J.M. DeBord

Jason (J.M.) DeBord is the widely acclaimed author of two books about dreams, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary and Dreams 1-2-3. Through his books, media appearances, lectures, and online presence he has taught millions of people to decode the meaning and significance of their dreams. Anyone can understand their dreams, they just need to know how. Start today by signing up for his email newsletter “We Love Dreams.” Jason is known as “RadOwl” at the massive social media site Reddit.com where he leads the internet’s largest community of dream enthusiasts, Reddit Dreams.

RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation

RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation

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Solve the mystery of your dreams with a radically simple and effective 3-step process of dream interpretation. Learn how to interpret dreams by decoding the symbolism and analyzing the story. Gain tips from great dream analysts such as Carl Jung. And quickly absorb this incredible and one-of-a-kind knowledge by examining fascinating example dreams step by step, with clear and concise explanations. Simple. Effective. Modern.

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