Penis Dreams: Interpret the Meaning of Penis in Dreams

Penis Dreams: Interpret the Meaning and Symbolism of Penis in Dreamsphallic symbols everywhere

Sigmund Freud identified a variety of symbols to represent the penis—towers, flagpoles, cigars, snakes. But more often as a dream interpreter I encounter dreams with straightforward representations. A penis is a penis, no phallic symbol needed. Rather than use a symbol for the penis, it is directly represented. However, it is usually symbolism for something.

A penis is obviously symbolism when a female dreams she has one, or when a female dream character has one. The most common interpretations of penis symbolism revolve around power, dominance, fertility, or masculinity. Take the next dream, for example (link to original post; this description is a summary):

I dream that a woman I used to know talks me into having sex with her. She eventually convinces me to do it. She has a penis!

When someone from your past appears in your dreams and you haven’t had contact with them in a long time, it’s a good bet that the person is symbolism for something about yourself. Dream characters generally symbolize aspects of yourself, except in rare instances when a character is a direct representation of someone you know. Interpret the symbolism by reflecting on what you know about the person, what they are like, their personality and characteristics.

The dreamer said the woman she dreamed about was someone she trained with for triathlons, and what she remembered best was she was someone who didn’t give a crap what anyone thought of her. She was vocal and assertive, symbolized by her penis. I asked the dreamer if she saw those qualities in herself and she said yes, she was vocal and assertive and worried sometimes if she acted too masculine.

Those details reveal the symbolism and message of the dream. The female acquaintance with a penis symbolizes the side of the dreamer that is vocal and assertive—in other words, she acts masculine in some respects, and the penis is the body part most closely associated with masculinity. Having sex with her old acquaintance is a way of saying that the dreamer is connecting with the side of herself that resonates with what she knows about her acquaintance. The message of the dream is to learn from that person’s example. The dreamer can be vocal and assertive and not give a crap what people think of her. Here is another example of a dream about a female dealing with her masculine, dominant side.

The next dream featuring a female with a penis also relates to exhibiting masculine traits.

In my boyfriend’s dream we are in bed together. He looks over my naked body and sees that I have a penis. I am distressed about it (in the dream), and he tries to comfort me by playing with it.

The interpretation of this dream has a few directions it can go in. One person at Reddit Dreams, the forum where it was posted, suggested that the dreamer’s boyfriend might be secretly gay. He wishes she had a penis. I initially thought it might be a sign that the dreamer exhibits traditionally masculine traits like dominance, assertiveness, and strong opinions, which is close but doesn’t tell the whole story. The dreamer said she can be dominant while having sex. Her boyfriend had never been with a female who takes control in bed like she does. She gets nervous about it, afraid she might scare him away, and her boyfriend reassures her it’s okay. In the dream it’s symbolized as playing with her penis.

Interestingly, the girlfriend also dreams with suggestive imagery:

I have a recurring dream that I rub my clit and it gets really huge, like one of those ‘roided bodybuilding-women clits. I worry that my boyfriend will break up with me and I’ll be alone forever.

interpret meaning penis dreams

I’m pretty sure the creators of this ad knew exactly what it suggests

One way of looking at the symbolism is it reinforces the idea of the dreamer exhibiting dominance. After all, her clit looks like a dick in the dream (an oversized clit caused by steroids is called a “clit dick” because it looks like a small dick). Her over-sized clit could also be a way of saying she has an overcharged sex drive. However, the dreamer’s reaction during the dream tells the real story. She’s afraid that her boyfriend will notice her super clit and break up with her. It expresses her fear that her boyfriend will find something about her that he doesn’t like. He is her first sexual partner and she is deeply in love with him, and she tries extra hard to please him. Beneath her desire to please him is fear that she will lose him.

In another dream featuring penis symbolism, a guy dreamed that his girlfriend had a penis and he sucked it. She wore the pants in the relationship and controlled her boyfriend. Sucking her penis is a way of saying that she dominates him, and he allows it to happen.

The same idea is expressed in the next dream about a guy sucking his girlfriend’s penis. The dreamer is male. The narrative begins with some background information:

We had been arguing. She told me I wasn’t good at reciprocating or thanking her, and that I was selfish and full of myself. I felt really horrible. The fight went on for awhile and didn’t end well. When trying to fall asleep I was still very emotional. When I finally got to sleep I had many strange dreams, most of which I can’t recall. But I vividly remember sucking my girlfriend’s penis. I am not gay or even curious, but I was going at it. Trying really hard to please her.

