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Dreaming about Three Children | Mother Sees Her Unborn Children

baby and children in dreams
baby and children in dreams

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Children in a dream

Dear RadOwl,

In my dreams I have three children ranging in age from infant to a few years old. The oldest, a boy, I don’t really see much of in the dream. There’s also a little girl, a bit pouty and 100% adorable. The third child is a baby boy. I remember playing a game with his toes. He’s a very happy baby, full of laughter and giggles. What does this dream mean?


Momma Bear

Dear Momma Bear,

You actually interpreted this dream. I only helped you think it through. The conclusion is eye-opening, and the more I think about it, the more I feel comfortable with how we interpreted the dream.

J.M. DeBord aka RadOwl

At first I was pretty sure the children represent something creative in you — children are creations, and in the dreams of women that’s always a possibility for meaning to consider.

That idea didn’t ring a bell with you, so I suggested that the dream could show aspects of yourself. The children symbolize related ideas such as nurturing, caring, joy. Happy babies in dreams are a classic sign of joy to be alive, of awe and wonder at life. But that didn’t resonate.

We considered the idea of the children representing something new in your life. But no, that’s not it.

We considered the idea of the dream being a simulation that brings out your motherly side. You are not a mother but you want to be. Dreams can help you to explore thoughts and feelings and prepare you for what’s to come in your life. But you are unable to have children, a fact that’s deeply saddening.

We tried out the idea of “inner child.” But you said the children did not feel like they were part of you in that sense; you felt they were your children. I was stumped. Then you came up with the meaning:

dream interpretation dictionary

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They really are your children. You’ve had two miscarriages that you know about, and if the children had been born they would be the ages of the children in the dream. The third child, the girl, is either another miscarriage when you didn’t know for sure you were pregnant, or a child still to come.

In the dream, the oldest boy is in the background; you are aware he’s there but don’t get a good look at him. He was barely formed when you miscarried, so in the dream you are aware of him but don’t really see him. The second boy, the baby, developed for a couple of months in your womb before you miscarried, therefore you got to know him better than the first boy.

I feel for your loss. You would be a great mother.

But in a way, you already are a mother. Those children in your dream are real. Their bodies stopped growing before they were born, but they live on in some place where the idea of them will never die. Dreams can tap us into other realities that are just as “real” as the one we live in.

The little girl is a mystery. She could represent a pregnancy you didn’t know about —  your body has been through big hormonal swings that can make pregnancy tests unreliable. Or she could be a child still to come. I really want to believe that the little girl is in your future.

Dreams are for your benefit, and to see your unborn children in a dream is a way to connect with them, to love them even though they are not physically part of your life. Dreams are known to show you your future, especially some of the very important events like having children. So while it is possible that the little girl symbolizes a pregnancy that miscarried, my sense is your dream showed  you her as a way of giving you hope you will someday hold her in your arms.


This theme of dreaming intensely and realistically about children is widespread. The source of the dreams vary from wish-fulfillment, to planting a seed in the mind of the mother that she wants to have children, to some deep creative process where future children begin as ideas in the minds of the parents.

The world as we know it is created through our observation. Quantum physics shows us that this material reality doesn’t exist in its present form till it a person comes along and chooses among the many possibilities. It’s a mind-blowing concept that has a century of research, observations, and experimentation to affirm it. Perhaps by dreaming so intensely about children that aren’t born, it helps to bring them into this reality from the timeless place where they originate.

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6 thoughts on “Dreaming about Three Children | Mother Sees Her Unborn Children”

  1. I’ve been searching for the interpretation of two dreams that I can’t stop thinking about.

    In the first dream, I go to the bank with one of my sisters. My sister points to my bank account and I see on the display that it says 3000.

    In the second dream, I either enter an apartment or I’m sitting on the couch while 3 children are playing on the floor with their toys. 2 gorgeous boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. A man, a stranger, comes in the apartment and I pick up the girl, and plays with my hair. We both smile and I feel joy but at the same time I feel somewhat afraid.

    In my awaken state, I keep having these visions about a handsome man, a stranger, who has a beautiful daughter who later becomes my step-daughter when I marry this man. These visions gives me great joy.

    The only thing I can know for a fact is that the numbers in my bank account, the three children and my visions are connected but I don’t know how.
    Can you help me interpret them?

    1. Think of your bank account in the dream as some sort of saved resource. It could have to do with finances but more likely it’s a resource such as time, energy, hope, faith, etc. How do you feel about the number you see — is it a lot, or not?

