Meaning and symbolism of a Dream About Aliens: Are Martians Among Us?

Dear Dream Guy,

Last night I dreamed about aliens. I was in a maze of corridors and rooms, trying to find my way out with another person. We ran across three aliens. At first I was scared, and the person I was with ran away. I was going to run away, too, but stopped when one of the aliens held out a hand to me as if to say “wait.” I asked what it wanted, and it replied in my mind “want.”

The next part of the dream is three years in the future, and I’ve been teaching the aliens about human culture and language. I run across two of them in the kitchen preparing food, and think at first they are planning something malicious, but when I eavesdrop I hear them say they don’t like the taste of carrots. The scene is at a party, and the other people avoid the aliens.

Next the dream jumps ahead two years, and the alien I’ve been teaching language to can communicate fully with me. He says that it is time, and that I’m the one “who will see.” He sends me an image of a person with the Third Eye opening in the forehead and tells me that I need to “open.” I sit in lotus and imagine it happening to me. When my Third Eye opens I see an image of a sandstorm colliding with a blizzard. High above it I see an image of spaceships in the air fighting each other. My friendly alien tells me this is the result of human technology. He then takes me to a little cone-shaped craft with no controls. I open my Third Eye and use it to navigate through the fighting and fly to a desert planet like Mars.


Alien Agenda

Dear Alien Agenda,

The maze of corridors you dream of might represent “the maze of life” or a maze-like path of self-discovery. Along the way in life you make many choices about which way to go and where to turn, an idea ready-made for comparison to a maze.

Think expansively about what is “alien” and you see another idea ready-made to describe anything that is “foreign” or originates beyond your comprehension. For example, I might dream of lessons in Tibetan Buddhism as coming from an “alien” because my Western background does not prepare me for such encounters.

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There are a few clues in the dream to what the aliens represent to you. The first is when the person you are with runs away. It says to me that there is something about the subject most people avoid, or that scares people away. The other clue is when you suspect the aliens but they turn out to be benign, saying, perhaps, there is something about the subject you don’t trust. Going back to my Tibetan Buddhism example, I might not trust the teachings at first because they don’t “speak my native language,” which is Christianity, but with time and exposure I find it isn’t so “foreign.”

Whatever the aliens represent, it’s something you have adopted slowly and only after testing the truthfulness, is my guess. It might be a point of view on a subject, or a value that has emerged. Life is full of slow changes, and it seems you go through some in the dream, from frightened of the aliens to friendly with them. You learn to communicate, meaning that what started as alien to you grows familiar, something you trust.

Your dream appears to define alien in the scene involving opening the Third Eye, which at its essence means seeing the world in a new way, with more insight and awareness. The Third Eye is one of the “foreign” ideas, like Tibetan Buddhism is to a Midwest-born American. You might say then that dream is about opening yourself up to new ideas.

What you see when you open the Third Eye is the archetypal image of the conflict of opposites. Archetypal means, in a sense, “universal,” a concept or image shared by all people. For example, every culture has a conception of God. A sandstorm blasting against a blizzard is a great metaphor for opposite energies that clash. Even our very atoms are made of opposing energies, so it’s a concept you find around the world and in the dreams of people everywhere.

The dream seems to say that by opening up your mind to new ways of seeing the world, you can escape the conflict represented by the spaceships battling. I might wonder if technology is intruding in your life in unwelcome ways. Whatever it is, I think this dream shows you are developing your personal potential and have much to look forward to it if you continue on this path.


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