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Pregnancy Dreams Interpreted: What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

Pregnancy Dreams Interpreteddream you give birth

Dreams about pregnancy are loaded with possibilities for symbolism and meaning. Most of the time, interpreting a dream about pregnancy focuses on the symbolism of pregnancy, giving birth, or children, but the first rule of the DREAMS 1-2-3 system is to consider the obvious. The body has an early warning and detection system that communicates through dreams, so if you are female, sexually active, able to conceive, and dream about being pregnant, it’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

Once you rule out that possibility, consider others.


Most pregnancy dreams don’t relate to actual pregnancy

Most dreams about being pregnant are not related to reproduction, and if they are related it’s more likely to be about side issues such as getting pregnant, ability to conceive, feelings about being a parent, finding a partner, or preparations that need to be made to health, lifestyle, finances, job situation, or attitudes. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. First, three primary ways dreams use pregnancy as symbolism:

  • The dreamer is “pregnant” with an idea, thought, or feeling.
  • “Giving birth” to something new.
  • Something “gestating” inside the person.

Pregnancy and related ideas are popularly used as metaphors. People are said to be “pregnant” with ideas, thoughts, or feelings. Creative projects and important endeavors are your “babies.” Giving birth is a ready-made metaphor for something new coming into your life. Feelings grow or gestate within a person. For example, feelings of love grow for someone you’ve been dating. In this metaphor, making a commitment to the relationship or professing love is like giving birth, launching you into a new phase of the relationship. Dreams make metaphors from these ideas to tell a story.


Men can dream they’re pregnant

author J.M. DeBord

Author J.M. DeBord

Men can dream about being pregnant and giving birth. It’s obviously symbolism because men can’t actually get pregnant. Here is a great example to illustrate how dreams can use the idea of “giving birth” to mean something new emerging in a person. The dreamer is a college-age male:

I dream I’m pregnant and in the hospital giving birth. The doctor is a friend, a guy I know from high school, and the baby is actually his. He is the father.

I used this dream as an example in my book Dreams 1-2-3 because it’s an awesome metaphor that vividly portrays big changes in the dreamer. The presence of the doctor-friend as a dream character and the dreamer’s relationship with that person in waking life are keys to interpreting the dream. The dreamer describes his old friend as hard-working and successful. The dreamer has aspirations to be more successful, too, and looks to his friend as an example. His friend is the father of the baby because the dreamer associates him with being being hard-working and successful. The dream is about giving birth to new personality traits.

pregnancy dreams - birthing kittens

It’s only possible in a dream.

Stretch the idea of giving birth farther and you can interpret a dream about giving birth to kittens, which symbolizes “kitten-like” qualities emerging in the dreamer. Kittens are playful and innocent, so the dream compares giving birth to kittens as a way of saying that the dreamer recognizes those qualities emerging in himself.


Pregnancy: a metaphor for creativity

Also included under the umbrella of “giving birth” is creativity. A child is a creation, after all. When I wrote my first novel, I first “conceived” the idea. Then it “gestated” as I researched and worked through the plot. To “give birth” I published it. That book is one of my “babies.”

Compare that process to any creative endeavor. First an idea comes to mind, it grows, it matures, and eventually it’s finished, birthed. Creativity is compared to the process of gestation because creative ideas sometimes slowly develop within a person. It’s a labor of love, and labor is another word connected with pregnancy and birth. Anything you work hard at can be compared to the labor of giving birth, especially when it’s something like a creative idea you’re trying to get out of you.

A dream about giving birth to three dead fetuses symbolizes three art projects the person started but is unable to finish because her day job is getting in the way.

A dream about being pregnant with five babies symbolizes five computer programming projects the person is working on at her job training. She said she thought of her programs as her “kids.”


dream interpretation drowning baby

Read this interpretation of a dream about saving a drowning baby.

Twists on pregnancy dream symbolism

Dreams can connect pregnancy with the special care and treatment pregnant women receive. Along these lines, being pregnant can symbolize receiving special attention or consideration.

Another clever twist on the idea is to dream about being pregnant and it means you are anticipating something. “Anticipating” in one sense means anticipating the birth of a child. Dreams can use a comparison like that to refer to something else you anticipate. For example, a man dreams that his boyfriend is pregnant and it symbolizes the dreamer anticipating introducing his boyfriend to his family.


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More clever variations on pregnancy symbolism

We’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities for pregnancy symbolism. Two more vivid examples come to mind:

  1. A young man dreams that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. It freaks him out and he immediately thinks of telling her to abort. He feels guilty, but the symbolism has nothing to do with pregnancy. It’s about leaving a part of himself behind with his ex. If you get someone pregnant, a part of yourself is literally inside the person. In this case he left behind a piece of his heart.
  2. A female has a recurring dream that she is pregnant and too far along to abort. She doesn’t remember having sex and is puzzled how she can be pregnant. She catches hell about it from her family and feels like she’s being blamed for something she did not do. Being pregnant in this dream is connected with blame, shame, and turmoil in her family. In some family situations, getting pregnant is the worst thing that could happen, a nightmare come true. The dreamer feels treated like she got knocked up or something.


Dreams that address side issues about getting pregnant

As a moderator at Reddit Dreams I run across dreams from child-bearing-age females who think they never want to have kids, then a dream like this one changes their mind — “dream about getting pregnant and mixed emotions:

I’m 25 and slowly warming up to the idea of MAYBE having a kid one day, way in the future, and that’s only because my friend had a kid and her son is kind of fun and cool to be around. Back in my early twenties I was one of those ‘no way, never in my life, no maternal instinct’ kind of girls. Up until this point in my life I have not wanted or tried to have a kid, and I haven’t been sad that I don’t have any.

So last night I had a dream that I gave birth to a little baby boy. I named him Samuel Wallace (everyone called him Sammy) and he was absolutely beautiful. I remember looking at him for the first time and stroking his cheek and looking into his blue eyes (my eyes) and feeling love so strong my heart felt like it was going to give out. I looked at him and was happy that he had my boyfriend’s nose. He grabbed my finger and I could feel his heartbeat while I held him. I cried with joy unlike any I had felt before.

When I woke up and realized it was a dream I was devastated. I have almost broken into tears multiple times today over the sense of real loss I feel. Now all I can think about is how I want a baby.

reddit dreams

Reddit Dreams, where I’m known as “RadOwl.”

It’s one thing to say you don’t want to have a baby when it’s hypothetical. It’s another thing to look at your baby in your arms during a hyper-realistic dream and your mind completely changes, as it did for this dreamer.

The dream made her realize that she really does want to have a child, and while it’s not going to happen right away, she can prepare. By analyzing the dream she realizes she wants to make sure her child does not grow up in the same financially strapped situation as she grew up in, so she decides to start a baby fund. This is a textbook example of how your mind can be changed by a dream.

If you have a dream like this and your reaction to the baby is “ew, do I have to touch it?” it’s a sign that you really don’t want to have children. But the dreamer’s reaction says it all. It reveals her true feelings. She wants a baby!


Dreams that prepare you for pregnancy

Dreaming about being pregnantSome dreams about pregnancy and giving birth are related to preparing for pregnancy. Think of it as a simulation. In the dream you believe you really are pregnant or have a child. The dreams themselves can speak to preparations that need to be made. Here is a dream that shows what I mean:

I dream that I am pregnant and give birth to a baby. My first thought is I’m not going to be able to keep it because there is no chance I can get the time off work. So I bundle the baby in a white carrier bag and leave it behind my workplace. When I come back the next day, the bag is gone.

This dreamer’s fear is that the dream is telling her she is some kind of monster because she got rid of the baby. But the dream is an illustration of the fact she wants to have a baby when her work situation will allow it. Putting the baby in a carrier bag and stowing it away shows that she’s saving motherhood for later in life, when she’s in a better situation. To make it possible she has to find a job which allows her the time off.

In a series of vivid maternal dreams, a female dreamer works through many issues related to pregnancy and raising a child, illustrating the ways she has to prepare before seriously considering the possibility: graduate from college, become more financially stable, get comfortable with being a nurturer. At the same time, the dreams help her prepare for a career in an occupation that requires her to be a caregiver.


But what if you dream you’re pregnant and it actually means you’re pregnant?!

Having covered symbolic uses of pregnancy in dreams, we return to literal examples. After all, pregnancy and reproduction are major areas of life. Dreams don’t usually just come right out and say, “You’re pregnant, kiddo” (though they can). They are more likely to give nonverbal clues, like a game of Charades.

pregnancy dreams, giving birthA clue dreams are known to give about being pregnant is provided through comparison to a tree or other growth of nature. Not only is the growth of a tree comparable to the growth of a person, but families are organized as “trees.” If you dream about planting a tree or seed, you might be dreaming about becoming pregnant or starting a family.

The analogy extends to plants, vines, flowers and gardens, though there are other interpretations for these dream symbols.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Just because a symbol is present in a dream doesn’t mean it automatically represents one thing or another. Something like planting a seed in a dream can symbolize planting an idea in the mind. The symbol is interpreted in the context of the dream.

For example, if you dream about planting a tree with your husband, it reinforces the idea of the dream being related to starting a family (presuming that you want to start a family and do it with your husband). If you plant a tree in your front yard because you don’t want your neighbors to able to see in your windows, the dream probably relates to privacy.

animals in dreamsDreams can use young animals as a sign of pregnancy, or to represent young offspring. In these dreams the mother and father will sometimes be in a setting together and run across a kitten, puppy, or other young animal. Again, though, you should consider other interpretations. A young animal can represent innocence or immaturity instead of pregnancy. For an example, see this post about kittens.

Women have been known to dream of water when they’re pregnant because water is associated with pregnancy. A woman “breaks her water” when she’s ready to give birth, and a baby developing in the womb is surrounded by opaque embryonic fluid. Water is also associated with emotion, and pregnancy can be a very emotional experience.

Because fish live in water, and human and fish embryos are almost identical, pregnant women sometimes dream of fish or aquariums. See my primer for understanding animals and creatures in dreams.

Pregnant women are known to dream of worms, snakes, and other creatures that burrow. It’s a dramatic and symbolic way of describing a bodily process. A fertilized egg literally burrows into the uterine lining.

Buildings — especially buildings under construction — pop up frequently in the dreams of pregnant women. Buildings can relate to areas of life that are “under construction,” and in dreams related to pregnancy the building might be a maternity ward, daycare center, or baby room. Plus, needing more room to live in is a common issue for growing families, and adding rooms onto a home is a common theme in the dreams of pregnant couples.

Driving can be a metaphor for “going somewhere in life,” and a child seat in the back of the vehicle can symbolize moving forward in life with a child under your care.

Another sign of pregnancy is the frequency and intensity of dreams, both of which spike because of hormonal changes in pregnant women.

Of course, dreams can be direct, too. Some women report being told by a dream character that they are pregnant. The character is frequently a mom, grandma, or someone else the dreamer knows who has been pregnant and/or had children. Or the character can be a physician, particularly an obstetrician. And don’t forget the father: he can appear in dreams to announce the good news. And he can have dreams about his partner being pregnant, whether or not it is “official” or known.


dream interpretation dictionary

A complete reference source for dream interpretation, with entries for traditional and modern topics such as Facebook, Snoop Dog, aliens, and family.

Dreaming about pregnancy test

Dreaming about a positive pregnancy test can be a pretty direct way of saying “you’re pregnant.” (Read the comments below for several examples.) Pregnant women also report dreaming about shopping for baby clothes or related activities with their moms or friends and relatives who are mothers. The presence of a mom in a dream that includes other clues related to pregnancy can indicate the dream refers to actual pregnancy and is not a metaphor, because one’s mother is the strongest association most people have with motherhood.

A dream about a pregnancy test can connect with hashing through issues, thoughts, and feelings related to trying to get pregnant. It’s a proverbial test of your feelings and attitudes about being pregnant. Positive means “I feel good about it,” or “stay positive about your prospects.” That’s a particularly common dream theme with women who have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. A negative pregnancy test can mean feelings about or prospects for pregnancy are negative. Perhaps it’s the wrong time.


Quotes from women who had dreams about being pregnant

Here are quotes from women who discovered through their dreams that they are pregnant, or about to be. Some are paraphrased for readability:

  • “I had a lot of dreams about the sex of the baby and they were right.”
  • “I dreamed I had a son, then two weeks later found out I was pregnant.”
  • “I had a dream I had a girl, and three days later was the first day of my missed period.” (The dreamer was pregnant and delivered a baby girl.)
  • “The night I got pregnant I had a dream I was pregnant and had to tell my mom, my cousin, and my boyfriend (the father).”
  • “Before I found out I was preggo, I started dreaming every night of being preggo or giving birth.”
  • “I found out about both of my pregnancies through dreams. My first (pregnancy), I was eight weeks along and not paying attention to my body or cycles because they were so irregular to begin with. That time I had a dream about a sonogram with a baby on the screen. Then with my current pregnancy I had a dream with a positive home pregnancy test.”
  • “I had a dream I was pregnant with triplets. Sure enough, a few months later I was pregnant with triplets. They’re five months old now. Crazy stuff!”


Dreams about pregnancy are explained in more detail in my book Dreams 1-2-3

Click on the cover image to see the book at Amazon

A woman dreams about three children that are hers, even though she doesn’t have any children. They are children she had miscarried. Unborn children can appear in dreams. Women (and men) can dream about their future children and see every detail ahead of time — they even know what to name them!



Dreams tell stories many different ways. While often symbolic in meaning, pregnancy dreams can be literal. There are certain symbols — seeds and young animals, for example — which are known to appear in dreams indicating the dreamer is, or is about to be, pregnant.

However, every symbol has alternative interpretations and pregnancy, giving birth, and children are versatile dream symbols. Just remember the first rule of dream interpretation: consider the obvious. If you or your partner really is pregnant, you want to know as soon as possible and your dreams can be your first indicator. Just be careful to avoid jumping to conclusions.

