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Werewolf Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Werewolves in Dreams

werewolf dreams interpret meaning

werewolf dreams interpret meaningInterpret Meaning of Werewolves in Dreams

We continue our “12 Days of Halloween” look at dream symbolism connected with the holiday. Today’s subject: Werewolves!

A werewolf is a heck of a metaphor for the dark side of someone, and for something that lurks beneath the surface. It can mean that a person has an inner Mr. Hyde.

The idea extends to situations, too, such as when you know that people are only being friendly with you because of the circumstances. Something dark and ugly is hiding behind the facade.

The key association is the change from human to monster. Werewolves are ordinary people who transform under certain circumstances, then wake up and don’t remember what happened. That association can be used to create symbolism of being “out of it.” You aren’t your normal self. A period of time is missing from your memory. You blacked out.

Werewolves are also used by dreams in association with sexuality. It can symbolize animal passion and lust or a person’s wild side. It can mean that passions and instincts take over. It can be a way of saying you have something powerful inside of yourself that needs to find expression.

With werewolves, a situation can quickly spiral out of control. Emotions can explode. Dark forces threaten. You could dream about a werewolf in connection with the potential for trouble.

Also consider that werewolves can symbolize general fear or paranoia. Any creature that sparks fear can symbolize it.

Of course, what a werewolf means to you is the most important factor for interpreting what it means in your dream. What are the first words that come to mind related to werewolves in general? Now, think about the werewolf in your dream and just let thoughts come to mind spontaneously. Those associations are used as the basis of your dream symbolism. Look at the werewolf in the context of the dream-story. A werewolf in a cage is an entirely different picture than one running loose in a bar district. Your feelings and the context of the dream are your guides to decoding the symbolism and deciphering the meaning.

1 thought on “Werewolf Dreams: Interpret Meaning of Werewolves in Dreams”

  1. It was a Wear wolf with no fur much resemblance of a well known demon came out of the sky and started attacking me. In the dream I was in the dark next to a black lace listening to music on a stereo before the attack. The music was almost like slow rock. It kept nipping me then running of them coming back but biting harder or for longer and for some reason I could jump really high as in 4 stores high so I jumped away and it flew after me.

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