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Mom Is Murdered in a Dream. What Does It Mean?

dream about mom dying

Dear Dream Guy,

Lately I’ve had several nightmares involving the death of my mother. In one dream I came home from school and found her lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. Another time I got a phone call from the police saying she was killed by a hit-and-run driver. What does it mean?

Signed, Worried Daughter.

Dear Worried Daughter,

dream about mom dyingOf the thousands of dreams I’ve helped interpret, dreams about murdered parents are the most distressing. You feel all the horror and shock as you would if it really happened in waking life, and often feel compelled to get in immediate contact with the parent from the dream to make sure they are all right.

Of course they are: in most cases, the dreams are symbolic representations, not gruesome warnings of things to come. What’s shown to you in the dreams is something about your relationship with your mom that is “dying off.” It’s painful but necessary, to give you room to be your own person. You are breaking the chains of childish dependency.

To a young part of yourself, breaking that dependency feels like murder, like your mom is being unfairly taken away. It says that you have to confront some harsh realities of life without her. That you have to protect yourself and care for yourself in all the ways she did, and more. That you have to question what you’ve learned from her and not accept everything at face value.

A hit-and-run is another of expression of feelings about your relationship with your mom changing. I think most of us would stay safely under our mom’s wing if we could, living in her nest with all our needs taken care of. Some sons and daughters do stay with their moms throughout their adult lives, often at the price of never truly growing up. In those circumstances, sometimes the only way of getting away from the powerful influence of a parent is to “murder” the dependent part of yourself, even sabotage the relationship by doing something unforgivable to the parent.

Your dreams of your mom dying, as distressing as they are, are actually good signs for your growth. It’s your life now. Live it.


7 thoughts on “Mom Is Murdered in a Dream. What Does It Mean?”

  1. Wow im so sorry! That is horrible, and who ever did it deserves to go to hell. If you strongly think that your sisters father did it maybe you should go to the cops so they can investigate it. I also think that you should go there because what if he kills someone else ? If he was the one who killed your mom then he deserves to be put away, it doesn’t matter how long ago this was!

  2. My mother has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. When I was around 7 I had a dream that my uncle had came into my mother’s room and killed my mom in her sleep while I sat and watched it happen down the hallway. I had this dream around 5 years before my mom was diagnosed and it worries me very much because in that dream my uncle had stabbed my mother in her right breast and that is where most the cancer is! It worries me very much because I feel it was a sign of the future… is this true???

    1. It’s common to dream about losing a parent for one reason or another, making it unlikely that your dream is related to your mom’s illness, but not impossible. I have encountered many cases where dreams foretell future events and circumstances. However, because of your age at the time and the span of time between the dream and your mom’s illness, it’s very unlikely. Instead, your dream appears more likely to be an enactment of symbolism. For example, the right breast is the heart area, and being stabbed there can be an expression of pain or wounding emotionally. Like, if your mom’s relationship with her brother pained her emotionally, it could be symbolized in a dream as being stabbed in the heart.

  3. Hi, my mom was murdered 26 years ago. The police never arrested anyone but I’ve always suspected my sister father may have murdered her. I’ve heard several different stories on who may have done it but I dont actually know. Lately I’ve been dreaming about my mom like at least once a month. This has never happen so often before. This morning dream scared me so bad that my blood pressure is up. I dreamed that I actually found my mom dead after suspecting that my sister father had done something to her. It felt too real. She was laid on top of a Chester Drawer covered in clothes . As I begin to move the clothes I uncovered her face first and then the rest of her body. I screamed loudly nonstop & then my daughter awaken me as she was leaving for school, I’m glad she did because I dont think I could have taken much more in the dream. As I laid in the bed I realized my heart was beating so fast from the dream. Now i wonder if this is how some people have heart attacks in their sleep? I’m becoming concerned because dreaming about my mom is starting to happen more often and the dreams are getting worse. Please help shine some light on this dream


    1. I have heard of cases where people dream about factual information related to things that happened in the distant past. Crimes have been solved this way. But if your mother was trying to communicate information to you I’d expect it to come to you differently than to cause terror in you — the deceased simply do not do that to us in this world. Instead, look closely at your role as a mother; it could be why you’re dreaming about your mom this way. Is there something in you that just wants to rest or get away? Are there problems or difficulties with the father of your child? Do you see any parallels between your life and what you know about hers?

      1. Thank you. It’s amazing how you mention my role as a mother and how it might be problems. I never would have connected the two. I am going through a hard time with a grown child going dow the wrong path and don’t want to listen

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this interpretation with the www! It was a great comfort to learn that my dream of (nearly) gruesomely murdering my deceased mom was likely a positive sign of growth although it was deeply disturbing.

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