You can read more about dream symbolism and my easy-to-follow system of dream interpretation in my beginner’s guide to dreamwork, Dreams 1-2-3. Just click on the cover image to the left. Published by Hampton Roads. Available also at Google Play.

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228 thoughts on “Pregnancy Dreams Interpreted: What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?”

  1. I’m constantly having dreams associated with pregnancy or babies. I’ve had 3 each night in a row this week. The first, i was walking along to find an odd shaped egg, still egg shaped but quite pointy and was relatively big. I did the light test to see what was inside and the egg was quite warm. I see the red glow inside and it was a baby, a human one. So I instinctively put it under my top to keep it warm and carried it carefully. I didn’t want it to die, I had to look after it. I don’t know what happened though, it ended before I knew the outcome. The second dream, myself, partner and stepson were out shopping and came across some baby clothes, mainly for boys and my stepson said “we need to buy some of these for the baby”, to which my partner then said “but we’re having a baby girl” so we preceded to walk to the girls section to get baby girl clothes – then weirdly in the morning (Out of dream state and awake) my stepson came into our room and said “Becky we need to buy some stuff for the baby”. It was so strange like he’d had the same dream as me or something. Then my 3rd dream, I dreamt I was heavily lactating from both breasts and it was hard to stop like I needed to look for something to catch it all in and I was delighted with the fact because it meant I was probably pregnant and I did a test which came up clearly positive, then I woke up.

    1. Becky, a series of dreams like the ones you had are a big flashing sign saying the subject of pregnancy is on your mind. Think of the dreams as testing the water. First dream: can you get pregnant. Answer: yes. Second dream: Are you OK with having a baby girl instead of a baby boy? Answer: yes. Third dream: do you have enough “mother” in you, physically and perhaps psychologically, to support another child. Again, the answer is yes. In fact, you’re overflowing. There are other ways of interpreting the symbolism of lactation, but when viewed in context with the other dreams I see the same basic question being asked from different angles.

  2. I had a dream that I didn’t know that I was pregnant till I was 4 months along! Apparently I didn’t start showing or having symptoms of being pregnant till I was 4 months along. But the 4 months was specific.

  3. I had a dream I was in a baby sack with a baby and the guy I have been dealing with. I could see all three of us plan as day what could this dream possible mean??

    1. Tiffany, I assume you mean embryonic sack? That’s what a baby grows inside while in the womb. If that’s what you mean, it makes me wonder if the subject of babies has come up with the guy you have dealing with. Inside the womb you are in a comfortable and special place. Is that how he makes you feel?

  4. I had a dream that my grandma (who past away 10 years ago) is sitting on a bench with my mom watching me pay for something. My grandmother then turns to my mom and says “Anika’s pregnant”, my mom then tells my grandma “I don’t know mom ask her.” I laughed in the dream and said “no, I hope not grandma!”
    Later in my dream standing by the bench my grandmother and mom are sitting at and this lady who’s my mom friend yells “your pregnant!?” And I immediately gave attitude to her and yelled “no, idk I really hope I’m not ok always really careful!” She then replied, “I always thought youd get pregnant right away, you were one of the girls I thought would get pregnant right out of high school so I’m surprised you don’t have a baby right now.” In my dream I get upset and worried, now in my dream im thinking of taking a pregnancy test and ask my mom, do you think “I’m pregnant should I buy a test?” My mom just shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know” I woke up after this.

    What does this mean?? I’m 24 and I am not ready to have a baby, I personally want to wait as long as possible and be financially stable to have one. I hope im not pregnant but everyone always Hope’s and wishes I am, it’s really annoying to the point where I don’t want to have sex because I fear getting pregnant. I live with my boyfriend and I’m on the pill, it’s been this way for 4 years and I really don’t want to be pregnant untill I’m done with college and I’m married not just bf and gf.

    1. Dreams are known to foretell future pregnancies, and deceased loved ones are known to bear the message that you’re pregnant. But I don’t think this is one of those dreams, otherwise, your mom would have verified. Instead, think of the dream as a story you’re telling yourself because there’s a message in it you need or want to know. But first, follow my first rule of dream interpretation and take a pregnancy test just to be sure this dream isn’t literal.

      So what are you trying to tell yourself? Well, one possibility is you are assuring yourself that when you do decide to get pregnant in the future, it’ll happen. You obviously want to be a mom and want to be one in the context of a marriage. Dreams can look forward in time and foretell what is to come. But in such a case I would expect your reaction to the different.

      Another possibility is you are telling yourself you aren’t being careful enough about avoiding pregnancy. But you’re on the pill. Do you worry that you’ll accidentally get pregnant despite your precautions?

      That leaves us with the last possibility I can think of: pregnancy in your dream is symbolic of something else, such as being “pregnant with an idea.” A clue the dream gives is you are paying for something in the opening scene. That can be symbolic of investing your time and energy into something. It can mean you are investing into something in the personal sense with the hope it’ll pay off later. Your college education is such an investment. And that idea resonates with pregnancy because you have a goal of getting through college and getting the right job so you can get pregnant under the right conditions. From where I sit, that possibility is the most likely.

  5. I keep getting a recurring dream…not always the same scene but always the same news with the same person. In my dreams my friend ( who was my best friend and crush/ first love) she tells me shes pregnant and always insinuates that its mine( but it cant be because a girl! Its physically impossible, 2.we never dated or had sex, 3. We haven’t seen eachother for 3 years and only txted a few times.) In the dream im confused because of my previous reasoning but happy she’s pregnant but also rejecting her telling her its not mine and her reaction is always the same. She looks sad or disappointed that im not stepping up and i always have feeling in my gut like butterflies of love and nervousness but also disappointing. The dream always ends here exactly the same.
    Please some help to interpret this, thanks.

    1. We know that dreams are not premonitions, so the direction to go for interpreting them is to use your associations with your old friend as clues to what she represents as a dream symbol. She was your first love. Could it be that you have something else that could develop into a love of something (could be anything, not just with a person) but you are rejecting the possibility? For example, you get an idea about something you’d like to create (a baby is a creation, after all) but you think you won’t be any good at it and reject the idea. When you think about it you get that feeling in your gut.

      For me, the idea is to be a singer. I love to use my voice but don’t think I have much talent as a singer, so I have rejected the idea of ever really giving it a try.

      That’s one way your dream could parallel what’s happening in your life. Follow your feelings. They’ll lead you to the answer.

  6. (Context: married other of 3 –done with three)

    I’m not a dreamer, or if I do, i don’t tend to remember them. But, this one was one of those dreams where I would come in and out of sleep and return to a new scenario but the same condition —pregnant. I remember panicking and thinking how much I didn’t want to be have another baby (I feel maxed at 3). In one of the scenarios, I was jet skiing with some friends and all of a suddenly it dawned on me that I shouldn’t’ be jet skiing while pregnant, and I was trying to bow out because I hadn’t told them yet. In another scenario, I was upstairs in a house, laying on a bed–aware that people were downstairs, but not wanting to go out. That flowed into another scenario where I was in the bathroom and dropped my mucous plug in the toilet — it looked odd, and so I reached down to grab it and it was a GREEN FISH. Next scenario, I’m at the hospital in the waiting room, filling out my paperwork –noticing that my belly wasn’t as big as everyone else’s (that’s also because it was true for my actual 3 babies). But as I sat there with my paperwork, I was feeling completely UNPREPARED because I literally had nothing for a baby — no clothes, diapers, carrier, crib, etc.

    Then my alarm (thankfully) woke me up :)

    I would LOVE to get your take. Please & thank you.

    1. Hi Min, I think your approach to this dream is to focus on the feelings. You’re unprepared. Your ability to have fun is restricted because you’re pregnant. You have other things you want to do than sit around and grow another child in your womb. Is the dream using pregnancy as a reference to something else in your life that’s important and brings up the same feelings? Being pregnant in the dream could symbolize something. Or are you telling yourself you definitely don’t want another pregnancy? If that’s the case, perhaps the dream is helping you to solidify your decision, and now you respond by making sure you don’t get pregnant again!

  7. So I just woke up in the middle of the night because I had a nightmare that I had a miscarriage!! I’m so worried because I’m 9 weeks pregnant and had a dream last year around 9 weeks and I lost the baby 2 weeks later!! In both dreams I saw blood and blood clots!!

    1. Dreams are usually not prophetic, but if they are and there’s nothing you can do to alter the course of the future, the intent is to prepare you. I’ve seen this happen with dreams that predict the coming death of ill loved ones. In your case, perhaps the dream wants you to face your fear. Because you had a miscarriage previously, you might be dreaming about it happening again simply because you fear it.

      I’m sorry I can’t give you better advice, but please do update me.

  8. So last year I fell pregnant but lost the baby to down syndrome 8 weeks in before that happened I had a dream I was playing with a baby boy that had down syndrome. But I lost a little girl!! I’m 9 weeks pregnant today and last night I had a dream about me playing with a baby girl while she was getting her shots that had down syndrome! It was not my baby though because her mom was standing next to me while I was playing with her!! I worried that this pregnancy is going to end up the same!

    1. Samantha, if you read through the comments for this post you’ll see other pregnant moms who have had similar dreams. They fear losing another pregnancy, and that’s ultimately the driving force behind what disturbs them in their dreams. The part of the mind that creates your dreams — the unconscious — knows that fear is an obstacle. It wants you to address it and overcome it. It creates dream scenarios where you can either react by succumbing to fear or facing it and making it vanish.

      When your baby is born — let’s affirm that’s going to happen — I suggest that you look into the schedule for vaccination. My brother said his baby girl wasn’t an hour old when the hospital staffsnuck behind his back and hit her with her first shots. They didn’t ask, they just did it. A baby’s body is not ready to be invaded by foreign substances when it’s an hour old! Look into it for yourself and take control of this critical aspect of your child’s health. Based on my research, most vaccines are safe, but what’s potentially unsafe is giving young children too much too fast.

  9. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and last night I had a dream I was on my way to the hospital to give birth and when I got there the doctor said that something was wrong and it was me or the baby!! I told him do everything thing you can to save the baby!! I’m so worried that it means something bad. I did lose a baby girl last year I was 8 weeks in!! I’m not sure if it’s that I worried about or something more!!

    1. I used to worry for the people who have dreams like this one — and trust me, it’s common and I hear about it frequently — because dreams are known to give warnings. But time and experience have assured me that dreams about losing a baby during a pregnancy simply reflect fears. The dream presents a scenario where it’s you or the baby will live, and there’s something to learn from it because a simple fact about dreams is you give yourself the experience. Your are telling or teaching yourself something.

      I’ll share with you my initial thought about that scenario. You or the baby and you have to make a choice? Does that mean you are sacrificing something else that’s important for you because you’re afraid otherwise you’ll decrease the odds of the pregnancy coming to term? For example, you quit work long before it’s necessary because you fear adding any stress to your life. But you love your job and know it’s not going to add any risk to your pregnancy. That’s the sort of idea your dream could really mean by sacrifice.

      Another thought that came to mind for me is what baby would ever want to grow up without its momma? Perhaps you’re thinking to much in terms of all or nothing. My answer to the question posed by your dream is unconventional. It’s “neither.” I would want my baby to have every chance at life, but I would never accept it as a bargain where it lives but grows up without its mother.

      If I had your dream, I’d look closely at anything going on in my life that feels like a bad bargain, that requires me to sacrifice myself. As a parent you will sacrifice, yes, and you do it lovingly and willingly. Your reaction in the dream speaks loudly to what sort of mom you’ll be and your dedication as a mom. But remember, to be the best mom you can be, you must also take care of yourself. And that means weighing your needs and desires against what your sacrifice will accomplish.

  10. I am 29 years old. I gave birth to a stillborn baby at the age of 20 and at 22 I had a perfectly healthy baby boy. No other pregnancies and I am currently fighting brain cancer. I had a dream 2 nights ago about giving birth to a stillborn baby and I know it wasn’t about the one that I experienced years ago. It was about having a second stillbirth. In my dream I was devastated and freaking out and crying asking how could this happen again. I didn’t think too much on the dream after waking up but then last night I had a dream about going to the bathroom and losing my mucus plug. That is something I experienced in real life when I went into labor with my son but again that dream was about something different.

    1. Hi Cassy,

      I can only tell you how I would react if I had the dreams you had. Dreams are deeply personal and you are the only one who truly knows what they mean. One way of viewing your dream about the stillbirth is you are telling yourself that this time in your life is not a good time for getting pregnant again. Another way of viewing it is it’s related to what you are experiencing in your body currently. When you have a stillbirth it means that your body was unable to complete a growth process, and cancer can be viewed similarly because your body is always growing and producing new, healthy cells. If it stops producing new healthy cells, you can develop cancer.

      Your reaction in the dream is important because it’s based on your subconscious knowledge of what the dream really means. Deep down inside you, you created the dream and know what it means. When you say to yourself how could this happen again, are you really saying “how could my body stop functioning in the healthy way it’s supposed to”? I can’t say, I can only offer my suggestions.

      Creation is a powerful process and as a mother you know how amazing it is to create new life. There’s healing power in the creative process that you can use to help your body. Let’s use your dreams as an example of how they could be trying to help you tap into that power to kickstart your body’s natural healing process. When you use the bathroom, you get rid of things your body doesn’t need. You “let go” and your body gets rid of it. The dream about losing your mucus plug could be a good thing because you are letting go of something you’ve been holding onto. Sometimes the source of illness and disease can be from holding onto things that are no longer good for you. So I suggest that you say to yourself that it’s OK to let go, it’s OK to lose the mucus plug. Then, imagine your body being enabled to heal itself. It really can heal itself and you can help by letting go of anything emotionally that’s no longer good for you. Find a place inside of you where you can be at ease. I know that’s easier said than done, but if you can be at ease and “let go,” you allow your body to do what it knows how to do: heal itself.

      Good luck. My prayers are with you.

  11. Im curious. So if your a woman dreaming about a man giving birth to a pony thats having trouble walking an a baby that walks easiely do you look at it in self reflection or as a warning about people around you?

