Three children in a dream: What does it mean to dream of children?

Children in a dream

Dear RadOwl,

Last night I dreamed I had three children ranging in age from infant to a few years old. The oldest, a boy, I didn’t really see much of in the dream; was just aware he was around. There was also a little girl, a bit pouty and 100% adorable. The third child was a baby boy. I remember playing a game with his toes. He was a very happy baby, full of laughter and giggles. What does this dream mean?


Momma Bear

Dear Momma Bear,

You actually interpreted this dream. I only helped you think it through.

At first I was pretty sure the children represented something creative in you symbolized by the children or interaction between parts of yourself symbolized by the children. Children are creations, and children in dreams can symbolize anything you create. Also, there are possibilities like “inner child” to consider. But you said the children did not feel like they were part of you in that sense; you felt they were your children. I was stumped. Then you came up with the meaning:

They really are your children. You’ve had two miscarriages, and if the children had been born they would be the ages of the children in the dream. The third child, the girl, is either another miscarriage when you didn’t know for sure you were pregnant, or a child still to come. Let’s hope that is the case!


The oldest boy you never knew very well. He was barely formed when you miscarried, so in the dream you are aware of him but don’t really see him. The second boy developed for a couple of months in your womb before you had the miscarriage, therefore you got to know him better than the first boy.unborn children in dreams

I feel for your loss. You would be a great mother.

But in a way, you already are a mother. Those children in your dream are real. Their bodies stopped growing before they were born, but they live on in some place where the idea of them will never die.

The little girl is a mystery because she might represent a third pregnancy immediately following the second one. Your body was still full of pregnancy hormones at the time, and the pregnancy test you took was therefore unreliable.

I really want to believe that the little girl is in your future.

Dreams are for your benefit, and to see your unborn children in a dream is a way to connect with them, to love them even though they are not physically part of your life. Dreams are known to show you your future, especially some of the very important events like having children. So while it is possible that the little girl symbolizes a pregnancy that miscarried, my sense is your dream showed  you her as a way of giving you hope she will some day you can hold her for real.


This theme of dreaming intensely and realistically about children is widespread. The source of the dreams vary from wish-fulfillment, to planting a seed in the mind of the mother (especially with women who think they don’t want children), to some deep creative process where future children begin as ideas in the minds of the parents, particularly the parents.

The world as we know it is created through our observation. Quantum physics shows us that this material reality doesn’t exist in its present form till it a person comes along and chooses among the many possibilities. It’s a mind-blowing concept that has a century of research, observations, and experimentation to affirm it. Perhaps by dreaming so intensely about children that aren’t born, they are, on some level, created.

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