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The Dreams That Shape Us podcast

Despite the evidence that dreams are meaningful and important, there’s a myth that they aren’t worth bothering to remember and understand. Let’s bust that myth!

The Dreams That Shape Us podcast offers story after story of how dreams change lives, offer insights, and direct us on our path to vitality and meaning.

dreams that shape our lives

Co-hosted by me (J.M. DeBord) and my partner in the dream Steven Ernenwein. We find and interview people with astounding stories about dreams that shaped who they are and impacted them in amazing ways. Steve composes custom music for the podcast, and we both offer our perspectives on dreams and how to understand and benefit from them.

In Episode 1 we interview Harper, who was diagnosed with a heart condition that limited what he could do physically. This adventurous, active young man lived in fear that he could harm himself or worse with too much activity. So he retreated indoors and became a couch potato. He sunk into depression. Then he began having dreams of seeing through the eyes of a character from an anime show, The K Project — a show he’d neither seen nor heard of. He then watched the show and discovered that his dreams mirrored its content, sometimes exactly: characters, setting, story lines, dialogue.

Message: he could have his old life back. He just had to try. It changed him in numerous ways.

We’re now up to Episode 9, each one offering new ways of understanding dreams and how they shape our lives. Listen now!

the dreams that shape us podcast with J.M. DeBord and Steven Ernenwein

2 thoughts on “The Dreams That Shape Us podcast”

  1. I recently separated from my husband and have started dreaming or remembering my dreams. It seemed like I hadn’t dreamed in years and now, all of a sudden, I dream every night. What could be the cause of this? The dreams that I’m having aren’t really meaningful, that I notice anyway, but it’s nice to be able to dream again. My marriage has been HELL with a mixture of verbal, emotional, and at times, physical abuse and I’m finally at peace with the realization that he’s no good for me, never has been, and never will be. This realization came after having two kids with him and a third one on the way…better late than never, as they say. Anywho, back to my dreams…is it possible that I wasn’t dreaming because of my fucked up relationship and the overwhelming stress from the narcissist I was living with? It’s just odd that I only recall darkness after the last four years of sleep, but for the last few weeks, I’ve had daily dreams. Multiple dreams in a night at that. And it was April 6th that I kicked the mofo out…coincidence…I think not! Any thoughts would be appreciative. Have a great day!

    1. Yeah, you’re making up for lost time after the cloud lifted. The same rebound effect is seen in addicts that get clean. Suddenly their dreams go nuts. It brings with it a wave of creativity and energy to pour into your life and make up for lost time. Roll with it.

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