    1. Hi Steph, I view all dreams in terms of what they say about you. Dreams are personal and they arise from the deepest core of you. They are messages you send to yourself. Your dream could be a message you are sending yourself about two approaches to moving forward in your life. One is simple — a baby can learn to walk if it’s allowed to practice and learn. That’s how things are supposed to be. On the other hand, a man giving birth to a pony that has trouble walking is a complex picture, it’s not how things are supposed to be. If it was my dream, I’d ask myself if I’m making something too complicated.

  12. I know this is sort of an old thread, but I had a disturbing dream about a week ago. I am currently almost 31 weeks pregnant and in my dream a woman looks at me and says “You’re going to have a miscarriage at 12:30” I argue with the woman about the time, telling her that it’s not even 12:30 here, it’s 10:30, or something along those lines. I also sort of get angry and say “how can you say something like that”. I’m freaked out because a few days later the prenatal coordinator at my OB’s office called to schedule my c-section for 12:30. The next day I called back and got a different day and time. Still very upset by it though.

    1. Stefanie,

      Your reaction to the dream is the same thing I’d do. I’d change the time away from the time given by the dream. Usually, an experience like that is coincidental, but I think it’s wise to always ask yourself if a dream is giving you a literal message. The part of the mind that creates dreams has an amazing ability to see what could happen in the future and steer you away from what could be a bad outcome.

  13. Last night I had a dream that my pregnant friend was my doctor and I was giving birth. I’m single, 29 and currently not dating anyone. I felt everything, it was slightly painful and I remember feeling overwhelming sad about the fact that I was having birth alone – even though my friend was there and she was assuring me that it was ok. I wasn’t in a hospital but more like a birthing center. I remember when I had the baby it didn’t look totally normal, and I remember not having the overwhelming love feeling that everyone says you get when you have a baby. My first thoughts were that I was so sad because I didn’t have someone to help me (like a bf or husband) and I thought that I would for sure be the person who got postpartum depression.

    I don’t know I woke up feeling pretty sad and scared that one day when I do have a baby – will I do it alone? And feeling like I really didn’t want that to be my real experience.

    Every where I’m ready that if you have this dream as a single women it means something bad / sad is about to happen?

    I’d be very curious to know your thoughts!

    1. Life has been in overdrive for weeks or else I would have replied earlier. What you’ve read is pop culture dream interpretation and is like a stopped clock in that it’s correct twice a day. Dreams are more inward focused than outward so they tend to speak more to events and situations within you rather than in your outer life. Begin with your reaction of not feeling the love you expect for this thing you just labored to create. I imagine a correlating experience in waking life of being an artist and having no one to present your work to. It’s like giving birth alone. Start with that general idea and search yourself for how you may have felt that way when you had this dream.

  14. So I recently been thinking that I may be pregnant so I’ve been asking for some type of sign. I had a dream I was at one of my family churches and older female relative approaches me and she asked if I had everything I needed for my baby and proceeded to hand me money as a gift since she hadn’t bought the baby anything. Afterwards I paused and asked how did she know I was pregnant. I wasn’t showing and wasn’t even sure myself if I was pregnant or not because I hadn’t taken any test. She looked at me and said “ spirit told me” I looked at her and laughed and said “ how did spirit tell you and not me?”. Then I woke up

  15. I am 29 just started dating and I have 2 kids. The guy I just started dating has been really good with my kids and he has already started hinting at wanting to get married. I never imagined that happening for me. The dream I keep having is us sitting on the couch watching tv in his house I am about 7 months pregnant and he is just rubbing my belly, getting the baby to move and respond to his touch. I have thought about while awake too. I actually daydreamed the same thing except the details of the time of day and location. Just him happily rubbing my belly and him so excited and so happy. I recently got the implant birth control that last 3 years in and we made that decision together. I am starting a new job tomorrow. All the research I have done, could it just be the new job? Or is it something else? I think I have been thinking what it would be like to get pregnant and him being there the whole way. My other kids fathers, one I consider a sperm-donor and the other just came back and is trying but isn’t reliable. Help please.

    1. Teresa, since you can’t get pregnant, the dream is unlikely to bring up the subject in any sort of literal way. Dreams are usually figurative. What I see is a dream about how your boyfriend “moves” you inside. Maybe he moves the mom part of you. I don’t see anything in the dream related to work, though “new baby” and “new job” sure seem to parallel each other. I suggest that you put your hand on your belly where you feel your boyfriend’s hand and picture the dream. Ask yourself, what am I really feeling? Then just listen to your body. What does it say?

  16. I am 55 female and have had several dreams about being pregnant and trying to get to a hospital to deliver the baby. I’m not stressed or worried, just trying to get to the hospital. What could this dream be telling me?

    1. A key detail of the dream is you are trying to get to the hospital to deliver the baby. Start with the simple idea that you’re looking for help to get something out of you. Dreams like to use physical imagery to symbolize personal situations — what you want to get out of you is something you have created inside you, something creative or personal. It could be something that wants to emerge in your personality. Can you remember who is the father of the baby? That could be a valuable clue to what the baby represents symbolically.

  17. Last night I had a dream that I had given birth. I am 23 and single. I am in my last year of college before I move out.

    In the dream. I dreamed about giving birth to a beautiful, blue eyed, boy but I had no idea where or who the dad was and I knew I wasn’t sexually active or even had sex.

    My mother told me to lay him in his crib but it was in the bathroom. I was worried about this because of a fungus in the bathroom could make the baby sick. The washing machine was also misplaced in there as the crib was right next to it. I asked to put it in her room but she refused, saying it was fine. My room in reality is 2m by 2.5m. So my dream self figured it was too small to house a baby.
    I listened to her and went on a small search who the dad was. I tried to think back but was unable to do so. I then thought: Why isn’t it crying?
    I went to look and it was sleeping soundly.

    I then woke up. Is there a meaning behind this?

    1. A dream like this is certainly meaningful and symbolic — what you describe about the dream falls outside the realm of possibility, unless of course you’re the Virgin Mary. Rest assured, there’s only one of her. The combination of the bathroom, the crib and the washing machine all in the same room gives me ideas about what the dream is really saying there. One, there’s an idea of cleansing yourself of something. When I say cleanse, I mean be rid of it. Two, you have a lot of stuff in a small space. Plus, you think about your bedroom being too small for the crib. So that raises a question, do you feel cramped in your life right now? And if so, do you think that moving out will allow your life to open to new possibilities? Sometimes a baby in a dream just means “new.” In your dream the baby is presented as beautiful and something that you want. Perhaps you are looking forward to the new things that can happen for you once you graduate and move out.

  18. I haven’t remembered my dream or haven’t had any in a long time. For the first time in months I had a dream that I remembered. I dreamt that I was in the car with my husband and my son going somewhere and when we got to the parking lot he turned and looked at me and said I have something for you. He said here he handed me a pregnancy test that didn’t fully have the result yet but when I grabbed it from his hand it read positive. I remember that I was so excited. Then I woke up.

  19. Good Day

    Yesterday I had a dream in that dream I was with my colleagues chatting then my boss came and greet me in his greetings he called my name and mention the little one’ Hi Zandy and the little junior”. my colleagues were so shocked they looked at me and ask me why I didn’t tell them that I was pregnant at that time I was sitting on a chair and my tommy was showing and I just smile at my colleagues as if i new all along. I don’t really know what does that dream mean.

    1. A dream like this can throw you for a loop as you try to understand it, but it’s probably not literal. You aren’t pregnant, probably, though I think if you could get pregnant that it would be wise to take a preg test. Instead, think in terms of what it says symbolically. Think of your relationship with your supervisor and his influence on you. In the dream you are happy to be pregnant. It could mean that there’s a new development brewing inside of you, something that’s just starting to show. For example, your supervisor has influenced you to be a better person or employee and it’s starting to show. It’s not fully emerged yet but you know it’s there. Even your colleagues are sensing it. That’s an example of what the dream could really mean by being pregnant.

  20. I have been known to have dreams that I’m pregnant and probably 9/10 times it ended up being someone i knew or was close to that was pregnant. The last few months I’ve dreamt i was pregnant, repeatedly almost every night, then found out my boyfriend’s daughter was pregnant. I thought ok there it is and quit having those dreams. 2 nights ago i had a dream that i again was pregnant, but this time it went further…it was ultrasound results of being pregnant with twin boys. Even had a baby shower or gathering to announce it. I told him hmm wonder if she’s having twins. Well last night i had a dream again that i was pregnant, this time i was taking a test at home and it quickly came back positive. I was in shock, i took 2 more tests and again both positive. I called my best friend and sent her pics, i told my boyfriend and we went to the dr. The dream was very vivid, i remember walking in and asking if they do high risk…but in the dream while i was in shock bc i couldn’t believe it, i was very happy. It was so realistic, i had to go to the bathroom (in my dream) but stopped myself bc i remember laughing and saying oh yeah they don’t go off my tests they’ll want their own so i better wait. I woke up and looked around for tests on my nightstand bc the dream was so real and so intense and i first saw results in my bedroom. Which btw, i could actually see the test running in my dream and the line forming and then the control line to show completed test. Normally it’s just a you’re pregnant dream, this one was odd especially after the twin boys dream the night before. So now I’m left wondering who i know that could be pregnant now and what the twin dream was about. I perhaps should mention i am 37, i have a teen son and have also had a uterine ablation done years ago which makes it so I can’t get pregnant. Up til about 2 years ago i wanted another so bad and regretted having treatment done, but since then I’ve been on the nope I’m done I’m too old for this and the thought of wanting a baby and feeling regret is gone.

    1. There’s something deeper going on here, is my hunch. Step back from a literal interpretation that you’re pregnant and ask yourself if the figurative idea of being pregnant applies. What’s gestating inside you that could soon emerge in your personality? Does the idea of something make you excited? Are you learning something new as a parent? You’re definitely pregnant with something, but in dreams that idea can apply far and wide!

  21. I had a dream last night out of no where that I was pregnant. My current boyfriend and his family were the only people around me. A few moments later, I was about to give birth, but I was told to try to keep the baby in until the doctor arrived. However, I do not recall me actually giving birth after I was told to try to keep the baby from coming out.

    1. Think simply about the scenario created by the dream. It’s showing you keeping something important inside you until the time is right. Whatever “it” is, it’s probably not a baby in the literal sense, though you could play off that idea. Like, you should hold onto expressing the desire to have children with your boyfriend until the time is right. Notice that your boyfriend’s family is in the dream, and that could mean “desire to have a family.” My thinking goes this direction because of the many times I’ve heard of couples in a situation like this where one person is ready to start a family and their partner is, well, not ready, and by bringing up the subject too soon it creates tension in the relationship or disappointment.

      I can’t say that’s the case with you. I’m just giving an example of how something that’s brewing inside you (you’re pregnant in the dream and the baby is inside you) could show itself in the dream. Look at how the dream says you have to keep it inside you till the doctor arrives. That detail could mean “wait till the time is right.” Begin with that basic idea and ask yourself, what am I waiting for in my relationship with my boyfriend and by extension with his family till the time is right? Hopefully, that leads you to the answer.

  22. My brothers girlfriend is currently pregnant with my nephew. But before we knew she was pregnant I kept having dreams of me being pregnant, then my great grandfather (who passed away when I was 4) appeared telling me “your not the one that’s pregnant” I found out a day or two later about my brothers girlfriend. Now I suddenly can’t wait for him to be here and last night I had a dream that my brother and his girlfriend were asleep (in my room..??) and I heard a faint cry and I didn’t want them to get up, I wanted to make the baby a bottle, he was in a dresser draw, I pulled him out and made his bottle, then I woke up. But I vividly remember him, and even the brand of the water and formula I used… and yesterday the thought of wanting my own baby wouldn’t stop running through my head

    1. Hi Rose, it’s been a while since you left your comment and I’m just getting around to reading and replying. What you see in the dream can be described simply as expressing your desire to have a baby. I know of many dreams that connect the dreamers with information about pregnancy of relatives. This post about pregnancy has many comments stretching back years and in some of them you see people who say they knew relatives were pregnant before it actually happened. There’s a mysterious ability of the dreaming mind to pick up important info about people close to us. In some families, there’s a member who always seems to just “know” about big events coming up related to pregnancy and such. Sometimes, the dreams show the info as the dreamer being pregnant.

      In this case, however, I’d consider a possibility that you picked up on the coming pregnancy and it sparked that maternal desire in you. The baby is in a drawer in your room. That imagery suggests the idea of a wish you have “tucked away” and you visit it in the personal sense by thinking about it and exploring your feelings. I find that this sort of action can be the first steps toward making the wish come true. It’s a way of saying to the Universe “I want this.” But consider also that the dream shows you using formula instead of breastfeeding the baby. It points toward the idea of you being a sort of “second mom” from your nephew instead of a mother. Why? Because a mother lactates.

      If it was my dream, I’d pray for clarity. I’d express in that prayer my desire to have my own child, while also affirming your desire to be a great aunt. Then, allow time to tell. You will gain clarity.

  23. So i haven’t really given the idea of having my own kids any thought lately. As I’m young and want to make sure my boyfriend and i are ready before hand. A few weeks ago i had pregnancy dreams back to back . One was a ultrasound and the doctor confirming i was 5-6 weeks along . Then the next day i had yet another dream where the doctor told me that they thought it was a girl . Now last night i had a dream that i had just come back from the doctors office with my mom. I was looking for my birth control to decide if i wanted to start taking it again and she told me i couldn’t do it . Puzzled by her i asked her “why not” and her only response was “you can’t do that …. the doctor confirmed you’re pregnant” when i woke up i told my boyfriend about it . Not really sure where that’s coming from .

    1. What I see in the detail about being early in pregnancy is a progression in your thoughts and readiness. View it in terms of where you’re at on this road toward being a mother. You’re still near the beginning of the road — you’re not ready now to be a mother — but you know where the road leads and that you want to one day be at the end of it: to be a mom. It’s something you want in the long run. Now for the second dream. Perhaps birth control is an idea related to controlling your thoughts and feelings about being a mom. Since you know you’re not ready now, you “control” yourself by not thinking about it seriously. But perhaps in some way you are ready to prepare. Think long term about what you will need when the time is right: the right partner, the right circumstances in life, plus health and finances and whatever else. Is there anything you can do now to prepare for that time? If you say to yourself, “OK, in five years I might be ready,” what needs to happen between now and then?

