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dreamworker tucson azSo, I hear you’re looking for a dreamworker in Tucson, Arizona. Some people call them “dream interpreters” or “dream analysts.”

I know a guy.

He’s down to earth about dreams, and definitely not a Freudian. Most dreams use symbolism to describe what’s happening in your life. They help you answer questions, solve problems, resolve issues and get perspective. They reflect back your life to you in ways that help you see deeper into it and identify specifically what’s happening in your emotions. But some dreams go deeper, can even be life-changing, and those are the ones most likely to make a person seek help understanding them.

The guy I know is really knowledgable, but he won’t try to convince you he knows what your dreams mean. That’s a fool’s errand. Instead, he’ll help you figure out what you already know.

That’s right, you already know what your dreams mean, subconsciously. After all, you create them, right? Or did the aliens beam them into your head? In which case, sorry, can’t help you.

This guy will help you understand your dreams as stories about yourself and your life. He’ll help you decode the symbolism. He’ll then help you figure out what can be gained from them. How they can help you.

The guy I know has been working with dreams for like 25 years and has helped millions of people better understand their dreams. Granted, “millions” is a big number, but it’s fair to say because this guy is big on a website called reddit.com, where he’s been the moderator of the dreams forum for like, forever. Tens of thousands of people per month read his stuff. And when you multiply tens of thousands by forever, that really adds up! He’s known as RadOwl, the reddit.com dream expert. Or at least, that’s what his publisher calls him. It’s on the cover of his last book so it must be true.

The guy writes about dreams. His second one, The Big Book of Dreams, is due for publication in spring, 2017, and it’s the Bible of Dreams. OK, maybe dictionary is more accurate. I think he has a blog somewhere on the internet, too.

Seriously though, he’s the best around, and I’m not just saying that. Read his About Me page, and see the list of media programs he’s been on. Dude was on Coast to Coast AM, and host George Noory said he’s “one heck of a dream interpreter.” That’s some big praise.

It’ll cost you a dime or two to get this guy’s help. Or $55 per half-hour, whichever is greater. Or you can take a chance and post your dream at dreams.reddit.com and maybe he’ll notice it and offer some ideas.

The rate is negotiable. Dude just wants to help people understand their dreams, but he’s got a mortgage and all that so, you know, contact him and see what can be worked out. You can use the contact form on the About Me page linked above, message him on Facebook, or shoot an email to groovywriter at gmail.com.

Tell him Jason sent you. He’ll know who you mean.

And you can talk with him via phone or skype or whatever. You don’t have to be in Tucson to see this dreamworker, but if you are, hey, you might be neighbors.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of him with Santa.

dream interpreter tucson

Bee Dreams | Meaning of Bees in Dreams and Bee Symbolism

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Bee Dream | Interpreting the Meaning and Symbolism of Bees in Dreams

bee dreams

Bees in a dream are generally a positive sign, but look at the context of the dream before jumping to conclusions. Obviously, being stung by a bee or attacked by a swarm is not a positive sign unless it is, at heart, a message that something about yourself or the circumstances of your life needs to change. In which case it is a sort of mixed blessing.

Bees are communal, self-sacrificing, diligent, and orderly. Any of these ideas can be expressed in dreams featuring bees.

Dreams about bees can symbolize the relationship between you and the community or neighborhood in which you live, or the circle of people with whom you associate. For example, a school or work community can be symbolized by a group of bees.

Bees connect together a neighborhood or plot of land because they regularly visit every place with nectar to offer, and that idea can connect with anything that creates a sense of cohesion.

In that sense, if you think of the psyche as a collective, the bees are the beliefs, values, feelings, thoughts, and processes that connect everything together.

To dream about busy bees can symbolize hard work and being busy, as in the phrase “busy as a bee.” It can symbolize a family or community in harmony. You are part of a hive.

A bee hive can symbolize group thinking, as in the term “hive mind.”


Another possibility is a hive symbolizes building something as a part of a community. The product of the labor can be material, but also consider less tangible possibilities such as building a sense of togetherness or cooperation. Good relationships are built through cooperation, trust, and responsiveness to the needs of others, all of which are exhibited by bees working together.

If you fear bees they can easily be used in dreams to symbolize a fear. If so, you can express to react with fear to the presence of bees.

Another possibility is bees can symbolize an annoyance that won’t go away, something that pesters. This use of the symbolism is likely to be accompanied by the action of swatting or stronger actions to rid yourself of bees. For example, grabbing a shotgun to get rid of an annoying bee in your house can symbolize a strong desire to be rid of a house guest who drops by and won’t leave. You are ready to take drastic action.

