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The Dream Interpretation Dictionary

The Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Your complete reference source for dream interpretation

"The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings." Your all-in-one guide to dream interpretation, encyclopedia of key concepts, and dictionary with clear and thorough explanations.

About the Book

dream interpretation dictionaryHere it is, the mother of all dream dictionaries. A complete reference source for dream interpretation written by an expert with a gift for teaching how to do it. It’s a guide to your dreams, showing you step by step how to understand the meaning and significance. It’s an encyclopedia of dream psychology so you fully grasp key concepts and methods. And of course it’s a dictionary of the most important and common dream symbols, featuring in-depth explanations and extensive examples and showing how to reach the same conclusions for yourself. The mother of all dream dictionaries is not just a dictionary, it could quite possibly be the world’s largest instruction manual. It’s 480 pages chock full of dream knowledge.

This book shows you how to decipher the meaning of dreams about:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Death
  • War
  • Games and sports
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Famous people
author J.M. DeBord aka RadOwl
J.M. DeBord, aka “RadOwl”

Plus hundreds more, drawn from the author’s 25 years of experience at dream interpretation. The more than 750 entries cover subjects such as nightmares and recurring dreams, celebrities and holy figures in your dreams, crime and killing, aliens and UFOs, violence and conflict, Facebook and computers, school and work, significant others and relationships of all types. It helps you understand why you dream about ex loves, old friends, family homes, and other people and places from your present and past. It gives instructive explanations of the psyche and the process of dreaming, and explains archetypal themes. And the entire book is stocked with vivid examples drawn from the dream lives of people from around the world that the author engages with on media programs, in lectures, and online at the massive social media site, where he is known as RadOwl the dream expert

Best of all, while clearly written and easy to use for beginners, it has the depth and comprehensive approach to each dream symbol that will enlighten experts. It teaches that dreams are stories that help us better understand our lives and ourselves and prepare for the future, with the goal of making you a healthier, happier, more creative and more complete person. The Dream Interpretation Dictionary shows you how to analyze your dreams and connect them with yourself and your life. And it is based on the author’s ‘anyone can do it’ DREAMS 1-2-3 system of dream interpretation:

1. Break down the dream into story elements and narratives components.

2. Use interpretation technique to analyze the symbolism and the story.

3. Build up the interpretation by considering context and making connections.

Three steps to a lifetime of exploring your dreams. Are you ready? Begin by signing up for the “We Love Dreams” newsletter to receive regular emails with a wealth of info and resources.

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Genre: Dream Interpretation
Tags: dream dictionary, dream interpretation, Recommended Books
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 480 pages
ASIN: 1578596378
ISBN: 1578596378
List Price: 21.95
This dream dictionary tells me things I did not know before … I was completely taken with the wealth of meaning … In my eyes that makes this dictionary stand out among others. -Susanne is a Jungian therapist and author of two books about dreams.
A thoughtful, well written and deep look at dream symbols in a dictionary format. This may serve as a handy reference for those completely befuddled by their dreams. -Robert is a best-selling author
About the Author
J.M. DeBord

Jason (J.M.) DeBord is the widely acclaimed author of two books about dreams, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary and Dreams 1-2-3. Through his books, media appearances, lectures, and online presence he has taught millions of people to decode the meaning and significance of their dreams. Anyone can understand their dreams, they just need to know how. Start today by signing up for his email newsletter "We Love Dreams." Jason is known as "RadOwl" at the massive social media site where he leads the internet's largest community of dream enthusiasts, Reddit Dreams.

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