RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation

3 Simple Facts + 3 Simple Steps: It's the foundation of RadOw's amazingly simple and effective dream interpretation process

In the time it takes to finish a morning cup of coffee, I can teach you the basics of how I interpret dreams. Then for the next hour and 45 minutes I'll demonstrate the process on fascinating examples. Quick. Simple. Effective. Modern. And taught by a world renown teacher of dream work!

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About the Book

Solve the mystery of your dreams by learning from a master dream interpreter. He’s known as RadOwl and his three-step process of dream interpretation is simple, effective, and modern. Even if you have never interpreted a dream, you can learn how to do it.

In less time than it takes to finish a morning cup of coffee, RadOwl’s crash course teaches you the basics of how to be your own dream detective. Then he demonstrates the process step-by-step by analyzing and interpreting numerous dreams shared at Reddit dreams, where he is the main community moderator of the internet’s most popular open forum for dream sharing. Learn by example and know the hidden meaning in dreams. Learn how they are utilized to see into the deep inner world of mind, heart, and spirit and to answer life’s questions.

You can understand your dreams and solve the mystery. You just need to know how to do it. Let RadOwl show you his way!

The crash course becomes a full-strength immersion in dream interpretation when you use the many additional learning resources embedded in the book, from the science of dreaming to the subtleties of decoding dream symbols. Backed by quotes from Carl Jung, Jeremy Taylor, and other luminaries and supplemented with learning materials, this book shows clearly and simply how to interpret your dreams. And by tomorrow morning you can wake up ready to start the adventure of a lifetime!

Genre: Dream Interpretation
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Radical Owl
Publication Year: 2019
Format: eBook and Audiobook
Length: 77 pages
Narrator: J.M. DeBord

eBook Price: $4.50
Audiobook Price: $6.00
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About the Author
J.M. DeBord

Jason (J.M.) DeBord is the widely acclaimed author of two books about dreams, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary and Dreams 1-2-3. Through his books, media appearances, lectures, and online presence he has taught millions of people to decode the meaning and significance of their dreams. Anyone can understand their dreams, they just need to know how. Start today by signing up for his email newsletter "We Love Dreams." Jason is known as "RadOwl" at the massive social media site Reddit.com where he leads the internet's largest community of dream enthusiasts, Reddit Dreams.

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