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Earwax Dream

This is one of the better exchanges from my recent Reddit AMA, a question and answer session with the Reddit community (follow the link to read the full AMA). It’s about an earwax dream:

So I had a dream last week where I was pulling earwax out of my boyfriend’s ear, like huge globs of it. Then it turned into bits of blank paper. We were at some kind of party, there were other people there at least, but nobody noticed what I was doing. It actually weirded me out so much that when I woke up and started googling “ear wax dreams” but couldn’t find anything about wax in OTHER people’s ears. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

My reply:

The first answer to consider when interpreting a dream is the most obvious one. How much wax is in that man’s ears? Does it look like a potato patch in there? Ruling out that possibility, I would next consider if the symbolism has to do with his listening skills. It could be that you are trying to get through to him and you don’t feel like he is listening or really hearing you.

And her reply:

Actually, now that you mention it, it seems pretty straightforward. He oils his ears sometimes to avoid blockages as his job involves a lot of flying and often he will leave the pipette on the sink without cleaning it and putting it away. It probably just came from me having to ask him to clean up when he’s done.

And that my friends is a classic example of one way dreams speak.

2 thoughts on “Earwax Dream”

  1. Great site & heard you the radio KFBK. Very interesting & informative. My dreams have become so vivid. I see names,addresses & phone numbers. My dream dictionary is vast & crazy.. Thx for the insight.

    1. Hey thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Keep up with that journal and come over to Reddit Dreams to share. The pleasure is mine!

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