BITE Radio host Robert Sharpe

Review of Dreams 1-2-3:

Although J.M. DeBord’s Dreams 1-2-3 is written for those with little to no experience with Dream Interpretation, it contains a wealth of tips and insights for those, like me, who have worked with dreams for many years! As a guest on my radio show, J.M. drew listener responses like ‘awesome’. ‘right-on’, ‘amazing insight’ and ‘cool dude’. J.M.’s book is a must have for those interested in Remembering, Interpreting and Living Their Dreams. It’s one I highly recommend.

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I'm the author of "Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams," and "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Sign and Meanings." At I'm known as RadOwl. I began studying dreams in the early 1990s and delved into all major schools of thought, especially the writings of Carl Jung.

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