This dream shows that the dreamer is trying too hard to please his girlfriend. She controls him by berating him and manipulating his emotions. Sucking her penis shows that he is submissive with her.

In the next dream, sucking a penis is related to feeling compromised.

In this extremely vivid dream, my old high school bully and a couple of his friends rape me. I’m forced to perform oral sex on one of his friends. I decide I will act like I want to do it, then tell myself to bite it off. I do, and the guy doesn’t scream, he laughs, expecting I would do this. The scene transitions and I am in front of toilet, spitting out endless bits of penis, which look more like intestines.

The experience of being bullied created a sore spot in the dreamer, a young female. Even though she’s been out of high school and away from her tormentor for a few years, she still nurses dark thoughts of revenge. You can see it in her reaction of thinking she will bite off the penis, and in thinking she can deceive the bully’s friend into letting his guard down. But ultimately the trick’s on her. Nursing thoughts of revenge is keeping her tied to the past, to the experience of being bullied and humiliated. Her reaction to the scenario gives away the meaning of the symbolism.

When she spits out bits of penis it symbolizes getting the experience out of her a little at a time, like sucking venom from a wound. It’s also a way saying that she’s still chewing on it, still thinking about it. She needs to let go of the past.

Because the penis is associated with sex, dream imagery featuring the penis can be related to a person’s sex life, perceptions or sexual attitudes. Take the next dream, for example.

I find what looks like a fake, tiny penis, but when I put it on my body (for some reason) I could use it to pee, etc. (I didn’t have a penis in this dream.) Then I throw up chunky white stuff—no taste, just a grody texture—into the garbage. At the end of the dream the head of the tiny dick was gone, and the same gross white stuff was coming out of the shaft…which sounds like an STD, but I don’t have sex.

The end of the dream description clued me in to the meaning. The dreamer says he doesn’t have sex, which isn’t normal for a young man. There must be a reason for it, and it’s found in the dream imagery of the white stuff. The action of throwing it up into the garbage symbolizes his feelings about sex and body fluids. He is revolted by even the thought of it. Notice that the same white stuff comes out of the shaft. Seems pretty obvious to me what it represents, and how the dreamer feels about it.

Now what about the imagery of the tiny penis? It symbolizes the dreamer’s lack of desire to have sex. You could say he has a tiny sex drive. In the dream he has no penis, then finds the tiny, fake one and puts it on. It works to pee with, which is fine with the dreamer, but anything else that can be done with it is out of the question. He is too disgusted by the thought.

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Dreams can use penis symbolism to express high sex drive too, like in the next dream.

I was naked in this field and I was using my penis as a plow. If you have ever seen a lizard walk it was kinda like that, except I used my raging boner as a plow. I’ve never set foot on a farm or touched a plow. Really confused.

This dream is expressing the dreamer’s desire to figuratively plow a field. He hasn’t had sex in a while and the urge is really building in him. Plow a field is slang for intercourse, and this dream brings the slang to life through imagery of plowing a field with a raging boner.

In the dream about the tiny penis, the size of it is a commentary about the dreamer’s sex drive. The next dream also uses size to express amount, but this time the symbolism is related to the connection between the penis and machismo.

I walk in on my brother as he’s getting out of the shower, and his dick is huge! I feel disgusted even dreaming this.maleobsession

The dreamer is an adult female, and her brother is older than her. His personality is like a character from an episode of Law & Order, a hardened criminal tough guy who has done time in prison and constantly feels the need to prove what a man he is. You could say he’s a big dick. His over-size manhood symbolizes his over-sized machismo.

Sigmund Freud’s emphasis on phallic imagery and its connection to infantile sexuality appears to be a bit misguided because it is not found that often in the general public, but it does pop up once in a while. The telltale sign is not found in symbols for the penis, but in absurd actions or reactions involving it. The dreamer will show obsessive behavior involving their penis, or the dream imagery will be completely absurd and sexual. Dream symbolism is strange anyway when compared with reality, but in dreams about obsessive or skewed sexuality the imagery is especially absurd. I find these sorts of dreams to be the most likely to use phallic imagery because the dream has to disguise the true meaning in order to present it to the conscious side of the mind.