      1. Never really looked at that. On a constant, people my age 19 through 23 , are telling me that I should wait till I am older to have kids. I look at as in I am only getting older, but I’m not going to rush it. If it happens then it does. Not really planning on what time , year, etc that I would like to have my child. My fiance is in his ‘prime time’ so I guess that could play a role in my dreams as well ? Usually my pregnancy dreams means someone close to me is having a baby and it tells me the gender. For my ex best friend, I dreamed I found out that I was two months along and sure enough she found out and told me two weeks later that she was pregnant. When she was around two months I had a dream I found out it was a boy, six months later, she finds out its a boy. So I always ask my friends if any of them are pregnant after I have a dream. They also do not happen as frequently as they were, at that time. Not too long after that I had one a dream about me talking to ( whom I assume was a family member or a friend ) asking me when did I find out that I was pregnant. I looked down at my belly and it was huge. ( I took a wild guess and said somewhere between 7/8.5 months ) Ended up looking back at the person I was speaking with and answered, ” I found out at three months. ” and I forgot what happened after that. I really haven’t had any dreams like that since the end of March. I have surprisingly gone an entire month without one. Sometime late last year, I had one where I had just went into labor, which confused me. I assumed a new idea was going to come up. I appreciate the feedback!

  24. My daughter said she had a dream that I was pregnant by a close friend of mine who passed away 2 years ago. Currently, I’m not sexually active and my friend and I were not in a relationship at the time of his death. I understand that this could mean that there are some new things about to happen in my life. But, how does my deceased friend being the father tie into this?

    1. One way of looking at it is there’s something about your friend that rubbed off on you. It became part of your personality. To be pregnant with his child can mean that something about him is inside of you in the figurative sense. It’s growing. Like, maybe his influence gave you ideas about where your life can go, and it’s a slow process of digesting it and applying it. However, most dreams are personal to the dreamer, and in this case the dream is your daughter’s. She’s really the one who should be asking herself these questions because most likely she’s the one who has something new about to happen in her life.

  25. I dreamed a month ago that I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and then i had another dream that I told my friend i was pregnant and now my bf mom asked me last week is I’m pregnant I told her I don’t know she said her, my bf dad, and my bf sister, also dreamed about a baby feeding the baby mashed potatoes and she keep saying it’s me and her son about to have a baby it’s no one else in the family so I bought a pregnancy test to take, could I be pregnant because I never dreamed that and never had my boyfriend mom come to me with that.

    1. I meant to rephrase it to say that this month i dream that I told my friend that I was pregnant and a month ago I dream i took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and then out of the blue my boyfriend mom asked me that question last week.

      1. I like to think of a pregnancy test in a dream as a way of “testing” your thoughts and feelings about the subject. You feel positive about prospect of becoming a mom. The timing is up to you for when you make it happen.

  26. I’ve been having dreams almost every night for 3 nights straight that I have a newborn baby girl..The first dream an older white lady who I don’t know at all was sitting next to me and told me I was pregnant (just completely out the blue) and I kind of denied it even though I felt it could be true..She then told me that the father was the last person that hurt me..In my other two dreams it showed my baby girl as maybe a moth old and in the other dream it showed her at maybe abt 5/6months old..Do you think these dreams could really mean I’m pregnant..I’m about a week late as of right now but I’m tryna give it more time to take a test..Cramping is happening on and off which is another reason I’m waiting but nothing has happened so far as me getting my cycle this month and I’ve only spotted 2 days last week and they weren’t back to back days

    1. I think it’s wise to get a pregnancy test, just in case. The alternative to that interpretation is you are holding onto an experience of being hurt, perhaps it was caused by the last person who hurt you, just as the lady says. Or maybe it’s pain in general and grievances against the people who hurt you that you hold onto. A baby is something that develops inside you. Now, think about the experience of being hurt. If you hold onto it rather than let it go, it stays inside you. If you “nurse” it, it develops. Your thoughts and feelings circle around the pain and grow. Do you see how that could be turned into a metaphor shown to you in a dream as a baby?

    1. Makes me wonder if the dream reflects thoughts about having “good genes” and you feel positive about the prospect of having a healthy child when the time comes. Are you dating someone that you consider to be “good stock?” Or are you looking for someone along those lines, even if you don’t intend on having children anytime soon? Females unconsciously choose mates and dating partners based in part on how their DNA matches up.

  27. I had a dream that got weird, an unrecognizable friend had just found out she was pregnant and was scared but somehow I ended up the one who was having the baby earlier than the due date and it was a boy I cared for him meaning I was willing to feed and spend time with him but I asked that he be put up for adoption before doing that and the first time I saw him I told him that I hope one day he would forgive me, the nurse overheard and was going to try and make me keep him. What does this mean I had a clear picture of the baby but no father .

    1. Think of the baby as something that’s growing inside you personally, growing in your psyche, mind, or feelings. It could relate to the subject of friendship, since originally it’s a friend-character who is pregnant. Then the baby comes early, implying the idea of having to take on something big and important before you are ready. You are willing to go through the motions, shown in the dream as caring for the boy, but ultimately you know you’re going to need help, symbolized as adoption. The nurse-character urging you to keep the boy could reflect a side of yourself that says “I can do this even though I think I can’t.”

  28. I had a dream last night that my pregnancy teat was positive. I have PCOS. and the normal pregnancy tests I take are small. The one in the dream was huge. And then I was shopping for adult clothes with my mom and husband and then I woke up.

    1. The size of the pregnancy test could symbolize its importance to you. Shopping for clothes can mean you are looking to adopt something new into your personality or take on a new role. Since your mom and husband are with you in the dream and both can tie in symbolically with the idea of pregnancy, you can consider the idea that the dream reflects your desire to take on a new role as a mom. Do you remember anything specific about the clothing?

        1. That’s not much to go by. Explore your feelings related to the hoodie. As a protective covering it can symbolize something that makes you feel secure.

  29. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant, in my second trimester, sitting in the passenger seat of a car waiting for my best friend (of whom is is really pregnant- she’s in her 3rd trimester and was in the dream), we were smiling and cutting up as she walked down the side walk then got into the driver’s seat of the car, I then told her that I felt that I needed to work out during this pregnancy, as it would be the best thing to do, so I would be thin and healthy as I looked down at my semi-swollen legs, she then giggles as she grabs her tummy and says, “Not for me”… Then I’m not sure if I rewinded or just had a completely different dream but then the next one was where I was thinking about the last odd period I had (only lasted a few days instead of a week as usual) so I began looking for a pregnancy test, couldn’t find one, but still wouldn’t use the restroom yet, bc I was waiting to find one. So I was then taking to a friend on the phone, he was at the store and went ahead and bought one right then and there and also a pack of cigarettes for my friend’s husband (American Spirit Blacks?) ( I also quit smoking cold turkey over 3 weeks ago!) But then they made it back from the store and my guy friend goes to hand me the pregnancy test, but keeps handing me the cigarettes saying they were only 7 cent’s at the store, I then look at the price shelf and was like wow that’s crazy, but where’s the pregnancy test, then I kept thinking about taking a little pregnancy test that I was originally looking for, ( but I didn’t find it, I just jumped in the dream and was taking it) and it read positive. What in the world can all of this craziness mean?

    1. What does it mean? Hard to say, but I’ll offer an idea. Think of the pregnancy test as “testing” your desire to get pregnant and be a mom. Seeing your friend go through her pregnancy has probably made you wonder what it will be like for you to be pregnant. She’s in the driver’s seat, a way of saying “hey, I’m leading the way.” She’s the first to get pregnant and go through it. The reference to exercise and cigs are also tied in with the idea of preparing to get pregnant. American Spirit Blacks … that’s a mystery. Are either of you two black or have black boyfriends/husbands? I’ve also seen this sort of symbolism to represent the idea that cigarettes blacken the lungs and lead to disease and all that. Perhaps the reference to the cigarettes being cheap is a way of saying you don’t think they cause much harm, or your resolve to continue to not smoke is being tested. All in all an interesting dream. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  30. So I have been fascinated with twins for about 3 years… identical twin girls to be exact. Anyway last night I dreamed that I was in a cabin in nature somewhere I’m not sure where but I was in the bathroom and I peed on two pink pregnancy test and they came back positive but as I looked at the instructions on the box I became confused briefly because it said I should see a plus or minus but both test showed 2 pink lines with one faint line going through them. Just to be sure I took another pregnancy which was also pink and this time the plus sign showed up. I was happy and content but confused briefly while looking back at the instructions on how to read the results of the first two test.

    1. Hmm, two pink lines. I’ve seen this symbolism used to express the idea that you want to have two children, and that makes sense in your case because you want to have twins. A key detail here in the two pregnancy tests. Perhaps it’s a way of saying “are you sure?” It’s like the term “think twice about it.”

      1. Ok that does make sense! Taking two test and then taking one more as a way to say Hey now I want you to be sure it’s two babies you want… I had a dream a few days ago that had my newborn twin girls but I went to go get them out of bed and pulled back the covers but there were triplets all boys under the covers. I yelled out I only have 2 babies and they are girls where are my girls. Then someone in my family said they are in the room in the other bed so I went to the next room and got my girls. A few other things happened but that part of the dream really got my attention.

        1. You can view imagery like this conventionally as deciding you’d really rather have girls than boys, or two children instead of three. Or you can it uncoventionally as seeing other possibilities spiritually about which of your children you will decide to have right now. The boys can wait for another lifetime as a parent. Women are born with all of their eggs and I’ve run across a number of dreams that appear to show a decision process happening within the body as a woman sleeps. The girls sleeping in another bed could mean “bedded in a different area of my ovaries.”

  31. So, a few nights ago I had a dream I had a positive pregnancy test and was ecstatic, because I knew there was some positive changes coming on. Then a couple days after that, I had a dream that my boyfriend was rubbing my stomach which is a normal thing for us. I went to get up and go smoke, and he freaked out and said no that’s bad for you lightly patting my stomach. Of course I know smoking is bad, and I am currently trying to quit, so I ask “Bad for my stomach?”, in reply he said “No, for the baby”. All I could do was smile after he said that.

    I’m just trying to figure out what that means, if it means anything.

    1. One way of looking at it is you will be happy to quit smoking when you get pregnant. The dream is preparing you for when that day comes :)

  32. I’m 20 years old and last night I had a dream that’s been bothering me ever since. I rarely dream and when I do I never have dreamed about being pregnant or having a kid. Last night I dreamt I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive and that I was 3-4 weeks along. Then that was it or all I can remember. Yesterday I felt ill and my stomach was upset all day so I slept early that night and had the dream. What do you think it means?

    1. Cayley, this reply is weeks after you left your comment. I wonder if the dream was in response to your upset stomach. Your dreaming mind receives the input from your stomach and responds by weaving a story around it. What can make your stomach upset? Being pregnant. Since it’s been a few weeks since the dream you can answer the question, are you actually pregnant?

  33. I had a dream last night about finding out I was pregnant with twins. I was told by someone who didnt look like a doctor, handed the sonogram pictures and clearly saw two babies in the dark picture. I felt overwhelmed with grief and heart ache. I was so upset like it was tragic news. I remember crying and wailing, just screaming how this couldnt happen to me. Then I woke up.. Im sure there’s more I cant remember but when I awoke I was so shaken by my own reaction.. How could I be so upset over twins? I am not pregnant nor trying but I cant imagine in real life I’d react like that. Im curious what this could mean? Im having a hard time finding any interpretations because I cannot find any one else who’s had a similar dream

    1. You react in dreams based on subconscious knowledge of the symbolism. (Use the link to learn more about that subject.) It strikes right to the heart of how you feel about something about you and/or your life connected with the dream. So your reaction is really key to understanding this dream because as you note, you wouldn’t feel that way if you actually found out you were pregnant with twins. That’s a big clue that this detail is pure symbolism.

      From where I sit, I can’t decipher what the twins symbolize. But I can suggest to you to begin by exploring your feelings about the worst news you could receive right now. What could spark such a reaction in you if it happens in your life? One way of looking at it is, twins are a huge responsibility. I can imagine the mom whose children are finally grown to the point where they can care for themselves and she’s REALLY looking forward to the change in lifestyle. Then she gets word that she’s pregnant with twins. Ouch! She gets to sacrifice the next 15-20 years of her life.

      I only use this as an example to show how something in your life could spark very strong feelings and connect with the idea of being pregnant with twins. I hope it helps to lead you to your answer.

    1. I hope you’ll keep me posted about whether you’re really pregnant. The circumstance of both having the same dream at the same time points that direction. Another way of interpreting the dream is you both feel positive about the prospects of getting pregnant.

  34. Im 10 weeks pregnant and I’m scheculed to have my dna screening next week. I had a dream last night that the baby had cerebral Palsy. Do you think I’m just dreaming because I’m overthinking ?

    1. I can say from past experience with this sort of dream that it probably expresses anxiety. It’s probably not a preview of the future. I’d appreciate a follow up from you after getting the test results. A lot of pregnant women find this post and read the comments.

  35. Hi, I had a dream last night that my fiance was giving birth. My dad who died six months ago was there, and was talking to me while I was buying something from a vending machine. Couldn’t here what he was saying but it made me feel comfortable and secure with my anxiety about how she was doing. Flash forward we are home and I am asking her how the baby is. She says “Don’t you mean baby’s! One boy and one girl, they were fraternal!” Than i wake up. We used the pull out method two days ago and the day before that, and it’s close to the middle of her cycle. Any idea what it means?

