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Dream interpretation: Gender-switching sex dream symbolizes fear of accidental pregnancy

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Don’t worry Barbie, it’s only a dream.

Dear Dreams 1-2-3

Last night I dreamed that I was a man (I’m not) and I was doing this beautiful girl … honey-blonde hair, gorgeous smile, killer body. And I was really giving her the business, and we were both thoroughly enjoying ourselves. But then I suddenly remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom, so I pulled out of her to put one on, only to find that I did not in fact have a penis at all. So I was puzzling over my lack of junk, when suddenly the girl spilled a little of her drink on my new mattress (I really do have a new mattress). Enraged, I yanked the sheets off the bed to keep the drink from seeping through. When I saw that the liquid had bled all the way to the mattress, I kicked her out.

Apparently I would be a truly dickish (or rather, dickless) boyfriend.

I took this dream description word-for-word from a post at Reddit Dreams rather than paraphrase it because the wording is so vivid and immediately paints a picture of the dreamer. She’s obviously a sexually liberated female. I use that fact as background info to help interpret the dream. Getting pregnant can be a big fear for a sexually liberated female. Does the dream express that fear? Let’s dig in and see.

Sex in dreams has such a variety of symbolic uses. It’s not often “just sex.” However, in this case I think the sex sets the scene to say “yes, this dream relates to your sex life.” The dreamer enjoys it. She’s sexually active.

But there’s more to it, a message, and judging by how the dream tells the story, the message is important, even urgent. The dream sets the scene when the dreamer, seeing the dream from the male’s perspective, stops to put on a condom. Since the sex is already happening before the condom is put on, you can guess that the importance relates to avoiding pregnancy rather than protecting from sexually transmitted disease. That’s a clue to follow through the rest of the dream.

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Among the more than 750 entries in my dream dictionary are many related to sex and pregnancy.

The dreamer’s “lack of junk” is a curious detail, and ultimately I think it can be a way of saying “lack of power” to control everything that happens during sex. Until that point in the dream, she (as a he) is in control, in the dominant position (on top). This person is in control of her sex life. However, I think she has a nagging fear and it shows in the next action:

The girl spills a “little of her drink”and it bleeds through the sheets. Notice the reaction. Under normal circumstances, a little spill is no reason to stop having great sex and kick out your lover. The dreamer is actually reacting to the underlying symbolism, which she knows subconsciously. Think about it. What else associated with sex can be a big problem if just a little spills?

Well, it only takes a little bit of spilled semen to get pregnant. If it “bleeds through” and gets inside her far enough where sperm meets egg. Voila! Now we understand her reaction. Sheets protect a mattress. Condoms protect against pregnancy. Both are barriers, and neither are perfect.

Also, we have another idea for meaning that the dream expresses through the symbolism of the dreamer playing the role of the male during sex but lacking a penis. It might mean there’s only so much she can control from her end of things. She can insist on using a condom, but I wonder if the dream is saying that she initiates sex before using a condom and knows that just a dribble of semen can get her pregnant. Unlikely, but possible. In other words, she’s taking a calculated risk. She relies on her partners to make sure the condom is used as it should be to minimize the risk of pregnancy, but she also knows that when a guy is “giving her the business” he might not be thinking as much about the risks. He gets lost in the moment.

J.M. DeBord, aka RadOwl


And whose fault is that if she gets pregnant despite trying to prevent it? Who ultimately pays the price? She does. That’s why the dream shows her getting angry with the female sex partner. It symbolizes the anger she’d feel toward herself if she accidentally gets pregnant.

This dream illustrates how dreams amplify to get across an important message. There’s an underlying urgency. She might need a “Plan B.”

That’s my dream interpretation of this sex dream that symbolizes fear of accidentally getting pregnant.

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