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RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation: eBook & Audiobook

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dream interpretation that’s simple, effective, and modern

You can start today with zero know-how for interpreting dreams and wake up tomorrow knowing what to do, if you spend two hours and read my book How To Interpret Dreams: RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation. You might want to give yourself four hours to read it twice.

In the time it takes to finish a morning cup of java (about ten minutes) I can teach you the basics:

3 simple facts about dreams

3 simple steps of dream interpretation

how to interpret dreams: radowl's crash course in dream interpretation
RadOwl’s Crash Course

Then we get to the demonstrations. Beginning with dreams based on memories of events in outer life and ending with dreams based on deep inner life, I show you how to apply my teachings to dreams of all types.

eBook lovers, you’re in luck and can grab the book now at Amazon. Paper lovers, that edition is coming soon.

Audiophiles, I narrated the book in my home studio. Enjoy the first half hour using the player below, or download from

This is my best work to date and my best shot at meeting the challenge of teaching dream interpretation simply, effectively and quickly. My books and online courses are known for their length and depth. My fans say they love it but damn RadOwl can’t ya hurry it up?

Introduction and Demo #1. Use this link if audio fails to load.

Two hours. That is the run time of the Audiobook. In two hours I can teach how I interpret dreams. Get my Crash Course!

Ready to meet your challenge? Get my book and tomorrow morning start interpreting your dreams like never before.

The eBook is only $4.49. The Audiobook is $6. Most of the book’s content is freely available here:

My other Free intro to Dream Interpretation:

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