    1. First, note that the babies are twins — 2 — and you used the pull-out method twice. Could be connected. Another detail that could connect is the presence of your dad. If you become a dad you will be playing the same role in life as he did with you. When men think about having children or become fathers, they tend to dream about their own fathers. Finally, buying something from a vending machine… when you buy the item, what do you do? Pull it out of the vending machine! It’s a helluva metaphor for your wife’s body! “Hey honey, wanna be my vending machine tonight?” lol

      No disrespect to her — it’s a funny image if you step back and observe it. Plus, I can’t say for sure what it all really means. However, you have one more clue to consider. Your dad’s words make you feel comfortable and secure. It could be a way of saying, “if my wife gets pregnant, I’m ready to be a dad.” Does that statement resonate with you?

  36. My boyfriend had a dream I was at the hospital at the 3rd trimester and the doctor said I was having twin boys. He said we were happy and everything was genuinely happy. What should I think?

    1. I have run across several dreams with the theme of being pregnant with more than one baby and in almost all of them we uncovered personal symbolism. If you just look at the odds of having twins it’s very low. However, it could be a way of saying he would like to have two children (at different times or together) and the dream is a way of affirming that desire and helping to make it become reality.

      Consider also the idea of two things you are expecting. To be pregnant in the third trimester is a way of saying that something you are expecting is very close to becoming reality. It could be anything. Step back from the implication of actually getting pregnant and look at the detail simply as a way of creating a scenario connected with something going on in his life.

      1. I have also had an dream that I was at my old elementary school but the people I saw were from my highschool. I thought that it was kinda weird. What do u think?

  37. I was about 16-18 in my dream (I’m currently 16) and I was 9 months pregnant. My mom and I were out shopping in Costco or something like that, and my water broke. We struggled to get out of the store, but eventually make it so she could drive me to the Hospital. In the car, I start crying and calling myself a wh*re because of the fact that the guy that got me pregnant was my friend, but he didn’t want anything to do with me after that, or I just told him. I ask my mom if I should call him, but she just says “no, he made his choice.” After we arrived at the Hospital, the dream then skipped to about one year later, it was still just my mom and I and we owned a house like we are planning to in real life, and the baby was happy and ginger like my friend lol. I thought the date really stood out, it was July 28th 2018 that the baby girl was born. I don’t have any significant meaning with that date, but I don’t know if it’s random or not. In real life, the friend that got me pregnant in the dream, we aren’t dating but there is on and off relationship mentioning, and our friendship is pretty much the same. There is a possiblity we might still date in the future. It actually is kind of weird because I’ll be moved closer to him in Sep. and in the dream I had to have gotten pregnant around, October or November 2017. It just seems like there is a lot of meaning behind it, and it was all very vivid.
    Thank you, I know this is a long one haha.

    1. Dreams can mention specific dates as a way of saying “in the future” or “in the past.” Usually, specific dates aren’t a prophecy or anything. In your case, the dream is pointing ahead in your life and saying that something important could be coming up. The scenario in the dream might be simply a simulation to ask yourself what would be the end result of getting sexually involved with your friend. Perhaps the dream is saying that you should stop trying to think of the relationship as being more than it really is? A store is a place where you make choices, and notice that’s where your water breaks. Then there’s the reference to your friend being the father and wanting nothing to do with you after you’re pregnant, and your mom-character’s statement that “he made his choice.” See how the details fit together under the idea of making more of something than is really there? What choices are you making and do you feel like your are making a wrong one?

  38. I had a dream that a woman told me that I was pregnant.. she puts something in a big water container and the water turn to red and that’s when she told me that I was pregnant. I asked how she knows and she says because is red. Also, she said you are about to have an abortion but then I just walk away. After walking away I told my boyfriend the news and then I came back to her to asked why she told me that I am about to have an abortion? She said to me everything is fine you are pregnant you need to see the doctor to see how is your pregnancy.. What does this dream means?

    1. The first thing of course is to take a pregnancy test. Follow the advice of the dream and get checked out if you need to, and at least take a pregnancy test. But let’s assume you are not pregnant and analyze the dream. Why have such a dream? One reason could be you are exploring your thoughts about what would happen if you did get pregnant. You would have an abortion? Another way of looking at it is, if you became pregnant with someone’s child, what you decide to do about the pregnancy speaks volumes about the relationship. A woman who deeply loves the man she’s with and is carrying his baby in her womb would not want to abort it unless there’s a compelling reason. In your dream, you find out you’re pregnant and the assumption is you would want to abort it. Why? Well, I wonder if it’s a way of saying that your boyfriend is not the “the one.” He’s not the man you want to be with long-term.

  39. I’ve lived in the states with my husband for almost two months now and last night I dreamt I was back in P.R. pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Today I talked to my sister that still lives in P.R. and she told me she also dreamt she was pregnant last night. Is there any connection between the dreams? Do they have some sort of meaning?

    1. Pregnancy is a common dream theme so it’s likely to be coincidental that you both dreamed about the subject. Giving birth in your dream could mean that something has come to fruition in your life. Perhaps you are feeling like you are seeing good results from your move to the US. Or maybe having the baby in P.R. is a way of saying your heart is still there.

  40. I am there completely with the readiness to have a baby with PCOS we have been trying for 3 years and i have stop taking the medicine the doctor has put me on because of how it makes me feel and that it has not really worked at all but i have told myself maybe it will happen without the medicine and then i have that dream

    1. I can’t give medical advice but I think the dream is telling you that you are moving in the right direction toward your goal of getting pregnant. The baby is there inside you in the dream. It doesn’t mean you are pregnant now (though who knows), but dreams tend to deal more with possibilities, anyway. They can forecast the future and give you hope. If this was my dream, I’d cautiously receive it with hope.

  41. I had a dream that the doctor was checking to see how far along I was and she told me to say your there when i felt somthing and when she got to that point i felt pressure and then i heard the baby cry inside of me

    1. You know from reading my post that pregnancy has many possibilities for symbolic meaning. Your dream might be summed up in a question. What is crying to come out of you? When I say “come out,” I mean in the figurative sense. I know people who write music and describe it as a sort of birthing process. In fact, their dreams can tell them it’s time to get busy writing music. In your dream, a doctor is present and she asks you to say when she’s found the baby within you. The presence of a doctor in a dream implies that you are going through a healing process or looking for help to better understand your body and its needs. Another possibility is the dream could be about your readiness to get pregnant. How far along are you in the process of getting comfortable with the idea? Are you”there” yet?

  42. I dreamt about waking up pregnant in my dream and gave birth to twins. And the father of the twins appeared. I don’t know him froim not m anywhere. He was confronted and he said he just saw me and decided to marry me and got me pregnant. Although he was very handsome like the cute twins, I really didn’t know how we got married or met. In real life I’m single and not pregnant because right now I’m even on my period..please what’s the meaning of this dream

    1. Think of pregnancy in this case as something intangible that’s growing within you — an idea, thought, feeling, desire — and the attractiveness of the twins and the father as symbolizing that whatever is growing and now emerged is attractive to you in the personal sense. For example, an attractive idea, an attractive proposition. The key to the symbolism is the detail about the twins. It can mean that whatever is coming out of you is two of something, such as two ideas. Or something is interrelated. Like, you have an idea for a career change (one twin), but then have another option in mind (the other twin). Both fall under the general category of “career change.” I only chose career change as an example. I find that many dreams about pregnancy are connected somehow with creativity. Give it some thought and let me know if my advice is helpful or not.

  43. I had a dream i went to the hospital with my mother and daughter for something I can’t remember why but the nurse did a ultrasound and told me I was pregnant with triplets.what does that mean

    1. The key to the meaning probably lies in the detail about triplets. The dream is saying something. Think in terms of something that comes in threes. For example, I helped a woman understand a dream about giving birth to three stillborn babies. They represent three art projects she was working on for an art show and that got shelved because her day job took too much from her to come home and finish her projects. In your case, you are told you are pregnant, and pregnant in a dream can mean “something’s growing within me.” It could be an idea, a creative project (babies are creations), or even three relationships. It could mean you want to have three children, just not all at once!

  44. About two weeks ago, I dreamed that I was at my grandmother’s (who is deceased) apartment and I was holding a newborn baby girl that belonged to me, and the a man that I have been dealing with (in real life) for 10yrs. Two days later, my mother tells me that she had a dream that she was walking with my grandmother (the same deceased grandmother who’s apartment I was in) and she had a little boy with her. When my grandmother saw the little boy she smiled and said, “o my goodness I can’t believe you’re making me a grandmother again.” Then, three days ago, in real life, I was walking out of the grocery store and a lady who I do not know randomly stopped me and asked me if I was pregnant. The last time I had intercourse I used a condom and immediately before that I was on my menstrual, do you think these dreams and occurrence mean anything?

    1. Your question got lost in the shuffle so I apologize for the long delay in answering. You do seem to be getting a message from these experiences. The gender of the child is different in your dream and your mother’s. That discrepancy is a clue that at least one of the dreams is symbolism. It’s possible that thoughts or feelings are “gestating” within you. The child could symbolize something that will become part of you and your life. It could symbolize a deeper commitment with the man you’ve been seeing, or alternately, a break with him. It could symbolize the man (is he childlike?). An apartment is a place of transition, so perhaps it means your relationship is transitioning. I can’t say for sure what these dreams and experiences are telling you. I suggest burning a candle in front of a picture of your grandma and just reach out to her. If her spirit is trying to communicate with you, the candle can act as a point of focus to help the message come through.

  45. I’m happy in my dream and so are my other children. We are all excited about the babies because it’s twin girls. I always dream about my pregnancy before the actual pregnancy happens. I can have the dream and within weeks or months I find out im pregnant and my dreams are right about the pregnancy and the sex of the babies.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I hope other mothers come along and read it because it helps them to know that they can dream about their babies before they’re even conceived.

  46. I’m not pregnant but I have had dreams of every single pregnancy I’ve had. This time I’m having dreams of being pregnant with twins. Mind you I haven’t done anything in months but im dating again and my so and I haven’t consummated the relationship yet. But we are wondering if we do could I wind up pregnant. I’ve had these vivid dreams before my pregnancys.. could I wind up pregnant with twins? They run on both sides of my families and in his as well.

    1. My intuition tells me that this dream is more about answering the question “what if?” How do you feel about it when you find out in the dream that you are pregnant with your SO’s baby (or babies)? Your reaction in a dream can determine how your future unfolds. If you feel positive about the idea of having children with your SO, I think it’ll make that possibility more likely. If not, the possibility will be less likely.

  47. I had a very Vivid dream my OB telling me that I was 12 weeks pregnant but for some reson i was their to check my blood pressure and she did a sonogram and i was 12 weeks and didnt even know i was pregnant at all and that my blood pressure was very high but in the dream my husband was so excited he was telling everybody

    1. The question I’d ask myself if this was my dream (and I was female) is, does the thought of getting pregnant or being surprised by it raise my blood pressure? Is it something that worries or frustrates you? Also, does the idea of you being pregnant excite your husband more than you? Perhaps you have some feelings to sort through.

  48. Wow!!! Thank you so much, I have been thinking really hard about him all weekend and it has been tearing me apart. I don’t want to let him go but it might be time.

  49. Had a dream about my ex boyfriends current girlfriend thinking that she might be pregnant. He wasn’t in my dream just her and my aunt. I was hiding in a pile of clothing and my aunt knew I was there but I don’t know where we were. Plus in my dream I was supposed to be pregnant but I wasn’t showing yet. My aunt was talking to the current and made her realize that she could possibly be pregnant so the current went along with it and started thinking she could be. Then I woke up. I usually have dreams that come true in real life so I’m just wondering what truth is coming out of this one. At thanksgiving dinner that same aunt was talking to my mom saying that maybe I wanted another child, I didn’t hear the whole conversation though. And nobody knows that my ex and I really was trying to have a baby for almost a year now, even after the breakup. But then he started seeing someone else so we stopped. Maybe that’s what I’m worried about, him having a child with this new girlfriend, when we were trying for so long and I’m not over him yet. HELP!!!

    1. I’d bet that the new gf in the dream is a surrogate character. She’s you, but the dream gives you distance to observe the situation and react from your true feelings. The part about hiding in the clothing could symbolize that you were trying to have a baby w your ex and hiding it from your family. It’s also possible that the reference to being pregnant means that you still have part of your ex inside you in the figurative sense. It has nothing to do with actually being pregnant. I find this symbolism to be fairly common to describe situations like yours. I think the bottom line here is you really need to explore your feelings for him and the relationship and make a decision about whether you want to end the relationship. Being in this grey zone with him is going to tear you up inside.

  50. Hi, I had a dream that my husband walked over to me and touch my stomach by running his finger down then across like a cross and told me that he is sure i am pregnant.
    now 4 1/2 years ago i had my tubes tied so the chances of me being pregnant is slim to none.

    1. You know it must be symbolism. Think along the lines of “pregnant with an idea” or something new about yourself is growing with you. Oftentimes, new aspects of the personality gestate deep in the psyche before emerging. You’re subconsciously aware of it and it shows in dreams.

  51. Hi I had a dream that my mom told me I was pregnant and then we both went to the doctor and the doctor told me I was pregnant with triplets I looked at my mom and she was all happy telling me I told you so! So I get up and start walking to look for my husband to tell him but then the doctor told me to go to another room to wait for another doctor and as I was sitting down I looked down at my stomach and it was huge so I tried to get up but I couldn’t then I finally got up and I was looking my self in the mirror and I saw my stomach and I felt heart beets in my upper right side of stomach and I put my hand on top of it to feel it and it felt sooo real I started to get anccience so then I woke up and I felt like butterflies in my stomach but then idk I haven’t been regular in years and I’m like kind of spotting right know so idk if I should take a pregnancy or wait he untill I’m done spotting or idk I feel like I am not pregnant but then again I feel like I am. Idk there’s like something telling me I am pregnant but then again I don’t want to get a pregnancy test cuz I’m scared it will be negative and I won’t be pregnant…

    1. It’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test, just to be sure. Usually though, dreams about being pregnant are symbolism. Focus on the detail about it being triplets. Can you think of something going on in your life that comes as three? Like, three projects, tasks or ideas?

