Dream about leg amputated – What does it mean?

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Dream about leg amputated voluntarily – What does it mean?

Dreams use parts of the body as symbolism, and lately legs have been mentioned in dreams shared at Reddit Dreams where I’m a moderator. Take this one for example (original post at Reddit):

In the dream I am planning on having my leg amputated.

The guy goes on to say he is overweight and has a history of diabetes. He’s taking two college classes and failing one of them — anatomy — that he needs to get through nursing school. On top of that, he’s considering a change of schools and it will mean his wife supports them till he graduates and gets a job.

In this dream, leg amputation is symbolism.

Those details give me a few directions to go in. Is it a health warning dream, a way of saying if the dreamer continues on his present course, overweight and diabetic, he might as well cut off his leg? Untreated diabetes can lead to amputations, and the fear of it could be in the back of his mind. Is it a warning to not put too much burden on his wife, who will have to carry the load, or a way saying “legs cut out from beneath you?” That’s getting warmer.

To figure out the meaning of the dream, ask yourself what legs do. Legs take us places. They make us move, and in dreams movement is often connected with movement in a person’s life. Through our conversation on Reddit I found out the dreamer planned to drop his anatomy class that day. In a way, he’s cutting one of his legs off. It’s a setback that will hamper his ability to move his life forward.

The part of the dream that stood out to me is he voluntarily decides to amputate his leg. It’s something that would usually jar a person back to reality, but when it’s dream symbolism we tend to play along because we know subconsciously things are not what they appear.

The dreamer agreed with the interpretation and added that in the class he was dropping, he had a test that day on, of all subjects, leg anatomy.

Go figure.

In another dream with leg symbolism, the dreamer is with two friends driving Lamborghinis. One friend decides to take it to the next level and long board. He crashes and badly wounds his leg. He acts like it’s no big deal, happens all the time. At the hospital he cuts off pieces of his leg, puts them in bags of popcorn and passes them around.

Sounds like some crazy shit, but it’s all understandable as symbolism. Driving around in overcharged sports cars can be a way of symbolizing that the dreamer and his friends are daredevils always seeking the next adventure. The friend who injures himself takes it too far, from the dreamer’s perspective. I used an example of someone who takes mad amounts of pills and pretends like it’s all good. It’s not, but you pretend. The guy who had the dream said it wasn’t pills but something similar.

Another clue is in how the friend passes around pieces of his leg. It’s a way of saying he shares his misery or bad habits. Knowing that the dreamer is in high school and remembering what my friends and I were like at that age, I could picture the scene. Turns out I hit the interpretation on the head.

Dream interpretation: two tornadoes, one author

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dream about two tornadoes

Twin tornadoes form a heart shape

Dream interpretation: two tornadoes, one author

Oftentimes, violent or scary imagery in dreams is symbolism for something a lot less violent or scary in real life. Remembering that dreams exaggerate so that they are memorable and get your attention, take a look at this dream [link to original post] and see if you can guess what it means. The dreamer is an author who writes novels about zombies and apocalypse:

In my dream, I was driving next to my grandfather, who is long dead now. We saw two tornadoes forming. I told my grandfather we need to get out of here. He told me to let nature run its course. So, we were driving. I pulled out my phone and called my dad. He told there had been another outbreak. Of zombies.

Boom. Suddenly, I was at some store with my uncle and aunt. He was arrested for theft, even though I know he didn’t do it. Then, the officer walked up to my aunt and told her that he was innocent. I step outside. Huge tornado right in front of my face. I started to run. And run. And I didn’t stop running. All of the people in that store were killed.

I saw a person driving away from zombies. I started yelling at them to stop. “What the hell?!? You are going to let me die?” I screamed. I started to run, but was teleported to my bed, in my house. All of the people from my dream appeared in front of me. I started to tell them all my secrets. Part of my wall blew off and zombies ran into the house. Everyone was sucked in or eaten.

The dreamer is driving, which can symbolize movement in his life. We are said to “go places” in our lives when things are humming along, or get “stuck in place” when our lives are stuck. What better way to symbolize those ideas than with driving a car? It can also symbolize movement (or lack of it) in a particularly area of life. So immediately I think to myself that this dream might be about something the dreamer is trying to accomplish.

Next we get into the zombie imagery. That’s a clue that zombies are somehow involved with the subject of the dream. Zombies in dreams can symbolize the “walking dead” and that imagery fits many situations in life. I’ve interpreted several dreams about zombies that related back to the dreamers’ perceptions that they live in a world of the “walking dead,” or that they themselves fit into this category of being alive but dead inside. But in this dream the zombies are related to something the dreamer is trying to accomplish, as you will see in a moment.

