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Close Encounters of the Dreaming Kind: Dreams about aliens and UFOs

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You can dream about aliens and UFOs and usually the meaning is conventional as far as dreams go. They are understood as dream symbols like any other. No surprise there.

But a different kind of dreaming experience crosses the line into territory best described as “encounters.” The entities or beings or whatever you want to call them (aliens?) force their way into the life of the dreamer sometimes by abducting them in their sleep and sometimes by orchestrating events to let a person know “we’re here.” People want to interpret these encounters as “real,” not imaginary, not regular dreams, but is that going too far?

We spoke with the best source we could find, MUFON investigator Fred Zewe, about this type of experience. He knows from personal experience what it’s about. We also heard from Mike Marable an explorer of the nether regions of dreaming. He told us about encounters with aliens that were projections, not “real.” But he also says that some of the things we encounter deep in the dream world are “real” entities that exist in their own right. We put real in quotes because when you go to the outer limits of the psyche you come back questioning exactly what reality is. During the second half of the show we discuss our personal experiences and play clips of a former Navy intelligence officer who tells what happened when the phenomenon followed him home from his job.

With the popularity of the documentary program “Encounters” on Netflix, this subject is finally gaining traction in popular culture. But we conclude that there’s something more going on, perhaps something archetypal engaging humanity to acknowledge a hidden truth and bring about some sort of reckoning. Catch this episode on our Spotify channel. The embed is below.

Queue X-Files theme music.

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