People with obsessions or personal issues are not able to see themselves clearly. They have low capacity for self-reflection, so their dreams are especially obscure.

Sorry Dr. Freud, but phallic symbols aren’t needed to talk about the penis and what it symbolizes. A direct representation is more likely to get the attention of the dreamer. However, emphasis on phallic symbols is not a complete waste of time. Now we see them everywhere!


If you have ideas about how to interpret the meaning of penis dreams, please leave a comment


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  1. I had a dream of having 5 penises would love to know what it means I’m a guy though and the dream was just looking down and the 5 and I asked my girlfriend which one she would like tonight then I woke up

    • The key to the dream seems to be in the detail about asking your girlfriend which penis of yours she wants tonight. Five is a number associated with change, so consider the idea that the dream reflects thoughts about putting more variety into your sex life.

  2. A first for me but I dreamed my kid’s father, other kid’s mother was sucking his penuis right in front of me. Well, they we’re talking/ disagreeing on something then she started sucking his privacy while I was behind him, I think or maybe I wasn’t there but I would like do know what does this means?

    • To me, this dream could stem from feeling like the other mother is interfering in your relationship with him or occupying his time. Perhaps she uses sex or other means to manipulate him, or maybe she’s always talking with him. Notice that she’s giving him head while they talk and you are behind them. That can mean you feel like his attention is being taken away from you.

  3. I had a strange dream that I was laying in a bed, it wasn’t my bed, and I was nearly asleep, when I very dark skinned black woman climbs on top of me, she was very beautiful, but she had a penis and began slowly making love to me, and I enjoyed it!

    • I can think of a few ways of looking at it. One, the woman represents some new area of life opening up to you and you’re enjoying it. She’s a mystery that’s unfolding. Or perhaps she represents a new aspect of yourself emerging, perhaps connected with traditionally masculine traits. On top can mean “in control.” Start there and ask yourself if there’s some new way that you feel good about being in control. It might connect with your sex life, but more often, sex in dreams connects with integrating something new into your personality.

  4. If love for somebody to interpret my dreams meaning. Honestly.

    I’m just sitting in bed, getting excited and aroused, by myself, as I am single and have been for awhile. I pull back my pants a bit, and all of a sudden this giant penis pops out of my pants, I mean it’s so big that I can barely fit my hand around it. I pay no attention to it though, and just enjoy the sensual feeling. After I woke up, in the half asleep state I was in, I thought it was real and was so happy for some odd reason that it was, though it was not real at all. I mean, what could this mean?

    • It could represent a feeling of strength or manhood, or your machismo.

      It could represent your sex drive.

      It could represent something else that really excites you.

      It could represent something you’re trying to get a handle on.

      Those are the main possibilities. It’s hard to say for sure.

  5. I had a dream that I had a penis im a Girl by the way. The dream was so weird b/c I was really uncomfortable with it help me what can this mean.

    • Begin with the penis as a symbol of masculinity and the traits associated with it. A penis on a female can symbolize traditionally masculine traits she possesses or can possess. Therefore, discomfort with having a penis can symbolize discomfort with masculine traits: physical strength, assertiveness, independence, etc.

  6. I woke up this morning having this dream that I was sucking the man I just broke up with’s huge dick, and it was just never ending. His cock never stopped going down my throat, and it just kept expanding, longer, and longer

  7. I had a dream that it was me my dad my sis and my friend and some girl and we were in a hotel and we were waiting for the servent or something like that and well i went to call her came back to my room she took look so as i went i see her outside with her bra and underwears and i started kissing her and and she was sucking my penis after the sex my penis had fallen of i got so scared and i saw it turned sorta like a alien penis sorta it was weird like tenticals spikes coming out and as i put my penis back togther it likee healed weirdly and after like eveytime these tenticals spike came out of my penis i was scared i wanted to wake up but i couldnt i almost cried on how scared i was someone plz explain to me what happen

    • Waiting on a servant in a dream can mean you depend on other people to take care of your needs. Sucking the penis can be a soothing activity and convenient way of taking care of a sexual need. With that in mind, look at what happens afterward. Your penis is all weird looking. That sort of absurdity in a dream can indicate something in yourself is out of whack. Like, maybe you’ve been dependent on your family for too long and deep inside, you know things have to change. A hotel is a place of transition, so to me, this dream-story suggests that you’re trying to make a transition to being more independent but are too dependent on being taken care of.