Now consider the tornadoes. By itself a tornado in a dream has a variety of possible interpretations. It can describe something going on in your life that’s comparable to a whirlwind. Frantically getting ready for the holidays is a situation I’ve heard described as a “whirlwind” of activity. A tornado can also describe an inner state of being that is stormy, or a relationship that is tumultuous. There are other possibilities related to anything that goes round and round. This dream gives a big clue to the meaning of the symbolism being used by showing two tornadoes.

So here is my initial response to the person who had the dream:

The part that might connect this dream with your life is the dual tornadoes. I wondered if maybe you have two projects going furiously at once, or two areas of your life that are very active, something like that. In which case your grandpa’s advice to let nature run its course could apply to something you’re working on right now. Judging by the presence of the zombies, maybe you’re working on a new book or two? If so, maybe the part about being left behind expresses the feeling that you want to abandon one of the projects?

Which is exactly the case, judging by the person’s reply:

Wow, basically everything you said was true. I am working on two different books, and was considering [stopping] one of them. Thanks.

To make sure the interpretation is correct, I asked about the dreamer’s grandfather. His presence in the dream is another clue to the meaning. I guessed he was the type of guy to never start something unless he intended to finish it, and it turns out to be the case. One of the books, the author said, was not getting his fullest effort, a sign that it might be better to “let nature run its course” and abandon the effort. I could practically hear Grandpa saying, “If you’re going to do something, you better do it right,” and “finish what you start.”

The author, knowing his heart isn’t into writing one of the books, is told by this dream it’s better to drop one of the projects so he can put his fullest effort into the other one. He’s having difficulty though because he believes in finishing what he starts, as symbolized in the scene when a character drives away, leaving behind the dreamer to presumably get mauled by zombies. The dreamer’s strong reaction (“you’re going to let me die?!”) expresses his feelings about abandoning one of the projects. He wants to allow one of the projects to die. I think the dream is telling him that it’s wise, and showing him why he hasn’t done it already.

For more dream interpretations, visit RedditDreams.com. I’m RadOwl.

To learn more about my groundbreaking book about dreams, visits dreams1-2-3.com.

Dream interpretation: partner shrinks while having sex

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Dream about having sex with shrinking Barbie

Don’t worry Barbie, it’s only a dream

What does it mean to dream that your partner shrinks while having sex? In the dreamer’s own words:

I had a dream last night where I had sex with this super hot chick. However, halfway through she starts shrinking tinier and tinier until it’s like I’m mashing my dick into the mouth of a Barbie doll.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s happened more than once. Any ideas what this could mean?

My first guess, which you’ll see here if you follow RadOw’s comments, is that the dreamer is enjoying sex less. The action of shrinking while having sex implies that something is diminishing. Since sex is the main action in the dream, you see why I made that connection.

Here is the dreamer’s reply:

I think you hit the nail on the head. My wife has gained weight over this past year and she’s now at her heaviest she’s ever been. Although I love having sex with her, her weight gain has required me to be the more physical one, and I guess in some selfish way I view having sex as being more “work” than it used to be. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I think it affects how often I initiate sex.

So not only is the dreamer enjoying sex less, he’s having less sex. The issue behind the dream is his wife’s weight gain and how it affects their sex life, so while she’s growing their sex life is shrinking, both in quality and quantity.

Now THAT is what I call some wicked dream symbolism. Having the issue graphically portrayed by this dream helps the guy admit to himself something that’s hard to admit. By doing so he can resolve the issue behind it. As I told him, his wife is the woman he loves no matter what she weighs.

A Nightmare about Self-Harming Interpreted

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The dreams we call nightmares are often terrifying, violent, morbid, and can leave us feeling like our minds have turned against us. But the imagery is all symbolic, and it’s all trying to help us understand something important happening in our lives.

The next dream shows what I mean. The dreamer had recently decided to stop self-harming (cutting himself), and in response he had a dream that showed him the source of the issue behind the self-harming, his present conditions, and where he could find help:

I dream that I am at my university except the buildings are rundown and abandoned. There are construction hats lying around like someone had been trying to fix up the place. I am called over to a canteen area and I find my granny there along with a shadowy figure that reminds me of my dad who I haven’t seen or talked to in many years.