      Now take that idea and apply it to the rest of the dream. You are shown with a family. Do you feel like the resources you have stored are enough to support a family or at least start one? That’s the most obvious way of interpreting that scene. Along that line, the stranger is someone you haven’t met in your waking life but you sense that’s about to change. The stranger could be a specific person, someone alive in the world who’s connected to you spirit-wise as the future father of your children.

      But looked at another way, the character represents a missing element from the picture of your life. You are going through a transition and are in a temporary place in your life, shown in the dream as living in an apartment. You are waiting for this missing piece to come into focus. It could just symbolize the idea of “I want a family and need the right partner.” In which case, the stranger is not a specific person, he’s a type of person: the right partner.

      If it was my dream, I’d respond to it a few ways. One, I’d ask myself if I need to save resources in anticipation of something important I want in the near future.

      Two, I’d keep my eyes open for that beautiful stranger with a daughter. If you really are meant to be together, the universe will arrange the meeting. Along that line, you might check out Connecting with Coincidence. Coincidence can be meaningful, and the link I give you is to a psychiatrist who studies the subject. In the book he details cases he worked with personally that involve people coming into your life at just the right time. The #1 trigger for meaningful coincidence appears to stem from breaking your routine. For example, you take a different route home, stop at a restaurant you’ve never noticed because you don’t normally drive past it, walk inside and the guy in line is your future husband. You strike up a conversation and voila, destiny.

      It’s not automatic, but the point is to embrace a dream or intuitive hunch as a possibility. You can then decide whether you want to help the process along. That’s my third approach to the dream. “Hmm, intriguing, I wonder if this dream is going to come true. I’ll make a note to self and go on with my daily life in the meantime.” Even when “destiny” is arranged we still have a choice whether to play along. If the dream shows you a picture you want to become reality, keep your mind open to the possibility and affirm your desire to see it happen.

      At it’s simplest, the dream shows you a possibility that brings you great joy. That could be the bottom line here. The dream begins with that idea and creates a scenario that triggers the feeling. It doesn’t automatically mean that having a family is the joy that could be coming into your life, but you do see, clearly, that the idea of something brings you joy. Now focus on the joy and say to yourself, “Yeah, I’d like that — and hey, I’ll do whatever I can on my part to make it happen. Universe, I’m open to this possibility.”

      EDIT – I just noticed the role your sister plays in the dream. She points out the bank account balance. Is she a mom? If the answer is yes, it might explain her presence in the dream to reinforce the idea that the dream is somehow related to starting your own family and having the resources to do it.

      1. Thank you for responding so quickly and your insights! Highly appreciate it.

        Whenever I think about the first time dream, I get excited to be in a bank because my financial situation isn’t any good. But when I see numbers, I get disappointed. My sister isn’t a mom but she can act like a mom to me whenever I have issues but our relationship isn’t that good anymore. I do still love her.

        As the times goes, I get more glimpses of the dream. The first stranger, where I enter the apartment is a white male. The man with the daughter is a black male. The thing I also remember is that I see myself more happy and satisfied with my life when I’m with the man and his daughter. When I entered the apartment, I felt misplaced but as soon as I lifted up the girl, I felt at home. The two young boys are just looking at me when I enter. Not smiling at all but the girl is. It almost feels like she’s been waiting for me.

        Today I had another dream involving lots of children. We were in an empty building. I don’t recognise any of them and they didn’t seem to belong to me but I was happy there and was always smiling.

        The thing that caught my attention was everytime I came near something that reminded me of a staircase, I became afraid and didn’t want to go down so I always turned around and continued playing with the other children.
        Later in the dream, I met some parents living in the building. We had conversation because I saw our lips moving but I couldn’t hear anything. It was a still pleasant dream with lots of laughter and connecting with strangers.
        In reality, I suffer from social anxiety so I know somehow it’s connected to that.

        Nowadays I keep having dreams where it involves children.

        1. You might try boiling down this dream to a simple question: is there something I should look at in terms of black and white in my life? It either is or it isn’t, no shades of grey, no equivocation.

          The children … yeah, it sure looks like you have something new and important in your life now, or coming soon.

  2. My dream was about an acquaintance she was @ my house & I walk to my daughter room she left me three children 1st child was about 3-4 yrs old girl asleep in my daughter room. Then 6-8 months old boy. Then a new born look as if it was premi baby, baby was to tiny it fit on my hand. I remember baby having a bandage on his lower back with a feefing tube? When I came out my daughter’s room to question about the baby she was gone.. Then I woke up feeling scared & confused & heart broken.

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