  8. A very good friend of mine told me she had a dream that she was brushing her teeth at my house when my boyfriend walked out of the shower and she caught a “peak” of his penis. She said that I was furious. And then she was drinking green tea before this wedding we were all about to attend and she spilled it on an old chair that meant a lot to my family. So my sisters and I were being really mean to her making her clean it up. She said she struggled to clean it and felt awful to have ruined this chair with such special meaning. No one would help her and she couldnt go to the wedding because she had to clean up her mess. My boyfriend felt bad for her and couldnt understand why we were all being so mean to her.

    …in real life, my boyfriend is the one who would be super meticulous and annoyed at a spill like that. What could this all mean?

    • The dream has two references to self-presentation. One, brushing teeth is done as part of presentation, along with brushing hair and doing make-up. Seeing your bf’s manhood could connect with embarrassment, so my guess is there’s something she feels embarrassed about it in connection with how she presents herself. It could be a physical thing but also consider intangibles such as reputation and persona. The meanness is a projection of her feelings. She’s being hard on herself about something, is my guess–maybe too hard.

      The wedding detail is important and my only thought is perhaps your friend is a bachelorette looking for a man with whom to nest. No one can help her clean the stain…stain implies “stain on character” or on her conscience or just something a minor flaw. Like, perhaps she’s wondering why she can’t land the right man and wonders if there’s something wrong with her or something. In this sense, a stain is something that, in the big picture, is a small flaw, and flaw is used in mating as a reason to not date someone or marry.

      Come to think of it, a chair is something a person sits on, and sit can mean “stay for a while.” Stretch the idea and it can mean “marry.” Of course, a chair can mean you’re getting the “ass end” of a bargain. The detail about being an old chair makes me wonder if your friend thinks that her flaw is she’s too old, at least, by some standards.

      One other thing I noticed is the female characters are hard on her, but the boyfriend character is easy on her. It might be a way of saying that the standard she comparing herself against is something more important to women in general.

  9. I had a dream once related to my penis. The main things I remember were that I was smoking with a girl in a car,but this girl is somewhat of a friend. Then suddenly we appeared on a bed and obviously my penis was out. You may be thinking oh and then sexual things began to happen, but no, the opposite. My penis head or whatever it’s called grew. It expanded, the whole it was happening it was like I felt the pain. It just kept growing and growing till it looked like an actual mushroom head. This has been the only dream that has been like that. I’m just so interested. To give you a better image of what I’m saying;

    • Well, think of it this way. The penis is a symbol of masculine virility and power. and masculinity in general. The head of it is often referred to as where a man thinks about sex. So either you’re allowing your sexuality to take over your thoughts, or you’re going through growing pains as a man and ultimately the enlarged head is a way of saying you’re becoming more masculine, especially in your thought processes.

  10. So I had a dream about a guy that I’m talking to. We are “friends” not dating. We were about to have sex I was really turned on and on top of him ready to go And as soon as he puts it in he finishes . And I get disappointed and embarrassed for him like what happened. I look down and his penis disappeared. Weird dream but what could this dream possibly mean. We had sex in real life it was good . Please interpret for me.

    • The guy in the dream might not really have anything to do with the actual person. Instead, the dream chose him because he was a sex partner — a good one — and the situation depicted by the dream is related to disappointment. Something didn’t live up to expectation. It finished before it really started. Stretch the idea and it can mean that something pleasurable or exciting ends. Do you think that perhaps it connects with realizing that this friendship doesn’t have the benefits it used to have? Perhaps the closeness or connection you once shared isn’t there anymore.

  11. I have had 2 dreams about my ex boyfriend of 11 years who is also my child’s father. In one dream we are on the sofa fully clothed talking and the other dream laying on the bed fully clothed talking and in both dreams he places my hand inside his trousers to stroke his semi-erected penis. I always wake up after the stroking so I never see if we end up having sex.

    • I wonder if his erection is used as a way of measuring his interest in something. Like, his interest in your children, or interest in you. Semi-erect implies semi-interest.

