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Dreams and synchronicity: Mind-blowing coincidence stories that make you go hmm…

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Dr. Bernie Beitman is the host of Connecting with Coincidence and an expert in synchronicity, the theory from Carl Jung that some coincidences are meaningful. They are meaningful because they connect your inner world with the outer world in mysterious ways. Meaningful coincidence is a common experience that gives the person a sense of being part of something much bigger than themself.

Dr. Beitman says that coincidence studies bring together science and spirituality. By understanding meaningful coincidences, we gain insight into the intelligent source behind all life. As the old saying goes, coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.

bernie beitman synchronicity studies
Bernie Beitman

Synchronicity lets us know that we are tuned in to the subtle currents of life, that we are on the right track, and that something out their in the big universe is responding in helpful ways. Combine the occurrence of synchronicity with your dream life and woah, you are REALLY tuned in. Something important is happening in your life.

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In this interview I share a coincidence story that let me know my deceased grandma is still connected with me decades after she passed. And Dr. Beitman and I discuss the story of Harper, a young man who dreamed recurrently about the K Project, an anime he’d never seen but dreamed accurately about it, and how it ended up helping him get his life back after a serious medical condition put him down.

Hear Harper’s full story on my podcast, The Dreams That Shape Us.

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