We eat together and they ask me the standard dinner table questions about my life, and I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my left breast. When they aren’t paying attention I look down my shirt and see a hard patch of skin on my chest — a rock hard lump about the size of a lychee berry shooting pain all through my chest. Suddenly the tool I use for self-harming is gripped in my hand and with relief I slice into the lump and remove it with my fingers, all the while making sure I’m not seen by my relatives.

I’m holding this terrible cystic lump in my hand and feel like I want to just scream. I excuse myself to run to the bathroom and get rid of the cyst, but there’s no sink, no toilet. Voices approach and I’m afraid to be found with the cyst, so I eat it.

Turns out the construction workers had returned. I rejoin my granny and the father-type figure and they’ve finished the meal and are laying down to sleep in sleeping bags. When I think they are asleep I check my chest and see a huge gash. I try to pinch the edges together. Suddenly I hear my granny and look up to see her standing in front of me but it’s not really her, it’s some evil creepy thing with her voice. She says, “So, you’re still doing THAT. Huh. Hardly surprising.” I then wake up freaked out.

What a nightmare, eh? So what message is it telling the dreamer?

Begin with the setting, the dreamer’s university with construction going on, symbolized by the construction hats laying around. It’s a sign that the dreamer is making changes in his life. He  has decided to stop harming himself.

Next look at the characters. The dreamer’s granny is present, and so is his absent father. The granny is there because her love helped him decide to stop self-harming, and the father is in the scene because the dreamer harms himself in response to his father’s absence, I’d guess.

In the next scene he is asked typical questions about his life that make him feel uneasy. After all, someone who is secretly self-harming doesn’t want to be scrutinized.

Now we look at the symbols and symbolism. The dreamer notices a hard patch over his left breast. To me it looks like a callous over his heart. It’s a way of saying that he’s become numb to his feelings. By removing it he’s saying that he wants to feel again, but he’s going to go through some growing pains. By eating it he is dealing with the consequences of years of self harm. He can’t run from what he’s done to himself, he has to go through the slow and painful process of coming to terms with himself.

Next consider the symbolism of a lychee berry. This comes from the dreamer’s associations — he says the cyst-thing is the same size as a berry. I wonder if it’s the same color, too, because lychee berries are red like a heart. Spontaneous associations like the dreamer comparing the cyst to a lychee berry are a way of figuring out what dream symbolism means. The gash over the dreamer’s chest that’s left after he removes the cyst is also symbolism for a wounded heart.

The final scene with granny turning into some possessed, evil thing is an expression of the dreamer’s fears, it has nothing to do with how she feels. It expresses fear that he will disappoint her. The dreamer has made a major, beneficial change, and the driving force behind it is granny’s love. Her love for her grandson is helping him to bridge a gap and end a bad cycle of behavior.

When understood as symbolism, this nightmare about self-harming makes sense!


Meaning of a Car Accident Dream

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Meaning of a car accident dream

This is a gem of a dream for showing dream symbolism in action, excerpted from the original post at Reddit Dreams:

Howdy! I had an interesting dream and was wondering if y’all had any clue as to the meaning. …The road I was going down [in my car] had a major slope. I had both feet out on the side of the road as my brakes. At some point I just decided to stop doing that and let myself go. I went down this slope faster and faster when all of a sudden I hit something. The sound I heard was the sound of a plastic bin scraping the street. Things froze for a bit and in my head popped out a news headlines about a semi truck hitting several cars before flashing back to the main scene of the dream. I looked down and saw my left foot was gone up the ankle.

To understand this dream begin with the symbolism of driving and a steep slope. Driving in dreams is frequently associated with movement in your life, the road of life you are on, where you are going, where you have been.

A slope can symbolize going downhill in the figurative sense, or loss of control, a situation that gains momentum. The action of going faster and faster in the dream suggests something gaining speed.

Crashing into something, like in this dream, can symbolize “bumps in the road” and hardships. The accident isn’t traumatic, but there is a sacrifice: the dreamer’s lower left leg. Legs and feet are also associated with making your life move, so losing part of a leg could describe a situation that required a sacrifice to the dreamer’s life’s forward movement in order to slow it down.

Which is the case. The dreamer quit a coaching job that was “getting out of control. Things were getting faster and faster with little order until I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Once you know what to look for, you can easily see that story played out in this dream.

Dream about junior high school – connecting the past with the present – dream interpretation

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We’ve all been there: In the dream you find yourself back in school. You see people you haven’t seen in years. The scenes are often surreal. You can be anxious and wonder why in the world you are back in junior high.