      Another way of looking at it is his character’s action of guiding your hand to his erection is a way of pointing out where his priorities are. I can only guess though.

      A detail that sticks out is he’s fully clothed. I get the idea that the dream could be about knowing him better than other people do. You get access to his private life.

  12. You’re probably right about him truly just being busy. I feel that it only takes a second to respond to a text though. Thank you for insight and I do feel better about the situation now.

    Good luck on your book! Do you mind if I ask what it’s about?

    • The book is a dream dictionary with built in dream guide and encyclopedia. It’s a huge book and written in a conversational style and teaches while it explains. If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll be sure to get word when it’s published.

      I really hope we’re right about your man. You have a good point about being able to return a simple text msg. I guess you’ll find out soon, eh.

  13. We are in a long distance relationship and he has not been communicating with me very well at all. I’ve told him a couple times that it bothers me when he doesn’t reply to my text messages or return my phone calls. And the longer we go without seeing eachother the less he communicates. I told him to be honest if he doesn’t want to continue the relationship and he says he wants to be with me more than anything he’s ever wanted, and he’s just really busy. I thought the communication would’ve gotten better after that but it hasn’t.

    • If you have feared that he’s been incommunicado because he’s with another woman (women), it could be reflected in the dream.

      I think the situation comes down to whether you trust him. You gave him a way out and he didn’t take it, so it’s quite likely that he’s just really busy like he says. That, or he can’t admit the truth. I know what it’s like to be so busy you hardly have time to return calls or messages. I’m writing a new book and am under deadline, and haven’t talked with friends or family in weeks.

  14. I had a dream that my boyfriend was naked and in bed with two naked women. He was laying in the middle of them flat on his back and the women were on each side of him. They were drawing blood from him and he had a hard on. When I walked in on them he just looked at me and said “what” in a nonschillant way. I would love to know what this dream means.

    • The dream could be an observation about something draining his vitality or energy. Erections and blood are both associated with vitality. In which case, the two women symbolize what’s draining him. Does he work two jobs?

      If you’ve had any recent issues with ED, the dream might be related. Blood flow is what initiates and sustains an erection. Bloods drains when an erection goes away.

      Finally, consider the possibility that the dream is just a scenario about him doing something that upsets you and he reacts nonchalantly about it. Focus on that idea. Does he act nonchalantly about doing something that upsets you? Perhaps he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

  15. (I am a cis female)
    I had a dream that I had a 10″ penis, fully erect and when I touched the head I got a bit of pleasure from it. To hide it from my family I tucked it into my vagina which have me pleasure too. Someone told me I can break it and I held it in my hand and crumbled it but was instantly remorseful and sad. What does this mean?

    • The first possibility to consider is the erect penis in your dream symbolizes masculine qualities or virility. It means you have some strongly masculine traits such as strength, independence and domination that you try to hide — and you have a lot of it. But secretly it gives you some pleasure to have these traits. You could repress these traits in yourself, but you know in the end you’d regret it. That’s my guess. You can be fully a woman and still play rough with the men

    • Have you been excited because of attention or recognition you’ve received lately, or at the prospect of it? A boner is a sign of excitement, and celebrities are associated with attention and recognition.

  16. Penis size? Not satisfying her? Lack of stamina? Thinking she’s going to cheat on me? All these things, I guess….

    • All that is expressed poignantly in the image of giving her a reach-around, and it raises the question of what you can do about it. Cardio workouts to increase stamina? More warm up and creative sex play? Turn her on in her mind, too, so sex is a more multidimensional experience? Make her want you more than any man? You don’t have to have the biggest dick to do that, but you gotta have big balls, if you know what I mean.

  17. I dreamt that I removed my penis and attached it to my wife’s stomach. I then knelt behind her, bent her over and licked her vagina & anus while manually masturbating the penis on her belly. That was basically the whole dream. What does that mean?

    • Wow, what a twist on the idea of a reach-around. If you look up the definition of reach-around on urban dictionary, definition #2 is related to compensating. Are you compensating for something you feel like you lack in your sex life with your wife?

  18. OK So I Had A Dream That Me And My Boyfriend Were About To Have Sex I Ended Up Going Down To suck His penis And After A Few Strokes I bit his penis off there was blood and semen but what makes it weird is it wasn’t on purpose it jus sorted happened it also was stuck in my mouth he had to help pull it out what does this mean???

