that’s all I had ingrained in my mind. I successfully crossed the field band cause it seemed like the boa constrictors were asleep, but whilst crossing I looked over to see a man holding a live snake in his hands. He directly looked at me and said “See how I’m holding her? She’s trying to kill me”. When I left the field, I thought I was clear, no snakes, no fear, no worries. But walking up to the house there were a few snakes, some dead, others well alive and a few shedded snake skins. At that moment I decided not to go into the house in fear that there may be more. So I walked passed the house and followed the trail until I came across an old house near the trail and a clear field in front of the house. At the far end of the field, there was a farm, corn, carrots. But it was like the crops were dying because some were fully blooming, others seemed to be weakening and dying, whilst others just seemed dead. I looked at the farm and just went along my way so I could get home. On my way home there were a few weird things going on but there’s too much to mention & they didn’t include any snakes. What does this mean? Is there a link between the snakes, farm and the old house?

    1. What I see in the dream is an idea that there’s something inside you that recognizes that an opportunity is passing by. A snake shedding its skin is a potent symbol of person transformation. The farm full of crops ready to be harvested suggests that something about you is ready for the harvest in the metaphorical sense. But the Boa is a constrictor and when seen in the context of the dream-story, it suggests that you feel constricted. You are unable to reap the reward of work you’ve put into developing and advancing yourself. That’s my guess.

  58. I dreamed I was walking down a road and I saw black and brown snake slithering around I tried to walk back to where I came from because I was scared but the snake followed me and bit me in my right hand. It was just hanging on to my right hand but I could not feel any pain. After about 5 minutes I pulled off the snake and I could see the two bite marks inside my palm but it did not hurt at all

    1. I’ve seen this sort of imagery in dreams that show the dreamer that it’s time to take action. The hand is a body part that’s used for taking actions of all sorts. But by action, what the dream really means is “the time is ripe for you to do the thing you want to do.” Because the hand bitten is your right hand, perhaps the dream means “right action.” As in, “do what’s right.” I can’t tell you what that is or even guarantee I’m correct. I’m giving you my perspective so you can decide for yourself.

  59. Hi!
    I dreamt that I was sleeping. I woke up & looked down on the floor & saw a red snake hidden in the carpet. I kept looking & saw the head emerge. It wasn’t really doing anything except lying in the carpet kind of camoflauged. Then I said something to my boyfriend who was sleeping. He thought I was having a bad dream or nightmare & told me it was ok, there was no snake. I looked down again & saw it. Still in the carpet. I got up around the other side of the bed & turned in the lights. Went over by the space. Saw red under the carpet but couldn’t tell so much anymore. But still thought it was there regardless. I told my boyfriend “I thinkthere is one”.
    He got up & it wasn’t there.

    1. What you experienced could be a hypnopompic hallucination. Basically, dream imagery carries over into your waking state and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s dream. You could also think of the imagery symbolically as a threat or danger you perceive that’s hidden. The snake is under the carpet, right? So it’s hidden, but you know it’s there, too. Do you sense a hidden danger lurking?

  60. Hallo, just woke up from a dream whereby we had gone for swimming i do not know with who but we were many. All of a sudden a snake was cuptured killed and thrown to some fence. The place had different pools and just as we walked to our assigned pool i see some wet marks meaning that the snake is alive. Had gotten in the pool and managed to slither from the pool to the environs of the pool again. Nobody is bothered though and i got shaken all of a sudden i woke up. What does this dream mean?

    1. It’s hard to say what it means but you could view the dream as a story about a danger that you thought was gone but you see signs that it’s still around. Pools of water could symbolize emotions that you separate into categories. Is there a category of emotions that you’re wary of experience — regret, anger, sadness, happiness?

  61. In reality, I don’t like snakes. A fear I guess, although I have never actually come close to one. But they are a major dislike and get my heart racing.

    In my dream, there was a brown snake with fangs on the boundary wall between our house and the neighbor’s, going over to their side. The neighbor then threw it over the wall to our side and I just saw fangs. I walked away from the snake, but kept thinking about how to remove the snake and not get bitten. I envisaged putting a bucket over the snake, waiting for an expert to come remove it, but the snake jumps out to attack.

    That’s when I woke up, heart racing and not being able to go back to sleep :(

    1. That’s quite a potent dream. What I see in the dream is a story about your boundaries being violated. In the dream, a neighbor tosses a snake into your yard. That’s a boundary violation. Do you have conflicts with your neighbor? Even if you do and the neighbor in the dream is your real neighbor, the dream isn’t necessarily about that person. But begin there and ask yourself if your neighbor has done anything to make you feel like they’re “stepping over the line” in some way. The way you deal with the snake in the dream suggests that you are trying to find a way of dealing with a potentially dangerous situation without getting hurt.

  62. Hi:) So I had this dream last night. I dreamed that in the yard, I think it was my backyard but was unfamiliar to me, that there were lots of nails all over the ground so I was picking them up when I came across a empty cardboard box.. I lifted the box and there was a ginormous snake under it..dark in color,140 lbs and between 6’7 and 6’9 ..I know this because there was a person next to me that said it.. I didn’t see a rattler but in the dream I know that I perceived it to be a rattlesnake because I said it in my dream but it seemed to be more of a python looking snake.. it slithered away from us and placed itself in front of a tree in”my backyard”, coiled up and just watching … I had 4 dogs, not mine but they were in my dream( I do have dogs though)in the backyard in various places in the yard.. I feared for them so I quickly called them got them out of the backyard and shut the fence gate.. the end .. please help me interpret it for has been with me on my mind all day

    1. It’s hard to say what the dream means, but I get a sense of something in the background of your life or your mind that you know needs to be dealt with. Somehow the idea of “walking on nails” comes into play — perhaps as way of saying you feel like you need to be extra cautious about any “steps” you take. The snake is really big, and the numbers you give are specific. I wonder if either the height or weight matches a person you know and that’s who needs to be dealt with?

  63. I dreamt that a very thick, brown snake was entering my bedroom through my window and coiling itself around the curtain rod above my bed. I’m very afraid of snakes in real life, so of course I was terrified of it in my dream. I noticed that this snake was sort of summoning other snakes, which were appearing in different parts of my bedroom; in my bed, at the top of my closet door, etc. I noticed baby snakes, and that the main snake above my bed was laying eggs on my curtain rod, waiting for them to hatch. I was scared. One of the snakes bit my right arm above the elbow and I waited for the poison to make my arm swell, just knowing that I was running out of time to save my life. I panicked. When the arm didn’t swell, I realized the snakes weren’t poisonous, and decided to fight back. I started getting rid of the other snakes, but realized that the main snake above my bed was the king snake, and defeating him meant the others would leave and no others would reappear. I lit the snake eggs on fire and when the snake above my bed came back through my window ( it left while I was getting rid of the other snakes), it noticed I was enraged and empowered and tried to slither back out. I grabbed it by its tail and my boyfriend helped me hold it down so I could cut its head off with a meat cleaver. As I was coming down to strike it with the cleaver, the snake turned into a barbie doll, and I beheaded a barbie…

    **note I definitely see the phallic symbol of the thick snake and my bf being in the dream. But why would he help me cut its head off?? And why did the snake turn into a barbie? so strange…

    1. Wow, the barbie doll is a twist. If you look at that symbol in context with battling snakes and feeling empowered, you could view the dream as overcoming something timid about yourself (Barbie is typically presented as a demur female.)

  64. I had a dream I was in a house that was unfamiliar to was old and dingy.i looked in a room that was empty,with old dirty white walls.there was a wood closet door with a gap under it.when I looked in,rats and roaches and such started coming out from below the was gross.i peeped back on a few minutes later wondering what was in there now.when I looked a little rat ran under the closet door and came right back out pulling a little cart by a little piece of rope.on the cart was a medium to small bright green snake wrapped in red ribbon.The snake was coiled up with its head and upper body straight up.the rat was looking at me like..look what I brought.the snake was looking kind of coy like he thought he was a perfect specimen or something.It was not being the least bit aggressive. At first I started to freak out.but when I realized he wasn’t being aggressive I stopped to take a good look.the rat was looking kind of smug and proud,the snake was posed as the perfect gift with the red ribbon.when I stepped towards it,I think it slithered off,not sure as it was at the end of my dream.i haven’t dreamed of a green snake before.

