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Dreams That Help with Grief and Feelings

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Your dreams will take you to the places where you are hurt and not functioning optimally. They take you to heart and to soul and stand by your side as you sort out your feelings. For our special guest Mary Jo Heyen on the Dreams That Shape Us podcast, her dreams took her to where she needed healing and gave her a special dream character to stand by her side as she faced her biggest fear: her mother.

Mary Jo shares two other dreams during this episode and takes us inside the transformation that took place as a result of her work with them. And in doing so, she gives us a gift of seeing dreams with the eyes of the heart. It’s very different than traditional dream analysis, and for me it shifted my focus. Sure, I can teach all the wonderful methods and techniques of dreamwork that I’m known for and that my students learn at RadOwl’s Dream School, but the heart of the dream is where the real action is.

That’s how Mary Jo’s dreams shaped her. Her tenderness and clarity in speaking about them have shaped me, too.

Soon after recording this interview, Mary Jo entered hospice. She’s near the end of her life, and this episode is her final testament to the life-affirming power of dreams to shape our lives.

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