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The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

dream interpretation dictionary

The Mother of all Dream Dictionaries

dream interpretation dictionary

Your all-in-one reference source for dream interpretation

Here it is, the mother of all dream dictionaries. A complete reference source for dream interpretation written by an expert with a gift for teaching how to do it. It’s a guide to your dreams, showing step by step how to understand their meaning and significance. It’s an encyclopedia of dream psychology so you fully grasp key concepts and methods. And of course it’s a dictionary of the most important and common dream symbols, featuring in-depth explanations and extensive examples and showing how to reach the same conclusions for yourself.

The mother of all dream dictionaries is not just a dictionary, it could quite possibly be the world’s largest instruction manual for dream interpretation. It’s 480 pages chock full of dream knowledge.

This book shows you how to decipher the meaning of dreams about:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Death
  • War
  • Games and sports
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Famous people
author J.M. DeBord aka RadOwl

Author J.M. DeBord

Plus hundreds more, drawn from the author’s 25 years of experience at dream interpretation. The more than 750 entries cover subjects such as nightmares and recurring dreams, celebrities and holy figures in your dreams, crime and killing, aliens and UFOs, violence and conflict, Facebook and computers, school and work, significant others and relationships of all types. It helps you understand why you dream about ex loves, old friends, family homes, and other people and places from your present and past. It gives instructive explanations of the psyche and the process of dreaming, and explains archetypal themes.
And the entire book is stocked with vivid examples drawn from the dream lives of people from around the world that the author engages with on media programs, in lectures, and online at the massive social media site, where he is known as RadOwl the dream expert.

reddit dreamsBest of all, while clearly written and easy to use for beginners, it has the depth and comprehensive approach to each dream symbol to enlighten experts. It teaches that dreams are stories that help you better understand yourself, with the goal of making you a healthier, happier, more creative and more complete person.

The Dream Interpretation Dictionary shows you how to analyze your dreams and connect them with yourself and your life. And it is based on the author’s ‘anyone can do it’ DREAMS 1-2-3 system of dream interpretation:

  1. Break down the dream into story elements and narratives components.
  2. Use interpretation techniques to analyze the symbolism and the story.
  3. Build up the interpretation by considering context and making connections.

Three steps to a lifetime of exploring your dreams. Are you ready?

Grab your copy of the book today!


Visible Ink Press (buy direct from publisher)

Barnes & Noble




Praise for The Dream Interpretation Dictionary and J.M. DeBord:

Robert Waggoner

A thoughtful, well written and deep look at dream symbols in a dictionary format.  This may  serve as a handy reference for those completely befuddled by their dreams. – Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self and co-author of Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple

susanne van doorn

Susanne Van Doorn

This dream dictionary tells me things I did not know before … I was completely taken with the wealth of meaning … In my eyes that makes this dictionary stand out among others.– Dutch psychologist Drs. Susanne Van Doorn, author of A Theory of Dreams and A Dreamer’s Guide Through the Land of the Deceased.

One heck of a dream interpreter! – George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

41 thoughts on “The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings”

  1. I was on my way home last night and listened to you on paranormal podcast. I was almost relieved that I was not alone with the way I dream. I believe in other dimensions, ley lines, vortexes, energies. I find it interesting that we do not try to tune in more. There is a movie that really clicked with me. It’s called “they live” and when they main character finds these sunglasses and wears them, he sees the distractions set for humans for what they really are. I really do think there is some truth to that. Imagine if we used our minds broke free of the traps set for us and we used them to full potential…. wow it would be so intense. I’m writing to share some of the times I have had lucid dreams as an adult. One was about 12 years ago and I was 23 years old. This guy I had been dating stayed the night at my place. In the middle of the night I heard some voices coming from the other side of my closed bedroom door in the hallway. I remember getting up to go investigate not knowing I was dreaming just yet. I could see some lights flashing from the bottom of the door. When I went to open the door with what felt like a heavy weight attached to my arm, and the guy was suddenly there. He pushed me back and said “no, those voices are for me” and then he went to walk through the door. I woke up, pretty startled, sat up in bed and that woke him up. He could tell I was alarmed and asked me if I was okay. I explained to him my dream. I felt cold silence from him. He insisted on getting dressed and leaving right away. Like I was crazy. He finally said to me that since he was a child he has heard voices in his head. He left and I have never heard from him.
    Another memorable lucid dream was just a few years ago. Once I got pass the sleep paralysis I was able to move out of bed. I looked at my ceiling to the light fixture. It began to morph and almost melt. That was my clue I was still in my dream. I was able to move thru my house, so I went to check on my twin boys. They were sleeping in their beds. I have a small Tibetan bell attached to my front door. I heard it chime as though someone was trying to come in. I just remember feeling safe and that no one could get in. I figured out in this dream how to leave my house. I remember it was dark outside and I was bouncing around my town, almost like walking in moon shoes. I bounced to my Mamaw’s house and watched over her. The tv was on and she was asleep on her couch in her living room. The next day I gave mamaw a call. In our conversation I asked her how she slept last night. She said was restless and she had slept on the couch. Pretty cool that I had seen her do this in my dream!
    In other dreams I have felt a heavy blob like pressure or presence around me. If I ever get a feeling of evil or darkness I have the minds ability to imagine myself in a white light and it can push whatever I’m scared of away from me. I think that is pretty cool as well.
    There have been dreams of my loved ones who have passed. One in particular was of My great grandparents who passed within a year of each other. In the dream I was in their kitchen sitting with them eating a pot roast like we would do when I would come to visit. Suddenly In the dream I knew I was dreaming and they were no longer living. I grabbed my papaw by the cheeks and said to him “ how is this even possible” my gran then speaks up and says to me “ashes to ashes, we were able to be here because we were cremated”
    That dream was life shifting. It allowed me to dive into how I felt about the burial process in America. I concreted my belief that we should not be preserved and stuffed in the ground.
    Thanks for reading! I look forward to checking out your website more and also YouTube channel!

