Meaning of Dreams about Riding a Bus

Meaning of Dreams about Riding a Busbus dream

When you are part of a large group of people it’s like riding on a bus with them, because you are together going in the same direction, figuratively. Think of classmates or people you work with. You are united under the common circumstances of going to school or working together.

Another way of looking at it is a passenger on a bus is on someone else’s schedule. You can’t control the pace unless you’re the driver, and even then you have to stick to a predetermined schedule and route. When on a bus you are, in a sense, following the herd. Busses can be dreary, and the daily grind of life can be dreary, too.

Get up. Ride to work. Go home. Go to bed. Repeat.

Another possibility to consider is the idea of “everyone under one roof.” The psyche is constructed from many parts. Being on a bus with passengers can be a way of giving you a look at those parts of yourself personified as other people. Your ego is personified as dream-you, and the passengers are parts of yourself. They could be your charm, your drive, your responsible side, your creativity, your alter ego, your sexuality. Many possibilities.

Figures of speech that use buses can be enacted by dreams. If you are overweight you could be “wide as a bus.” The way a bus lumbers along carrying all that weight can be an analogy for extra weight on your body. There are other figures of speech, too. With that in mind, analyze the next dream.

I am a grown woman and I ALWAYS have dreams about school buses. Mostly the dreams are of me missing the bus at school, but sometimes I am just riding the bus. I am so sick of big yellow buses. What does this mean?

The dreams are obviously using symbolism because the dreamer is an adult woman and no longer rides a school bus. If she was a schoolchild who rode a bus the imagery of the bus could be more direct, but she’s not a child, so to interpret the dream you presume that missing the bus is symbolism.symbolism dream bus

What does the figure of speech “miss the bus” mean? It means that some opportunity passed you by. You could have married your high school sweetheart but you didn’t. Or you could have gotten the job you wanted if you only would have studied more when in school and gotten the education required.

I think that’s the idea being expressed in these dreams. Because they recur you can bet the situation described is ongoing. It’s not a one-time event being described with the symbolism of missing the bus. That narrows down the possibilities. Every time the dreamer goes to work she knows in the back of her mind that the opportunity to have the job she really wants has passed her by.

The dreams about being a passenger on the school bus might symbolize being taken somewhere figuratively by her knowledge and education, which determine the direction of her life.

Another series of dreams involving buses:

For the last year or more, almost all my dreams involve public transit like buses. I use the transit system in my city, but not all the time. In my nightmare last night the bus driver almost ran over some kids.

I think this person’s dreams about buses are related to the idea of “following the herd.” Living in a big city can be a depersonalized experience. There you are, just another face in the mass of humanity, just another passenger on the bus. The part about almost running over kids might express the idea of adult life killing the kid inside. Children have free time. They play. They have fun. Some adults don’t have free time, no time to play or fun. A bus running over kids can symbolize that idea.

I’m on a bus with my youth group. My youth pastor drives it. I have a feeling that it’s going the wrong direction.

The youth group is on a bus because they participate together in this activity. The pastor drives the bus because he controls the direction of the group. The dreamer’s feeling that the bus is going the wrong direction expresses her doubt about the direction of the group and the pastor’s leadership.

I have a recurring dream that I’m waiting at a bus stop and the bus approaches carrying other freelancers like myself, but the bus doesn’t stop. It passes me by.

Now that you know what a bus in a dream can symbolize, I bet you have an idea what this dream means. The dreamer, a freelancer, has been having difficulty getting work, but other freelancers he knows are doing just fine. It makes him wonder what he is doing differently than they are. He feels left out.

More about the symbolism of driving and vehicles here.


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