Bed Jet Review: Is Bed Jet a Better Sleep Solution for You

By Thomas Kenny and J.M. DeBord (RadOwl)

J.M. DeBord:

jm debord a dream expert who became a sleep expert too.
Author J.M. DeBord

Because of my reputation for expertise in dream interpretation, people ask me how to get better sleep. Sleep and dreams are fraternal twins, and what happens with one affects the other. So I sought answers from the best sources then discovered Bed Jet, an ingenious yet simple sleep solution, and signed up as an affiliate.

I know a winner when I see one.

Bed Jet works so well because it’s the best for controlling body temperature. Your body sheds heat to trigger sleep and changes temperature throughout the night to maximize rest and recuperation. Bed Jet responds, making you cooler or warmer as needed by circulating air beneath the bed covers.

The first question I ask a troubled sleeper is if they sleep comfortably, and the answer is almost always no.

Other companies make temperature-controlled beds, and considering their cost, I hesitate to recommend them. They don’t work as quickly or as well as Bed Jet, either, which costs much less.

Works better, costs less. A no-brainer?

I had to find out, and fortunately I know the right person to ask. Up next, writer / researcher Thomas Kenny gives us the low down on Bed Jet.

Bedjet Review: Stay Cool or Warm in Bed for Less

What Is Bed Jet?

Thomas Kenny:

BedJet is a company based out of Rhode Island that offers a unique climate comfort system.

Using a fan, tube, and specially designed sheets, BedJet blows air directly under your comforter at the temp of your choosing (66°F – 104°F)

Thomas Kenny, writer and researcher
Tommy Kenny

BedJet has two options, single or dual-use; we’ll get more into the model specifics and the differences between them later.

For now…

What Are the Benefits of Bed Jet?

Most people find that BedJet greatly increases their comfortability, which helps them sleep, but one of the main benefits is much lesser-known.

Sleep expert and author of Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker says that temperature differences in our core is one of the biggest triggers for not only putting us to sleep quicker but also increasing the total amount of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) — or deep sleep — by 10%, and 20% for younger people.

When the same tests were applied to insomniacs or older sleepers (the older we get, the more trouble we have with sleep), the tests showed an even more dramatic increase in how quickly the participants were able to go to sleep, and in the quality of sleep that they received based off of the total time they spend in REM stage.

Long story short, dropping our core body temperature helps with sleep tremendously.

(See video at bottom for J.M.’s lesson on this subject).

If you want more vivid dreams, maximize your REM-stage sleep. More REM sleep means more dreams. More dreams means more rest and recuperation.

J.M. DeBord
Body Core temperature is critical for falling asleep and sleeping restfully

BedJet also uses drying technology. Humidity and bodily moisture accumulate beneath your bed covers and in your mattress. Plus, some people experience night sweats, and waking up covered in sweat is a bummer. BedJet is the only solution we know of for the sweats.

Comfort and sleep quality aside, BedJet is much more efficient for heating and cooling your sleep environment. You can use BedJet, or else crank up your heat or AC or use an energy-burning space heater.

Compared to an alternative like electric blankets, BedJet is much more adjustable to the exact temperature you’re looking for. Plus, electric blankets always come with the risk of a shortage, leading to a potential fire in your bed!

Better sleep means better dreams!

J.M. DeBord

How Does Bed Jet Work?

BedJet works by intaking air from your bedroom and sending it through a tube that connects directly into your sheet and under your comforter.

Similar to a box fan with a tube, the base sends temperature-controlled air directly into your bed.

Using the BedJet remote, you can select different strength settings that will blow more or less air.

You can also use filters for BedJet for cleaner air and aromatherapy as you sleep.

Bed Jet Dual Zone sleep comfort solution for Couples
The dual zone system (see description below)

The newer BedJet 3 comes with a remote that you can keep by your side for adjustments and powering the system. Version 2 is simpler and costs less.

With two different modes, the BedJet can cool or heat depending on your settings. Cooling can get as low as 66°F, and heating can get as hot as 104°F.

But keep in mind, BedJet needs 6 inches of clearance under your bed to fit properly; if you don’t have the needed space then consider buying risers for your frame!

How Loud Is Bed Jet?

Gentle white noise is proven to help some people fall asleep and stay asleep.

J.M. DeBord

On lower settings, you can expect very little white noise, maybe as much as a computer fan.

Although BedJet gets a bit louder on higher settings, it is still much quieter than regular air fans.

Most BedJetters keep the fan at around 20% throughout the night, which is almost silent.

Bed Jet 3 Climate Comfort System

Bed Jet 3

The classic BedJet 3 ($399) is a single-fan system for one person or a sleeping couple with the same sleeping temperature preferences.

The temperature-flexible fan stands at 6 inches and pushes from 150 – 1500 watts — less than a space heater or AC unit. Quieter than you’d expect, the BedJet 3 works by inflating your bed sheets or comforter.

Biorhythm technology changes temperature throughout the night.

Why is this important?

Sleep is a cycle of stages, ranging from falling asleep, to deep sleep, to REM. Optimal body temps are associated with each stage.


For example, REM sleep (the “pinnacle of sleep” according to sleep medicine specialist Dr. Rubin Naiman) is strongest at cooler temperatures. But when you are close to waking up, warmer temperatures are more desirable. BedJet gradually warms to naturally pull your body from that deeper sleep and prepares you to wake up with more energy!

These biorhythm settings are adjustable as well, of course!

An air hose connects from the fan, stretches up your bed frame, and connects to the BedJet sheet.

A remote control lets BedJetters set specific settings throughout the night, including fan power, heating or cooling, specific temperature, active drying, and setting a timer.

The BedJet 3 is SmartHome compatible and comes with a Wifi chip.

[PS – the simpler, refurbished Version 2 is $299 and likely to sell out soon.]

Dual Zones for Couples

The BedJet Dual Zone is the ideal option for couples with a king-sized mattress, or for those that have different sleeping temp preferences.

With two separate fans and hoses, each sleeper can adjust their own fan to their own preferences. 

Bed Jet Buyer's Guide

The Dual Zone comes with all of the same features as the standard BedJet 3, but for two separate sides.

Cloud Sheets

The optional-and-recommended, machine-washable BedJet Cloud Sheet was specifically designed to help cool sleepers.

Here’s how:

The BedJet Cloud sheet has an opening that is made is perfectly fit around the air hose of BedJet. Small pockets in the Cloud Sheet allow for air to distribute evenly.

After powering the fan, you’ll find that the Cloud Sheet inflates and cools better than any other product on the market right now. 

I’ve found that the BedJet works very well with Avocado mattresses and the appropriate frames.

All in all, the Cloud Sheet is best for summer-time sleeping in the heat!

J.M. says: I love bamboo sheets. Super comfy and environmentally friendly material.

Bed Jet Warranty

BedJet offers a 60-day “Sweat Free” warranty. Return for a full refund if you want. BedJet pays for return shipping. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is.



I'm J.M. DeBord, aka RadOwl. I'm a best-selling author of four books including The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, RadOwl's Crash Course in Dream Interpretation, and Dreams 1-2-3. I also created, the online home for dream interpretation courses, and D3, a 3-step process of dream interpretation. I've been a guest on Coast to Coast AM, was quoted extensively in the Boston Globe, and was featured as a dream expert in Woman's World Magazine.

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