Dream Analysis: “Donald Trump Gave Me Head”

Donald Trump gave me head … in a dream

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Donald Trump did what?!?!

Sigmund Freud claimed that the most bizarre dreams say the most about the dreamer. It’s true most of the time. They’re also some of the best learning tools because if you see the meaning in the most bizarre and shocking dreams, you’re more likely to see it in everyday ones.

Which leads us to one of the more bizarre, shocking dreams I’ve encountered. It’s a long description and the real shocker comes at the end so expect a lot of buildup before you get to the best part. The description is edited lightly but left mostly intact so you get the full impact.

[Link to original dream titled “Donald Trump Gave Me Head.”]

This is 100% real and just happened.

[In my dream] my friends and I sit down at a restaurant and order some food. I am starving and really wanting my country fried steak with mashed potatoes. The waiter—a built man in his 30s—brings out our food but then, for whatever reason, informs me that I need to pay for my meal now via an iPad-like device that requires answering 20 complicated questions. I say, “Okay, I will simply eat my steak and then I’ll happily pay.”
“Nope,” he says. “You need to do it now.”

I go to take a bite of my steak and he pushes it back and places his arms like seat belt straps on both sides of my chair so I can’t move. I become, understandably, irate—but my friends encourage me to just get it over with. I struggle against the man’s arms and finally begin the complex iPad questionnaire.

I’m angry and shaking with hunger and finding it impossible to complete this questionnaire. The waiter-man persists, after 15-or-so minutes I am done. When I go to eat my steak—it’s cold! I ask the waiter if he can reheat it for me and he gives an unequivocal no. So I get my ass up and wander around the now-huge restaurant trying to find another waiter or chef who can help me. Everyone refuses. I rant about how awful this restaurant is, how no one should ever be treated this way.

rape dream

You know what comes next.

Then I see the very friendly manager and I tell him what just happened. He smiles and asks me to come with him through the employee-only door. I’m happy my problem is finally resolved, but then I see that we’re walking back to the parking lot behind the restaurant. I feel a little nervous. He asks me to get into the backseat of his car. Now I feel real nervous.

I sit down and he begins to unzip my pants, somehow able to squat in front of me. Then, out of nowhere, he’s Donald Trump. Disgusting, scowling, flat-headed Donald Trump. And he starts giving me head.

The weird part is, he likes to suck just the very top of my thing really hard. He is sweaty, creepy and making loud suction noises. In the end, I decide to just focus and get it over with and try to concentrate on finishing.

But I wake up before I finish. Probably the only time in history that’s a good thing.

This is not some liberal ploy or meta-statement, this actually just happened 20 minutes ago.

reddit dreams

I found this dream at Reddit Dreams

So the dreamer goes to a restaurant to enjoy a big, satisfying meal and ends up getting bad head from Donald Trump. The symbolic meaning of the dream is summarized in that sentence, but first let’s take it from the top and look at the dream piece by piece. Then I’ll reveal to you what the dreamer told me that puts everything into perspective. It’s worth the wait to find out.

The dream starts off with the dreamer going to a restaurant with friends and ordering a big steak. But he’s told to pay before he can eat it and is forced to fill out a questionnaire. This symbolizes a recent move he made to a city, a dream come true. The satisfaction he expects is like the big steak, but before he can enjoy accomplishing what he set out to do, he has to deal with some major complications, symbolized in the dream as the questionnaire. He paid in the form of expenses, and filled out forms for leasing and jobs and banking and all that. A lot of paperwork. That’s shown in the dream as paying for the steak before getting it and being forced to fill out the questionnaire.

dream trump gives head

Found this pic and couldn’t resist.

But wait, the complications get deeper.

He moved in with someone he didn’t know, probably someone advertising for a roommate on Craigslist, and soon found out his new roommate meets straight college guys through personal ads and dating apps and sucks them off. It’s not about finding a relationship or having sex or getting off, it’s a twisted head game. And the dreamer is caught up in it.

The cold steak expresses his feeling of deep dissatisfaction with the situation. What’s more disappointing than a cold steak in a nice restaurant? He feels wronged, depicted in the dream when he goes for help from the manager He is supposedly living his dream but it’s turning into a nightmare as reality overrides his expectations.

The scene in car ties it all together and paints a picture of the shadiness of the situation.  The dream chooses Donald Trump to symbolize his roommate because to the dreamer—and indeed, to most gay men—Trump is just about the most repulsive person he can imagine. There might not be a gay man alive who wants to have sex with him or would even accept a blow job. Plus, Trump’s “let’s a make a deal” reputation ties in with the deal the dreamer presumably made when he moved in.

author J.M. DeBord

I’m RadOwl, the redditor who took first crack at interpretating this dream.

The rough and dirty way the Trump character gives head is probably an accurate depiction of reality. It’s not about giving pleasure, it’s about controlling and manhandling other men and even taunting them by giving them something they want but not the way they want it.

And the dreamer’s reaction of just giving in and wanting to finish symbolizes trying to get what he came to the city for but he can’t close the deal. He can’t get no satisfaction. That scene ties in with the dreamer getting compensated for his cold steak, which we know is a way of showing his disappointment about the difference between expectation and reality.

Also note that the manager and Trump are all connected and are really one character. They represent the roommate and the situation with him. When the manager transforms into Trump it’s a clear indication that, in this story, they are one in the same.

In a few scenes the dream summarizes a complicated situation. Imagine if the dreamer was asked by an old friend to describe how his big move is working out. He could simply recount the dream and it says it all in a way that taps into the hidden dynamics and the dreamer’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

The Trump Invasian: Donald in Our Dreams


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