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Penis Dreams: Interpret the Meaning of Penis in Dreams

Penis dreams | Relax, it’s probably symbolism and I’ll show you how to interpret the meaning

Freud and phallic symbols

Sigmund Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Sigmund Freud identified a variety of symbols to represent the penis—towers, flagpoles, cigars, snakes. But more often as a dream interpreter I encounter dreams with straightforward representations. A penis is a penis, no phallic symbol needed. Rather than use a symbol for the penis, it’s directly represented. However, it’s usually symbolism for something.

A penis is obviously symbolism when a female dreams she has one, or when a female dream character has one. The most common interpretations of penis symbolism revolve around power, dominance, fertility, and masculinity. Here’s a prime example, a girl dreams about having sex with a girl with a penis (summarized):

I dream that a woman I used to know talks me into having sex with her. She eventually convinces me to do it. She has a penis!

When someone from your past appears in your dreams that you haven’t had contact with in a long time, it’s a good bet that the person is symbolism for something about yourself. Dream characters generally symbolize aspects of yourself, except in relatively rare instances when a character is a direct representation of someone you know. Interpret the symbolism by reflecting on what you know about the person, what they are like and their personality and characteristics.

The dreamer says the woman she dreamed about is someone she trained with for triathlons, and what she remembers best is her old training partner is someone who doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks of her. She is vocal and assertive like a guy, and the dream symbolizes it by giving her a penis. I ask the dreamer if she sees those qualities in herself and she says yes, she’s vocal and assertive and worries sometimes if she acts too masculine.

Those contextual details reveal the meaning of the symbolism. The female acquaintance with a penis symbolizes the side of the dreamer that’s vocal and assertive in masculine ways. In other words, she acts masculine in some respects, and the penis is the body part most closely associated with traditional masculinity. Having dream sex with her old acquaintance is a way of saying that the dreamer is connecting with something in herself that resonates with her former training partner. The message of the dream is to learn from that person’s example. The dreamer can be vocal and assertive and not give a crap what people think of her.


Penis: dream symbol for masculine traits and characteristics

Here is another example: a dream featuring a penis that symbolizes a woman coming to terms with her masculine, dominant side.

And the theme continues in this dream: Her boyfriend dreams that she has a penis.

In my boyfriend’s dream we are in bed together. He looks over my naked body and sees that I have a penis. I am distressed about it (in the dream), and he tries to comfort me by playing with it.

reddit dreamsThe interpretation of this dream has a few directions it can go in. One person at Reddit Dreams, the forum where it is posted, suggests that the dreamer’s boyfriend might be secretly gay. He wishes she had a penis. I, on the other hand, initially guess it might be a sign that the dreamer exhibits traditionally masculine traits, which is close but doesn’t tell the whole story. The dreamer says she can be dominant while having sex. Her boyfriend has never been with a female who takes control in bed like she does. She gets nervous about it, afraid she might scare him away by being too dominant, and her boyfriend reassures her it’s all right. In the dream it’s symbolized as playing with her penis.

Interestingly, the girlfriend also dreams with suggestive imagery:

I have a recurring dream that I rub my clit and it gets really huge, like one of those ‘roided bodybuilding-women clits. I worry that my boyfriend will break up with me and I’ll be alone forever.

interpret meaning penis dreams

I’m sure the creators of this ad know exactly what it suggests

One way of looking at the symbolism is it reinforces the idea of the dreamer exhibiting dominance. After all, her clit looks like a dick in the dream (an oversized clit caused by steroids is called a “clit dick” because it looks like a small dick — I’ll spare you the graphic pics). Her over-sized clit could also be a symbolic way of saying she has an overcharged sex drive. However, the dreamer’s reaction during the dream tells the real story. She’s afraid that her boyfriend will notice her super clit and break up with her. It expresses her fear that her boyfriend will find something about her that he doesn’t like. He is her first sexual partner and she is deeply in love with him, and she tries extra hard to please him. Beneath her desire to please him is fear that she will lose him.


Dreaming about sucking a penis | dominance and submission

In another dream featuring penis symbolism, a guy dreams that his girlfriend has a penis and he sucks it. It’s a way of saying she is dominant in the relationship.

