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Sweet Dreams Begin with Breathing: Dreaming and Sleep Apnea

Using Dreams to Diagnose Sleep Apnea The dreaming mind is a translator. It takes input received while dreaming and translates it into symbolic imagery. Input runs the gamut from memories, thoughts and emotions, to physical sensations and bodily messages. Include...

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Dream School Now Open – Online Courses for Dream Interpretation & Analysis

Drum roll, please. After five years of developing course curriculum and my DREAMS 1-2-3 System of Dream Interpretation… Five months of creating Powerpoint slides… Plus one-hundred and fifty hours of recording and editing video… Dream School is ready to accept...


Recurring Dreams: How to Understand and Interpret Dreams that Recur

Recurring dreams are the low-hanging fruit on the dream interpretation tree. The meaning is within your reach, and the fruit of your effort is your new understanding of yourself and your life gained by analyzing these dreams. Now, let’s explore...


Interpret My Recurring Dream: Travelling to Alaska

How to interpret a recurring dream My recurring dream begins with me travelling to Alaska to give a talk to the locals about dream interpretation. The dream is the “serial” variety that continues a story from dream to dream like...

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Dream Interpretation | Analyze Roles You Play in Dreams

The roles you play in dreams are important for understanding what they mean. There you are in a dream and dropped into a scenario like an actor. You are a politician or police officer. You are a hero or villain....


Dream Interpretation | Analyze Roles Played by Characters

Analyze dream characters based on their roles In dreamland, you act out a story, a dramatization of your life, sometimes in a lead role, sometimes as a supporting actor, and sometimes as observer, witness or narrator, but those are still...

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Interpret Meaning of Dreams about Your Ex

Not again! Why you dream about your ex and how to interpret the meaning A funny, common occurrence for me is I’ll get an idea for a blog post then run across a streak of dreams shared at that...

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The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

The Mother of all Dream Dictionaries Here it is, the mother of all dream dictionaries. A complete reference source for dream interpretation written by an expert with a gift for teaching how to do it. It’s a guide to your...

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“We Love Dreams” Newsletter Dropped

In this edition: Dreams about soulmates Dreams about marijuana Dreams about sex And dreams that light your inner fire See it all here: We Love Dreams


Dream about Meeting Your Soulmate | The Man or Woman of Your Dreams

Soulmate Dreams: Dreaming about the Love of Your Life Wouldn’t it be great if soulmates really exist? If the man or woman of your dreams is a flesh ‘n blood, living human being? They do exist, but soulmates are really...