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Crow Dreams: Interpreting Meaning and Message of Crows in Dreams

crow dream
crow dream
Illustration by John Fleck,

Crow Dreams: Interpreting the Meaning and Message of Crows in Dreams

Crows and ravens have long been associated with bad omens and death, and in dreams they’re still associated that way.

But this reputation really sells crows short because they are among the smartest and cleverest types of birds. In dreamland, death is part of the cycle of life and rebirth, part of the process of initiation into the deep mysteries of life and your existence, and coming to terms with it can lead to tremendous creativity. In this sense, crows serve a very valuable purpose. By accepting death, a person can find the capacity to live more fully.

Crows can symbolize fear of death and the unknown, especially when you react to them with fear in a dream.

They’re associated with dark thoughts, doom, and gloominess about the future.

They can symbolize a sense of foreboding or feeling of unease. Something’s not right but you haven’t put your finger on it.

crows and death in dreamsThey can symbolize the dark side of someone you, especially a father or father figure.

They can symbolize humiliation from admitting you’re wrong after taking a strong position, as in the term “eat crow.”

Crows have long memories for people who do them wrong. In this sense, they’re associated with plotting revenge.

Crows can symbolize clever thinking or craftiness, especially in regard to getting something you want or working around obstacles.

A flock of crows can symbolize many troubles and difficulties, gossip, or chaotic thoughts. The flock is the picture of loose organization—or disorganization! Now compare that disorganization with your thoughts. Do you see a connection?

Crows can symbolize the ability to let people go their own way and make their own decisions.

The sound of crowing can be unnerving, and that association can be stretched to symbolize the feeling of being unnerved or out of synch. It can be a warning from within that you’re out of your element or venturing into dangerous territory.

Crowing can be the sound of triumph or gloating.

Crows are used in dreams to symbolize messengers from the unconscious mind. The black color of crows connects with the mystery of the unconscious mind, especially when it’s moved to action. And the fact that crows fly and talk makes them appropriate to use as messengers. In dreams that use this symbolism, you’ll sense that the crow wants to tell you something. If it beckons you to follow it, go ahead. You will be led to important self-knowledge.

A white crow is a particularly good sign of protection from danger, and harmony with nature and spirit. The messages coming to you from your unconscious mind are positive and propitious.

Crows help make you aware of your hidden, unconscious potential, and for that we should all be thankful when they appear in our dreams!

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4 thoughts on “Crow Dreams: Interpreting Meaning and Message of Crows in Dreams”

  1. Hi J.M
    I just read your blog on Crows, and your 100% spot on, but I would like to add a few more things if I can. When I was a child I was always intrigued by the Crow & Raven(Scorpio here) lol. Crows mean lots of things, my first experience with the Raven was the day we were to bury my Mother I was staying in a Motel I open the drapes to the Patio and there were 5 Ravens standing there looking at me, my son freaked asking why they were there, my only reply was our Ancestors are visiting. With the Crows they love to come into my dream state, the last visit I had there were 100’s Crows, walking with 100’s of Elder Black people from New Orleans, it was funeral all black lots of sorrow, just like you see in the movies I also heard the music and no it wasn’t retained.

    Months later I was hit with lots of death, so do I believe they came into to tell me death was on the way, yes I do.

    There’s a Omen to the Crows, you might know it, I’ll share it anyways.
    The Crows
    1 is for trouble
    2 is for mirth
    3 is a wedding
    4 is a birth
    5 is for riches
    6 is a thief
    7 is a journey
    8 is for grief.
    A flock of crows is called a murder, I also believe that the Crow is connected to the planet Pluto.

    Thanks for the great info

    I also

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