    1. Begin with the basic idea of it being too early for something but it’s already started and too late to go back. Does that ring a bell?

  52. Thank you so much for your response, I was certainly rattled by the dream but that’s definitely a better way to think about it!! Thanks so much!!

  53. Hi there, a little bit of backstory….I currently have brain cancer and am on chemotherapy daily until December which will be the completion of my year long treatment. I will still have a long road ahead of me because the cancer I have doesn’t have a cure yet….but I came to terms with this about 7 months ago. I’m not scared anymore…mainly because I’ve been extremely blessed to heal from surgery easily and quickly and not have any real symptoms from chemo except fatigue and worsening memory….

    Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant but doctors were telling me I would have to abort it because because chemo would make it unsafe for both of us…..

    I have 2 kids at home, a son who is 5 and a 3 year old daughter. I’ve always wanted more children but my husband has always said 2 is the perfect number…we did the deed a few days ago when I was ovulating but my husband got a vasectomy right after my daughter was born…and we are about 95% sure that it eliminated any possibility of pregnancy…though he never went back to have that tested….

    But the dream left me feeling totally weird. Any insight would be awesome!!

    Karla :)

    1. Karla, think of being pregnant in the figurative sense, and abortion in terms of “abort the project” or “abort the plan.” The dream seems to suggest there’s something important you’re realizing you’re not going to be able to do while going through chemo. And you know it’s for your own good — you need to focus all your internal resources on healing. That’s why doctors are used to give you the advice. A really positive way of looking at it is you are making plans for after chemo, when you can pick up where you left off. All my best to you. Thank you for reaching out to me.

  54. Me and my fiancè have been dating for almost a year and have been considering getting a place and having a baby, I keep having a dream about being pregnant and floating in water at night and I’m wearing silk robes. I also have another recurring pregnancy dream about being pregnant and just looking out the window in the same silk robes looking at a tree and there’s a rocking chair next to me. Sometimes the window is open and the rocking chair is on my left side and other nights it’s on my right. What does this mean? I’m on the depo shot but I still get my period sometimes but I haven’t got it in over 3 months… The birth control is supposed to stop my period but idk if it works or not. Because I had my period so many times right after I get the shot so idk… I’m confused and really want some answers. It’s a hard time in my life rn. I’m in my last year of high school and engaged.

    1. You left this comment just as I left town and unplugged from the internet for a while, so it’s a week later and I’m just getting around to answering you. I can only offer my perspective, but to me it seems that the dreams reflect a struggle with your recent decisions. Left or right, which can mean wrong or right, and you go back and forth. Do you struggle with yourself over whether you are making the right decisions? The silk robes and rocking chair are imagery associated with old age, and here you are a senior in high school, on birth control and engaged. That’s a lot to take on at your age. You’re not giving yourself a chance to experience life naturally, to be free and allow your body time to develop without interference. A tree is something that grows slowly and for a long time, so it can be a great symbol for a lifespan. Are you making yourself old before your time?

      Here’s something for you to look into as an alternative to depo shots.

      The decisions you make now are momentous. I was a mess at your age and had no one to turn to for good advice, so I feel for you and wish you the best. Write down your dreams!!! Track them closely and sit with them. You’ve taken a great first step here by reaching out to me. It shows that you know deep inside that your dreams are trying to help you.

  55. Hello my husband and I have a 7 yr old and been trying to have another baby since June2015 I been having dreams about wasps and snakes but lastnight I have a dream we went to a store and by the doors where you walk in people had a machine thwy sid it let you see how many babies you are pregnant with and hear the heartbeat. Curious and kind if feeling I was pregnant, I said I’ll try. I put the little sonogram thing on my stomach and saw 1 baby pop up then 2 and it was searching and 3 popped up. I was happy but I looked to my husband and said 3 babies babe? And he said yah lets try it. I was happy to know but scared too cause I only have 1 and I’m going to be 28 very soon on Oct.18. what could this mean I felt them moving and saw my stomach moving with them inside. I took a test a couple days ago and it was negative.

    1. Seeing three babies in a sonogram could reflect how many more children you want to have, or could have if you decided to. Think of it as your raw and honest opinion. A store is a place where you make choices, so perhaps in the dream you are making choice in the sense of thinking to yourself, “I could have three more kids, but that’s the max.” Notice you’re reaction. You’re happy with three more kids. And notice your husband-character’s reaction. Perhaps deep down you know he’s happy with it too.

    1. To me, this looks like it could be symbolism for someone who thinks they know a lot about something, or what’s about to happen, but it’s suspect.

  56. I felt like I was half asleep and half awake. I felt a small round ball like feeling in my stomach/womb as I laid on my stomach I myself say in this state of dream it’s my baby, I need to roll over so I don’t hurt the baby by laying on it. Then I heard a boys voice calling out, “mom, mom,” and I woke up.
    The round ball turned out to be a beanie baby “flamingo” my sons friend Anna gave to me, but he sleeps with it and he’s been sleeping with me because my husband has been out of town for almost 4 weeks.
    I asked my son if he was calling out for me and he said no! Later that day I has a clairaudient experience, it was a young boys voice saying,you’ll have my sister’s first and then you will get pregnant with me right after. My name is Jordan, please name me Jordan River. That name never ever crossed my mind in naming a child of mine. I receive the names of the sisters while I was vacationing in Hawaii. I have some spiritual gifts, and I can read for others, but never myself. This is why I come to you for help. I’ve been dreaming of the ocean, fish, etc….and here lately I have this connection/drawn to the color turquoise and owls.

    Can you interpretate?

    1. I know of a few accounts of being told ahead of time what to name a baby. To me, if you can believe in the afterlife, it’s not so hard to think the soul exists before birth in the body and even helps to make arrangements. If Jordan really is a soul that wants to be your baby, you can communicate with him anytime. He’s connected with you and reaching him is like making a mental phone call. Relax in a quiet place, maybe light a candle, and speak through your heart to him. It’s possible that the dream is just a very realistic story that’s symbolic for something developing in you, but only you can know the truth of it.

  57. For 2 months now I’ve been having pregnancy dreams like me buying baby shoes(girl), me taking a pregnancy test but couldn’t see the results, and Lastnight I had an dream that my boyfriend said to me that Im going to be pregnant soon so what does this all mean ?

    1. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, the dreams could simply reflect it, and being told you’ll soon be pregnant is a way of making you believe it. It’s a way to keep you focused and positive. Buying baby shoes can symbolize preparing for the journey of pregnancy.

  58. Hello,

    I have been being asked in real life lately if I am pregnant, or people have asked my friends if I’m pregnant. I was also told I’m glowing. Last night I had a dream where all of my friends asked if I’m pregnant or that I am pregnant. My very close friend who is like a sister or a cousin to me and is actually my boyfriends cousin said I was pregnant in the dream as well. Could this be a sign I have indeed conceived, or am I just having this dream because it has been brought up I my everyday life?

    1. Well, think of it this way. Being told you’re pregnant could symbolize the reactions you’ve been getting from people. It doesn’t mean you are pregnant, but that you come off as happy and content. It’s been a few weeks since you left your comment so by now you should know if you’re pregnant. Is that the case?

  59. Wow that is deep! Thank you!! I just hope when i do become pregnant I don’t have a miscarriage. I am having issues on getting pregnant tho, but thinking positive!

    1. The dream has a good a sign because the problem can be fixed. My guess is your dream gave you a glimpse into a subconscious healing process. So yeah, stay positive.

  60. Hello last night I had a dream that we were at my parents house and that I was sitting down and I looked over and there were twins on my side,and I thought to myself omg are they mine?.they looked just like me and my husband is finally got to see their faces, But it was weird because got up and I was talking and I felt like my tooth was loose so I touched it and it came out and I looked up and there was a doctor/dentist there and I told her can we fix this and she just said oh yes we can and while I was talking I felt another tooth loose and I pulled that one out also. The lady said oh wow 2? I got scared and woke up!! Could you help with this dream?

    1. In dream interpretation traditions there’s a strong connection between losing tooth and losing something else that’s important, such as children. Miscarriage can be symbolized as losing a tooth. You lose two teeth, and in the beginning of the dream you have twins. It seems to be connected, plus you’re at your parents and that suggests the dream could relate somehow to being a parent. But that’s all I can really say, other than the doctor’s statement that she can fix the problem. It’s possible that losing the teeth symbolizes the loss of something else that comes as a pair. But if you are trying to conceive I’d guess that the dream is visualizing some issue with conception. You could be losing the fertilized egg before you’re even aware that you’ve conceived. That’s just a guess though.

  61. Hi, I dreamt last night that I gave birth to a baby boy, very cute and handsome. I was filled with much Joy breast feeding him, nurturing and admiring him. Every minute I will go where he’s lying down to breast feed him, in that dream I was very happy and told my husband that by this time next year our baby(Simife) would be celebrating his one year birthday. So I was just jumping up and thanking God for it. And woke up from sleeping.
    I’m still on ttc for years now(trying to conceive )and few days to my period.

    1. I find that dreams like this one are often connected with keeping a positive spirit about getting pregnant and having a child. It’s a good sign and big encouragement to keep trying to conceive.

  62. I had a dream, very clear with specific details and imagery, but I can’t figure out what it’s really relating to in my life. In real life, my boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship while he finishes a long-term work contract in China. He’s made many mistakes towards our relationship in taking this job, not communicating, and not putting enough effort or energy into our relationship or me at a critical point where it requires even more priority (given the circumstances). I’ve also sacrificed a lot for him to take this opportunity, while he completely changed what would have been our work & life plans going forward – it may all be for nothing if we can’t make it work. His mistakes have gone so far as to almost end the relationship several times.

    In the dream I was hanging out at a mansion that belonged to Taylor Swift, of all people… There were a mixed crowd of celebrities and normal friends sitting around, very casually talking and doing nothing specific. My attention is drawn by a towering vase filled with gigantic, perfect red roses in the room, about 12 feet high. I said what amazingly beautiful roses they were wishing to myself that I had flowers like that, and Taylor said they were delivered for me. I told her I didn’t understand, who would be delivering flowers for me at Taylor’s house?

    Everyone fades away from the background to give us privacy, as my boyfriend comes out saying they were from him and he’s so sorry. While sincerely apologizing, he hands me a card, presumably to go with the flowers. But the card is not an apology, it’s a baby announcement that I’m pregnant and having a boy. I’m shocked by this news, and not sure if I’m happy because I’ve never really particularly wanted children. While I try to process all this and determine how my boyfriend feels, he seems truly sorry for his previous actions and excited to be having a baby with me and that it’s a boy. I don’t even understand how he knows this and I don’t, especially if I’m far enough along to know the gender for certain. I’m touched by the apology and confused about the pregnancy when I wake from the dream. I know for a fact in real life (from my doctor) that I am not pregnant since the last time we were together, there was never a concern of pregnancy during our relationship (it was tested only because of a necessary surgical operation where it’s required), nor have I been with anyone since the last time I saw my boyfriend.

    I can understand some of these elements in the way that I’m looking for an apology from him and feel entitled to being treated better in real life, hoping he’ll step up and be a better person to me and make amends. I don’t know if the roses are just a part of the apology or another symbolism or why they are so large…. Is this something about a “grand gesture”? I also don’t understand the pregnancy element at all. Am I just “pregnant” with ideas over the relationship and what’s been happening? Is it the stress of the real life relationship morphing into dream stress situations? What does having a boy specifically with him have to do with anything? Is it only that I’m having “difficulty” with “men” in my life? Am I worried about getting “stuck” with him as a result of a child being involved? Because I’ve been the one making all the attempts to keep us together, not end it… I certainly want him in my life, and wouldn’t feel trapped – I only worry that this lack of effort is truly who he is rather than who I thought I met. Why am I suddenly friends with Taylor Swift? Why would she be facilitating our reconnection!? I know it was simply a dream, but I really don’t understand the connections!

    1. I think you have already answered your questions. Everything in the dream is a projection of your inner world, so you can view the oversized roses as a grand gesture, and the setting at Taylor’s house as wanting to be treated with more importance by your boyfriend. The pregnancy part is the real key, and my guess — and this is just a guess — is it’s a metaphor for your relationship. He’s inside of you, part of you in a way that’s very close and personal. That’s why the baby is a boy. Unless you felt stuck with his baby in the dream, I don’t think that’s being expressed in the story. But perhaps the there’s an idea here related to all your eggs being in one basket.

  63. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 4 different dreams and in each I was pregnant. The first 3 times it was a girl and in 2 of those occasions I gave birth prematurely by 1-2 months. On the 3rd dream of the girl I dreamt that I was told she was premature but after doctors checked she was full term. Then last night I dreamt that I had a baby boy that was also supposedly premature but wasn’t. And the doctor told me he was healthy. And the weird part was that my husband was not in the room because he was filling out papers, but my 3 yr old son was their and was excited.

    1. When dreams have this much variety centered around one theme, it’s likely to be symbolism, perhaps related to the idea of something happening prematurely. Pregnancy is only used as a theme because of its connection to that association. It’s hard to say what could be premature in your life right now. Have you been thinking about having another child? If so, do you have a difference in opinion with your husband about it?

  64. I’m 28, my husband is 45 and we are very…. “Active”…. Last night I had 3 dreams back to back…. In the first dream, I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test then left it in the bathroom to wait for the results then my husband went to use the restroom when he came out he had the test in his hand and told me that I am pregnant….. In the second dream, I dreamed that my husband and I were laying down cuddling when I looked up at him and told him that I am pregnant onto which we started talking about it (in a very positive way) and he seemed happy about me being pregnant…. In the third Dream, I dreamed that I was giving birth to our daughter and we held her in our arms….. What could these dreams mean?

    1. Odds are that the dream is a reflection of your desire to have a baby and the underlying message is to stay positive and let things happen on their own. It sounds to me like you two have a good marriage in which to bring a child into. Good luck.

