Dream interpretation: Gender-switching sex dream symbolizes fear of accidentally getting pregnant

Dear Dreams 1-2-3

Last night I dreamed that I was a man (I’m not) and I was doing this beautiful girl… honey-blonde hair, gorgeous smile, killer body. And I was really giving her the business, and we were both thoroughly enjoying ourselves. But then I suddenly remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom, so I pulled out of her to put one on, only to find that I did not in fact have a penis at all. So I was puzzling over my lack of junk, when suddenly the girl spilled a little of her drink on my new mattress (I really do have a new mattress). Enraged, I yanked the sheets off the bed to keep the drink from seeping through. When I saw that the liquid had bled all the way to the mattress, I kicked her out.

Apparently I would be a truly dickish (or rather, dickless) boyfriend.

I took this word-for-word from Reddit Dreams rather than paraphrase it because the wording is so vivid and immediately gives me a picture of the dreamer. She’s obviously a sexually liberated female. Getting pregnant can be a big fear among sexually liberated females.

The part about the condom ties in with this idea because wearing a condom is obviously important to her for her to stop in the middle of great sex to put one on. I think the reference to this female dreaming she’s male but having no penis could symbolize that she is actually the female in the scene. She’s the one who has to worry about whether dude is wearing protection.

Spilling a drink on the bed where they are having sex reminds me of the “wet spot” and things that spill on mattresses and seep in. Like semen. If it spills into her and seeps in, it could be trouble.

So put 2 and 2 together and you see in this dream fear about getting pregnant. I think it’s a classic example of dream symbolism.

The part that really seals the deal is the dreamer’s reaction. She gets enraged and kicks out the girl. It’s a sign that she feels very strongly about the underlying issue expressed symbolically by the dream. If she accidentally got pregnant she’d be pissed off and ready to kick out her lover.

That’s my dream interpretation of this sex dream.

bad joke

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