    • The first possibility to consider is the dream is an expression of fear that you’ll hit while having sex. Perhaps you recognize the sensitivity of his male organ and how easily a little slip could hurt him. And perhaps the part about him helping you pull it out is a suggestion to have him help you make sure you don’t hurt him while going down.

    • Unless “big” in this dream means a large amount of something other than your lover’s big penis, I’d say this imagery is a metaphor for being very satisfied in your love life.

  19. I’m a female btw. I had a dream where I was in the pool with a bunch of people, & I couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to look at or touch or feel around a cock. So I noticed a guy who showed up to the pool, & I kept trying to sneak over to him, because I don’t think he could see or notice me if I were interacting with him. I kept trying to go up to him with my head underwater so that I could loosen his shorts, pull them down, & fondle his really nice, thick, hairy cock & balls. Every time though, he would get away. I would get up to a point of feeling him or brushing my mouth up against him, but he would swim away or walk to the cafe. I tried it at the cafe, & he got hard, standing in front of me, even though he couldn’t see me or say anything, and I felt & rubbed him, but he got away again even though I wanted to feel him on & in me so badly. It changed scenes, & I was Lil Wayne at a college party filming people. It was fun & wild, but then I saw I couple get so freaky that the girl had nothing on below the waist, & the guy only had a shirt on. They were still dancing & I could tell they were getting ready to fuck, but I wanted to put my face in the man’s genitals so badly. He made eye contact with me with a really horny, drunk look on his face, so I knelt down & smothered myself in his balls & fine, hard cock, even though his girlfriend was right there but she didn’t care. He started humping his dick across my face, teasing my mouth, with his full balls slowly sliding on my chin, but that’s when the dream ended with my lil Wayne hands gripping his tight ass.

    • On one level you can view this dream as a straightforward desire or wish fulfillment. But think also of possibilities for symbolism related to something you really want but can’t have. The penis can be a symbol of power, for example, so wanting it but being denied can mean you are denied power. It might symbolize some other sort of temptation. For example, I helped decode a dream about being tempted by a powdered doughnut and eventually giving in. The dream tells a story about being tempted by cocaine. When it was offered, the dreamer turned it down. But his resistance weakened the longer the temptation sat in front of him, and eventually he gave in.

  20. I have this recurring dreaming of sleeping with ladies I don’t know with them having a penis. Please what does that means

    • The first possibility to consider is a lady with a penis is someone in control, someone who dominates or is assertive. Think of typically male characteristics. Like, are you attracted to dominant women? Or, since you sleep with the female dream characters, perhaps it’s a way of saying you like a woman who takes control in the bedroom.

  21. I had a dream that Ryan Reynolds (or some similar celebrity) came to town and was in the same hotel/rec center/some kind of event building as me. He saw me and was trying to impress me and flirt with me in order to get me to sleep with him. I told him I wouldn’t just sleep with him, that he would have to ‘earn’ it or prove that he wanted me and not just sex (I don’t remember exactly how I said it). He left to hang out with some other girls who were obviously going to give him what he wanted, but he kept coming back to me in more sincere ways.

    I don’t know how much time passed in the dream, but the feelings between us grew and I eventually started to have sex with him. He had 2 penises. I was surprised but not concerned. I commented on it and he was also unconcerned. I think I woke up soon after because I don’t remember finishing the dream.

    I’ve tried to look up the meaning of 2 penises but haven’t found any reasonable explanation. Do you have any idea what this could mean?

    • If you look at the theme of the first part of the dream, you could say it’s related to the two sides of sex. One, it’s just sex. Two, it’s a lot more than that. Perhaps the dream is asking you how far you’ll go to stick to your guns.

  22. I am a girl and I had a dream that I had a penis. I have had a dream that I had a penis before but before I peed on someone, this time (6+ months apart) some girl was sucking it. I didn’t know the girl in the dream or outside of the dream. I remember thinking in the dream and asking myself, “why do I have a penis” I didn’t feel pressure from it, but it was growing as if I did feel pressure. I am wondering what this means but I’m not freaked out about it. I’m sure it has something to do with being masculine.

