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Interpretation of a Dream about False Teeth

Dreams 1-2-3: an introduction to dreamwork by jm debord

What it means to dream about false teeth

Dear RadOwl:

I had a dream that I got false teeth. I took them out and it tasted and smelled horrible like something rotten in my mouth. What does it mean?

Signed, Lilgirlygirl

interpretation of a dream about false teeth

False teeth in a dream are associated with lying and dishonesty

Dear Lilgirlygirl:

Everything in your dream and dreams in general is symbolic, so to figure out the meaning, begin by asking yourself what false teeth might symbolize.

Your teeth are in the same mouth that speaks, so they can be associated with what you say. False teeth suggests to me that something you say or said is false, dishonest.

Teeth are also associated with social status and perceptions of attractiveness. In which case, false teeth might symbolize a false impression.

The smell and rot in the dream remind me of something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, symbolically. Lying or giving false impressions can do that.

It also helps to know that dreams almost always refer to the last day or two of your life, or the day ahead. Think back on the day before the dream and look for anything related to false impressions or false words, something that left a bad taste in your mouth, figuratively.

You did that and remembered a phone conversation with your mom. She asked you if you smoke pot and you lied by saying you didn’t. Lying to her left a bad taste in your mouth. So it appears that your dream about false teeth relates to your conversation with your mom. Good job making that connection. Now the question is, how do you put the information to use?

Now we know that in this dream, false teeth means dishonesty.

dreaming about teeth falling out

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9 thoughts on “Interpretation of a Dream about False Teeth”

  1. I had a dream that my current boss helped me remove my teeth and replace with new ones. (I have straight, clean, white teeth. No need to replace them) He did a great job in the dream and I loved them but after a day or so they started to fall out and hurt my gums.

  2. I was brushing my teeth. Part of My Upper denture broke. I’m afraid to go to work. Planning of not showing up to have my falsefalse teeth fixed first. But it seems I managed it & still showed up for work.

    1. Since you think about work right after the action with the denture breaking, I’d bet the underlying subject of the dream is somehow related to work. Perhaps there was something you were worried about related to work. Since teeth are part of your personal presentation, look for subjects related to that idea. I know I’ve had days when I didn’t feel ready to put on the “happy smile” and “face” whatever was about to come my way.

  3. I had a dream that my mother which is 74, handed me her false teeth, a full set btw which she doesn’t have in real life, were put in my outstretched cupped hands.
    After that they looked semi pristine but at closer look there were nicotine stains on them and they smelled horrifically!!
    My mother pointed out the 2 stains that were on the upper and lower see through pallet of the false teeth the size of a nickel.
    But, I remember not wanting to be mean to my mother as she asked me why she has nicotine stains when she doesn’t smoke.
    I was trying not to hurl from the smell in the dream and at waking from this!!
    I was still smelling it when I woke and it faded as I opened my eyes.
    I don’t smoke, never did and I won’t have it around me!
    So the horrific odor was only in my dream.
    The bitter smell was the worst I’ve ever experienced in my during my dream state, although I have always had memorable and colorful dreams with odors in a few of them.
    What is this? I’m connecting it somewhat with my mom going on SOCIAL media and saying things that were bitter and embarassing.

    1. Lisa, I think you are on the right track connecting the dream with what your mom says on social media. Teeth as symbols are associated with things you say, and a stain can symbolize embarrassment or other sort of personal stain on your image or person.

      Do you notice how the dream also shows your perception that she doesn’t know she’s embarrassing herself? The nicotine stains on her teeth even though she doesn’t smoke. Note your reaction too because it’s a telling feature of the story. You don’t want to be mean to her. What does that really say? That you don’t say anything to her about her online behavior?

      The bad smell in the dream is a great example of how it’s a full sensory experience that happens only in your mind. How I love dreams.

      Speaking of, I want to invite you to check out my newsletter We Love Dreams. Take care and thank you for sharing your dream with me.

  4. i dream that my mom is showing me her denture’s teeth (lower dentures) fell and gone like it was swallowed, but she doesnt have one in real life. then she asked me if it really has to be that way. the only thing left is the gum part of denture. shes not in pain and in a calm manner. what does it mean?

  5. I had a dream about my mom false teeth , while Im cleaning the false teeth into a running water suddenly the some teeths are falling. What does it mean?

    1. The dream could mean you are missing an important detail in your care for your mom, or something like that. Cleaning false teeth is one of those chores to care for hygiene. Perhaps there’s a connection with the dream?

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