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What Do Dreams Mean? You Are about to Find Out

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An easy to read, fun book that teaches you how to figure out what your dreams mean

I am amazed sometimes by the meanings some so-called dream experts ascribe to dreams. A while back I was browsing through the comments on the website of a popular author of a book about dreams, someone you see on Dr. Oz and Good Morning America. To her credit, she replied to all the comments, but I ran across a few of her interpretations that rubbed me the wrong way. One in particular was in reply to someone who said a deceased loved one visited during a dream. The expert replied:

Isn’t it great to know that the spirits of our departed loved ones are still with us in our dreams!

Arrgh! It’s not the sentiment that bothers me, it’s the presumption. To me, the dream the person describes looks more like a personal story about grieving the loss of the loved one, not spirit visitation. I see this sort of huge leap in spiritual circles that take dreams at face value.

Oh, you had a dream where God told you to jump off a bridge? Well, you better pick a good one!

On the other end of the scale, I’ve cracked open books about dreams by psychologists and had to wear my wizard’s hat to decipher them. They are dense, arcane, jargon-riddled. I can’t imagine anyone without a background in psychology gaining much from them. Sigmund Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams” is an example. I “get it” now, but 20 years ago when I started this quest to understand dreams, Freud’s seminal work on dream interpretation did me more harm than good.

People want to know what their dreams means and that usually means reading books about the subject, but they’re generally unsure where to turn. If they browse the aisles at Barnes & Noble they might run across a few dream dictionaries but that’s about all. And don’t get me started about dream dictionaries! They can be helpful as starting points, but they tend to leave out the most important parts: why a symbol means what it does, and how it says something specifically about you and your life. Anything that can’t be explained in a sentence or two is not likely to be found in your average dream dictionary (though you will find clear explanations in my book The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Signs, Symbols and Meanings, coming in June 2017).

Now with all that buildup, I’m about to tell you about a book that teaches you to figure out for yourself what your dreams mean. That is easy to read and understand and explains everything simply yet thoroughly. That begins with how to remember your dreams, covers how to interpret dreams, and shows you how to live your dreams in the truest sense.

dreams 1-2-3
So you say you want an easy to read yet thorough books about dreams? I know just the book for you. Click the cover image.

Yes, as the author of the book I’m a bit biased, but don’t take my word for it, read the reviews. I swear I did not pay the reviewers to say great things about my book.

This review at Barnes & Noble I think really sums up what I’m trying to say:

If you’re committed to learning about yourself from your dreams, buy this book. As I teenager, I had a Freudian dream dictionary by my bedside and learned almost nothing. I read Jungian analysis and got more pieces of the picture, but found the methods tedious. DeBord makes dream interpretation simple (if not always easy). Rather than having you memorize symbol meanings, he hands you tools for mentally breaking down the imagery in a way that’s personal to you. He’s realistic about dreams. Some have great meaning, some don’t.

Also, the book is not weighed down with spiritualism even as it remains open to the possibility of a paranormal inspiration for (some) dreams.

It’s truly a gem and offers a way of interpreting that’s practical, not overly time-consuming, and makes dreamwork itself more meaningful.

I remember what it’s like to fish around for good sources of info about dreams and catch nothing but minnows and sharks, providing either too little substance or too much. I also remember asking myself many times, “how does the author come to that conclusion?” I learn best through example, and as a moderator at the largest online forum about dreams, Reddit Dreams, I have gathered hundreds of great examples from among the thousands upon thousands of dreams I’ve helped to interpret. Seriously, I have a helluva knack for dream interpretation and a long track record to prove it.



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