The same idea is expressed in the next dream about a guy sucking his girlfriend’s penis. The dreamer is male. The narrative begins with some background information:

We had been arguing. She told me I wasn’t good at reciprocating or thanking her, and that I was selfish and full of myself. I felt really horrible. The fight went on for awhile and didn’t end well. When trying to fall asleep I was still very emotional. When I finally got to sleep I had many strange dreams, most of which I can’t recall. But I vividly remember sucking my girlfriend’s penis. I am not gay or even curious, but I was going at it. Trying really hard to please her.

This dream shows that the dreamer is trying too hard to please his girlfriend. She controls him by berating him and manipulating his emotions, and the day prior to the dream she accused him of being selfish and a terrible person. In response, he grovelled and spent hours begging for her to forgive him. Sucking her dream penis shows that he is submissive with her.

In the next example, a woman dreams about biting off a rapist’s penis:

In this extremely vivid dream, my old high school bully and a couple of his friends rape me. I’m forced to perform oral sex on one of his friends. I decide I will act like I want to do it, then tell myself to bite it off. I do, and the guy doesn’t scream, he laughs, expecting I would do this. The scene transitions and I am in front of toilet, spitting out endless bits of penis, which look more like intestines.

rape dream

Learn more about rape dreams by clicking the pic

The experience of being bullied created a huge psychological scar on the dreamer, a young female. Even though she’s been out of high school and away from her tormentor for a few years, she still nurses dark thoughts of revenge. You can see it in her reaction of thinking she will bite off the penis, and in thinking she can deceive the bully’s friend into letting his guard down. But ultimately the trick’s on her. Nursing thoughts of revenge is keeping her tied to the past, to the experience of being bullied and humiliated. Her reaction to the scenario gives away the meaning of the symbolism.

When she spits out bits of penis it symbolizes getting the experience out of her a little at a time, like sucking venom from a wound. It’s also a symbolic way saying that she’s still chewing on the experience, still thinking about it and stuck in the past. She needs to let go.


Penis as dream symbol for sex and sexuality

Because the penis is associated with sex, dream imagery featuring the penis can relate to a person’s sex life, perceptions or sexual attitudes. In the next example, a man dreams about having a tiny penis:

I find what looks like a fake, tiny penis, but when I put it on my body (for some reason) I could use it to pee, etc. (I didn’t have a penis in this dream.) Then I throw up chunky white stuff—no taste, just a grody texture—into the garbage. At the end of the dream the head of the tiny dick is gone, and the same gross white stuff is coming out of the shaft…which sounds like an STD, but I don’t have sex.

The end of the dream description clued me to the meaning. The dreamer says he doesn’t have sex, which isn’t normal for a young man. There must be a reason for it, and it’s found in the dream imagery of the white stuff. The action of throwing it up into the garbage symbolizes his feelings about sex and body fluids. He is revolted by even the thought of it. Notice that the same white stuff comes out of the shaft. Seems pretty obvious to me what it represents and how the dreamer feels about it.

Now what about the imagery of the tiny penis? It symbolizes the dreamer’s lack of desire to have sex. You could say he has a tiny sex drive. In the dream he has no penis, then finds the tiny, fake one and puts it on. It works to pee with, which is fine with the dreamer, but anything else that can be done with it is out of the question. He is too disgusted by the thought.

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Dreams can use penis symbolism to express high sex drive too, like in the next dream.

I was naked in this field and I was using my penis as a plow. If you have ever seen a lizard walk it was kinda like that, except I used my raging boner as a plow. I’ve never set foot on a farm or touched a plow. Really confused.

This dream is expressing the dreamer’s desire to figuratively plow a field. He hasn’t had sex in a while and the urge is really building in him. Plow a field is slang for intercourse, and this dream brings the slang to life through imagery of plowing a field with a raging boner.

In the dream about the tiny penis, the size of it is a commentary about the dreamer’s sex drive. The next dream also uses size to express amount, but this time the symbolism is related to the connection between the penis and machismo.

I walk in on my brother as he’s getting out of the shower, and his dick is huge! I feel disgusted even dreaming this.maleobsession

The dreamer is an adult female, and her brother is older than her. His personality is like a character from an episode of Law & Order, a hardened criminal tough-guy who has done time in prison and constantly feels the need to prove what a man he is. You could say he’s a big dick. His over-size manhood symbolizes his over-sized machismo.