    • Your hunch is the same as mine. The penis is a symbol for typically masculine traits such as dominance and assertiveness. Having another girl — someone you don’t know — suck it is a way of saying you dominate other females. And now it’s growing! So my guess is you are an alpha chick and yeah, that’s all right. Just be aware of it, Supergirl, and use your powers for good ;)

  23. I dreamed I was shaking my butt on a mans penis in my bathroom, I was wearing a bikini and he only had a towel on. Idk who he was. ?

    • It could be a way of saying you are a tease, or you know how to excite men. Or it could be a way of saying you are making something grow with your attention, or you have masculine-related traits, such as assertiveness and dominance, growing in you.

  24. I had a very strange dream. I have a crush for a guy in real life and i don’t know his feelings for me. He is trying to please me in my dream. He is hugging me from the back and he is trying to touch me and then push his penis against my butt. I felt it very hard penis fully eracted. We are not alone there are other people around us. We are wearing clothes. In real life we never talked but in some occasions we looked into eyes for more than normal time for many times. He is older than me and he is very tall. I think in real life he is very flirty type. What does this mean. Thanks

    • It could symbolize the way your feelings of attraction for this guy are pushing against you personally. Think of it as a sort of psychological pressure to figure out his feelings for you. As for being in public when the action happens, it might be a way of saying you’ve thinking about how being together with him would be perceived publicly. Clothes can carry the same sort of symbolism because they’re associated with outer identity.

  25. Im going in to labor today and i had a dream lastnight that my husband and i were out and he doesnt ask me but hw tells me that another man is going to suck him up. And i disnt want it to happen but I dont really remember teling him no (at that time). He sees a guy walk by and he looks mexican or mixed but he asks him straight up if he can suck my husbands dick. At first he was hesitant but he left and came back. My husband gets ready for him and the guy goes over to my husband. My husband is a tall man and he tells this shorter man to pick him up with his legs on the stranger’s shoulders and suck him up and he does. People walk by and watch and they both didn’t care that they were watching. Also before they actually do it i begged my husband to let me do it instead and he tells me he didnt want me to get sick or something. What does this mean?

    • My guess is the dream could be related lack of sexual contact with your husband while you are pregnant and after giving birth — it’ll be a while before you can have intercourse. And fellatio is an alternative to intercourse. The dream could express fear that your husband will turn to someone else to fulfill his sexual needs, but because the character is another man, perhaps it’s related to masturbation. Masturbation is sex with yourself, and since he’s a man, when he masturbates he technically has sex with a man: himself.

      Swallowing your mate’s cum has been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety and affect you positively in other ways. Perhaps you need to let your hubby know it’s all right and can even be beneficial!

  26. Thanks so much what does it mean like if I keep having a dream over n over about a my man cheating on me and I find out by catching them always have that dream n she’s always a friend of mines but not a clear friend of mines I have in reality

    • Cheating in a dream can be an expression of jealousy or self-doubt. Perhaps you fear that some other woman – perhaps someone close to you like a friend – will steal him away.

  27. I had a dream me my man was at sonic in a place I don’t recall but seems like we lived in that place under a sonic carport area.I was sitting n car he got out car to go somewhere maybe to pee more it was I was laughing cause he got out telling me damn I’m high this stuff is making my penis grow and telling me he needs to always smoke what ever we was smoking.than there was other people around just looking than I woke up but don’t know how it relates to me or what it trying to say cause reality he has a good size one and I do go to sonic like everyday for a drink I love sex wit him but weird.

    • My hunch is that his penis growing could relate to seeing him in a more masculine way. It’s not really saying anything about sex but instead about what the penis symbolizes: masculinity.

  28. I had a dreame and my man was at sonic in a place I don’t recall but seems like we lived in that place under a sonic carport area.I was sitting n car he got out car to go somewhere maybe to pee more it was I was laughing cause he got out telling me damn I’m high this stuff is making my penis grow and telling me he needs to always smoke what ever we was smoking.than there was other people around just looking than I woke up but don’t know how it relates to me or what it trying to say cause reality he has a good size one and I do go to sonic like everyday for a drink I love sex wit him but weird.

  29. Yes!!!
    I am definitely in a situation where I am stroking the ego of a man who thinks himself much larger than he is. He has been hurt in his past by other women and I find myself not wanting to be another one who does the same. However, I am not satisfied. He is a kind person, but I’m not enjoying it and no longer want to keep stroking….

