Anxiety dream: She’s afraid while she’s away her man will play, dream about losing a tooth

Anxiety Dream | Losing a tooth

anxiety dream teeth fall out

Teeth falling out is a common feature of anxiety dreams

Back story: This person (20/f) had this dream while working 60-hour weeks travelling across the U.S. as part of a disaster relief program. Click “back story” to see the original post at Reddit. Description edited for brevity and clarity.

I walk around a house with my volunteer team and find hidden doors. I walk through them, then keep going down hallways to the next door. Eventually I come across my boyfriend and we get into this huge fight. I look at his phone and he has been texting other girls, sexting with them and going out partying with this guy I can’t stand, which is out of his normal behavior.

Then I am in a car with him, crying and arguing, asking why he keeps defending that person to me and why he would be messaging other girls. He says I’m self-righteous and how dare I judge anyone. Then I ran out of the car and into this room surrounded by mirrors. My hair is messy and makeup runs down my face from crying. I am insanely skinny and as I look in the mirror I keep losing weight. Then I reach up because one of my teeth feels weird, as if it is falling out. I walk closer to the mirror and see the one of my teeth is turning black. Right as I barely touch it, it falls into my hand and my mouth starts bleeding.

I start feeling anxious and cry again. Then my mom walks up behind me and looks at me through the mirror, repeating, “We’ll will fix this, everything is going to be okay.” But I don’t feel okay, I am scared and hurt and can’t get out of the room of mirrors.

Finding hidden or secret rooms can be a dream’s way of saying it’s exploring things hidden from you, making discoveries. The person who had this dream is finding out new things about herself as she is challenged by her job and the lengthy time away from her boyfriend. Hidden rooms can also be a way of symbolizing “hidden from yourself,” and this dreamer appears to have some things she does not want to acknowledge. She has a lot on her mind and isn’t thinking things through.

The behavior of her boyfriend’s dream character is a projection of her feelings. It has nothing to do with her boyfriend, per se, and everything to do with her fears about what could happen since she can’t be around to give him the attention he wants and keep an eye on him. When dream characters act out of character from the person you know it’s a sign of symbolism. The boyfriend-character is merely playing a role scripted for him by the dream-story. Her mind is filling in gaps with her worst fears by showing him sexting with other girls and hanging out with people she doesn’t like.

The dream dramatizes the situation to make her aware of how she really feels. Next it shows her the source of her fears: insecurity. Mirrors are used to help us groom and see our appearance. They have a variety of symbolic uses based on those functions. In this dream, being surrounded by mirrors says to me that the dreamer is concerned about her appearance. The dream symbolizes it as her hair messed up and makeup running down her face. It could tie in with her anxiety that while she is away, her boyfriend will play…and find another girl.

The source of her fears go deeper, as illustrated by the mirrors showing her to be “insanely skinny” and still losing weight. This ties in with her eating disorder. Some people with eating disorders can never be skinny enough to be satisfied. They waste away in pursuit of an unhealthy image. On another level, the mirror are reflecting back her anxieties.

The presence of the dreamer’s mother points toward a solution. The dreamer told me that her mother helped get her life back on track and pushed to get her into the disaster relief program. Her mother is a woman the dreamer knows who has a healthy self-image. The dreamer can learn from her how to overcome her anxieties and insecurities.

Anxiety dreams are common. Some traditions even go as far as to claim that all dreams are the result of anxieties. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think that anxieties show up often in dreams, and by understanding the symbolism the dreams can be used for personal growth and healing.


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