Phallic symbols

Sigmund Freud’s emphasis on phallic imagery and its connection to infantile sexuality appears to be a bit misguided because it is not found that often in the general public, but it does pop up once in a while. The telltale sign is not found in symbols for the penis, but in absurd actions or reactions involving it. The dreamer will show obsessive behavior involving their penis, or the dream imagery will be completely absurd and sexual. Dream symbolism is strange anyway when compared with reality, but in dreams about obsessive or skewed sexuality the imagery is especially absurd. I find these sorts of dreams to be the most likely to use phallic imagery because the dream has to disguise the true meaning in order to present it to the conscious side of the mind.

People with obsessions or personal issues are not able to see themselves clearly. They have low capacity for self-reflection, so their dreams are especially obscure.

Sorry Dr. Freud, but phallic symbols aren’t needed to talk about the penis and what it symbolizes. A direct representation is more likely to get the attention of the dreamer. However, emphasis on phallic symbols is not a complete waste of time. Now we see them everywhere!

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If you have ideas about how to interpret the meaning of penis dreams, please leave a comment


177 thoughts on “Penis Dreams: Interpret the Meaning of Penis in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was stroking somone else’s dick. I am a male and 25 years old and have no sex life, but it felt so real. I also wasn’t disgusted or anything. I actually kinda liked it. Once I woke up, i didn’t know what do feel. (ignore my name)

  2. Hi there. Love your site. Absolutely fascinating reading. My questions is, what does it mean when a man dreams about being chased by a giant penis?

    1. LMAO — Wow, that’s a first. Who is the man? Are you seeing from his point of view, or like an observer or witness? You always ask, what do I see about myself in the dream character, and what role does it play in the story? I’ll give you some ideas in the meantime based on the context that it chases you. For one, a giant penis can symbolize the idea of “being a big dick.” The image shows an attitude or behavior that you don’t want to indulge but it keeps popping up. I find that many of the dreams I have just before waking up give me flashes of insight about what I’m thinking and feeling beneath the surface and will soon show itself. If I see imagery that suggests a bad attitude, it’s good for me to do a reality check. Being chased can also mean that what the giant penis symbolizes wants to make itself known to you. There could be a potential for greater vitality. Or, hey, maybe sex is on your mind — a lot!

  3. I’m a young woman who is still a virgin :P. I had a really weird dream this morning. Well I had like 3? (one was a nightmare about talking about how much i hated burying someone (me) alive imaginery in a film critique discussion) But the last one is the sexual one. I was a man in this dream, and I was staying with another three-four persons at what seemed like a distorted vision of my grandma’s house. But a bigger very gothic-gold aesthetically rettouched one. We’ve just been back of fighting… monsters or something? It seemed very urban fantasy-like for some reason. I suddenly say that it’d be good if we (me and another two guys, the women went their own way to have fun after like a heated kiss or two with me bc women a’s brother would be in the room) took advantage of how all older supervision was out, as we were back and alone, and went to bed (what seems in my memory like my grandma’s bedroom) to kiss and fuck the night away. We are exhausted. We come many times, and I penetrate one guy a lot. Then we clean up very tenderly too. Just when morning is coming and after waking up all entangled, one of the guys gets out to chat with the others in the house and tell us two sleepy in bed that we have a little more time bc nobody has come to the base yet. The one in bed with me is the one I penetrated the night before. The brother of the woman a. I convince him to like have sex once more, with hugs and kisses, but I’m so very exhausted and my dick won’t get up yet, so he gets up on me penetrating himselk on my soft dick, and then I go “wait a minute” and I get a strap on for guys with little/soft dicks in crystal or at least transparent blueish plastic that was lying around, and then we both start getting really excited and loud. From the living room the others tell us to hurry up, bc people are coming soon, and then I get him to come and we get the strap on off and he makes me come with his hand. Then we dress up very hastily and go to the living room to welcome our superiors and while they’re entertained I go back and put the sheets on the laundry basket, which we’re in charge of. It’s not that we’re ashamed but that we want privacy and not mocking. And then I woke up, a bit horny and like. Confused. Those this means I want to fuck guys on a strap on? XD

    1. Wow, you may be a virgin but you aren’t naive about sex. Your question at the end is natural if you read the surface of the dream’s story. But there’s a deeper idea. I’ll walk you through it. First, you screw to the point of exhaustion, then in the morning you’re tired but still figure out a way of having your fun. Oh, and your a man and you have the body parts to prove it. So here’s the symbolism that may unlock the meaning: the penis is typically associated with virility, and virility with energy and drive. You take charge in the dream, solve problems, exert a lot of energy, and basically act like a guy who is in control. Do you see anything about yourself in that role?