    1. Think of a mouse as possibly symbolizing something that’s easily overlooked, and the snake as representing something masculine. Now look at how the snake is presented as a gift and ask yourself if it makes you think of any men in your life. I’ve seen this theme arise in the dreams of women who are dealing with themes of allowing men into their lives, or just the general theme of how they handle masculine energy.

  65. I woke up from.a dream I pulled a black snake from my toe it looked as if it had no head. I yelled for my husband to pull it but I ended up stepping on it with my other foot pulling it out and catching it in a brown bag.. can you please help?
    Not fond of snakes

    1. Well, “black head” comes to mind, as in the skin blemish. They can become infected so I’d check to make sure the dream isn’t showing you something developing in your body. Because of how your other foot is involved in the action, I wonder if the dream is related to personal balance. Toes are also used for balance, so to remove a snake from your toe can symbolize removing something that could get your off-balance.

      That’s the best I can do off the top of my head.

  66. I had a dream a few days age, I just rememeber 2 snakes in 2 differnet boxes, but the boxes was houses and they were just popping their heads in and out of the boxes. I wasn’t afraid in the dream but I just kept looking at each snake as it kept popping its head out of the boxes. I can;t remember if i was just going to walk around them. That’s all I remember

    1. It makes me wonder if you have two people you don’t like popping into your life. Most rooms in most buildings are basically boxes, so I get a picture of avoiding two people who are represented as the snakes. Or turn the dream around and think of the snakes as something about yourself that’s instinctual, has a tendency to strike, or stands in your way.

  67. I dreamt that a snake was a around my neck, however, in the dream I was not afraid and it seemed to be my friend it was not choking me at all. It was green and I remember sometimes you couldn’t see it cause at a point in my dream someone asked if the snake was still there and I said yes so I pulled down my t-shirt and let it show then I asked the person to feed and it did the snake pushed back a bit while eating in order to ensure that it did not hurt me … I woke up after that not in fear but I guess I was creeped out( I usually would be afraid of snakes)

    1. You see important signs in how you react to the scenario created by the dream. You aren’t afraid and you allow it something to feed from your goodness, you give something essential about yourself to others, or to someone in particular represented as the snake. Green snakes are associated most closely with health, and considering how you react to the snake, the dream could be about permitting a healing process in your body. While sleeping, the body repairs itself, and dreams can give a view into those processes and even make you part of the decision-making.

  68. Dear Dr. Frasier
    Firstly let me start by saying a big thank you for reading and listening to so many people on this post and for your personal initiative.

    I have someone I really like, love and care for and I dream of being with her. We are just good friends and although she knows I like her, I don’t think she likes me back the same way (maybe its irrelevant here I don’t know). She happens to remember all her dreams and she mentioned to me that she had an early morning dream yesterday, that she was in a forest, and I was a bright green viper in the jungle and there were other snakes too on other trees in the dream. She was trying to escape slowly slowly, but she said that I bit her on one arm twice and another snake bit her on the other arm. She says they were definitely poisonous bites and they were quick. I assured that in reality I would never want to do anything even remotely discomforting to her. Its very disturbing for me and for some reason I am just thinking If I am a negative influence in her life, I genuinely like and care for her and express it often. What does it all mean?

    1. It’s not you, it’s your gender that she fears, I’d guess. She feels ensnared emotionally, even when a man’s intentions are the best. Or, she has a tendency to escape entanglements with men so she can live her life the way she wants to. Those are my guesses.

      Don’t take it personally that she dreamed about you this way. Use it as an opportunity to find out what she really fears. Also, a green snake in dreams tends to be used positively in the sense of being potentially good for a person, (green being a color of health and life and sometimes love) but being bitten by a poisonous snake implies a big challenge before any benefit can happen.

      And by the way, thank you for the thank you. I really appreciate when people notice what I do. Visit my other dream interpretation site and tell me what you think.

  69. Hi my dream involved me driving in my car with my daughter ( who passed away a while back ) and someone else I think it’s my nephew but I am not sure. The snake is wrapped around my car and is black. As I am trying to drive away my aunt shouts at me to stop and the other person with her shouts at me me too to stop and I don’t know what to do as I am afraid of snakes… so I rev the car to and fro and my aunt and this other person are shouting at me and I don’t know what to do… and I wake up. What could it mean?

    1. The snake symbolizes something to you that’s affecting the progress of your life, symbolized as driving the car. The shouting about stopping could mean stop doing something. Black is a color of grieving, and grieving your daughter must be hard (Sorry to hear about your loss; we lost a close family member last year.) A black snake sure looks to me like a symbol for death, and if you ask from my perspective what could be affecting where your life is going, it’s grief. You’re trying to drive away, perhaps a way of saying you don’t want to deal with it. Or you’re saying to yourself that it’s OK to not avoid it anymore, or you’re ready to move on.

      Here’s a link if you want to learn more about: decoding dream symbolism

  70. Hi Dr. Fraiser! I wanted to share one of my dreams with you. I just woke up from it. In this dream, I see two snakes ( pythons?). They are roaming around in a room which I feel in the dream to be mine, but in real life I have never seen that room. So, these two snakes roam about in the room, and I am avoiding them. They probably don’t even know that I am there. One of the things that I remember vividly is I drink water from a cup because I am thirsty and go stand on top of some furniture. One of the snakes go up to the same cup and drink a droplet of water trickling down the cup. Eventually, both of them get out of the room one after the other through big windows in the room. I see lots of trees outside ( forest?). After getting out, one of them constrict and engulf a deer and the other a giraffe. The other thing that I remember vividly is how the giraffe struggled while going inside the weirdly big mouth of the second python.
    Also, this is not the first dream involving snakes. The weird thing is that I don’t remember any other dreams when I wake up, but I remember only those dreams that have snakes in them. What would be your interpretation?

    1. Wow, that’s some tough dream imagery for me to guess at the meaning. Because of the reference to water, I wonder what you are really thirsty for? Water in dreams can mean “spirit,” and thirst can mean “thirst for spirit.” Notice that the snakes go outside after drinking from the same cup, and they enter a forest. That could be a way of saying you are thirsting to be free, to experience the wild, something like that. Instead, you feed this part of yourself things that don’t quite fit the need. See what I mean? For example, instead of going for a hike in nature, you watch nature shows on television. It’s not what you really need.

  71. I dreamed I saw a huge brown snake on the road and it was heading towards where my children were playing. Whilst I was running to get my children, a car ran over the snake on the road.
    The next image was the snake lying dead. My son was trying to touch it but it woke and was trying to bite him. I stepped in front of my son and was bitten twice on my left hand and once on my left arm. When I actually woke up my left hand and arm were sore.

    1. It’s amazing how the body reacts to dreams. I know of causes where people woke up with welts and bruising and it’s not due to sleepwalking or anything like that. What the mind believes to be real becomes real. To interpret your dream, begin with the fact that you’re trying to protect your children. Anxiety dreams among parents of young children are common because of how much could go wrong so suddenly. Good parents are super diligent with their kids. Your dream could be saying that you thought you had taken care of something that posed some sort of threat to your children, but turns out the threat still exists and now you’re beating yourself up over it. Think along those lines and search your memory anything that can be described the way I just described it. You might find the source of the dream.

  72. I have been dreaming about snakes for years, they frighten me so but they’re never trying to harm me ….they’re presence just frighten me. Well this week I had the same dream I’ve had before. A friend invites me to their hom but once I get there all colors and sizes of snakes are littered in the front yard, they pay me no mind but I’m so fearful and can’t walk past them to enter the friends house. Then 2 days later I dreamed my mom and her boyfriend(don’t know who he is) are arguing in her room, I’m there and I can’t remember if I begin to bolt to the bathroom because of the argument or I saw the big, long snake (black or brown and red) but as I make it to the bathroom for safety and shut the door the man my mom is arguing with has the snake and throws it at me like a baseball to frighten me ….the snake was not agressive, it was just being used. The another dream I walked in my hallway and there were 2,snakes curled up but hanging from the ceiling and I was to fearful to walk pass.

