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Share and Interpret Dreams at the Reddit Dream Forum, /r/dreams

Are you looking for a forum to share and interpret dreams? Look no further than

I’m a moderator at /r/dreams (that’s Reddit shorthand to identify specific forums within the Reddit universe), and it’s my favorite Internet community. I gathered material for my book Dreams 1-2-3 by interpreting dreams of Reddit users (aka “Redditors”), and I’m writing another book dedicated solely to dreams I’ve encountered at Reddit.

If you’re interesting in learning about and sharing dreams, you should drop by! I’m known as RadOwl. See you there!

2 thoughts on “Share and Interpret Dreams at the Reddit Dream Forum, /r/dreams”

  1. Hello RadOwl,

    I had a vision or quick clip in a dream I truly hope you can help me understand. I have looked at dictionary meanings, naked dream forums and im having a hard time with this one.
    First, in reality, im going through and extremely painful time in my relationship, our family is set to move 2200k miles across country, my extended family has severed all ties with me because of that, I am 5’2 with really short hair and its been that way for decades.
    So now my dream: I saw myself in an open space almost like an abandoned parking lot the background was dreary. I was me naked, really skinny (like malnourished) and my hair was long and scraggly, and I was on all four like a dog. It was just me in my dream staring at me in reality, it felt like the dream me could see through the dimensions of sleep right to the reality me. My head was slightly cocked to the right with a very sad look in search of something. No one else was in the dream.

    What I am guessing is really hard times ahead. Almost like the biblical 7 fat cows were devoured by 7 skinny cows.

    Thank you so much for your time and help. I hope you can help enlighten me.

    1. The dream isn’t necessarily saying hard times are ahead. In fact, it looks like they’ve already arrived. The dream shows you alone, in a dreary place, exposed, and in a bad state all around. Then it shows you feeling low and sad. The dream image is a physical representation of a personal situation. It summarizes the dynamics and how you feel.

      I have a suggestion: laugh. Laugh till it hurts. The situation is bad, yes, and there’s nothing funny about it. But laugh at how the dream summarizes it all in one image. Laughter means acceptance in a sense. The situation is what it is. How you react to it is most important. Laughter will free you from the heaviness. As the great sage Snoopy once said, “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”

As Dr. Frasier Crane says, I'm listening. Leave a comment.

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