Dream about kittens interpreted by tying together details

Dream about kittens interpreted

When interpreting a dream I look for details that tie together, a central thread that runs through the story. Two or more details point the same direction to reveal the meaning. This fact about dreams is a blessing, otherwise it would be next to impossible to pin down the meaning of some symbols.

Dream symbols don’t have pat definitions. Instead, the meaning is multiple choice. It’s like looking up the word “spring” in a dictionary. Does it mean spring as in ‘the season,’ or spring as in the ‘coiled piece of metal,’ or spring as in ‘jump’? You can tell which definition is correct based on the sentence the word spring is used in. Dream symbols are defined by the story they are in.dream about kittens

Take the example of kittens in dreams. One definition is kittens represent something cute, sweet, or playful. They can represent innocence and purity. A kitten can represent something about yourself or characterize someone you know. Kittens can represent something new in your life, since they are newly born. Or a kitten’s young age can refer to something that is immature, undeveloped, dependent, or helpless. Another possibility is the young age refers to a young child, or pregnancy. Terms like “puppy,” “cub,” and “kitten” are used to refer to a fetus, baby, or young child. On top of that, dreams can use your personal experiences with, and feelings about, kittens to create symbolism, raising more possibilities.

With so many possibilities to consider, how do you narrow them down? You tie the other details of the dream together with the kitten(s) in it. Look at the kitten(s) in the context of the story. Here is an example from a dream I helped interpret. [Link to original post at Reddit Dreams]

A few nights ago I dreamt that I was sitting on the ground doing something when a bunch of small kittens came over to play. I distinctly remember them being very fluffy and cute, which is strange because I hate cats (sorry!) and there were specifically a gray, an orange, and a white kitten. I was more drawn to the gray kitten.

Two details stand out to me. One, the dreamer likes the kittens even though she usually hates cats. Two, she is particularly drawn to the gray one. I will explain the significance in a moment.

A third detail that could be significant is the scene seems to show the dreamer in an ordinary situation just sitting down doing something that isn’t particularly important. It suggests that the dream is speaking to an ordinary part of daily existence. Some dreams draw attention to specific events or circumstances in your life. Some dreams are nonspecific and look at the overall picture. For example, if you are overweight it is an ongoing aspect of your daily existence, part of the big picture.

The dreamer gives more details about her situation that help clarify what her dream is about. Keep in mind that she volunteers this information without being asked, and one of the main ways of figuring out what a dream means is to simply talk about it and make connections based on what spontaneously comes to mind. This detail reveals the ongoing aspect of her life the dream is referencing.

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and single. Baby daddy chose to step out of the picture and so naturally I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure from all sides to “deal with it.” I feel like I’ve made a huge portion of my friends and family upset that I’ve decided to keep him.

Now we have a clue that the meaning of the symbolism of the kittens in the dream could relate to her pregnancy. However, more supporting details are needed before feeling comfortable with that conclusion. I conversed with the dreamer to find out more about her situation. She said when she first found out she was pregnant she wanted to abort but it was too late. Then she looked into giving up the baby for adoption.

She was going to go the adoption route—especially with all the pressure on her to give up the baby—but once she saw the baby on a sonogram and found out it’s a boy, she changed her mind. In the dream, the gray kitten she is drawn to is a boy, and the other two kittens are girls, a detail that our conversation revealed. This detail points the same direction as the kittens in the dream representing pregnancy.

The clincher comes in a third detail that emerged during our conversation. The dreamer had been considering the name Sterling for her baby boy. Sterling is associated with silver, and the color silver is close to gray. The dreamer is drawn to the gray kitten. The dream symbolizes her warming up to the idea of having a baby boy, the kitten growing in her womb.

All the details fit together now and point toward the dreamer’s pregnancy as the subject of the dream. That’s how I interpreted this dream about kittens.

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