In the following dream about junior high we can learn how dreams connect the past with the present and give us valuable information for living our lives:

I was back in my junior high classes but as me today. I started to tell my teacher shit for some reason and she sent me to the office with a note. Everyone in front of me would hand in their note with their name and receive in-school suspension. My note simply said “PROBLEM.” I handed it to the secretary and told her we needed some cleaning supplies restocked. I end up walking to a hall I don’t belong in, looking for my first ex. At this point I knew it was a dream and I thought if I can change something here then maybe things would be different in the real world.

I couldn’t find her and then my most recent ex showed up and I asked for her help in finding my other (ex). None of them knew who I was but I had all my memories of them. She showed me to her room. I went in and one of my teachers, who was real, made some cracks about being a soapy romantic. As I was walking out my first ex mouthed at me to wait for her outside. I was thinking this was my chance to change everything and then I woke up.

Last night I was thinking about my ex for some time before I fell asleep. It’s my birthday this month and I was thinking how none of them will bother to say happy birthday to me.

The DREAMS 1-2-3 approach to dream interpretation is to break the story down into parts and piece it back together using the dreamer’s associations with the content. With this dream we begin with the setting. A classroom environment suggests that the dream is trying to teach something, imparting a lesson through story. Because the dreamer is his (or her) present age while revisiting junior high school, I suspect that the dream is speaking to some issue that began back then. Because of the ex-girlfriends, the issue is probably related to his relationships.

Next the dreamer is sent to the school office and is identified as a “PROBLEM.” Here we have a clue that the dream is working on a personal problem, probably telling him why he won’t be hearing from his ex girlfriends on his birthday. The reference to cleaning supplies could symbolize the need to clean up something, like ‘clean up your act’ or ‘clean up your life.’ It leaves the impression that the relationships ended badly. The part about in-school suspension could mean that the dreamer’s dating life is suspended until he learns what he needs to avoid making the same mistakes, or that his life is somehow in a state of suspension.

The next part we look at to interpret the dream is the characters. The two ex-girlfriends are there for a reason, and to me their presence suggests that the dream is telling a story about what went wrong in those relationships. Going to the one ex’s room is a way of saying that the dream is visiting the part within himself where his memories of her are still alive. His former teacher is there, again suggesting that the dream is teaching something with this story, and the part about being a soapy romantic could be a reference again to cleaning something up (soapy) or could be a suggestion that the dreamer needs to be more romantic, show more feeling.

Dreamers’ reactions to the stories their dreams present can reveal more about the meaning and symbolism than anything else, and in this dream the reaction of wanting to use the opportunity to change the mistakes of the past points right to the heart of the story.

A key piece of information comes at the end of the description: With regret the dreamer had been thinking about the past and why his or her birthday will be a little less special. Now we know what sparked the dream and see how the past connects with the present.

Dream interpretation: Gender-switching sex dream symbolizes fear of accidentally getting pregnant

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Dear Dreams 1-2-3

Last night I dreamed that I was a man (I’m not) and I was doing this beautiful girl… honey-blonde hair, gorgeous smile, killer body. And I was really giving her the business, and we were both thoroughly enjoying ourselves. But then I suddenly remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom, so I pulled out of her to put one on, only to find that I did not in fact have a penis at all. So I was puzzling over my lack of junk, when suddenly the girl spilled a little of her drink on my new mattress (I really do have a new mattress). Enraged, I yanked the sheets off the bed to keep the drink from seeping through. When I saw that the liquid had bled all the way to the mattress, I kicked her out.

Apparently I would be a truly dickish (or rather, dickless) boyfriend.

I took this word-for-word from Reddit Dreams rather than paraphrase it because the wording is so vivid and immediately gives me a picture of the dreamer. She’s obviously a sexually liberated female. Getting pregnant can be a big fear among sexually liberated females.

The part about the condom ties in with this idea because wearing a condom is obviously important to her for her to stop in the middle of great sex to put one on. I think the reference to this female dreaming she’s male but having no penis could symbolize that she is actually the female in the scene. She’s the one who has to worry about whether dude is wearing protection.

Spilling a drink on the bed where they are having sex reminds me of the “wet spot” and things that spill on mattresses and seep in. Like semen. If it spills into her and seeps in, it could be trouble.

So put 2 and 2 together and you see in this dream fear about getting pregnant. I think it’s a classic example of dream symbolism.

The part that really seals the deal is the dreamer’s reaction. She gets enraged and kicks out the girl. It’s a sign that she feels very strongly about the underlying issue expressed symbolically by the dream. If she accidentally got pregnant she’d be pissed off and ready to kick out her lover.