    1. In your dreams, the snakes are used to symbolize an obstacle. Think of personal obstacle. For example, social anxiety is an obstacle to maintaining friendships, which could be what the dream means by placing snakes to block you from entering your friend’s house. The fear the snakes spark in you is a key detail because the snakes themselves are not aggressive. Your reaction suggests that they symbolize a fear and perhaps at heart the fear has no basis in reality. It’s based on an anxiety or phobia.

  73. I had a dream about a snake in my bed. I was in another part of my house and I walked into my bedroom. The snake slowly came out from under my dark blue sheet. I noticed his head and eyes only. It looked reddish and the face was pointy and squared off. I yelled for my husband and he did not come in. A lady walked in and she said let me see. She picked up the snake and it was small. It looked black and yellow spotted. It did not seem harmful but I was still scared. I kept a distance from it. I think the lady was there to help us clean our house.

    1. I see two critical details here. One, the snake is in your bed, and a bed is a close and intimate space. Two, the lady who handles the snake is there to clean house. Think of that statement figuratively. When you “clean house” it means you sweep away the debris from the past. You make a fresh start. Somehow this all involves your husband. As a character in the story, his actions (or lack of them) seem to say that something is being left up to you to do. Can you put 2 and 2 together here? My guess is there’s something about your marriage that needs to be cleaned up. Your bed is the space you share with your husband, right? Even if he sleeps in another bed, the symbolism could still apply as the idea of “marriage bed.” Again though, it’s just a guess.

  74. I had a quite bizarre snake dream I am curious about. It was a venomous snake but I was hitting it over and over again with something and it suddenly had a kitten head and I felt sorry for it. So strange! I am not a fan of snakes and esp the venomous kind! I really think my dream relates to a long time friendship that is strained and likely no more. She can be very quick to anger and the relationship became unhealthy for me. But I also see her as very vulnerable and feel sorry for her….but I also have to take care of myself. I am guessing this dream has something to do with that……

    1. Oftentimes your initial thoughts about a dream turn out to be correct. Your dual perception of your friend shows in the dual imagery of the snake and the kitten.

  75. Hello,
    My snake dream had conflicting emotions with it that i don’t exactly know how to interpret. In my dream I was in a car with a few other people, a rattle snake managed to get in the car, it wasn’t trying to be threatening. My initial thought in the dream was “this snake is poisonous, it should not be roaming free around people”,i felt as if the best solution was to grab the snake and hold it through out the whole car ride till it could be placed in a container. Im terribly scared the whole time, I feel foolish for trying to be brave and grab it. as i prepare to grab the snake, I’m thinking ” why are you doing this ? you’ve never caught a snake, if you don’t do this right on your first attempt its going to bite, and poison you”. i decide on grabbing the snake just below the head, thinking it wouldn’t be able to bite me if i hold it there. as i grab it and hold it I’m so scared because I don’t know how well ill be able to constrain the snake. Then without any difficulty at all, the snake opens its mouth and inserts its fangs on the top of my hand, ” i was wrong ” is all i can think. Im over come with horror and defeat as anticipate the fatal poison to enter. with its fangs still implanted in my hand i watch my skin turn purple, and I’m just so scared how its going to feel. I was surprised that it was warm, and numbing, in a pleasurable soothing way. i wasn’t scared anymore, I was just calm and very accepting of the experience, even though i felt like an idiot for trying to make the situation safer for everyone when i knew nothing about handling snakes.

    1. Driving in a car in a dream can connect symbolically with the day to day activity of your life. It can connect with ideas such as “going places in life” and “need to get somewhere.” It can connect with something about you that’s a regular part of yourself, such as a habit or tendency. Look at the dream that way and ask yourself if it’s your habit or tendency to do things that make other people feel safe, while bearing in mind that “safe” in a dream can include emotional and spiritual safety. The dream gives a clue when you are bitten by the snake. It can mean something like “I am harmed when I try to protect other people.” Notice also that the dream isn’t trying to harm anyone when you feel the need to take it on. Also, you think you know the correct way to handle the snake but your plan backfires.

      Begin with those ideas and ask if they fit your habits and tendencies. Perhaps there’s a message here to address a tendency to intervene when it’s not necessary.

      You should also closely monitor your health. Snakes in dreams are known to connect with subjects related to health. You could be getting a message here that something you are doing as a preventative measure is actually causing harm to your health.

  76. I remember I was walking down the road that I used to live on when I was younger. Not really sure where I was going but I noticed on both sides of the road were tan long snakes. Some were huge and others were medium length. I did some research and it looks like a tan boa constrictor. I wasn’t scared at first while having the dream I was more in awe that there were that many snakes and all dead. That is when I got scared and started running because I was worried what if they all aren’t dead. I woke up before I saw if any were alive.

    1. I see two details to focus on here. One, the type of snake is a constrictor, and you know from my article that constricting snakes can symbolize constricting situations and circumstances. Two, you worry that the snakes aren’t all dead.

      Begin there with the idea that it could symbolize something you hoped was over and done with but you worry it’s not. For example, let’s say that you used to get into constricting relationships and left that time of life behind. You’ve walked further down the road of life and feel good about leaving behind something negative, which is a way of interpreting the opening scene from the dream. A road from when you were younger can mean “a path in life I used to walk.” I say relationships, plural, because you encounter not just one snake but many of them. The snakes could represent anything that you got entangled with: the wrong crowd, a religious group, drug abuse, promiscuity. I use relationships as an example because constrictive ones are commonly symbolize as constrictive snakes.

      So now, what does it mean to worry that some snakes could be alive? Well, maybe you recognize something happening now that could lead you back into a situation you don’t want to be in. It could be a situation or circumstance in your outer life, or could be a pattern in your thoughts and feelings. It hasn’t led to trouble yet, but you recognize the potential for it.

      This dream presents an opportunity to reflect on where you are at in your life and where you’ve been. Begin with a simple question to yourself: in what way do I worry about regressing?

      1. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with an issue that I have been having. My husband and I have been trying to have kids. Well I just recently found out that my progesterone is extremely low. So the doctor put me on some hormone pills. The first time it didn’t work but the second month did. I go tomorrow to do more blood work and I’m nervous to see the results. I’m wondering if the snakes represent my thoughts. Wondering if this medicine is still working or not. I don’t know, just a thought.

        1. Paula,
          My reply is late but yeah, your idea appears to pull together the details from the dream. Snakes have associations with health and reproduction. How’d the results of the blood work turn out?

          1. The blood results were great. Before I started the medicine my levels were 0.6 and now thanks to the medicine it is 28.8. My level is supposed to be at 10 or above. So I’m heading in the right direction. :)

    2. Very interesting article. I dreamed last night of a snake that was colored like a water moccasin, and had the flared hood of a cobra. It was a very large snake. I was unafraid, yet I was bitten just above my left ankle, then the snake slithered up towards my chest and bit me just above my left wrist. I had no pain.
      That’s all I remember about the dream. I literally woke up thinking, “Well that was odd!” I’ve dreamed of being bitten by a snake once before this. Almost the same scenario, only the snake bit me in the stomach.
      I don’t have a phobia of snakes, just a healthy respect for them.

      1. The fact that you react calmly to fearful dream imagery is telling. My guess is you recognize subconsciously that the snakes represent something trying to get your attention. Since the dream theme recurs, whatever is trying to get your attention is probably something ongoing in your life. Perhaps you have personal potential you aren’t actualizing.

    3. Last night dreamed of a python secured in a tied canvas bag. No fear. Very calm. Someone with me, not sure who, wanted to cut the snake’s head off while it was still secured in the bag. I was against it but didn’t say anything. I just kept trying to visualize what the snake looked like.

      1. You have done half the work by noting your reaction to the snake and the prospect of cutting off the head. The head in a dream can symbolize ideas such as “leader” and “thoughts.” The key to the dream is the snake is secure but someone else wants to kill it. It’s an overreaction. Begin there and analyze your recent life. Can you identify where you are someone you know overreacted?

