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Top 11 Things to Know about Dreams

To get you started interpreting and exploring them. When I have only a half-hour to share what I know about dreams and their interpretation, I give my Top 10 Thing to Know lecture. But there’s a #11 thing and you’ll...

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Ladies, the big question answered: what it means to dream about cunnilingus and oral sex

  Dreams about sex acts have great variety of meanings. Let’s explore possibilities related to what it means to dream about receiving cunnilingus and giving it. Begin with your associations. For some women, cunnilingus is associated with unselfish sex. A...

Dream School Master Course 2

Dream School Now Open – Online Courses for Dream Interpretation & Analysis

Drum roll, please. After five years of developing course curriculum and my DREAMS 1-2-3 System of Dream Interpretation… Five months of creating Powerpoint slides… Plus one-hundred and fifty hours of recording and editing video… Dream School is ready to accept...