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J.M. DeBord Media / Podcast Guest Appearances

I think they like me. In the past few months I’ve been on many media programs and podcasts to help people learn the meaning of dreams and promote The Dream Interpretation Dictionary. My guest appearance on Coast to Coast AM...

shadow dreams

Shadow Dreams: Everyone Has a Dark Side | Carl Jung

Shadow in a dream can represent something unknown or unseen about yourself. It’s a personal blind spot. Dr. Carl Jung calls it “Shadow.” It’s the dark side of the ego, and it usually shows itself in dreams as a shadowy...

Anima Carl Jung

Understanding Anima | The Woman in Every Man

Anima: Carl Jung’s most misunderstood concept Though Jung himself said that title belongs to the collective unconscious In simplest terms, anima represents the feminine aspects of a male’s psyche. Everything in his psyche that’s traditionally feminine and unconscious such as...