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Learn how to interpret dreams like I do. Enroll now (no cost).

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radowl's crash course in dream interpretation

This time of year (Christmas) the longer nights in the northern hemisphere give us more opportunities for deep dreaming. Plus, the end of year is a good time to reflect on your life and where it’s headed. It makes people more curious than ever about what their dreams mean.

It’s why I created an online course to show you how to interpret your dreams like I do. Learn three simple facts about dreams and three simple steps to interpret them. Then, we’ll launch into demonstrations, and three hours later you will possess the knowledge and information to understand your dreams like never before.

Enroll now in the Crash Course in Dream Interpretation at the Owls School of Dreaming ( There’s no cost for this course — it’s my gift to everyone fascinated by their dreams.

online school for dream interpretation

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