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Learn the meaning of dreams by reading Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams

What is the meaning of your dreams? Learn the meaning of dreams with the Dreams 1-2-3 system.

dreams 1-2-3
My book about dreams that anyone can read and understand. Click the cover image.

Several years ago my life changed significantly when I discovered a talent for teaching dream work. It wasn’t a new subject for me; I’d been working with and studying dreams for more than 15 years at that point, had read most of the major works published, including Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and most of Carl Jung’s extensive writings. I worked with a mentor to understand my dreams. What changed was I went from interpreting my personal dreams to interpreting other people’s dreams as a moderator at Reddit Dreams, and the response I got was amazing. It made me realize people have a real need to understand their dreams, and for books that show how.

That is why I wrote Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams. It shows my way of deciphering the meaning of dreams, which will lead you to discoverthe meaning of your dreams. Anyone can do it.

I compare it to a game of Charades where the dream gives clues but won’t just come right out and say what it means. Instead, dreams speak with symbolism — metaphors, allusions, puns, comparisons, word plays, and hints. They suggest solutions for issues, answers to questions, areas for personal growth, and new ways of looking at your life. They reveal feelings, motives, even future events. They warn against trouble and point out the source of it.

They are unerring in their accuracy, and you are wise to pay attention.

Dream dictionaries fall short of really showing how dreams relate to the individual, and scholarly tomes by the likes of Jung and Freud are too dense and abstract for most people. Dreams 1-2-3 is just right for readers who want a book that shows the process of dream work in the lives of people today. A book that teaches how to connect dreams with everyday life and learn from them. A book packed with examples and fascinating dreams that take the mystery out of dream interpretation and land it squarely in the realm of here and now. A book that starts at the beginning with how to remember and journal dreams, and finishes by showing how to use what you gain from your dreams to benefit your life.

I started writing the book after dreaming about buying a work jacket that cost everything in my checking account. At the time I’d recently started a new job as a hotel manager. I connected the new job with the symbolism of the jacket, since a job is a sort of outerwear that wraps around the person within and says something about who you are. The high cost symbolized what the new job would require of me: everything I had, in a figurative sense.

My dream to that point in my adult life — the ambition for my working life — was to write books — really ground-breaking books, not run a hotel. So I gave myself my dream job. I already knew what I wanted to write about — dreams — and set off on a journey offering dream interpretations online and using what I learned to fill out the book with fascinating and informative examples.

Read it and you will learn the structure of dreams and how to interpret the settings, characters, and symbols. You will see how dreams connect with waking life. You will know that “live your dreams” is not a euphemism, it’s the best advice you could ever get; and “make your dreams come true” isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life.

Readers will also learn to interpret dreams about the body and health, dreams about feelings, dreams about pairs of characters, dreams about famous people, nightmares, recurring dreams, dreams about falling in love, about sex, reproduction and ex partners, and much more. At 240 pages, it covers the bases, focused from front to back on actually showing dream interpretation, not just talking about it. By the end you will know the meaning of your dreams like never before.

Click on the cover image above to see the book at Amazon. Search online at outlets like Abe Books and Google Play.

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