Running from or avoiding bees can symbolize avoiding a responsibility or pain. Avoiding a colony or swarm can symbolize avoiding a group of people or a collection of related thoughts.

An angry swarm of bees can symbolize symbolize disagreement with, or within, a community, or a distaste for teamwork.

Angry bees can symbolize that you said or did something—or neglected to do something—that angered a group of people. For example, you post something on Facebook that draws a lot of stinging comments.

Another possibility for a swarm of stinging bees is it symbolizes a swarm of thoughts in your head.

It’s also a picture that says one word: trouble! It’s something you want to avoid, such as a bad disagreement among friends or a perilous situation.

More possibilities for a swarm of stinging bees are it symbolizes a swarm of stinging thoughts in your head, or confusion, or pain—especially nerve pain.

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To be stung by a bee can symbolize a stinging remark. Feelings such as regret and guilt can sting. It can symbolize the ways you say things to yourself that hurt.

Think more expansively and it can mean a situation you are in is painful in some way.

Because bees make honey, they can be associated with wealth and sweetness. Honey symbolizes the product of your labor or good intentions. It can symbolize a reward or indulgence, especially the intimate and sexual varieties of indulgence.

Honey in a dream can relate to the digestive process, including the digestion of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Bees digest nectar to produce honey. You digest your experiences in life to improve yourself. When you dream, especially REM-stage dreaming, your mind digests the experiences of your day so you can learn and grow.

Bees landing on flowers, extracting nectar and depositing pollen, can symbolize something related to fertilization. Perhaps you are laying the groundwork for a future endeavor or personal growth. Or take the idea further and it can symbolize conception, the fertilization of the female egg with the male sperm.

sexual overtone bee dreamThe image of a bee on a succulent flower is charged with sexual references. The flower is associated with the vaginal area, and a bee extracting nectar and leaving pollen is a heck of a metaphor!

How to Decode Dream Symbolism | Video Presentation: Understand Dreams.

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video: how to decode dream symbolism

I’m going to try to embed the video below, but if it’s too wide to view, please use this link to watch it at Youtube:

Video: How to Decode Symbolism

Part I: What is Symbolism?

Part II: How to Decode Symbolism.

Part III: Examples of Dreams Decoded and Analyzed.

It’s an hour in length and provides a basis for understand the meaning and messages of your dreams.


Opposites Attract: Using Contrast with Dream Characters to Create Symbolism

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Using Contrast with Dream Characters to Create Symbolismcontrast in dream symbolism

A primary way that dreams create symbolism and meaning is through comparison. Detail A in a dream is comparable to Detail A about the dreamer. For example, driving off a cliff in a dream is comparable to “going over the edge” somehow in  your life. Comparison is used in metaphors and figures of speech such as “drive off a cliff,” and it’s the #1 thing I look for when decoding dream symbolism.

But what about comparison’s fraternal twin, contrast?

When a dream creates contrast, you can bet it’s symbolism and a great place to look for meaning.

Take for example the following dream shared at Reddit Dreams by a young female:

About a week ago I had a dream much unlike any I’ve ever had before. In the dream, I am back at the community pool I used to frequent while growing up in California. I am 22 now, but in my dream I feel as if I am somewhere around age 14.

In my dream, I meet this other girl who is a few years older than me. She is a lifeguard at the pool. She has very short boyish hair and an upturned nose. She is confident, easy-going, and seems to have this lust for life and an ability to live everyday as if it is her last. She doesn’t seem to let anything bother her and takes every setback as a challenge. Don’t ask me how I know all this, I just know it upon seeing her in my dream.

From the moment my dream-self ses her, I know I am in love/she is my soulmate/meant to be etc., etc. Fast forward (anywhere from a few weeks to a year, who knows) and my dream-self and the mystery girl are dating (?). I visit her at the pool and she sees me at school. I am shy to kiss her in front of other people, but she has no qualms about being openly gay. For some reason, I know in my dream that she has all the qualities that complete me and contrast my qualities.

[Read the post for yourself. My description is lightly edited.]

The dream sets up a contrast between the dreamer and the main dream character. What is the contrast saying? Let’s start with what it’s not saying.

opposite qualities in dream charactersIt’s not saying that the dreamer has a desire to date a woman. It’s not revealing a secret gay desire or anything.