    4. Hello Dr. Frasier, l dreamt that a clear large snake was put across my husband and my chest while we slept on our bed. The tail part was on his side while the head side was on my side of the chest. This was last week. Yesterday l saw again this time, my husband laid down and a large black snake slowly crawled down besidr him as if to separate him . I was not lying down in the second dream with him.

      What does all this symbolize?

      1. LOL, yes, I’m listening.

        Look at the action of the dream and the symbolism of a snake that both connects you to your husband and separates you. Since snakes can be symbols of fear, begin by asking yourself if you fear that something will separate you from your husband. Think expansively about what separation can mean. It can mean the relationship splits, but it can also mean emotional, physical (sexual or intimate) or spiritual separation. How do you react when you sense your husband is not fully engaged with you? I know from experience that picking up a signal like that can lead to thoughts about something wrong in the relationship that could spell trouble. But really it’s just part of the ups and downs and the work needs to be done within you to accept and adjust.

        This is Dr. Crane, wishing you the best. Feel free to follow up.

    5. Today afternoon when I had a nap, I dreamt that me and my pet dogs are lazing in the garden with my family. A thin yellow and red spotted snake coils one of my dogs stomach. But I carefully holds the snake head and tail and uncool if and throw it away in the bush. What does that mean?!

      1. Think in simplest terms as removing something that’s constricting. Think of constriction in the figurative sense. Since your dog is in the scene, I wonder if you are “loosening up” when it comes to friendship or companion (your dog is your companion), or you removed a restriction. Since no specific friends are shown in the dream (except your dogs), my guess is the symbolism could connect with the idea or subject of friendship or companionship. How are you loosening up?

    6. I had a dream last night that I can’t quite figure out. I got out of bed to go to the restroom. Upon entering the master bathroom, I walked past a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake was situated on my husband’s side of the bathroom (we have separate counters) and was curled up and his rattle was going. My dog was by my side. I was very afraid. I grabbed a bed sheet (no idea where it came from) and tried to throw it over the snake so my dog and I could escape. The sheet fell half over and half off the snake and I ran, but my dog did not. Instead, she grabbed the snake in her mouth (as if it were a toy) and ran around with it. She eventually dropped it after I was screaming for her to let it go and come with me. She didn’t appear to be bitten, but I swooped her up and ran her to the car to go to the vet. While driving, my brakes stopped working. I could not stop the car and it was going downhill. Slowly, though. My dog and I jumped out and I tried to save my car from wrecking anything by hanging onto the driver side door. Strangest dream I’ve had in a long time and I remember it vividly. Just trying to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

      1. Snakes have a variety of meanings in dreams, and a rattler has one particular meaning to consider because it rattles to warn you of the danger of getting too close. Start with the idea of a warning being given, then consider the detail about the snake being near your husband’s side of the bathroom. Dogs also warn of danger. Covering the snake with a sheet could be an action that symbolizes trying to hide the danger or warning, trying to ignore it or something like that. Something else that sticks out to me in this dream is the brakes in your car stop working. That can be a way of saying that you cannot slow down or stop the momentum of a situation…especially since you travel downhill at the time. That imagery can also say “decline.”

        Step back now and ask yourself if there’s something involving your husband, either in your relationship or your thoughts and feelings, that appears to be declining, you see the warnings signs but you can’t stop it.

        There are other ways of looking at the dream. Start with my suggestion and if nothing rings a bell, just think in general terms of being given a warning about something that’s in decline and can’t be stopped. I hope that helps.

    7. I had a dream that my husband cheated on me (he did not in real life). I asked him to explain, he was tired and just told me it was a very important experience and fell asleep. Then, he went into a bathroom while I waited in a car with me best friend and another girl. The girl screamed out the window, “He cheated on her!” I was not at all thinking about leaving him and both my friend and I instead, talked about what a good man he truly is. And then the car went backwards up a big hill. I looked at my friend and told her my husband wouldn’t know where we were because we moved the car. We got out of the car and suddenly my left leg was anchored to the spot because a large glowing green snake was firmly wrapped around my ankle. I tried to move and shake it off. It was so green and even moist, then I saw his head and it was huge and he was staring at me. It terrified me me and all I could do was worry that it was venomous and I would be bitten and poisoned. I grabbed it’s neck and held it down so it couldn’t bite me. But I could feel it’s teeth attempting to bite and scraping the skin on my hand. I called for help and no one even bothered to try. I finally asked if anyone had a knife. A man came over and I asked him to sever the head. Instead, he cut the snake about a foot or 2 below the head. I knew it wouldn’t kill the snake and attempted to put the severed head half into a plastic bag. The snake began to thrash in the bag and then disappeared into thin air. I realized it was a spirit snake and knew that no one would believe this had happened because my proof was gone.

      I have dreamed in the past of bright green and it is associated with otherworldly phenomena. If this is a good omen, I fear that I somehow sabotaged it by being fearful and having the snake cut in half. If it was a spirit, what could the message be?

      1. Snakes are associated with health as well as something that’s harmful or even life-changing, so we have a wide variety of possibility for the symbolism of the snake in this dream. Green is generally associated with nature and growth, but the symbolism depends on the context. We’ll get back to that in a moment.

        What you could be seeing in the husband-character is a projection of how you feel. Are you tired? Are you desiring some sort of experience and feel it’s important? Do you feel like you are missing out on something? Then again, you could be seeing something in this scene that reflects how he actually is. Or it could be a metaphor for your relationship. Does something about it feel tired to you, or is it exhausting? Is there something about you that you feel like your husband is tired of dealing with?

        Dreams create scenarios sometimes for the feelings they elicit and response from you. It’s notable that you respond by defending your husband. Step back and ask yourself if there’s some way that you feel a need to defend him from accusations. Do people like your friends say he isn’t a good husband? Cheating can connect with a feeling of guilt. It can mean that something feels unfair, or just be a sign of something in the relationship headed the wrong direction.

        Wrong direction comes up again in the dream when the car goes backward. Think in general terms of “regressing” or “going backward.” If that describes your relationship with your husband, how is it regressing? However, my hunch is, because your husband is not in the scene, that moving backward is a statement about something going on with you. It makes me wonder if you have experienced some sort of setback in your health or personal life.

        Back to the snake. A telling detail is its wrapped around your leg — left leg. Left in dreams can mean “personal life.” The leg can’t be moved when the snake is wrapped around it, so perhaps this is symbolism for something that’s impeding your personal life. You call for help and no one comes — it could mean you are in a personal situation that no one can help with. You feel like you are close to having real damage caused to you.

        The scene with the man with the knife could show your own attempt to address whatever situation is the driving force behind this dream. A popular figure of speech about cutting off the head of a snake means to address a problem at its source. Instead, the man cuts below the head. Missing the source? The snake is not dead even though it’s cut in half. Step back and look at that scene as reflecting an attempt to solve a problem that doesn’t work because it doesn’t get to the source. If it’s something related to health, it can mean that you sought some sort of treatment but it isn’t getting to the root cause.

        Your reaction at the end says a lot, but what? You say you want proof. Step back and ask yourself what comes and goes and you don’t have proof. Mysterious health symptoms can be like that. I can remember times when I saw a doctor and wished symptoms would show up while I’m in the office. Otherwise, you can feel like you won’t be believed.

        I don’t think the snake was a spirit. I think the detail about it disappearing is symbolism for some sort of problem in your life that disappears when at a time when you need other people to notice it. I hope my ideas help you pin down the meaning and significance of this dream. It certainly appears to have an important message.

    8. I dreamt of seeing a variety of snakes being kept in my house and a few got loose. My friend took 1 into the “snake room” and i spotted a rattle snake and decided to move it. As i was holding its head the snake became fearful and nicked rather than bite my right hand ring finger (because i can tell that it did not want to harm me ) i was in a state of panic but managed to draw the venom out my squeezing the wounded part. In the aftermath , the nicked are just become a little scarred but i was doing fine and the venom doesnt spread. The dream continues that on my way to hospital with 2 friends we stopped at a bench and decided to chit chat and a few men came and diaturbed us and we got into a fight and i woke up.

      Side note: currently i am unhappy with where i am in my life. Troubles with the folks as i am working with them and am not happy. I am in my late 20s and single. Feeling conflicted qith my situation too.