    1. Hey, I got wrapped up in travel for the holiday. This is the first chance I’ve had to see your comment.

      I saw the movie “They Live” many a year ago and yeah, talk about a metaphor for seeing what’s hidden in plain sight!

      I agree about cremation. Funerals have become an industry full of waste. And worse, potentially. I read once that a medium talked to people trapped in their cryogenically frozen bodies. Can you imagine?

      Your dream experiences are amazing. You are what’s known as a Dream Walker, someone who can consciously experience being out of body while in a dream state. I encourage you to continue to cultivate this ability. I know someone — Steve Rogat, the shaman I mentioned during the interview on Jim’s show — who wanders the dream world spreading healing and light. He’s an interesting guy! I’m working my way toward being that guy.

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and perspective.

  2. I have reoccurring dream threads about portals to another world. One I looked at a rock and saw my reflection from somewhere else in the universe, another me looking back at me. Another I was in a hostel-type place and walked into a room to see a portal through a TV of a deserted, windy world. I had come back from holiday and was trying to do literally tonnes of laundry, all black clothes everywhere.

    1. The timing for me to read about your dream portals is interesting because I’ve been running across information about a theory that all points in the universe are connected and it’s all conscious of itself. We humans, as points of consciousness, are plugged into this Matrix and can view what’s happening anywhere in it. I imagine that the dreaming mind would translate the idea into stories featuring portals. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ferosa Abigail De Kock

    Helo I had a dream of me and my late husband sleeping in our bedroom me telling him let hold you because I know when I wake up you will be gone i kissed him on his forehead crying he was also crying when I woke up I found myself crying does it mean he was here with me.

    1. The emotions you felt and saw from your late husband are not part of the next life, to my knowledge. Emotions come from the body, and when you leave behind your body you leave behind your emotions. It’s not to say that in spirit we are emotionally dead. The way I understand it, we simply know that we are encompassed by love and there’s nothing to be upset about. That’s why my hunch is the character in your dream is acting out your emotions. The dream is helping you to release the emotions and keep the memory of your husband alive within you. This is healthy.

      I wrote about the subject of visitation dreams. I hope this helps:

  4. I always dreamt that my boyfriend was leave me. So i am scared because i cant live without him. Im just confusing that its always in my dream. Why is the meaning of this? I am scared to dream it!.

    1. Dreams will confront you with your fears. Think of it as a simulation. The dream shows your boyfriend leaving you and you react how? With fear. You learn something about yourself through your reaction. The implication is you need to look closely at the source of this fear and meet it with courage. Where is the insecurity coming from? Has your boyfriend given you reason to think he’ll leave you, or is it insecurity talking?

      I feel ya. I experienced a lot of insecurity while growing up and later sought it in my relationships. But it’s unfair to put that burden onto a partner. Take or leave everything in life. Nothing is guaranteed. You can love passionately and care deeply without needing anything in return. My guess is there’s a deeper capacity in you for loving and caring that’s waiting for you to create your own security. You’re stuck, though, by a personal need that’s unmet.