It’s not saying the character is a personified aspect of the deep psyche, such as an anima figure, which is what the dreamer first wondered. A female can’t have an anima figure because her conscious personality is female, and anima is, by definition, contrasexual.

However, this idea is on the right track if you consider that dream characters can be personified aspects of the dreamer.

The dreamer herself tells us what the dream character represents:

I know in my dream that she has all the qualities that complete me and contrast my qualities.

Other details from the dream support the idea that the character the dreamer falls in love with is a personification of everything that she wants to be. The dream-story takes place when the dreamer is 14 years old. That’s a formative time of life. A person’s basic personality is set. It’s when the dreamer’s shyness and timidity took root. As she says in her own words:

I just remember waking up [from the dream] and thinking to myself, “Wow, she is everything I’m not. I stress at every little thing that can or does goes wrong, while she laughs in the face of danger. She has no anxiety whatsoever and is completely free to be herself (openly gay amidst people who believe it is wrong, has short hair, etc.) while I hesitate to be myself even around friends.”

I don’t really think the dream has anything to do with me being gay and not knowing, I think she just represents the self I wish I were. I tend to have a lot of anxiety and am not the type of person who just floats through life carelessly like she does.

Now, why the reference to a gay relationship? The dreamer tells us she admires the dream character being completely free to be herself, even in the face of social pressure, which is true for gay people in many situations. It’s a comparison. But I think the reasons go deeper.

Falling in love in a dream can be a way of creating and strengthening bonds between your ego and other aspects of the psyche. If you love someone you will do anything for them, even become more like them. In this case, the dreamer falls in love with her “other half” because in the character she sees everything she wants to be. And the good news is, her dream paramor is part of her that’s unconscious and thus can become conscious.

Basically, the dream is showing the dreamer what she can be—what she already is deep inside—through a contrast with the dream character.

In other words, opposites attract, and through that attraction they unite. Everything in the psyche is made of opposites, and when united they “transcend” to create something new.

As Betsy Perluss says:

[Carl] Jung says that holding the tension of the opposites is essential to bridging the gap between ego-consciousness and the unconscious. If the tension between the opposites can be held long enough without succumbing to the urge to identify with one side or the other, the third, completely unexpected image, one that unites the two in a creative new way, comes into view.

opposites attract

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Hurray! New Edition of “We Love Dreams” Just Dropped

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we love dreams newsletter

We Love Dreams, read it now!

In this edition:

Analyzing dreams about snakes. I really went to town with this post. Thorough and easy to follow.

A young mom’s anxiety dream about her child. It’s common for young moms to have frightening dreams about their children.

Tornadoes! Ryan Hurd’s take on his tornado dreams, and my take on a tornado dream I helped decode. Two totally different meanings.

Drs. Van Doorn talks about Jung and myth in a reddit.com AMA. Susanne really stepped up to engage with the Jung community at reddit.com

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Until next time….

Dream Interpretation: Animals in Dreams – A Primer

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A primer on how to interpret the meaning of animals in your dreams animal dream

[Click here for a list of animals and creatures and what they can mean in dreams.]

Language is full of sayings such as “proud as a lion,” “slippery as a fish,” and “free as a bird”—rich with symbolism for dreams to use. Dreams bring to life these sayings and use animals to tell stories about you and your life.

For example, in a dream about the health of the dreamer, fish dying in a fishbowl full of bad water symbolically warn of an oncoming bladder infection. The fishbowl symbolizes the dreamer’s bladder, and fish live in water, so the dying fish indicate something wrong with the liquid in her bladder.

In a dream about finding a white horse in a snowstorm, the horse symbolizes ability to move forward under treacherous personal conditions.

In a dream about three kittens drowned in a pool but one still alive, kitten-like qualities in the dreamer are symbolically “killed off,” but one kitten left alive shows that the dreamer is trying to preserve a part of himself from extinction: the gently playful side of himself succumbing to teenage peer pressure to toughen up.

Other associations can be made with fish, horses, and kittens though. For instance, if your only experience with a horse is when one kicked you, you aren’t as likely to dream about it in a good context. What an animal in your dream means to you matters more than pat definitions like the kind found in typical dream dictionaries!

Consider the characteristics and qualities of animals that appear in your dreams. A dog to one person is a loyal companion; to another person it’s a noisy nuisance. Both are common perceptions—which one fits your dream?