      1. A key detail of the dream is the snakes are kept in your house. That could be a way of saying what they represent is “close to home” or “part of my living situation.” Since you say you’re having trouble with the folks, I think that’s a good possibility for what the snakes loose in your home represents: trouble.

        The rattlesnake is the big trouble. It’s a dangerous snake, right? A key detail is the snake doesn’t want to harm you but you are injured while trying to handle it. Do you see a metaphor there? Who or what in your life has to be handled like a dangerous snake but is not in itself intentionally scary or harmful? Does that describe your folks?

        Another key detail is the wound. Physical wounds in a dream can represent personal wounds: psychological or emotional. Again, the key detail is it’s unintentional.

        Finally, look at the scene where you get into a fight. That’s another physical representation of a personal situation. It might simply be a way of saying you are having conflicts in your life or within yourself. It also appears to point you toward utilizing your friends for support.

    9. Last night i had a dream that my mom one of our good friends and I were sitting outside talking. I spotted a Scrub python. we knew they were not poisonous so we just stayed where we was and continued talking. The friend gets up and goes pick up the good snake and my mom ends up holding it after she puts it down a Blue-bellied black snake slithers across us so we all watched both snakes. both snakes are passing each other & the Blue-bellied black snake attacking and biting killing the Scrub Python. ??? what does this mean???

      1. This is the sort of dream imagery that’s so personal it’s hard to think of possibilities for what it could mean. Since you have two companions in the dream (mom and friend) and two snakes, perhaps they are related. Do you sense that something could come between you in your relationship? For example, your mom and the good friend have a falling out? Or something is going to harm the relationship, even if it’s not directly threatening? For example, someone is thinking about moving or making a big change in their life.

    10. I dreamnt about i was in a beach with my two friends there was a pile of trees and branches at the side of the beach we went to there and we saw a snake and we thought it was dead but my friend took a stick and pushed it then it scare the hell out of me and it started chasing us from then i cant seem to see the snakes face then we ran into the water and i am not a good swimmer then my friends tried to teach me how to swim fast the snake was getting into the water then funny thing a horse gave me its paw to hold onto and he help me get far away but then i was not in the water anymore i was in my bedroom and my brother just left the room the i saw the snakes body i cant its face he was coming near me so many times trying to attack me i wa so scared of it then it came near my bed i pick it up and break it into pieces the snake felt like gummy then it was still alive i am shocked but then it came near my bed again and showed me his wound that unfortunately recovers fast but then i realize it was a trap to get my attention so that he can bite me but before it bite me i felt its neck under my pillow the i grabbed and stabbed it with a sharp thing for sometime and also when i was in the room i was always shouted my hrothers name asking for help after i stabbed the snake i ran downstairs and started scholding my brother saying that i shouted your name a hundred times asking for help and your watching tv.I cant understand what this dream means but yesterday night i was scared of getting schooled by my dad.

      1. The connection with you and your life could be revealed in your last sentence. “Scared of getting school by my dad.” Snakes in dreams can be symbols of masculine figures in your life or masculinity in general. With that in mind, the first part of the dream can be summarized as “confronted by something that scares me.” Put the two ideas together and you might be seeing in the dream your fear of your father or being scolded by him. Is he intimidating? If the answer is yes, I think we could have a good possibility for the meaning of the dream.

    11. I dreamt of a snake in my front my garden but I couldn’t see it’s head; I went inside. The next day it was there but it had the head and front paws of a cute bunny rabbit with the body of a large snake. It even had bunny legs laying flat against the snake body. I was watching from the patio behind glass talking to someone , and it leapt to try to get in. As the door was glass it hit its face and backed off. It also didn’t hurt anything or anyone else in the garden. I felt safe but couldn’t understand the creature I was looking at

      1. The imagery of the snake and bunny combined gives me the idea that the creature could symbolize the perception of a male figure (or men in general, or male sexuality) as cute and affectionate. Like, maybe you like your men to be like that. However, you keep out the snake creature, meaning perhaps it represents something you won’t allow into your life or into your thoughts or feelings. Two, you feel safe. The garden setting is interesting. The Tempter in the Garden of Eden is a snake. A garden can also connect with ideas such as “peace of mind” and “tending to your inner life.” Sorry I can’t be more specific.

    12. I had a dream of a cobra in the doorway what does it mean and another dream of 2 cat one black and white and Ginger bitting there necks one at a time and running after each other and this was last night worst night ever. Jo

      1. A cobra is a dangerous snake so to have one in your doorway can mean you feel like trouble is coming or at hand. Biting and fighting in a dream can symbolize arguing and bickering. Is that happening in your life?

    13. I had a dream I was outside my house there were snakes everywhere, I wasn’t really scared my grandma was there but the snakes surrounded my feet, I didn’t move but I was electrocuted by the snakes an that’s a really complicated dream I don’t understand it…

      1. I often find that the best initial approach to a dream I don’t understand is to simplify the description of it. Sum it up in general terms. Your dreams can be summed up as “can’t move because of the potential for danger.” Movement in a dream can mean personal movement, as in movement in your life toward a goal or movement in your emotions. Question is, were you calm in that situation because your grandma was there? If so, what can you learn from her about feeling like you have the freedom to go and do what you want in your life?

    14. I dreamt of a snake coming from my eye. It was a bizarre and interesting dream with many elements. My husband was covered in this black hunk that at times looked like those large slugs. (My personal opinion of this is that he is stuck in a cycle and doing nothing to get himself out of it, or help himself in anyway.) Then during the dream I felt something was actually in my eye, and thought it’s a snake. Sure enough a baby one emerged, very small, brown in color, from my eye and fell to the floor as I was bent over while it crawled out. Non-agressive. Then I woke up.

      1. Interesting dream imagery. Your take on the imagery of the slugs cracks me up — and it’s right on: “stuck in a cycle and doing nothing to help himself.” To figure out the symbolism of the baby snake snake that emerges on your eye, focus on the function of the eye for vision. Metaphorically, vision can mean how you perceive and view someone or something. Since that scene happens right after the scene with your husband, my guess is the snake represents something that’s changed in the way you see your husband.

    15. I had a dream last night that I was in a house and I saw a tank of snakes. Then I went to a room and I saw a snake following me and it turned big. I was so scared then I open a window. I got out of that house so fast.

      1. A key detail is the snakes are contained in a tank, then one gets out and follows you. That could symbolize something you thought was contained, such as a problem or situation, but turns out it’s not. It could be something you thought you could control or handle, then oops, you find out otherwise. The snake turns big, which could symbolize a problem or situation that starts small and gets big. Your reaction suggests that you want nothing to do with it. Another key detail is only one snake gets out.

    16. I had a dream the other night about snakes and freaked out so bad I woke up. I was with two of my friends one of witch i talk to a lot an the other just on Facebookb now, we were with other people but didn’t know em, anyways we were driving to see one of the girls mother and they ended up arguing so we left and mind you she lives way off in Neverland around lots of water , we end up back in the truck and was driving and she said f*** it and drove us in the water we all climbed out safely as the truck sank. So we start swimming thru the water and then my friend( that I still have a close relationship with) started swimming to me saying finally I found you. Didn’t realize she wasn’t even in the truck. So we start acting crazy as usual and we go under water and there are snakes ever were laying on the sand , they were very calm, appeared to be sleeping , they didn’t try to bother us but when we seen them we went crazy and it woke me up. I was trying to catch my breath when I did wake!! what does that mean.

      1. Well Kim, it’s hard to say what the dream means to you, but what I see is the possibility there is something you are ready to abandon or give up related to your social life. Perhaps something just isn’t worth “keeping afloat.” Notice that at the end of the dream you have your one real close friend with you, and the other is gone. My guess is it could be a metaphor for letting go of relationships that demand too much from you or don’t give you back what you put into it. I find that trying to maintain relationships on FB is often not worth it. It just sucks up a lot of time, and sometimes I actually resent feeling obliged to respond to people I barely know.

