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Dream about meeting a famous person: I meet the singer Adele and agree to become her stylist

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Dream about Adele: what it means to dream about meeting a famous person.

Dear Dream Guy,

I had a dream I met the singer Adele in a waiting room. Her head was wrapped in a scarf like she was trying to hide herself or not be recognized, and my sense is I met her just as she is about to become famous. As I observe her I think to myself she needs a good stylist, and before I know I it, I tell her I’ll be her stylist. Then another girl in the room, one of my students, interrupts us saying she wants to be Adele’s stylist. Adele picks me because, she says, I’m married, even though I’m not really married and in the dream I know I’m not. What does it mean?


Stylist in Waiting

Dear Stylist,

Famous people in dreams often symbolize how you relate to them. Something about Adele clicks with you — a part of yourself is like her or relates to her in some way.

You told me Adele reminds you of yourself because she is very talented but people rip on her for being a big girl, so we know how you relate to her. Now look at the setting, a waiting room. To me this says you are waiting for your big moment, the same way in the dream as Adele is on the cusp of becoming famous. It’s not to say you will have her level of success — though it is possible — but you have talent like hers. You are close to gaining your own success.

In waking life you are not a stylist, you are a fashion design instructor and your profession involves knowing style trends and seeing the best way to present people. In that sense you are a stylist. The dream’s reference to being Adele’s stylist is a suggestion for you to apply the same talent and knowledge for your benefit. Adele is the dream’s surrogate for yourself; what the dream says about her, it says about you. Be your own stylist!

dream about a famous person

dream about a famous person – Adele – leads to advice for this dreamer to become her own stylist

Using that piece of information, now look at how Adele is “under wraps” in the dream. She doesn’t want to be recognized. This stems from your own shyness about your looks. You think people see you as ugly because you are big and busty like Adele. It’s why you can’t look at yourself like you looked at Adele in the dream and see what you could do for her style.

To interpret this dream, I asked what you associate with the student in the dream who competes with you to become Adele’s stylist. You said she reminds you of the type who has it easy because she is skinny, young and attractive enough to never worry about what people think of her looks. In the dream she symbolizes what holds you back: your perception that only females like her have a shot in the fashion design business. Going deeper, I think she also symbolizes perceptions about your own attractiveness: you think you have to look like her to be attractive.

However, Adele picks you, and I think this is a strong message from your unconscious mind to recognize your beauty and talent. She picks you because, she says, you are married. In dreams, marriage can symbolize commitment. This detail tells me that what will really help you succeed is your commitment to your craft. You are, in a sense, married to your identity as a fashion designer. It’s a big part of who you are.

Use Adele as your inspiration. Think about what you would do as her stylist and apply it to yourself. And don’t give a fuck what people think of your appearance; they’re only jealous.

As Dr. Frasier Crane says, I'm listening. Leave a comment.

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