      The opportunity to have your fun presents itself because authority figures are not around, and when they do come around you keep up appearances. Now we have another idea that you present yourself differently when they are around, perhaps you clean up your image, but when they aren’t around, well, you may be a virgin but you aren’t naive! I would focus on that contrast. There’s something you can learn from it, but it’s not apparent to me because I don’t know you. Perhaps it has something to do with the difference between appearance and reality.

  4. I dream I pulled my exe paints down a little to look at his penis I saw his penis and told him to give me 2 minutes to shower then we can have sex. I started running through my house looking for a rag and tower. I noticed two black cats ran through my house too. So I finally got my rag and got in the shower and noticed I had no soap. So now I’m calling me my daughter to go get me some body wash then my dream switch I was outside nake in a shower and my exe was standing behind something looking at me and I saw a young lady and she told me she had body wash so I got some of her body wash started showering and the water stop working I was think to myself dang I’m not finished then I woke up

  5. I dreamt of a guy, for sure it feels like ik him irl but i just can’t remember who he is. He said he loved me then I just started undressing him and getting him off, he was moaning so much and I remembered doing most of the work. He came a lot too. Idk what to think of this tbh. We were apparently married in the dream, but were in the same room as my parents. Just did it under the blankets hoping he wasn’t too loud. what does this mean?

    1. Your comment came in while I was vacationing and got buried in the steady influx of other comments I receive. Just saw your dream description and wanted to give quick feedback. Think of the man in the dream as a symbol for a masculine side of you — don’t worry, you’re still very much female and everyone has qualities of the opposite gender. It’s a part of you and not a symbol of for something or someone else because in the dream you’re married, suggesting that it’s something close to you. Apparently this side of you has a lot to say because in the dream he’s quite vocal and active. But you may be trying to suppress or hide it, symbolized as hiding him under the blankets. This is also natural for people who discover they have qualities of the other gender within them — they want to hide it.

  6. I dreamed that I was in a sauna full of adults, I am a minor, I was ashamed because we had to be naked. I sat on the bench and suddenly I had a penis, it was so small that it looked like a button. Then out of shame I ran naked in the middle of the night
    When I got home I didn’t know what to do, but I started masturbating and I got a giant erection. In the end I came but without cum, it was strage. I could feel my penis.

  7. I dreamed that I entered a sauna with many naked people. I’m 16 so the idea made me nervous because they were all adults. At one point I sit in the sauna seats and, suddenly, I have a very small penis. From shame I escaped naked in the middle of the night.At first I did not know what to do but then it caught my attention and I began to masturbate, I had an erection of about 20 cm … it was crazy, but my penis felt a bit soft.
    When I came, no semen came out.
    (im a girl)

  8. In my dream I have a penis and with some coaxing I get it hard. I want to masterbate so instead of using my hand I cut a hole in a pumpkin and us it. I’m almost frantic wanting to climax like I’m desperate. I have a hard time and almost dont cum. The feeling that I’m about to is makes me feel like it’s going to be a deep or strong climax but right when it happens I just get the feeling and it’s not as strong as I thought it would be and I emediately long for the strong climax then I wake.

    1. Val, a key piece of info is missing. Judging by your name you are female. Females dreaming that they have a penis is not uncommon. Oftentimes the symbolism relates back to masculine traits and characteristics that a woman senses emerging in herself, but in your case I’d also look closely at what’s screaming for release. There’s a very physical sense in the dream and that makes me think it’s not the sort of metaphorical symbolism dreams are known for. Instead, I’d look at it as visceral, physical. A need being expressed. The need for release. The pumpkin scene is, well, suggestive of metaphorical symbolism. But pumpkins have long been associated with sex and fertility…. Ripe and ready to be opened up. Plus, the color orange is associated with the sacral chakra. My hunch is the dream boils down the simple idea of release, but what sort? The dream manifests it as sexual, but you could be looking for a deeper sort of creative release or even spiritual outlet. Sexual energy can be transmuted to sacred energy.

  9. I had a dream I was lying next to man on the ground, he was naked and I wasn’t. I didn’t see his face either. I touched his penis and it was really dry and flaky, but other than that I liked the shape and color. While I was touching it my mother caught me and I stopped. What does this mean?