    17. I dreamed that I was running across the street when light changed green stood at bus stop and there was a potted plant when a whole bunch of snakes then I ran one was on my body I jumped up a woke up. What does that mean
      Thanks so much

      1. Running across a street can mean entering new phase or area of life, or crossing a boundary. Then the snakes appear in a potted plant. Dreams use word plays to create symbolism, and to me, potted plant could be a play on “pot plant.” Combine that with the the previous observation about entering a new area of life, and the green light, and I can’t help but wonder if the dream is connected with smoking the sacred weed :)

    18. I dreamt of two snakes in my room. They are not big and they are very slim. The first one was a bit long and I saw it running under the bed and the second one was very short and I tried to kill the very short one, as I was hitting it with a stick or something all of a sudden it was wrapped on my big left toe. I was then crying asking someone who was there to remove it and she was refusing. I finally removed it on my own then I woke up. In real life am afraid of snakes, I don’t want to see them even in a picture.

      1. This dream reminds me of a theme of telling you that a big-time fear is really small if you put it in perspective. Notice the contrasts in the dream between the size of the snakes, and when the snake wraps around the big toe. A small snake around the big toe? The woman who refuses to remove the snake could symbolize that you have the ability to overcome this fear but refuse to do so.

    19. A few nights ago, I had a dream that my husband and I were on a porch/or maybe a walkway (wooden) of some kind, 1 side had bushes, shrubs type stuff, the other had handrail that went into trees/grass/schrubs. I seen a snake on the side without the handrail (I was standing against the handrail).
      My husband pick’s it up and throws it over the handrail- as it Flys by my arm it touched my right wrist (no bite)- in dream and real life I scream and jump (literally out of bed)

      Real life-
      1. Husband would not put a snake anywhere near me, this situation he would block me from the snake and walk away-or kill it without me around
      2. I am absolutely terrified of snakes!!!
      But in the dream I wasn’t terrified til it touched me.

      1. The wrist is connected with flexibility and action. I wonder if the snake touching your wrist and the missing handrail combine to send a message that you depend on him to do things you can do for yourself. A handrail is a support, and support in a dream can mean personal support. The snake is shown on the side where you don’t have support. Your reaction of not being terrified till it touches you can mean you fear the idea of what would happen if you didn’t have your husband’s support, or something along that line.

    20. I am 38 and married now but when i was a kid i dreamed of being in a dark pit with black snakes all around me. It terrified me for years because i had the same dream that never changed, the black snakes would be coming from every where within the pit. The day came when i stopped having that dream and i seamed to sleep easily. But now i am dreaming of snakes again after years of no dreams about snakes. Last night was on of terror. I was in a house and walking through like i didn’t know where i was but then snakes were found in every corner under chairs, in the kitchen,and in the couch but this time the snakes were all different colors. The biggest one was red and yellow, then another one was green and blue, and some were black. The frighten part was that i start realizing that some of the snakes were killing cats then all of a sudden i started seeing kitten running for their lives… I followed the kittens outside to see a huge snake with his head reared up ready to attack and mouth open to seemingly bite, but i didnt know if it was gonna bite me or the kittens/cats… Funny thing is i am not a fan of cats and i have never dreamed of cats in my life….can you help me understand whats going on in my mind as i am sleeping. I believe in dreams i just dont know what this dream is trying to say to me…..

      1. The first thing to consider is the snakes symbolize many of something that’s negative, such as fears, anxieties, worries or problems. Cats have an ‘easy come, easy go’ relaxed way about them, so to me, the threat to the cat could mean that many problems or worries are taking away your sense of ease and security.

    21. I had a terrifying and vivid dream last night. I was walking through a very specific section of my hometown with my mother at dusk. It was a nice calm walk, natural like it was an regular event, and my sister’s cat (was more or less a family pet at one time), had joined/followed us. We had to take a certain sharp corner to get back home. It meant going around someone’s wheelbarrow they had left out on the edge of their property, but coiled inside was a venomous white snake with bright pink and blue lines going down its back. The dream gave me the feeling that we’d done this/encountered this same situation many times before, or almost like the dream was recurring. My mom took the corner quickly and passed the wheelbarrow and snake with no problem without it noticing her and kept encouraging me to do the same, as if this was how it always happened – that the snake usually always stayed asleep or dormant. But I was worried because the snake always seemed to notice me, or that I would simply not have the same luck in getting past. I saw the snake stirring, it noticing my presence, so I became very still. The snake was about to strike at my head/neck and jumped at me, but the cat jumped out to attack, saving me. Several times the cat and snake jumped out and struck each other. We were almost certain the cat had won (in real life the cat is very much a hunter) but then the snake bit the cat and killed him (and I believe it died in the process). We sat on the curb and I completely lost control of my emotions, I was sobbing uncontrollably to my mother about how the cat had died and we now had to tell my sister, feeling to blame. My mother was in shock and couldn’t believe that the snake actually struck, that the cat lost the fight when he never usually loses, etc. I woke up after that point, in panic and terrified with everything still in very clear detail. I have a great relationship with my mother (parents), but this year has been filled with multiple personal complications with my job, my boyfriend, my health, etc. Currently, I’m living at home with them. I’m now at a major transition point in trying to figure out a direction to move forward again, potentially out of this job and relationship (I don’t want it to end, but they think it would be better with how I’ve been treated), but waiting on more information. I know these things and this stress of change and unknown is influencing this terrifying dream, but despite all I’ve read about snake dreams (and this post was quite informative) I’m having trouble interpreting this dream, and what in particular it’s representing in my life, if it’s even that specific. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Wow, what a dream. My first thought is related to the pink and blue lines, which are colors used for female and male young children, respectively. Ironically, those colors used to be reversed. Boys wore pink and girl wore light blue.

        Here’s my thought on the dream. Snakes are creatures connected with personal transformation and healing, and when they strike in dreams, it can be a way of getting your attention, of saying that you are delaying something that needs to be done. The two lines of the snake make me think that you’re facing a sort of “either-or” decision and hesitate to make it. That’s the symbolism of the snake blocking your path.

        Your mom and sister are in the dream. Is your sister a mom? If so, I suspect that the details of the dream could tie together under that subject, and the cat protecting you and being struck could tie in with hesitating to follow on a similar path as her as a mother, or something similar. Like, maybe you’d rather pursue a career for now and think that your mom and sister would be disappointed. Give me some feedback and we can try to zero in. Email me directly: groovywriter at gmail.

    22. I had a dream that I was in my back yard just walking around and my boyfriend was across the yard from me just standing there staring at something. When I walked up to him, he moved a branch back and there was a green snake intertwined in a small tree, and I stood back in shock and then woke up. The snake wasn’t striking at us, it was just intertwined In the tree. What does this mean? I’ve been searching through your readings on snakes, but none are familiar with mine. Please help me find out what this means?

      1. The green color is a specific detail, and that it’s in a tree. To me, green is associated with nature and establishing yourself in the world, same as green things establish themselves in good soil. So perhaps the snake is connected with the idea of starting a family with your boyfriend–a tree carries the same idea (family tree). Not that you’re necessarily actively thinking about it, but it might be potential you recognize and something deep inside you responds to it.

    23. Hi .. I had this dream last night, there’s a snake wrap around my neck at first im scared and paralyzed but litle by little i became calm and chill after why is that?

      1. To me, it looks like a sign of overcoming fear. Could be fear of snakes, but more likely the snake represents something else you fear.

        Another possibility is connected with something which had been constricting you and you figured out how to ease the pressure.

        Or, because you’re paralyzed in the dream, it could be an experience of sleep paralysis. The best thing to do when you realize your body is paralyzed while dreaming (called REM atonia, a normal thing) is to chill.

        Finally, consider the possibility that the snake around the neck is a way of saying your airway was obstructed. You shifted position in your sleep and opened the airway, symbolized as the snake easing its grip.

    24. I just woke from a dream aND found your site. In the dream a large python with no eyes was slowly coming towards me. It had a lion on its back. The lion was calm and just seemed to be along for the ride. The snake came at me and started to wrap around my leg then aggressively tried to strike. I had a knife and tried to stab the head 3 times (controlled stabs) but couldn’t hit it. Then I woke up. Any ideas?