      Begin by picturing the dream and the scene where your boyfriend leaves. Now tell the dream character that it’s all right, you’ll be all right, that you love him and understand that most things don’t last forever and you are a strong person who can live without him. Say it like you mean it. Feel it. If you can’t say it like you mean it, explore your feelings and look for the root of the feelings. Then let them go like a bubble that floats up and away.

      Remember, all of your dream characters are like actors in stories. They follow the script. The script in this dream tells a story that shows you a fear that needs to be met with courage. It doesn’t mean your boyfriend is really going to leave you. However, some things have a way of becoming real because we fear or avoid them. Your best bet is to confront it head on.

  5. Ferosa Abigail De Kock

    I dreamed being in a house that’s not mine the lady of the house was busy cooking with her kids playing in the kitchen as i walk through to a room i went to sleep in a bed room i could see my 5year old son sleeping on a couch in the living room but I could see something is disturbing him i got up to help him but the lady in the kitchen looked so scared she spoke to me she told me the cravy i had started making earlier was not right as I turned around saw her husband and then another lady approached me I looked at her and could see that something is not right so I said to her here is my father where is yours twice i then said get out get out in the name of my father the son and the holy spirit her eyes turned black she got weak i then said return to where u come from the lady fell then the house started to look light and beautiful again I woke up all swety and drained but the words just fell out of my mouth the same words as in the dream

    1. There’s something very personal for you going on in this dream that’s difficult for me to put my finger on. Houses can represent your emotional life, among other things, so to be in a stranger’s house can symbolize feeling out of sorts. Or you are in a strange place in your life. Your prayer in the dream really could be key to understanding it because why do you say that prayer? When something feels wrong. Start there. What feels wrong to you right now? Have you lacked the energy you need to be the parent you want to be for your son? I ask because in the dream you want to go to sleep, which can mean that you need rest. Plus, the woman is in the kitchen. Food is associated with energy. When the woman says something’s wrong with the gravy you made earlier, perhaps it’s a way of saying you aren’t feeding yourself what you need to keep up your energy.

  6. Ferosa Abigail De Kock

    Helo again this time I had a dream of a lot frogs in my house and dark in the dream I was trying to chase them out in the name3of Jesus but it kept appearing the next night dreamed again of af dog full of ticks and I washed it of and put tick powder on the dog and the ticks died and fell off.

    1. Frogs were used in Biblical plagues so to try to rid yourself of them in a dream by calling upon Jesus could mean there’s some sort of bad influence or character trait you are trying to rid yourself of. Your house can symbolize your life or yourself (your mind, body, emotions). The dog full of ticks…same idea, except also consider the possibility of the dog representing a friend or companion. Ticks are what? Parasites. You know what spiritual parasites are.

    1. Symbols are best understood in the context of the dream-story so we need more detail to take a good guess at what fire falling from the sky can symbolize. It could mean that your thoughts (sky) are burning up (fire). It could mean something has “caught fire” in your mind, such as an idea, desire, or creative endeavor. It could mean you have experienced a sudden change that came out of nowhere. It could be a warning to look above you in your dwelling for fire hazards.

      1. I was walking and fire fell like hail rain from the the sky I remember thinking it’s the of the world bit feeling it’s not.

        1. With that detail about feeling like it could be the end of the world, we have some context to understand the dream imagery of fire raining from the sky. To me, it’s a way of saying that the time for change has come. Something about you and your life is changing, or needs to change.

            1. Your reply slipped under the radar. Is it good or bad? Well, the dream imagery itself is dramatic but that’s just the nature of dream imagery. I think it’s neutral in the sense of just expressing what you feel. Your husband died and your life fell apart. That’s understandable. I feel for you. My mother in law did home hospice with my wife and I and she died in May. It’s been a struggle to put back together the pieces. But it’s something you do to honor the memory of the person you love. You owe it to them and to yourself to pull together the pieces and reach a place inside yourself where you’re ready for what comes next.

    2. Congratulations on your new book. I can imagine how many hours you have put into this. I was completely taken with the wealth of meaning you attach to each symbol. And with the open-ness that you suggest to people to play around with those meanings. In my eyes that makes this dictionary stand out among others.

      1. I appreciate that you notice. As an author it’s hard to know if you accomplish what you set out to do in your books, and my goals with this one are to show the wealth of possible meanings presented by dream symbols and how to personalize them. I’d love to see these words you wrote about my book as a review at Amazon. It’s exactly the sort of endorsement that tells people this is no ordinary dream dictionary.

    As Dr. Frasier Crane says, I'm listening. Leave a comment.

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