  65. I just woke up from a dream that left me feeling extremely happy. In my dream the guy That I am seeing bought me a pregency test and was eager for me to take it. I believe that the test was positive and that my belly begin to cramp ( kinda similar to when I found out that I was pregnant before) , then in the dream we were in the car with my family.. He sat in the back with his already son. He seemed happy or rather okay that I was pregnant. It kinda felt like we were in a relationship in the dream but in reality we are not. I don’t think that I am pregnant but we had sex a few days ago so this freaked me out. Plus we were talking about babies days ago. What do you think?

    1. My initial thought is the dream reflects your conversation with him about babies and how you’re digesting it. Perhaps the eagerness about the test is a “test the water” situation. He’s eager to know your thoughts and feelings about it. Or, you project your eagerness onto him. Since you had sex with him a few days ago, perhaps you’re eager to find out if you got pregnant, and the test symbolizes how you’ll find out.

    1. Your dreams can predict and even foretell pregnancy, and on the other hand they can send a message to stay positive and keep trying. Either way, if this was my dream, I’d be very encouraged by it. I’d love to know how things turn out so please stay in touch.

  66. Hi,

    Currently trying to conceive. During our vacation in Hawaii last week,my husband woke up, mind you still in sleep state,he asked me if I could see the baby? I kinda freaked out and I asked “fully awake”,what baby? He said the baby in the dark,then he got startled and then said they’re lots of them. Then he fell back asleep and doesn’t remember a thing.

    Last-night, I had a dream that I felt something wet and gooey and I reached down and seen this thick mucus on my hands and said, “I just lost my mucus plug,” and then I woke up.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Wow, interesting dream imagery. Darkness in a dream can mean, simply, that something isn’t seen in the personal sense. Having a baby is a goal but you’re still feeling your way in the dark. It’s a goal that hasn’t materialized.

      Your dream about the mucus plug could be a way of expressing the idea of something that was blocking your ability to conceive. It could be a physical thing, but also think in general terms about the process of creation. A baby can be created in your mind and heart before it becomes part of your body. As a woman, you are a vessel of creation, not just physically but in the sense of yin, the feminine creative principle that receives the energy of yang and turns it into abundance of life. It happens in the deepest recesses of your being. Sometimes the imagery related to that process is shown as wet, gooey stuff. It’s the raw material of creation, and through you as a woman it’s given shape and definition. Your entire being is, in a sense, a womb.

  67. I had a dream of a girl I liked in high school and I made her pregnant and I was anxious to have the baby and I changed my lifestyle and became a hardworking man for my family but I have a girlfriend I’ve been dating for four years what could that dream mean?

    1. First, consider the possibility that the girl actually symbolizes your current girlfriend. Dreams are known to use surrogate characters to give you distance to observe and allow you to react from your gut.

      Second, the scenario might simply be a way of saying you can get the best out of yourself if you have something worth fighting for. You’ll change and be a hardworking man under the right circumstances. For me, it’s happened as my writing career has taken off. My books are my babies and I do everything in my power to make them the best I can.

  68. In my dream my husband and I were standing side by side watching the pregnancy test turn positive. I was wondering what that means.

    1. My guess is it shows that you and your hubby feel positive about the prospects of getting pregnant. It might mean you’re well-prepared, or at least feel good about it.

  69. I had a dream that had absolutely nothing to do with my children’s father then all of a sudden we’re laying in bed together. He literally came outts nowhere and layed next to me on the left side of the bed Fully clothed. He looked tired and didn’t talk. I then begin looking through a bag while in the bed that contained multiple unopened packs of batteries. While looking through the bag I found the very first pregnancy text that I ever took which was s clear blue digital. When I looked at it I expected it to say pregnant like I did ten years ago which resulted in the birth of our first child. Instead it had said the urine was to light to read but it also had a little blood on the inside which never happened in real life when I took it.

    1. Batteries are stored energy, and when looked at in the context of the dream, it could mean that you have more babies in you. You want to have another child. That’s just a guess.

  70. Last week my husband had a dream I was pregnant and that same night I had a dream I was holding a baby and my mother was in the dream. Today I had a dream of a positive pregnancy test. What can this mean?

    1. While some dreams can give premonitions about future pregnancies, most of the time the theme reflects your thoughts and feelings. Are you thinking about having a child? If so, the positive pregnancy test might mean that you feel positive about the idea.

  71. I had a dream I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. I shook my head no, then proceeded to tell my mom I wasn’t pregnant and she explained to me that I was in fact pregnant.

    1. Your reaction shows how’d you’d really feel if you found out you are pregnant. Your mom is the best example you have of a mother, so that’s a sign that a dream is referring to actual pregnancy and not using it as symbolism. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative, consider the dream to be a reality check or gut check and make sure you do everything you can to avoid getting pregnant at this time. It seems pretty clear that now’s not the time.

  72. I had a dream that my bosses wife gave birth (they have been trying to start a family but no luck) to a baby, not sure if the gender. He ran to her as if he wasn’t near and was trying to make it to for the both of his child -I was running along side of him. Then the doctor proceeded with telling them there two other babies in there. TRIPLETS!

    What does this mean for them and myself?

    1. The lack of detail such as knowing the gender of the baby makes me think this dream is not a premonition but is instead a story about something going on with you. A baby is a creation and in dreams it can be used for any sort of thing you create or make. I’ve seen examples of babies symbolizing projects and ideas, anything you might call “my baby.” The detail that might lead you to an answer is the triplets. Can you think of anything involving your boss that comes in three?

  73. I have had pregnancy dream every night for the past few days and most of them were about me taking positive pregnancy tests and I had one dream that a woman took my baby and killed her. Can someone please help me understand?

    1. Because the dream theme recurs, it means something about the subject is heavy on your mind, the situation is ongoing, or a message is trying to hard to get through to you. Most dream characters represent something about you and/or your life, so take a hard look at the woman in the dream and ask how, metaphorically, something is taking away the possibility of getting pregnant. It could be something related to health or circumstances — maybe now is not the time to get pregnant. It could be something in your thoughts and feelings that’s “killing” your “positive” feelings.

  74. I’ve had a dream very vivid that I took a pregnancy test that was positive and said i was three weeks pregnant could I be?

    1. Could you be pregnant? Yes. Are you? Well, it’s wise to take a pregnancy test. But you can also think of a pregnancy test in a dream as “testing” how you feel about the subject, and testing positive means you like the idea.

  75. I had a dream two nights ago… my husband and 3 year old daughter were on either side of me. Both kept saying “you are pregnant” and I kept responding with “you guys.. I’m not pregnant”. In my hand is a pregnancy test and the results are starting to appear… I look at it again and it’s positive. My husband and daughter are smiling, cheering and saying “I told you” “you’re pregnant”. It was a short to the point dream that actually woke me up two minutes before my alarm for work.
    So it would be a wonderful thing if that’s what this dream is trying to tell me.

  76. I had a dream two nights ago… my husband and 3 year old daughter were on either side of me. Both kept saying “you are pregnant” and I kept responding with “you guys.. I’m not pregnant”. In my hand is a pregnancy test and the results are starting to appear… I look at it again and it’s positive. My husband and daughter are smiling, cheering and saying “I told you” “you’re pregnant”. It was a short to the point dream that actually woke me up two minutes before my alarm for work.
    We have been trying for awhile and gave up trying 6 months ago and are just letting things happen if it happens. So it would be a wonderful thing if that’s what this dream is trying to tell me.

    1. I can’t say if the dream is actually saying “you’re pregnant,” because there’s a good possibility it’s telling to you to “be positive.” I think people are too quick to assume a dream like this one is a message about actual pregnancy. It could even be unrelated to physical pregnancy and instead it refers to being pregnant with an idea, thought, or feeling. But because you have been trying to get pregnant and decided to just let things happen, and it’s been a while (six months), my sense of it is the dream is saying stay positive. Let things happen. It’s all right.

      And besides that, if you’re like I was with my partner when trying to get pregnant, the extra sex is a big bonus ;)

  77. Ive been dreamimg every night simce my last period that i get positive pregnancy tests. Last night i had one and we were in a car getting food and it showed to bold pink lines, i looked over and told my s/o “ii’m pregnant. At first hes excited and tells the lady. But later he starts to not like it and tells me to get rid of it and the feeling of joy i had leaves. Ive had others where my mom tells me im pregnant but doesnt want me to be. I want a baby more than a

    1. Pink is a color of love and affection, so it’s possible that the dream used the scenario of being pregnant as a way of saying you want something to really love like you’d love a child. Your husband’s reaction might be a projection of a feeling that he doesn’t love you as much — or doesn’t show it as much — as he used to. It could play in with the idea of having a baby because ideally you have a baby with a partner that really loves you.

      Please keep in mind that this is just one way of looking at it.

      This type of dream is very common for women wanting to get pregnant…the positive pregnancy test, the presence of the dreamer’s mom and partner. In many cases, the dreams work through issues related to getting pregnant, such as being ready for it. It’s not just physically ready but personally, financially, materially. To me, your dreams seem to be saying something’s not right.

  78. For the past two weeks I have had dreams that start out with me looking at a positive pregnancy test, then I start to develope my stomach over a few months, then I finally reach 9 months & give birth, but I never see the baby, one of the dreams went the same way but with one extra detail of the baby daddy taking the baby from me & saying he’s keeping it, I know the guy in person, it’s the only guy I have ever loved but I want to know why do I repeatedly keep having the same dream like this.

    1. This dream has the classic signs of something developing in you, something “growing on you.” Hard for me to say what it could be, but pregnancy is often associated with creativity, and creativity is a broad subject. A key detail is the part about the guy you know taking the baby. Perhaps it’s related to your feelings for him. The feelings developed — you started to love him — but you can’t keep them, apparently. It might be a way of saying you realize the friendship won’t develop into anything more.

  79. I keep having this recurring dream that I am pregnant and catch my husband cheating on me. Afterwards, I go into labor, and I can feel the pain physically and emotionally of both, and I am so mad at him, but he just keeps on cheating and acts like it’s no big deal. Plus in a few of the dreams he turns into my ex who was, in life, very abusive and cheated on me regularly, but he isn’t abusive in the dream.(He passed away a few years ago) He just smiles and again, acts like none of it is a big deal. In the dream my children are also there and I ask him how could he do this with them and doesn’t he care that it’s time for the new baby, but he just keeps cheating. Help!

    1. I recognize the theme of this recurring dream and can assure you it’s pretty common in people who are upset with their mate. Look at the essence of your husband-character’s actions and basically he’s abandoning you in a time of need, a time when you need him most. The recurring aspect of the theme indicates the situation is ongoing, not a one-time event.

      You might be able to identify exactly what’s the driving force behind these dreams by asking yourself what he does that makes you mad. Also, ask yourself what ways your husband reminds you of your ex. Do they both have a bad habit of missing the obvious or being absent physically or emotionally when needed?

      With other people I have helped understand this “cheating” theme in a dream, we’ve ultimately found a root cause in a perception that their mate is not “stepping up.” Dreams love to make comparisons, and cheating often is just an expression of feeling betrayed or ignored. You have a need that’s not being met. Notice that the dream character playing the role of husband doesn’t even seem to care or notice the angst he causes. That can mean that your husband really isn’t aware of how much a particular behavior negatively affects you. And please keep in mind that he is a character in the dream and that means his behavior is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, not necessarily his.

  80. i had a dream of me taking a pregnacy test not just one but 4 it caime out positive is like i was making sure i really was. it was weird all my family was their in my dream wen i told them everyboddy was jumping around of emotion .. i wanna know wats does it mean?

    1. I can only take a stab at what the dream means, but I’d begin by asking yourself if you want to get pregnant, and if so, how far you’re willing to go to make it happen. Or perhaps it’s related to putting the thought in your head. You see the reaction of your family to the good news, but how do you feel when you find out your pregnant? And finally, how many times have you tried to get pregnant, assuming you’ve tried at all? Maybe the fourth time is the charm.

  81. I had a dream me & my boyfriend had a baby girl. He always told me if we have a baby he wants a boy..what does this mean.?!

    1. Perhaps it’s a way of saying you’d be happy either way, presuming that’s how you felt about it during the dream. Having a boy is a 50/50 proposition. Does it really make that much of a difference if you have a girl?

  82. The last few days I’ve been dreaming of myself being pregnant but last night’s felt all too real, I was sitting with my grandmother, my mother and my sister all who’ve had children and we are talking and they tell me they believe I’m pregnant so I take a test and it comes out positive, can you tell me what it means?

    1. Because you are with relatives who’ve all had babies, it’s more likely that the positive test is a sign you’ll soon be pregnant. But it might mean “think positively” about the subject. It might be a while till you actually get pregnant, presuming you want to and are trying, but the dream is a good indication it will happen…eventually.

  83. The last few days I’ve been dreaming of myself finding out I’m pregnant but the dream I had last night was all too real, I was sitting with my grandmother, my mother and my sister who’ve all had children and we are talking and they tell me to take a test because they believe I’m pregnant so I take a test and it comes out positive, can you tell me what it means?

  84. I am currently 26 weeks along and have been having some incredibly strange dreams. Last night I had a dream my unborn baby was the baby from twilight. She was born and like a week later she was two months old. Kind of freaks me out.

    1. Perhaps the idea of having a baby feels unreal to you and that’s what your dream means by referencing Twilight. It’s common to have strange dreams while pregnant. All those hormones in your system.

  85. Last night I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test and it was a faint positive, so I took another one and that one was clear as day positive. I looked down at both and the lines were bold red. I then seen a beautiful baby boy, and I looked at my mom and said he has his daddy’s ears. What can this mean?

    1. If you have been considering getting pregnant, perhaps the faint “yes” of the test reflects your initial thoughts about the subject. It’s like saying “well, I sorta want to have a child.” Then, on second thought, you realize the desire is stronger than you initially thought. That’s my guess. Search your heart and I bet the answer will become clear.

  86. I just woke up from a dream that I went to the doctor because my stomach aches and I was pregnant (I saw a positive test) and I had to tell my bf. I was scared because we can’t afford kids right now. I told him and he cried with happiness. Then I told my bestfriend she cried with happiness. Then I woke up and right now my stomach feels like a period cramp. But I don’t feel anxious. Weird right?

