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Understanding Anima | The Woman in Every Man

Understanding Anima | The Woman in Every Man In simplest terms, anima represents the feminine aspects of a male’s psyche. Everything in his psyche that’s traditionally feminine and unconscious summed up in one image,...

Zombies! What It Means to Dream about Zombies 0

Zombies! What It Means to Dream about Zombies

What it means to dream about zombies One of the primary ways zombies are used in dreams is to symbolize mindlessness. Being surrounded by zombies in a dream can symbolize the feeling of being...

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Catch me on “The Other Side” podcast. Subject: Dreams, of course

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Interpreting Dream Symbols: Wheelchair

Interpreting Dream Symbols: Wheelchair A wheelchair in a dream can symbolize restriction. Movement is restricted for someone in a wheelchair, and movement in a dream can symbolize movement in your life. For example, a...

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Understanding Animus: The Man Within Every Woman

Understanding Animus: the Man Within Every Woman In simplest terms, animus represents the male aspects of a female’s psyche. It’s everything traditionally masculine and unconscious about a female summed up in one image. Animus...

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Dream Interpretation Technique #2: Simplify

Dream Interpretation: Simplify Today I pull into my bag of tricks and share an ingredient to my secret sauce for dream interpretation. Along with association, a primary interpretation technique is: keep it simple. Explain...

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Graveyard Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Graveyard Cemetery Dream

Graveyard and Cemetery Dreams | Interpret the Meaning Graveyards are associated with things that come to an end. For example, a relationship ends, or you sense it coming, and dream about a graveyard. Or...

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Grim Reaper Dream: Interpret Meaning

Grim Reaper Dream: Interpret the Meaning A Grim Reaper character can appear in dreams to give a stern warning or symbolize something related to death, such as fear of it or flirting with it....

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Werewolf Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Werewolves in Dreams

Interpret Meaning of Werewolves in Dreams We continue our “12 Days of Halloween” look at dream symbolism connected with the holiday. Today’s subject: Werewolves! A werewolf is a heck of a metaphor for the...

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Ghost Dreams | Interpret Meaning of Ghosts Dream

Ghost Dreams: How to Interpret the Meaning of Ghosts in a Dream With Halloween right around the corner, let’s explore related dream symbols. Today, we look at the symbolism of ghosts. A ghost in...

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