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Ouch! Male Student Dreams of Pulling Long Hair From Foot

Hobbit Feet

Dear Dream Guy,

Last night I dreamed that I pulled a long, thick hair from my foot that was embedded horizontally under the skin. Gross! What does it mean? Signed, Hobbit Foot

Dear Hobbit Foot,

The first meaning to look for in a dream is always the literal one. Inspect your feet for ingrown hairs.

Ruling out a physical cause for the dream, next I’d ask if your life is not moving forward the way you’d like. When feet feature prominently in my dreams, I ask if it’s related to “movement” in my life. If I’m stuck in place and feel like my life isn’t going where I want it to, I’ll dream of shoes falling apart, or feet that are injured or feel heavy.

In your case you remove a long hair, and to me this action in the dream speaks to preparation for moving your life forward, since we trim or pluck hair when getting ready for something important. What do I do before work or a night on the town? I shave. Sometimes I pluck errant hairs from my nose or eyebrows.

So ask yourself if you feel like your life is moving forward, and if not, what is hindering you? Since school is just starting for many people this time of year, I wonder if you are having trouble getting motivated after a summer break?

Note: The dreamer is a college student who just returned to school to start fall semester. He says he’s having trouble getting motivated. Dream solved.


As Dr. Frasier Crane says, I'm listening. Leave a comment.

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