      1. To begin with, a python kills by constriction, and constriction can mean “constricting situation” or “unable to let go.” The detail about it having no eyes is interesting. It implies the idea of something unseen or unnoticed. A lion can symbolize pride or ego. Put the ideas together and it could mean that you’re getting involved with a proud or egotistical person who doesn’t really see you for who you are. It could mean that someone represented as the lion is “along for the ride,” hitching a ride in the figurative sense, and you fear that a relationship with that person can become constricting. Whatever it symbolizes, your reaction says it’s unwelcome in your life. Does that give you ideas?

    25. I had a dream about someone holding a snake and it was like people were viewing the snake and the snake handler. I was in a room with other people but I cant remember who was with me and what was in the room. for some reason the snake was coming towards me like it was drawn to me. As i backed up really fast the snake handler grabbed the snake and pulled it back towards herself but the snake somehow got out of her hand and slithered like the speed of light up the wall..on the seiling..i guess to get around everyone and ended on the floor right in front of my feet. As i backed up slowly it moved slowly towards me. This happened several times and i was very afraid but every time the snake got very close it seemed as though the snake was studying me rather than attacking me. It looked at me as though it was trying to figure out something.

      1. I can’t help but think of possibilities for this dream being a sexual metaphor. A snake handler? Snake = penis. It’s very “Freudian” and I’m not a big fan of his reductionist approach to dreams, but I have helped decode a number of dreams where a snake represented either the penis or something related to masculinity. So the question is, are you trying to figure out the romantic or sexual advances of a male in your life, or maybe just puzzling over how to handle men in general?

    26. I am hoping you have some insight or advice as these dreams make me not want to sleep due to the fear.
      I keep dreaming I am on the phone with my mom,who I am very close with, and I am walking outside my house and I always come upon multiple snakes. They are all around me. I am terrified of snakes in normal life, so obviously in my dream I am terrified. I tell my mom on the phone what is happening and telling her to help me. There is always one huge snake that is dark and is trying to bite me. I try to move around it, it keeps coming at me and I am trying to avoid all the other snakes around. The snake finally bit me on the hand last night. I wake up in terror from these dreams. I have tried to control them,
      but in the moment, I do not realize I am dreaming until I wake up in a panic.
      It has really affected my sleep. I know it is not real, but in the dream it all feels and seems real. Any advice or interpretation would be sgreatly appreciated. Thank you

      1. Hi Laura, as you know from my post about snakes in dreams, the symbolism can vary widely. However, your dreams have a few defining features that help narrow down the possibilities. One, you’re on the phone with your mom when snakes appear. Two, you experience fear, so whatever the snakes symbolize is something you fear. Three, you’re bitten, in particular, on the hand.

        So let’s put those three observations together. One, the subject of the dreams is somehow related to your mom. Two, the fear is somehow related to your mom. And three, hands are used to take action, so being bitten on the hand can mean you need to take some sort of action related to fears about your mom.

        Let me tell you a story. I have a close friend whose mom has alzheimer’s. She noticed the symptoms many years before anyone else but was told she was overblowing a few slips in memory. Her instinct was right but she convinced herself it was wrong.

        Now, consider that snakes are instinctual creatures and perhaps your instincts are telling you something related to your mom. I’m NOT saying she has alzheimer’s or an illness, just that your intuition could be trying to tell you something and it’s wise to listen.

    27. I dreamt about a snake given to me as pet and gave it a name but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it so I just kept it in my make up box. And one day it wants to go out and I tried my best to keep it inside since there were visitors in our house and I didn’t want them to be afraid until the snake bit me so I decided to throw it outside my window where it has river on it. I watch the snake struggling to climb back to my window and suddenly it transformed into a man which I didn’t know and he was begging me to take him back but I told him he bit me twice. While we were having the conversation I was crying the whole time. He said he only bit me so he can get my attention and to remember his name again. I ended up taking him back cause I didn’t have much choice.

      1. It’s fairly common for women who have been “bitten” in a relationship with a man to dream about being bitten by a snake. Question is, does the snake in your dream trying to get back into your life represent a specific man, or men in general?

    28. Last night I dreamed that I snakes were crawling over my body. They weren’t harming me, but I kept taking them off and they kept coming back. They were all sizes. I awoke in the middle of the night to find my legs raised up slightly from the bed. Then when I went back to sleep, I dreamed about an alligator. It was chasing me and trying to eat through a door to get to me. I’ve never dreamed about an alligator before. Then on my way to work, a bird hit my windshield.

      Right now I am going through an custody battle with my son’s father.

      1. You have a good possibility for the meaning of the snakes and alligator. They are symbols of what you feel anxious about, and right now you’re anxious about the custody battle. To lessen the anxiety, picture the scenes with the snakes on you and the alligator chasing you, except now you can control your reaction. Try just sitting comfortably with the imagery, as if in a daydream. Breathe deeply and slowly and relax. Let the snakes crawl on you like it’s no big deal. It will subconsciously address the anxiety represented by the snakes, so if you feel comfortable with the snakes, you can feel more comfortable with the custody battle.

        It’s a Jedi mind trick and it works.

    29. Well written and very insightful! I wondered if you might interput the following dream for my husband. I have always been intrigued dream analysis. However, feel I’m to close to interpret this. And wouldn’t want to deliver false info.

      Dream: While he was sleeping in the bed was suddenly awakened only to realize, a light brown (tan) snake was slithering upward from the foot of the bed (under the sheets.) The snake positioning itself under the base of his neck to effortlessly attempt enter his ear (the left ear… I believe.)

      Thank you in advance for all your efforts!!

      1. Hi Ann, well, the ear is associated with thoughts or suggestions, similar to the phrase “bug in your ear.” And a tan snake could be interpreted as the color and shape of the penis. Then look at the setting, in bed, a place where people have sex. Put the ideas together and the dream could be about thoughts related to sex. The possibilities expand if you consider the snake as a phallic symbol representing masculinity and characteristics related to it such as dominance and authority.

    30. I had a dream of a big big Brown snake who could talk. He is in my living room and trying to bite me through the tiny, zip lock bag I have him closed up in. Occasionally, he gets out, but I tell him to get back in the bag so I can close him up. He does curl himself up in the bagas he was instructed,he is just staring at me the whole time he wraps his snake body in circles several times. Then, he just starts trying to convince me to let him out of the bag. But I can’t because I know he is full of poisonous venom.He represent a man.Not sure who…

      1. Hi Michelle, my guess too is the snake represents a man you try to keep at a distance or under wraps. Think about the males in your life who you don’t trust and I bet you will make the connection with the snake. The snake might represent men in general.

    31. I dreamt I was out with my friends from high school. I haven’t seen some of them in years, including an ex flame. We were all wearing our high school uniforms like a themed party. As I tried to go to the washroom with a female friend, we saw a lot of bullfrogs and insects on the ground. They shrieked very loudly and jumped out of my way while I was walking. Then I saw a long, thick, green snake with BIG yellow eyes blocking the washroom entrance. It had 2 very thin, green, long snakes entwined around it. I tried to move to another entrance and their eyes followed me. I was so afraid it was going to strike me although it was quite a few feet away. I’m deathly scared of snakes.

      1. Hello Irene, the school uniforms makes me think the dream could relate to group conformity. I also get that idea from the main snake with its two buddies. It could represent a person with their henchmen, or a group and its tenets. Ideologies and religions can be represented as snakes and symbolized as people all wearing the same uniform. I wrote about a dream, “Big Ass Tree of Snakes,” that involved multiple snakes forming into a living tree that protected people in return for their obedience, and the dreamer attacking the tree. It symbolized breaking away from a religious cult. I’m not saying that’s the case with your dream, but I’d begin with the idea of feeling watched and threatened by a group of people.

    32. I dreamt I was an Indian woman (it was me but then it wasn’t me in my current physical form) brushing aside all different kinds of snakes aside, afraid being bitten, but nothing was aggressive. Most if not all of my current snake dreams are some version of this: snakes are escaping from their enclosures to come to me but I am utterly terrified. I kid you not at a pet store a person brought his snake collection and one of them named Mercedes caught my eye and slithered up to me from the back of her tank – she was still enclosed though and I was terrified but curious at the same time. I opted to hold the tarantula skin instead

      1. If this was my dream, I’d ask if I am being pulled toward some sort of personal transformation. Snakes can be symbols of transformation because they shed their skins. Indian women are perceived as being close to nature and innately spiritual. I have seen this sort of dream in people who have an inner impulse to explore a more natural spirituality, which takes them out of their comfort zone. They try to enclose those thoughts within known belief structures and even reject them based on ideology or belief, but these sorts of instinctual movements from deep within a person will find a way around artificial constraints.