    1. The part where your mother catches you can be interpreted in a Freudian way of being based on memories of your mom telling you while very young to not touch yourself “that way,” or something along those lines. But I sense something deeper to the symbolism. Perhaps it has more to do with being interested in the aspects of masculinity you see in yourself but you are inhibited from doing more than noticing. Dry and flaky… again, something Freudian comes to mind related to the idea of being “all dried up” sexually, but I gotta smack my hand and remember that the potential for symbolism can go off in other directions that aren’t sexual.

  10. Really need your help here. Just woke myself up from this dream and can’t work it out.
    So, there’s a cult gathering and this guy has offered up his.penis to be removed to show loyalty to the cult. He was almost being forced into submission, held to the floor whilst the “leader” made him demand which part of him would be removed. He offered his penis and they started to insert a pole under the shaft to stab it while everyone was gathered round him (and then I woke myself up as it was too uncomfortable). I was watching it unfold but not part of it.

    1. Emma, your comment got lost in the shuffle and I just found it. With dreams you generally work from the inside out, first looking at what they say about what’s happening inside you, then expand to see what they say about your life. Your dream though has a sign it could be riffing on something you observed happen in your outer life, so let’s begin there. The simple idea is it shows the extremes people can go to fit in or prove their worth. I’d begin with that idea and see if it parallels a situation you observed in your life or in yourself at the time. A cult is a secretive or fraternal group, and dreams can extend the idea to include social cliques and work groups. Have you ever observed people who go overboard in trying to fit in or please an authority figure and it’s cringe-worthy? They give up their dignity? That’s the kind of situation I’m picturing as a parallel to your dream. But remember, first look inside yourself and ask if you observe that sort of attitude or behavior.

  11. I need help interpreting a dream. I recently had a dream that my girlfriend was naked standing at the foot of my bed. The crazy part about it was that she had a penis… it was my penis on her. I can’t really figure it out. Can you please help, thank you.

    1. Well that’s an interesting twist. You dream that your girlfriend has your penis. The scene has some sexual connotations too: she’s naked and near your bed. It gives me a picture of you seeing something about yourself in her. That’s the simple way of translating the dream imagery. It’s your penis and you see it on her. Knowing how my penis has a mind of its own when near a lover, I wonder if the dream is about sex drive.

      But I digress. How did you feel and react to the site of her? Excited? Frightened? Intrigued? Confused?

  12. I had a dream of seeing a guys penis recently. I know the guy in real life. He’s quite masculine and I used to have a crush on him. I probably still do.

    In the dream he coaxed me into touching above his penis but not directly on it. I felt somewhat shocked. I’m not sure how to interpret this? Is this dream calling for me to integrate my masculine side in real life, as I am quite a passive and quiet person, and I also struggle with boundaries.

    1. I think your idea about the dream fits best. “integrate your masculine side.” Touching is contact, and in dreams the idea of contact can mean “in touch with myself.” If the guy in the dream represents masculinity and you are invited to touch him, the imagery can be interpreted as “getting in contact with my masculinity.”

  13. I got a bump on my hairline in real life. Several days after I had a dream that the bump turned into a penis growing out my head. It was deformed so it was like two penises stemming from one spot stuck together like siamese. I was mortified and thought about cutting it off but was too scared

  14. Hello, i’ve recently had a dream and i’ve been puzzled by it. I dreamt that i was laying in the middle of a bed. A bit higher was laying a blonde woman. At first i didn’t notice her. I looked down to my legs because i felt something. It was my penis, it was hard and the tip was healthy red. However i didn’t want my penis to be hard. I touched it and tried to stop the erection by pulling it down. I felt a little anger rise up in me. I put my head on the bed and tried to calm down. But then i felt something again, i looked down and it was a left foot that was right next to my penis. I then noticed her left leg next to my body. I didn’t make much of it. I tried to get back to sleep, but then the woman started to caress my penis with her left foot, as i looked behind me, i saw a blonde woman saying something like “I see, I see, here you go” with a smile on her face. I looked at her and told her to stop. She kept going. I then went from being calm to very angry. Now i changed positions, i wasn’t laying on the bed anymore but i was on top of her in a four point kneeling position and i told her angrily to stop. After that i don’t remember anything of the dream anymore, either i woke up immediately after or i contiuned dreaming but don’t remember anything. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here, thank you.