That’s my dream interpretation of this sex dream.

bad joke

from alienredwolf.com

Weird Goose Dream and Ryan Gosling

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Ryan “Goosling”

I ran across this gem at Reddit Dreams that illustrates how dreams use symbolism. Here is the post (link to original):

So when I finally fell asleep last night I had a dream that a giant green goose with the human face of Ryan Gosling, with hands on the ends of its wings, was chasing me around trying to touch my hair. Also, Gosling had a beak that continued to squawk like a goose. It was … weird.

I wish I was making this up.

So I suggested to the dreamer that maybe the goose was symbolism for how he perceived Ryan Gosling. We all had a good laugh. Then he goes on to explain more of the dream:

My friend told me that a gosling is apparently a baby goose. Then my wife told me that I saw green because I am low on money and he was grabbing at my hair because I am “balding.” Hahaha. Maybe they’re right.

This suggests that maybe the silly goose is the dreamer for worrying about his hair. Gosling is known for his vanity, and dreams love to take these little facts we know about celebrities or otherwise and turn them into stories.

Earwax Dream

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This is one of the better exchanges from my recent Reddit AMA, a question and answer session with the Reddit community (follow the link to read the full AMA). It’s about an earwax dream:

So I had a dream last week where I was pulling earwax out of my boyfriend’s ear, like huge globs of it. Then it turned into bits of blank paper. We were at some kind of party, there were other people there at least, but nobody noticed what I was doing. It actually weirded me out so much that when I woke up and started googling “ear wax dreams” but couldn’t find anything about wax in OTHER people’s ears. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

My reply:

The first answer to consider when interpreting a dream is the most obvious one. How much wax is in that man’s ears? Does it look like a potato patch in there? Ruling out that possibility, I would next consider if the symbolism has to do with his listening skills. It could be that you are trying to get through to him and you don’t feel like he is listening or really hearing you.

And her reply:

Actually, now that you mention it, it seems pretty straightforward. He oils his ears sometimes to avoid blockages as his job involves a lot of flying and often he will leave the pipette on the sink without cleaning it and putting it away. It probably just came from me having to ask him to clean up when he’s done.

And that my friends is a classic example of one way dreams speak.

Dream about Rapist and Getting Revenge

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Dream about Rapist

Dear Dreams 1-2-3:

This dream is about my rapist. I walked into a grocery shop and happened to find him lying on his back trying to fix something (in real life he fixes cars) and I shot him right there and walked away. I don’t remember feeling panic-y or anything. I just walked away and I grabbed three shoes on the way out to buy so I didn’t look suspicious.

My rapist is my best friend’s brother. So, in the dream I had to go to his funeral. I didn’t cry. I was only afraid of being caught. I told everyone when I found out the news I was buying three puppies. I stuck next to my friend and played along with being sad but never was.

At the funeral his fiance got up and shot three people. The whole time I was worried about someone finding evidence of me on the crime scene. I woke up thinking he was dead.

What do you think this means? Does the recurrence of the number three mean anything?

Signed, Revenge Served Cold
Dear Revenge:
I think the recurring groupings of three mean you are trying to get your wholeness back, and shooting him means you are trying to rid yourself of the effects of what he has done to you. Being raped can make you feel like a part of yourself has been forcibly taken, making it hard to get on with your life because you don’t feel like yourself anymore. You need something back that your rapist took.

Grabbing the shoes might be a way of saying that you want to get on with your life like it was before. You want to move forward. Or perhaps you’re being told you need to move forward and you’re not ready. (If not being told that, maybe you feel that way? It can take a long time to heal and it’s easy to grow impatient with it.) Being worried about getting caught might relate to catching yourself dwelling on the rape or nurturing your anger. The reference to buying puppies might relate to getting back your playful and carefree side.

I was a newspaper reporter in college and reported on a few rapes around campus. One of the themes that came up a lot was ‘trying to find the old you,’ getting back that zest for life and sense of personal safety. There are some good signs in this dream that you are ready to move forward. Waking up thinking your rapist is dead might be a way of saying “dead to you.” If he’s dead to you, he no longer matters. What’s done is done. Otherwise, how much more of your life is he going to take?

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to work with. The purpose of your dreams is, at heart, to benefit you. So having this dream at this time must be a way of helping you heal. I hope that happens for you and this guy gets what he deserves. Karma will make things right. I’ve seen it happen many times, but to let it do its thing you have to back off the vengeful feelings, assuming you feel vengeful.

Note: This post is taken from my interaction with a subscriber at Reddit Dreams. Her reply: “Thanks. That actually made me feel really good. I agree with a lot of what you said.”