    33. Hi I just had a dream about a small green snake that my dog had found and was barring it in in the dirt I wasn’t scare I was worry because I didn’t know if my dog had gotten bitten

      1. The symbolism could tie together the idea of the snake being a minor threat along with the dog representing friendship or loyalty. So the question to ask is, do you perceive a threat to a friendship? Or are you being pulled in two directions when it comes to a friend?

    34. Had a dream that snakes was coming after me and others, trying to kill me. I know right know there is a lot going on in my life. I have two grown young men. Can you tell me what this mean. There was no color of the snakes. Big snakes…

      1. It’s hard to tell just from the snakes in the dream, though your reaction says a lot. You think about how much you have going on in your life. Perhaps the snakes represent fear of overlooking something (snakes are sneaky and easy to overlook).

    35. Hello, I wonder if you could help me. I’ve had two unsettling dreams recently. In the first dream i was in my mums old house with my mum & husband & there was a big pale yellow snake in the house, I completely freaked out & we all tried to catch it, eventually my husband caught & killed it. The second dream was yesterday, there was a small red & green snake in our bedroom, I was told it was poisonous, me & my husband tried to catch it but couldn’t as it kept hiding, I was terrified of it.

      What could these two dreams possibly mean? Please help as it’s driving me crazy, never dreamt of snakes before ????

      Many thanks in advance

      1. There’s not much to go by to decode the symbolism of the snake. Being in your mum’s old house could be a way of saying that you are revisiting the past — something going on presently in your life or yourself is connected with that time of life. Or maybe it’s a way of saying that you are seeing something in her that you saw back then. Your husband catching the snake might symbolize that he has control of the situation. Or thought of another way, the snake symbolizes fear and your husband catching the snake means that you feel safe around him.

        These are just ideas to consider. Really what I should be doing is suggesting that you look back at my post and go through the decoding process. Fully picture the snakes in your mind and pay attention to how you feel about them. Watch how your body reacts to them. In some dreams, snakes are good. You can tell generally what a snake symbolizes by how you react to hit. You say you are terrified of the snake in the second dream. Begin there and ask yourself if you have reacted similarly lately to something else in your life. Remember that because snakes are feared, they can symbolize something you fear. And judging by your reaction, it’s something you really fear.

        The only other observation I have for you is your husband is in both dreams and in both cases is helping you with the snake. Perhaps something you fear involves him. Like, are you trying to have a baby (snakes are commonly associated with fertility)? Have either of you had health issues lately? You already know deep inside yourself what the snakes symbolize. After all, you are the one that created the dream!

        1. Thank you so much for your reply, it’s really helped me & it all makes sense now, it made so much sense when you mentioned fertility. When you mentioned that i thought about the first dream in my mums old house, in that dream the snake was on the stairs & I was terrified of going past it, back ground info is that when I was 18 (12/13 years ago) I found out I was pregnant in my mums bathroom, the pregnancy didn’t last & I nearly lost my life (it was an ectopic pregnancy). I was just as terrified then as I was in my dream, I think the snake in my first dream was on the stairs to stop me from going upstairs to the place where the most terrifying event in my life started. The second dream, of the snake in our bedroom in our current home? That could most certainly also relate to fertility & fear too, I’ve struggled with infertility ever since the ectopic pregnancy all those years ago, I tried to conceive with my ex partner after the ectopic for about 7yrs, myself & my now husband also tried for 3yrs before finding out a couple of years ago that the fertility problem is me (I have poly-cystic-ovarian-syndrome & scar tissue due to the ectopic removal years ago) fertility is a big worry in my life & an operation is needed but I’m also facing that the operation could result in my only hope being IVF :( & my husband does help me with the emotions of it all & I am so scared that if & when I do get pregnant that I will go through another ectopic pregnancy. it was the most awful experience of my life.

          Anyways sorry for babbling on, I just want to say thank you so so so much for replying, it really made me think harder about the dreams & connect the clues on what my dreams could be showing me. Your reply really helped me & now my mind is at ease :)

          Have a lovely day

          From Roessa

          1. The presence of your mom in the dream gave me the thought about fertility. Plus, snakes are used in fertility rituals.

            You might try making nice with the snakes in your dreams. You don’t have to wait till you’re dreaming. Just use your imagination to see the snakes and imagine how you can make them your ally. It releases subconscious energy that can work wonders for body and mind. Good luck!

    36. I was awoken last night by a dream of a tiny green snake that would not leave me alone. It had bitten me on my thigh and on my hand. I wasn’t running screaming from it or anything. It was more like a little annoyance that finally woke me up. Wasn’t able to fall back to sleep for a few hours. Started dreaming again, started off as a movie. Like watching actors break into someone’s house, I hide, but realize I have a gun and can fight. Then out of no where another green snake came almost flying at me. That’s when I woke up again.

      1. It’s seems like something is trying to get your attention. Perhaps some small irritation or annoyance is getting to you, or something you have been ignoring is in the back of your mind. A bite on the hand in a dream can mean that you need to take some sort of action.

    37. I dreamed that I was walking and I see a lot of people running so I go see what they running for. I ended up running into one of my coworkers she tells me it’s a big snake over the in the garbage can so I go see she saying don’t go so I goes around there thinking it was like one the snakes off python it was one but not that big it was long but it like different colors to on it. So it actually stop doing what it was doing and ran straight towards me than I gotten scared and woke up…what that dream means

      1. Well, a python is a constrictor snake, not a biter, so that’s one clue. Constricting snakes can symbolize constricting situations or patterns. Like, sometimes people are too strict with themselves. They constrict themselves. The other big clue is the snake is in a trash can. That might mean that it symbolizes something that isn’t valued. You know, pythons are really strong creatures. Perhaps the dream is showing you that you have strength you don’t use. It might be physical strength, but more likely a dream speaks to personal strength. You say the python isn’t that big, but did you get the impression it is strong?

        1. Last night I dreamed that a snake was in my home. I wasn’t afraid of it but I was trying to get away from it and every room I went into and close the door it’s like it would slither in somehow. It was really large, thick & long.. a White / greyish color with red and green on it. I am dealing with some rather stressful situations in my awake life , as well as some areas of uncertainty. I’m also desire more male interaction and just affection in general like that of close friends. Please tell me what you think the the dream could have meant?

        2. Last night I dreamed that a snake was in my home. I wasn’t afraid of it but I was trying to get away from it and every room I went into and close the door it’s like it would slither in somehow. It was really large, thick & long.. a White / greyish color with red and green on it. I am dealing with some rather stressful situations in my awake life , as well as some areas of uncertainty. I’m also desire more male interaction and just affection in general like that of close friends. Please tell me what you think the dream could have meant?

          1. I find that snakes in the dreams of women can symbolize “men issues.” I remember a series of dreams a woman had about snakes trying to get into her house, or getting in and hiding under furniture and such. The key to understanding the dreams is in her reactions to the snakes, and I think that applies to your dream too. You aren’t afraid of the snakes. And you try to shut them out. You say you desire platonic male interaction, but are you finding that sexual tension always gets in the way? If so, the snakes are a sort of phallic symbol. Notice the color of the snakes and the way they move….

    38. I dreamt of a truck crashing and I ran to rescue the driver, she did not die but instead she had tiny snakes on her body. Plenty of them, I ended up suferin 4rm dem but I managed not to be affected wth dem

      1. To understand a dream like this, begin with your thoughts and associations with snakes, specifically the snakes in the dream. From your description it seems like you might be trying save someone you know from harming themselves, or to recover from some sort of setback. The dream character in the crash could symbolize someone you know, but also consider that it could be a projection of yourself.

    As Dr. Frasier Crane says, I'm listening. Leave a comment.