    1. The simple way of summarizing the dream is it shows that you don’t want to be excited about something. It’s like the phrase “don’t get your hopes up.” Step back and look at your reaction. The woman offers to pleasure you and you say no. Then she continues and you get angry. Objectively you can look at that scene and ask why you’d react to what’s otherwise a nice proposal. She doesn’t ask or require anything of you other than to allow it to happen. You react in the dream based on deeper feelings, though, and the feelings will help you trace the dream to its source. Have you been feeling like you don’t want to get your hopes up, don’t want to be excited, don’t want any propositions?

      Another avenue to explore is more straightforward. The action in the dream begins with you waking up erect and you don’t want to be. You try to pulling it down. Are you pushing down your sex drive? And if so, does it insistently keep coming back? Is it being intrusive? Also, whose bed are you in?

      Finally, one more question related to the dream: What’s disturbing your peace of mind?

  15. Sir you are an amazing person for taking the time for me. I’ve had similar dreams quite often and keep coming back to this to read through again. I would like to pay/tip you for the services you’ve provided me as it has helped me many times.

    Thank you

  16. I am a woman and a singer. I had a dream of a male singer I admire (He often appears in my dream. He symbolizes “confidence” for me.) There was/is no emotional or sexual feelings in both the dream and real lives. I was wearing a top, but for the bottom, only wearing stockings. I was expecting him to pull them down and insert his penis from behind and he was going to do that, but the dream ended here. It was a short strange emotionless dream. I never saw his penis.

    1. Well, one way of interpreting the dream is based on your association with the singer as representing confidence. If the singer represents confidence and the action of inserting his penis is related to confidence, you could view the dream as you waiting for an infusion of confidence! There a logic to it. Also, the lack of emotion stands out as meaningful. As a musician, I know that my best performances are emotional ones. I “feel” what I’m doing and the undertones are sexual. I feel “stimulated” and my instrument is like my lover and I’m totally absorbed in the experience. My worst “performance” is when I’m just going through the motions. Feel me?

  17. i had a really strange dream and seeing my own penis on the dream. It was erect but it was oddly shaped in the dream. The head of my penis was skinny while the starting point of the penis was a bit bigger, forming a kind of scalene triangular shape.
    i have been confused since as to what it could mean.

    1. Triangular and pyramid shapes in dreams are known for being images of personal power. The phallus (erect penis) is also a symbol of masculine power and virility. Put the two ideas together and you have a strong suggestion that your dream is somehow related. Beyond that, I can’t say.

  18. I’m a guy, I had a dream last night that my ex girlfriend had a penis. She forced me to suck it and also forced her penis in my ass and continously fucked me. In the dream i was enjoying it but I woke up because it was just weird and I’m not gay.

    1. Hey, I’ve been traveling and just saw your comment. A question to ask yourself after having a dream like this is, do you feel like you are being overpowered or humiliated in any way? That’s the theme of the dream. Perhaps your experience in relationships has made you feel inadequate as a man.

      A guy shared a dream with me where he was licking the butt crack of his wife and reaching around to jerk off her (imaginary) penis. We related it back to his feelings of being inadequate in bed. He tries to compensate by doing other sexual things with her that end up making him feel humiliated.

