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Dream about Meeting Your Soulmate | The Man or Woman of Your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be great if soulmates really exist? If the man or woman of your dreams is a flesh ‘n blood, living human being? Soulmates are really misunderstood. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in all types of...

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Shadow Dreams: Everyone Has a Dark Side | Carl Jung

Shadow Dreams | Carl Jung Shadow in a dream can represent something unknown. Shadow is an unseen or partially seen area, and “to see” in a dream can symbolize awareness. At its simplest, a shadow is a dark area, and...

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Understanding Anima | The Woman in Every Man

Carl Jung’s most misunderstood concept In simplest terms, anima represents the feminine aspects of a male’s psyche. Everything in his psyche that’s traditionally feminine and unconscious summed up in one image, such as hunches, intuitions, moods, receptivity, and capacity to...

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Zombies! What It Means to Dream about Zombies

Dreaming about zombies, the living dead One of the primary ways zombies are used in dreams is to symbolize mindlessness. Being surrounded by zombies in a dream can symbolize the feeling of being surrounded by stupidity. Your world is full of...

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Interpreting Dream Symbols: Wheelchair

Interpreting Dream Symbols: Wheelchair A wheelchair in a dream can symbolize restriction. Movement is restricted for someone in a wheelchair, and movement in a dream can symbolize movement in your life. For example, a teenager might dream about being in...

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Understanding Animus: The Man Within Every Woman

Carl Jung tells us that inside every man is a woman, and vice-versa. He calls it Animus. In simplest terms, animus represents the male aspects of a female’s psyche. It’s everything traditionally masculine and unconscious about a female summed up...

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Dream Interpretation Technique #2: Simplify

Dream interpretation: simplify a dream to notice the obvious Today we dig into the dream interpreter’s toolbox to discuss one of the most effective techniques: keep it simple. Explain your dreams in simplest terms. Summarize it in a sentence, phrase...

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Graveyard Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Graveyard Cemetery Dream

Graveyard and Cemetery Dreams | Interpret the Meaning Graveyards are associated with things that come to an end. For example, a relationship ends, or you sense it coming, and dream about a graveyard. Or a phase of life comes to...