    1. Dreams respond to physical sensations experienced while asleep and turn them into symbolism. I can see how a period cramp can be turned into “pregnant” by the dreaming mind. It’s an interesting twist, for sure.

  87. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and ive had a dream the last 3 nights that I keep getting told I miscarried. I’m honestly scared what do these dreams mean

    1. If miscarriage is a fear that was already on your mind, the dream could be reflecting your thoughts. Miscarriage is a big fear for pregnant women and needs to be consciously addressed. Be ready for the possibility without believing it’s actually going to happen. Just tell yourself that either way you’ll be ok. I’ve been through miscarriage with my partner and it’s awful losing a baby like that, but it’s really important to know in your heart you will be all right and when the times comes, you can get pregnant again and deliver a happy, healthy baby.

  88. Last night I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test an it was postive, my mom who is deceased was in my dream as well. I took the pregnancy test to her an told her I didn’t want to keep the baby I wanted to have an abortion. The whole time she was smiling saying I had to keep the baby an everything was going to be okay. I cried, I been thinking I might be pregnant an in the back of my head out of fear I’ve been saying if I am I’m not keeping it.. I just wish my mom was really here to guide me through if I am.

    1. Tasha, it’s hard to say what this dream means but my feeling is your wish for guidance might be coming true. Your mom is still within you — her memory and what she taught you is part of you, always will be. You really are going to be ok, just as she promised. So here’s my take on this. Perhaps the dream is related to getting pregnant, but not necessarily that you are pregnant right now. When the time comes you have already worked through the question of whether to keep the baby. In this sense, the dream is a simulation, a gut check. I suggest that you really think it through. Follow your innermost feelings. To be safe, take a pregnancy test.

      I have worked through many similar dreams and sometimes–perhaps most of the time–they are symbolism for the idea of pregnancy, as I spell out in my post. Perhaps you have been thinking about starting something new (symbolized as a baby) and want to back out, but part of yourself knows better, knows that you should push ahead.

      But I tell ya, when females dream about getting pregnant and the possibility of it actually happening is very real, I find that it’s often related to making babies. But again, it’s not to say that you are pregnant right now, but that you need to think this through. Life is amazing and whatever created us wants to see more new life in this world, and it really will help you. Plus, you have help from people who love you and are on the other side, like your mom. Talk to her in your heart — in my experience, people never die, they just leave their bodies and are eager to help us who are in this world.

  89. I dreamt that my boyfriend was in the car waiting for me when I got in the car I told him let me see it and he had a smile on his face when I looked at it, I told him you left it sitting out for a long time because it look kind of faded he told me it is positive he said see look the 2 lines we were both very excited he kissed my tummy.
    what could this mean

    1. You’ve got different ways of looking at it. One, you could soon be blessed with a child. Two, dreaming about a positive pregnancy test is symbolism for something else that’s new. Like, did you recently fall in love with your boyfriend? Did something happen in your relationship recently that you’ve waited a long time for, or have your hopes for something been fading, such as the hope of having a child? I ask because of your remark about leaving out the test. If so, the positive test could mean it will soon happen, or be a way of encouraging you to keep trying, to stay positive and keep your hope alive.

  90. Hi, I had a dream that I was told by a tarot lady that I was pregnant. She started by telling me that something will seal my relationship…then I ask her if it was a baby, she told me I would find out threw out the days. All of a sudden I’m caring a baby boy that’s crying and my mom is helping me prepare the bottle. Then I see a picture of my boyfriend caring that baby boy. I’m on birth control, can this dream mean something else?

    1. Well, how do you feel when told you’re pregnant? If it’s a positive response, perhaps it’s a way of saying the time has come. Or perhaps it’s something to talk about with your boyfriend. Notice that the theme is “What will seal the deal with my relationship with my boyfriend?” And next you are pregnant. Perhaps the dream is a reflection of related thoughts. You think that having a baby together will do it. In which case, having a baby in the dream is simply a reflection of thoughts about your relationship. It’s not some sort of prophecy. However, it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  91. Hello, I had a dream that my deceased mother was pregnant. She told me she was having the baby on May 9th. I told her I thought she was only 7 months. I told her maybe I shouldn’t go to north Carolina. See in real life I plan to travel to NC to be with my cousin on mother’s day weekend because she lost her mother in Feb. This mithers day is going to be hard for my cousin..,so I didn’t want her to be alone.

    What does this mean? Thank you

    1. Hi Nicole, pregnancy in this dream can mean that you are assuming a role that your mother played before she passed away. Telling her in the dream that maybe you shouldn’t go to NC might — might — be a way of saying you aren’t sure about yourself in this role, or you have some other doubt about the trip. I get that idea from your reaction saying that she’s only seven month pregnant when, according to regular logic, she’d be almost ready to give birth. To me, that looks like symbolism for being unprepared.

  92. We’ve been trying for a while to get pregnant but so far it’s not happened for us.

    Throughout this I’ve not dreamed of pregnancy at all, however last night I dreamed of my sister telling me she thought I was pregnant and should take a pregnancy test. I told her I’d taken countless tests and they had all been negative, but she continued being insistent that I tale another test. So I did in the dream and I woke up just as I was waiting for the results.

    In real life I have taken a few tests recently and they’ve all been negative.

    Any perspective you can share would be great.

    1. It sounds familiar from what soon-to-be pregnant women report. It might be a way of encouraging you to continue trying to conceive. Does your sister have children? If so, the dream might use her as a character because she’s already a mom. But there’s always a chance pregnancy is symbolism in the dream.

  93. Hello I’ve been having dreams of a little girl for about a month and a half. And my husband just had a dream 2 weeks ago of the same little girl I have been dreaming of. And just yesterday I had a dream that I took 2 home pregnancy test and they came out positive the first one I had seen it said 1+ and I was so happy I ran to my sister’s and showed them but then it disappeared so they told me to take another one so I did and it read positive so I was so happy I showed them and ran to show my mom. It felt so real. What could this mean help please!!

    1. You have two ways of looking at it. Dreams can foretell pregnancy, and sometimes they create scenarios to help you decide if you want to be pregnant or a parent. The other way of looking at it is the dream is saying you’re pregnant in the metaphorical sense — with an idea, a feeling, a new interest. The detail about running to tell your mom suggests that the dream could be related to actual pregnancy or desire to be a mother. It appears to be a subject on your mind.

  94. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy. In my dream I was surprise because I already have 4 kids and not planning on having any more children. I was also scared and worried because I didn’t know how I would be able to care for 7 children.

    1. The symbolism of being pregnant with triplets could be an expression of feeling overwhelmed with caring for the children you have! Dreams set up scenarios that trigger feelings and emotions which you recently experienced. So if recently you felt overwhelmed by raising four children, your dream said “here’s three more” as a way of triggering the feeling of being overwhelmed. Ultimately it means that you need to consciously process these feelings and perhaps think through your method of contraception. This dream could be expressing fear that you will get pregnant again.

  95. I had a dream that I all of a sudden noticed that I was about 3-4 months pregnant and showing. I tell my friend how it’s not ideal and embarrassing because the father already has 2 kids by 2 different women, but I also mention that it is too late to abort the baby, but partly because I have warmed up to the idea of being pregnant despite the situation. This is weird because the father of the baby in my dream is a guy that I am not seeing anymore and he does have 2 babies already, but I have had my period since I’ve stopped seeing him. I am due to start my period tomorrow though. Also in my dream I was walking around the grocery store pregnant and rubbing my belly. I woke up disappointed and searching for answers since it has been eating at me all day. Could there be any symbolism in any of this? Thanks for your time!

    1. Well, since you’ve had your period you can assume you are not actually pregnant. Perhaps the symbolism of being pregnant with his baby is a way of saying that he’s still inside you in the figurative and emotional senses. You broke up but haven’t gotten him out of your system.

  96. I have a reaccuring dream that I find out I’m pregnant and I spend the rest of the dream either telling the father that I’m pregnant and he fails to hear me. Or I am dreading telling the father and I try the entire dream to find ways out of telling him. Sometimes the dreams involve telling other people as well but almost always the trouble with telling the father.

    1. Start with the detail about trouble with telling your father you are pregnant. My guess is the dream could be using telling him you’re pregnant to represent something else you need to tell him (or another father figure in your life) but are having difficulty.

  97. Hi,My name is Erika and I am a soft butch. I already have a girlfriend and was kind of freaked out when I dreamed of being pregnant and wherever I go, I see countless of women who are also pregnant. What does that mean? We are planning to have a baby soon but I want my girlfriend to be the one who is pregnant and not me. please help me

    1. Seeing countless women who are pregnant can be a way of saying the subject is on your all the time, or was on your mind the day or two before the dream. You being pregnant in the dream can mean the idea of having a baby has really gotten inside you. You are pregnant with anticipation, something like that. Rest assured, the dream is symbolism.

      One other thing to consider is the dream might be asking you if you’d be the one to get pregnant if it came down to it. Do you want the baby that much?

    1. Well, if the dreamer is female I’d guess that the symbolism could be related to her being exhausted but still having to take care of responsibilities. But on the other hand, childbirth in dreams is closely associated with creativity, especially with “getting something out of you.” So perhaps the baby in the dream can be viewed as stemming from something that appeared to be over already, or from an area of your life that had been forgotten about. What I really need is more detail to take a better guess.

  98. I had a dream I miscarried one day and I knew it was dangerous because my tubes are tied. I get home to tell my husband and he says I’m overreacting. Right after he says that I go to the bathroom and miscarry again, you can see the fingers and toes and little face, but he says don’t worry its gone now. My adopted mom is outside in a car and I go to ask her about it hysterically, but before I get to her, he tells me to come back inside. Our oldest child starts to worry so she distracts him while I sneak to an ultrasound place in the mall sponsored by a bank, and they tell me yes this was a baby. The tech gives me a new ultrasound and says there’s a new uterus that has been separated and created even though your tubes are tied and your baby is there growing.

    1. The reaction of the husband-character is the place to focus first. It tells you that whatever symbolism underlies the dream is probably something he would say you overreact to. First, do you fear getting pregnant even though your tubes are tied? Or perhaps the dream is related to the desire to have another baby. Did your hubby push for you to have your tubes tied? Did you go along with it even though you wanted more children? Was affordability a factor? I ask because of the reference to the bank in the dream, which can symbolism something related to finances/money. To me, this dream could be a way of saying that you want to have another child even though it’s physically not possible, but that’s just a guess.

  99. I had a dream that I went to see the doctor and had and ultrasound done and found out I was pregnant on the screen were three baby’s in the same sac! What could that mean please help.

    1. Always consider the obvious first. If you are sexually active you should take a pregnancy test. Another possibility is you have three ideas or something like that “inside you.” You are “pregnant with ideas.” I suggest that you sit quietly and remember the dream, picture the ultrasound and the image of the three fetuses. Ask yourself, “what is inside of me?” And remember that while dreams can be literal — they can tell you that you are pregnant or will be soon — usually they are figurative.

  100. I didn’t dream that I was pregnant. It was my oldest daughter that I seen take a pregnancy test that came back postive. So what does that mean?

    1. Hey Carrie, I was away on a trip and am now able to reply. So you dreamed that your oldest daughter had a positive pregnancy test. One thing to consider is the dream expresses concern or a hunch that she really will get pregnant. Another possibility is you have observed that she has something creative growing inside of her. Also consider that your daughter could represent something about you and it’s you who has something growing inside of you. I see this sort of symbolism commonly with people who have an idea or something along those lines that wants to be “birthed.”

      1. Wow. I had a dream that my daughter was giving me gifts and the last gift she gave me was a positive pregnancy test. I questioned her and she swore it was not her. Today is the day my cycle is suppose to start… I will wait to see…

        1. Please update me on what happens. If you think of your daughter as a gift, it would make sense for the dream to have her deliver another gift for you…if you are pregnant.

  101. i dreamt about all of us being at a beach/ very large creek that was really peaceful. we had to get out of the water cuz there was a tornado warning while were waiting on this tornado im taking pregnancy tests.the first one had a positive sign the second one had the word pregnancy and the third had the samme word but a blue phone shaped rattle beside the word indicating it was a boy. i felt anxious to tell zach but i got woke upafter piddling around a bit i went back to sleep and the dream continued. when the tornado was over i went by the creek and these fish were coming out of the water (bass) and coasting on the top of the water. i thought they were so pretty.

    1. Wow, what a great dream. My first thoughts revolve around pregnancy being compared with a tornado. It would definitely shake up your life, and perhaps you fear that getting pregnant would mess up your peace of mind. Zach is your boyfriend? Another way of looking at it is the positive sign of the pregnancy test means you see positive signs for your relationship with him. The blue rattle indicating a boy might mean “boy” as in Zach. Maybe the tornado symbolizes difficulty you had in the relationship, but then the difficulty passed and it stirred up some good things in your emotions (the fish in the water). Maybe something has been brought to the surface.

      Or, you’re pregnant and the dream told you. Those are my guesses.

  102. I dreamt I birth to twins whilst visiting my friend and a few minutes she also gave birth to a baby girl and her mother decided to check on the sex of my babies and discovered they were girls. I then to struggle who they look like at the back of mind but didn’t care cos I was have happy I had twins. what does this dream mean?

    1. My guess is you could be seeing something new in yourself being born, some new aspect of your personality or new project in your life. It could be something that you also see in, or relate to, your friend who is in the dream.

  103. I don’t have dreams of being pregnant but last night i dreamed that my ob doctor told me that i was pregnant i would love to have another baby but not at this moment but i been feeling little butterflies in my stomach and something moving around since February of this year

    1. The first rule of dream interpretation is to consider the obvious. It was your OB who informed you in the dream and you’ve been feeling butterflies. Get a pregnancy test. And please let me know what the results are.

      It’s possible that you are pregnant with an idea or a new possibility. There could be something new that’s gestating in you. Most dreams use symbolism, but sometimes they deliver literal messages. So yeah, get a pregnancy test. Good luck.

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