To find out what an animal in your dream means, associate the animal with your experiences, perceptions, and feelings. Also consider figures of speech that might apply, and caricatures from books, movies, cartoons and TV shows that imbue everything from ants to birds to elephants with human qualities and voices. Your experience with, and impressions of, the creatures that appear in your dreams help determine what they symbolize.

dream raccoon attack

Generally, the wilder the creature, the more instinctive or primitive your related emotions, behaviors, or instincts. We all have instincts reminiscent of certain animals or creatures. For example, rabbits and bulls are notorious for the instinct to mate. Gazelles and deer are known for the instinct to run. Lions and dogs are known for the instinct to protect territory. People have those instincts too, and dream animals to represent them.

Also, people are compared to animals and creatures in figures of speech like “stealthy as a cat,” “friendly as a dog,” and “treacherous as a snake.” One image can sum up a person’s behavior or personality. Comparisons to animals can be highly accurate ways of describing what we observe in people—and in ourselves.

Animals can be used to symbolize the dynamics of a situation. For example, a school of fish swimming together can symbolize a group of likeminded people. An elephant can symbolize something that’s inevitable, that can’t be stopped.

As with all symbolism, the meaning is interpreted by tieing together details and analyzing the symbol within the context of the story. Just because an elephant is in a dream doesn’t mean it represents something that can’t be stopped. But if the elephant pushes forward through barricades, it’s a supporting detail that suggests the symbolism is related to something that can’t be stopped.

Pay attention to the age of the animal. A puppy, cub, or other young animal can represent something new or young in the dreamer. An old dog might be a play on the phrase “you old dog.” It could symbolize an elder figure or something coming to an end.

Parents of young children are known to dream about baby animals, because comparisons between young children and young animals are easy to make—and in fact are made frequently in media and everyday conversation. For example, a mother might call her child “my little tiger,” then dream about a baby tiger and not realize the relationship between it and her child.

And keep in mind, animals can be used as props in a story. In other words, the white rabbit you chase down a hole might relate to something rabbit-like about you, like the desire to hide or protect yourself. Or it might be a prop in a story about finding out how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

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Roni’s Dream: Cow with Dog in Mouth

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Dream Interpretation: Cow with Dog in MouthDream interpretation: cow dog mouth

Roni wrote to me using the site’s contact form but gave me a bad email address for my reply. My hope is she will see it by visiting the site.

Roni writes:

I dreamt about a big very old and mean cow with an old dog in its mouth.
It was hurting the dog. I was in my husbands truck and honked loudly.
It dropped the dog and looked like it was going to charge me.
What’s it mean?

And my reply is:


Most dreams use symbolism to show you something about yourself or your
life. The dream is about your inner life or outer life. So the first step
is to ask yourself, does my dream describe something about my inner life or
outer life?

So look at the detail. Can anyone you know be described as an old mean cow?
How about an old dog? Dogs tend to symbolize friendship, companionship, and
loyalty in dreams, but the possibilities vary widely.

Or does the cow and dog describe something going on inside of yourself?
Does it reflect moodiness or grumpiness?  Or are you as immovable as a cow?

Don’t be offended by the comparison if it fits. Dreams create analogies and
comparisons that can sum up an idea in one image. Since you are in your
husband’s truck when the action takes place, another question to ask is,
does that image of the cow with the dog say anything about you and him? Is
your relationship contentious but ultimately you are companions?



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Next Level Dream Symbolism: Attacked by Raccoon

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Dream Symbolism: Attacked by Raccoondream raccoon attack

The most commonly used tool for decoding dream symbolism is the association technique. It harkens back to the beginning of modern psychological study of dreams and is practiced today in therapist’s offices and dream groups as well individually by people wanting insights into their dreams.

Association is simple. Anyone can do it. You say the first words that come to mind in relation to a dream symbol. Like this:

  • If I say “rocket,” you say?
  • If I say “basketball,” you say?
  • If I say “father,” you say?

Association helps to uncover the personal meaning of your dream symbols because your personal associations are used by your dreams to create symbolism. Oftentimes associations are thought of in the general sense, such as rockets generally being described as fast, powerful, and capable of flight. But your personal experiences in life with the symbols from your dreams are more revealing to the meaning. Rarely are these associations accurately guessed by outsiders because of the infinite variety of personal experience that can be used to create dream symbolism. It’s up to you, and I can only show you how to do it for yourself.

Look at the associations I gave for a rocket. They are typical. But what if the rocket is on a launching pad in a dream? It’s not displaying its speed or power or capability of flight. The person who has the dream associates the rocket with “potential.” With that clue, the decoding process goes in the direction of analyzing how the dreamer is like that rocket’s potential for speed, power, or flight. Those words can be used to describe a person as well as a rocket. You might say that the dreamer is ready to take off.

