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Books about Dreams

You are in the right place. My books about dreams are well known for demystifying dream interpretation, and I’d also like to tell you about the books I love from other authors. Start with mine.

The Science of the Paranormal due for release in July 2024. Learn about crazy ESP dreams and what the science has to say. It makes the case for the reality of some paranormal phenomena including precognitive dreams and dream telepathy.

Know your nightmares

Why you have them, what they mean, and how you can help yourself.

If nightmares are more your interest, here’s the book you must read. It’s an all in one reference full of fascinating facts and accounts of dreams that make a big impact. It includes the story of my 30 year ordeal with a nightmare and how I healed a generational trauma.

The best dream dictionary

You want to know why dream symbols mean what they do, and that’s why you’ll love my best selling dream dictionary. It offers the depth needed to really understand and personalize them, and that’s one reason why it’s the best dream dictionary out there.

“Well written and interesting. Answered some wierd dream questions and was able to interpret a reoccurring dream that having for years.”

Matt B.

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Quickly learn how to interpret dreams

Start with my 3 simple facts about dreams

You want to get up to speed with your dream interpretation skills. I show you how in my crash course. Learn step by step how I interpret dreams.

“Much has been written about the interpretation of dreams, but this excellent book by J.M. DeBord, DREAMS 1-2-3, takes a different approach to the subject of dreaming: his book is a means to help us recall our dreams and then once having mastered that elusive task, to understand the meaning and the impetus for our dreams and to interpret them.”


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Step 1: Remember your dreams. It can be tough to do, but this book provides you with plenty of tips and suggestions and why it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Step 2: Interpret your dreams. It’s not as difficult as it can appear once you learn to look at dreams as stories told through symbolism.

Step 3: Live your dreams by listening to their advice and applying it to your life. You make your dreams come true by practicing dream work daily.

As I say in the book, your dreams are like the best life coach who lives in your head and knows what makes you tick, and best of all, speaks your lingo. The answers from your dream coach are personal and insightful. They motivate and enlighten. They point you down the path toward personal fulfillment and wholeness.

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More Books about Dreams, Listed by Subject


Dream work

Highly recommended!

Sleep and Dreams

Dreams and Creativity

  • The Dreams Behind the Music, by Craig Sim Webb. As a music fan, I love this book.
  • Creative Dreaming, by Patricia Garfield. Link is to her online bookstore, she has so many titles. Such a widely respected source of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Power Hunch, by Marcia Emery. Tapping intuition through dreams.
author of books about dreams
The RadOwl and friends will teach you about your dreams

Children’s Dreams and Nightmares

Stop back soon for more recommended books about dreams.