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Dreams may be our visualized thoughts, even prophecy. It is our impulse to envision our future, like dreams are already giving us the hint of what is to come in our lives.

Dreams leave things left to be pondered most of the time rather than give the answer to every question. This is where our desires become graphical. This is where our aspirations are accomplished beyond comprehension, as if all the things we have designed to hope for exist in realms we are very much aware yet chose to ignore. What doesn’t happen in reality, as we think so much of it, becomes a subconscious byproduct in our dreams. What our emotions have triggered in our every dream may subject itself as the focus of our thoughts. It could vividly trigger something in us to contemplate on the repercussion of our actions once we switch back to waking reality.

What our dreams could mean to us is always subject to interpretation. But at the very least, we seek to have the closest, or the most convincing analysis of things that appear and events that transpire in our every dream. How our subconscious mind takes over smoothly as we doze off is like switching or shifting to another setting of our brains. On how a partition works on a Central Processing Unit (CPU) could be our best analogy when it comes to how we toggle from consciously aware to subconsciously responsive in dreams. This practically explains that we are capable to course through emotions while dreaming: we laugh, we get highly emotional, we even shed tears. And dreams, in a much broader sense, are the accumulation of our thoughts.

Dreams’ purpose is so enigmatic we might need the expertise of online dream analyzer to dissect its interpretation. As the activity of our brainwave gives birth to the content of our dreams, it is of utmost importance to seek out a specialist that has the professional credibility to analyze and convert the visuals or experiences in our dreams into something that can be used to interpret what the future holds. What dreams represent is often misunderstood and largely, the misconception is bred by the outcome or by the aborted resolution that transpired in our dreams. More often than not, we tend to have a hard time disconnecting what transpired with our dreams from the reality.

It is as if what came out from it has to continue in the real world for reasons unknown. Possibly because it is to serve our satisfaction or it fits our own narrative, or could be anything that we think as better version of things. There are perspectives that, if we lack the experience and knowledge to explore it, it often results with disenfranchisement. It leads into that misconception that could spell the difference between favored interpretation, from the analytical interpretation only an online dream analyzer can properly construe.

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I'm the author of "Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams," and "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Sign and Meanings." At I'm known as RadOwl. I began studying dreams in the early 1990s and delved into all major schools of thought, especially the writings of Carl Jung.

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