Now let’s go a step further in showing how association works. I have a terrific example provided by a post at the reddit.com dreams forum, where I am known as “RadOwl” the dream expert. First, here’s how the person describes the dream:

I dreamed last night that I was camping in the wilderness, when the ground suddenly gave out beneath me and I fell, still inside my tent, hundreds of feet until I landed in a raging river. My tent floated like a boat and I rode out the rapids until the water got calmer.

There was a raccoon stuck on a rock in the center of the river. It couldn’t swim to shore, so I tried to help it. But it attacked me instead, ripping my tent to shreds and making me fall into the water. I woke up after that.

The dream provides a few symbols that help tell the story and are ripe for using association technique to uncover the meaning. Camping is associated with getting back to nature, going it alone, survival, and living simply. The wilderness can symbolize being lost or trying to find your way. A tent is a shelter that’s flimsy, a temporary dwelling. A river is associated with the course of a person’s life. A raging river can be thought of as a symbol for turbulence in life.

reddit dreamsBut the symbol and associations that really uncover the meaning of the dream are the raccoon and its actions. Symbols by themselves give us only hints of meaning, but when put into context and shown in action they are very revealing, such as the river shown as raging at first then calm later. “Raging” and “calm” help to define the symbolism of “river.”

To help this person decode the dream, I first used another dream decoding technique: simplification. It’s a quick way of aiming right at the heart of a dream’s meaning. Sometimes people get caught up in analyzing the minutia of a dream and miss the big picture. The meaning is right there if you simplify the story down to a sentence that sums up what it is about. It’s not always the best way to approach a dream, but comes in handy when pressed for time. This dream, to me, is best summed up as being punished or attacked for trying to be helpful.

That’s what happens when the dreamer tries to help the raccoon. But why does the dream use a raccoon? If you think of common associations with a raccoon you might say “scavenger,” “nocturnal,” or “wild.” Also, because a raccoon looks like it’s wearing a mask, it is commonly associated with hiding or concealing. Do those associations fit together with other details of the dream to tell a story? Not really. The association the dreamer came up with is too personal for an outsider such as myself to guess. Here’s what he said:

I did used to go camping a lot when I was a kid, and my family would always get mad at me when I tried to feed raccoons. Maybe it has something to do with that…being punished for trying to be helpful.

Now we’re getting somewhere. We have an association that might explain why the dream puts the dreamer into a scenario where he is camping and the raccoon attacks him. Only the dreamer knows that when he was a kid his parents got mad when he tried to feed the raccoons.

The next step is to compare what we’ve learned about the dream to the dreamer’s recent life. Most dreams are based on events in a person’s life from the past day or two. The events can be part of outer life or inner life. In fact, most dreams connect with a person’s inner life. With that in mind the dreamer has a place to focus and a question to ask that might reveal the meaning of the dream: In what way (if any) does he feel like he is being punished for trying to be helpful?

That’s where we left off so I can’t tell you what has happened recently in the dreamer’s life that sparked the dream. It might not be an event but instead the dream is trying to show the roots of a pattern. Perhaps the dreamer hesitates to be helpful because of his early childhood experience with the raccoons. Perhaps his self-defenses are flimsy like the tent, but are also the only thing keeping him afloat personally. Perhaps the dreamer went through a recent period of turbulence in his life and somehow the lesson about not helping raccoons translates to hesitance to help himself. It’s hard to say without more information.

But through the use of association technique we have strong clues to the meaning of the dream and ultimately to learning its message.


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Dream Analysis: “Donald Trump Gave Me Head”

Interpret Your Dreams Comments Off on Dream Analysis: “Donald Trump Gave Me Head”

Donald Trump gave me head…in a dreamtrump dream

Sigmund Freud claimed that the most bizarre dreams say the most about the dreamer. It’s true most of the time. They’re also some of the best learning tools because if you see the meaning in the most bizarre and shocking dreams, you’re more likely to see it in everyday ones.

Which leads us to one of the more bizarre, shocking dreams I’ve encountered. It’s a long description and the real shocker comes at the end so expect a lot of buildup before you get to the best part. The description is edited lightly but left mostly intact so you get the full impact.

[Link to original dream titled “Donald Trump Gave Me Head.”]

This is 100% real and just happened.