  30. I dreamt I got into the bed, the top bunk of a bunk bed, with a stranger. In the dream, it seems like we might have known each other from working or something.

    He was naked and I immediately started stroking his penis. He was becoming aroused and larger than any penis I have ever seen. I was amazed and kept stroking it. I pulled at at a little and it stretched long enough to reach his neck. Although he hadn’t reach an orgasm, he had a lot of fluid coming from his penis. I thought it was too much. As I was stroking him, I saw a clump of something like mucus next to his scrotum. It was like a large sticky oval shaped pill. I took it and gave it to him to do something with. He seemed to communicate with me without words asking what I was going to do. Without words, I said I wasn’t going to do anything. I woke up realizing I was in a dream.

    • Wow, that imagery really presents interesting possibilities for symbolism. The size of the penis can symbolize the amount of machismo, ego, or manliness someone shows. Now look at how the dream sets up the scenario. The stranger is someone you know from work, you suspect. Now look at the actions of stroking and the penis growing. To me, that looks like it could be a metaphor for “stroking the ego.” Now ask yourself if that idea fits your recent experience. Have you had your ego stroked? (Sometimes in dreams we act out what has happened to us, and the dream characters represent aspects of ourselves, so the stranger could be your ego.) Or alternately, have you stroked someone’s ego?

  31. So my husband had a very disturbing dream last night in which he bit off his penis. He said he bit it off gradually in little bites and wasn’t eating it, just spitting the bits out onto the floor. There was no blood or pain. At a certain point semen came out of it as he was biting and he became disgusted and nauseous. In the dream he felt the need to conceal the fact that he bit it off from me and was baffled by his actions. What does this craziness mean? Thanks!

    • I have an idea about the dream that’s best presented as a question. Before I ask it, be aware that dreams exaggerate the same as we exaggerate in the things we say. They make metaphors. Like, if someone says “he’s strong as a bull,” it’s an exaggerated comparison because no one is as strong as an adult bull.

      With that in mind, answer this question: “My husband would rather bite off his penis than ___.” It’s something he doesn’t want you to know, and it might have something to do procreation. Have you been talking about having a child or getting a vasectomy?

      Now please keep in mind that dreams are incredibly mysterious and hugely varied. There are no set interpretations and no absolutely sure way for anyone other than the dreamer to decode the meaning. I can think of other possibilities off the top of my head related to feeling like his manhood is wearing away a bit at a time (common for men after they’ve peaked physically) or he is forced by circumstances to do something that’s slowly eating away at something valuable to him (like, if his job is really stressful or he has to swallow his pride). He might be too proud to admit it. Start there, and if you talk to him about the dream make sure to be supportive and non-judgmental.

    • First, know that dreams use symbolism and the characters are like actors following a script. Also, that symbolism can be created from non-sexual aspects of the penis, such as it being a “private part.” With that in mind, I wonder if your husband has allowed your best friend to touch him emotionally or has revealed something private or personal to her.

    • Hard to say, but the pregnancy part only makes sense if you really are pregnant and it’s unwanted. Every female has a masculine side to her, psychologically, just depends on how much it manifests.

  32. I had a dream where i pulled back thw hood of my clit and there was a small penis about the size of a pinky. It had a bubble of discharge at the tip. What could that possibly mean?

    • You can point to possibilities for symbolism, such as the little penis behind the clitoris being a symbol for a “little bit of masculinity” behind your femininity. Or perhaps it’s something that wants to emerge in your personality. Another way of looking at it is the penis begins as a clit. Before the fetus takes on a distinct gender it has the workings for a clit. Then at around the end of the first trimester it can become male and the clit grows into a penis. That’s a fact!

  33. I had a strange dream that my boyfriend and I were starting to get sexual. After a while I went to suck his penis. I found that the head wasn’t there and instead the top part of it was hard and looked like a flat thick scab. I dreamed that I continued to such it anyways and that I kept getting the big scabs in my mouth as I went on.

    It was extremely unusual and I am extremely confused as to what this could mean.

    • Perhaps the symbolism relates to something missing from your sex life with your boyfriend. Like, maybe the attraction comes from your head and not your heart, or vice-versa.

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