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Interpret Meaning of Dreams about Your Ex

Not again! Why you dream about your ex and how to interpret the meaning A funny, common occurrence for me is I’ll get an idea for a blog post then run across a streak of dreams shared at Reddit.com that...


Dream: Swimming in River Styx | Find Meaning in the Dream Story

Step back. That’s how I made a leap in my ability to interpret dreams.  Step back from the dream and find the meaning and significance in the story it tells. Another way of saying it is “simplify.”  Dreams can be...


Lottery Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Dream about Winning the Lottery

If you dream about winning the lottery, does it mean you’re lucky day is soon to come? Or does it mean “create your own luck?” Lottery dreams. Winning the lottery in a dream can symbolize being lucky. Good fortune is...

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Media Shows Galore | My Recent Radio & Podcast Interviews

Interviews about dream interpretation and my dream dictionary It’s almost June, when my new book is to be released, and the media wants to know all about it. See below for upcoming shows. Use the “media publicity” link up top...

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The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

The Mother of all Dream Dictionaries Here it is, the mother of all dream dictionaries. A complete reference source for dream interpretation written by an expert with a gift for teaching how to do it. It’s a guide to your...

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“We Love Dreams” Newsletter Dropped

In this edition: Dreams about soulmates Dreams about marijuana Dreams about sex And dreams that light your inner fire See it all here: We Love Dreams


Dream about Meeting Your Soulmate | The Man or Woman of Your Dreams

Soulmate Dreams: Dreaming about the Love of Your Life Wouldn’t it be great if soulmates really exist? If the man or woman of your dreams is a flesh ‘n blood, living human being? They do exist, but soulmates are really...

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Shadow Dreams: Everyone Has a Dark Side | Carl Jung

Shadow Dreams | Carl Jung Shadow in a dream can represent something unknown. It’s an unseen or partially seen area, and “to see” in a dream can symbolize awareness. At its simplest, a shadow is a dark area, and “dark”...

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Understanding Anima | The Woman in Every Man

Anima: Carl Jung’s most misunderstood concept Though Jung himself said that title belongs to the collective unconscious In simplest terms, anima represents the feminine aspects of a male’s psyche. Everything in his psyche that’s traditionally feminine and unconscious such as...

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Zombies! What It Means to Dream about Zombies

Dreaming about zombies, the living dead One of the primary ways zombies are used in dreams is to symbolize mindlessness. Being surrounded by zombies in a dream can symbolize the feeling of being surrounded by stupidity. Your world is full of...