[In my dream] my friends and I sit down at a restaurant and order some food. I am starving and really wanting my country fried steak with mashed potatoes. The waiter—a built man in his 30s—brings out our food but then, for whatever reason, informs me that I need to pay for my meal now via an iPad-like device that requires answering 20 complicated questions. I say, “Okay, I will simply eat my steak and then I’ll happily pay.”
“Nope,” he says. “You need to do it now.”

I go to take a bite of my steak and he pushes it back and places his arms like seat belt straps on both sides of my chair so I can’t move. I become, understandably, irate—but my friends encourage me to just get it over with. I struggle against the man’s arms and finally begin the complex iPad questionnaire.

I’m angry and shaking with hunger and finding it impossible to complete this questionnaire. The waiter-man persists, after 15-or-so minutes I am done. When I go to eat my steak—it’s cold! I ask the waiter if he can reheat it for me and he gives an unequivocal no. So I get my ass up and wander around the now-huge restaurant trying to find another waiter or chef who can help me. Everyone refuses. I rant about how awful this restaurant is, how no one should ever be treated this way.

reddit dreamsThen I see the very friendly manager and I tell him what just happened. He smiles and asks me to come with him through the employee-only door. I’m happy my problem is finally resolved, but then I see that we’re walking back to the parking lot behind the restaurant. I feel a little nervous. He asks me to get into the backseat of his car. Now I feel real nervous.

I sit down and he begins to unzip my pants, somehow able to squat in front of me. Then, out of nowhere, he’s Donald Trump. Disgusting, scowling, flat-headed Donald Trump. And he starts giving me head.

The weird part is, he likes to suck just the very top of my thing really hard. He is sweaty, creepy and making loud suction noises. In the end, I decide to just focus and get it over with and try to concentrate on finishing.

But I wake up before I finish. Probably the only time in history that’s a good thing.

This is not some liberal ploy or meta-statement, this actually just happened 20 minutes ago.

So the dreamer goes to a restaurant to enjoy a big, satisfying meal and ends up getting bad head from Donald Trump. The symbolic meaning of the dream is summarized in that sentence, but first let’s take it from the top and look at the dream piece by piece. Then I’ll reveal to you what the dreamer told me that puts everything into perspective. It’s worth the wait to find out.

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The dream starts off with the dreamer going to a restaurant with friends and ordering a big steak. But he’s told to pay before he can eat it and is forced to fill out a questionnaire. This symbolizes a recent move he made to a city he has always dreamed of living in. It’s like a big steak, but before he can enjoy having accomplished what he set out to do he has to deal with some major complications, symbolized in the dream as the questionnaire.

The way the scene plays out, with the muscular waiter pinning his arms, is a portrayal of the situation. There’s not a lot he can do about it at the moment, no room to move. He just has to deal. It’s making him angry and bringing up feelings of being wronged, depicted in the dream when he goes for help with his cold steak. He is supposedly living his dream but it’s turning into a nightmare as his expectations meet reality.trump gives head

The scene in the car depicts the shadiness of the situation. In order to move to the city he had to find a roommate, and that person turned out to be a real piece of work. The roommate meets college guys through personal ads and dating apps and sucks them off. It’s not about finding a relationship or having sex or getting off, it’s a twisted head game. And the dreamer is caught up in it.

The dream chooses Donald Trump to symbolize his roommate because to the dreamer—and indeed, to most gay men—Trump is just about the most repulsive person he can imagine. There might not be a gay man alive who wants to have sex with him. Plus, Trump’s “let’s a make a deal” reputation ties in with the deal the dreamer presumably made when he moved in.

The rough and dirty way the Trump character gives head is probably an accurate depiction of reality. It’s not about giving pleasure, it’s about controlling and manhandling other men and even taunting them by giving them something they want but not the way they want it. And the dreamer’s reaction of just giving in and wanting to finish symbolizes trying to get what he came to the city for but he can’t close the deal. He can’t get no satisfaction. That scene ties in with the dreamer getting compensated for his cold steak, which we know is a way of showing his disappointment about the difference between expectation and reality.

Also note that the waiter, manager, and Trump are all connected and are really one character. They all represent the roommate and the situation with him. When the manager transforms into Trump it’s a clear indication that, in this story, they are one in the same.

In a few scenes the dream summarizes a complicated situation. Imagine if the dreamer was asked by an old friend to describe how his big move is working out. He could simply recount the dream and it says it all in a way that taps into the hidden dynamics and the dreamer’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

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