  19. Hello I wanted to start by saying I’ve read a lot of your work and it’s helped me a lot with my dream Land thank you so much.
    However I had a dream that I can’t connect with anything you’ve written about or answered.
    I dreamed that I was with my long term girlfriend in the woods with our kids riding dirt bikes and snow mobiles. She and her son were really tired and decided to take a break at the top of a mountain. The road back to my children was really bumpy it scared me but I laughed and full throttled it down the hill. I start jumping higher and higher and when landing each time I lose more and more control. When I finally get to the last jump where I see my kids waiting I find more throttle and hit the jump really fast while in the air and starting to come down I throw the bike. I land on my feet the bike is still running but I don’t care I pick up another one and hop on it. My kids are very excited and say woah that was so cool!!!! But when I look up at them it’s not them it’s a friend I had back in highschool. We rode to this bar in the middle of the woods it was very secluded and I remember feeling on edge and ready to fight. My friend sits and starts drinking I look around and find a door that’s small and it has very pretty flowers around it. I open it and I’m welcomed by female I was very attracted to in highschool (that I recently came in contact with after not seeing her for 10+ years) she is literally wearing a ribbon that just barely covers her private areas. It was extremely arousing and she liked me lusting over her. She pulled my hand and sat me down in a room and said she would be right back with a better surprise. I thought oh my God I’m finally going to have sex with her. While in the room I’m looking at the people and it’s all kids that don’t have parents. Some that I went to school with. I started feeling sorry for them and one of them came to me and said are you out new dad? I told them without question or thinking about it yes I am here for all of you. They began to play and we’re very happy I started asking around for Lauren (the girl) they said they hadn’t seen her in a while. I started looking around the house and found her with another girl I didn’t know but in the same ribbon outfit. Again I was extremely excited they both started rubbing my erection through my pants. But instead of “going for it” I was too scared and I felt like I was going to ejaculate right then. So I ran in the next room to calm down for a second. When I ordered my head out from around the corner it was only Lauren bent over fully nude. She said come get me. At this point I was fully naked and when she said that to me I felt as though I was going to cum again. Shocked I turned to the room covering the tip of my penis but I started cumming….. A lot…. And it was in my hand and I felt myself in a constant orgasm it felt really really good!!!! But in the room that I turned back in to my girlfriend was standing there laughing at me saying that good huh??? Then walked away with both our kids. I remember thinking I should feel bad but I didn’t I was still consumed by the orgasm. When I looked down though at my erection (this is when it gets really weird) my erection was really big and really thick but covered in a cocoon……???? What?!?! I started peeling the cocoon wrapper off and I looked fine but when I reached the base my skin was splitting apart from my thigh and guts were coming out. I pushed it back in and held the wound but under my shaft it split and my testicles started coming out so I pushed them back in and held the wound. Then my toes started bubbling and looking like grapes. I squeezed each one the fluid went back in my feet and my toes looked normal again. I was scared and started running after my girlfriend again when I felt something very heavy in my pants caught at the bottom. I stopped and rolled up the pant leg and it was my penis. I threw it on the ground and kept running. I was breathing really hard and crying screaming after her. I then woke up. It was really odd I was scared heart throbbing I was very erect and extremely horny. While trying to decipher this dream I find myself being to distracted by arousal and I don’t think I’m coming up with the right things. Please help me it would be very appreciated thank you!

    1. Tyler,

      I will copy in your text and offer my thoughts after the sections.

      I dreamed that I was with my long term girlfriend in the woods with our kids riding dirt bikes and snow mobiles. She and her son were really tired and decided to take a break at the top of a mountain. The road back to my children was really bumpy it scared me but I laughed and full throttled it down the hill. I start jumping higher and higher and when landing each time I lose more and more control. When I finally get to the last jump where I see my kids waiting I find more throttle and hit the jump really fast while in the air and starting to come down I throw the bike. I land on my feet the bike is still running but I don’t care I pick up another one and hop on it.

      The opening scene of a dream is often where you find its subject or main idea. This scene looks to me like the adventures of a young man who feels strong and confident. I also see the possibility that you overdue it at times, expressed symbolically as losing  control of the bike. It seems like you want adventure and challenge, and when you conquer one challenge you’re ready to take on a bigger one, but you are finding out you have limits, and at times your impulsiveness gets the best of you. Plus, you have responsibilities waiting for you. You have to be thinking about your kids and girlfriend.

      Another idea that can be expressed by riding a bike in a dream is it shows your independence. A bike is usually ridden by only one person, and it can mean “go it alone” or “do things my way.”

      My kids are very excited and say woah that was so cool!!!! But when I look up at them it’s not them it’s a friend I had back in highschool. We rode to this bar in the middle of the woods it was very secluded and I remember feeling on edge and ready to fight. My friend sits and starts drinking I look around and find a door that’s small and it has very pretty flowers around it. I open it and I’m welcomed by female I was very attracted to in highschool (that I recently came in contact with after not seeing her for 10+ years) she is literally wearing a ribbon that just barely covers her private areas. It was extremely arousing and she liked me lusting over her.

      Your kids turn into an friend who then goes and starts drinking. A question arises here, does your responsibilities for your kids affect how often you can go out and party? Most fathers would say yes. The dream is saying something here. It’s like, your own kids are more like buddies. You have all sorts of fun, but your girlfriend and her two kids are more like a responsibility and it saps your energy. That’s expressed in the dream as them being tired and sitting out as you go off woopin it up with your kids.

      She pulled my hand and sat me down in a room and said she would be right back with a better surprise. I thought oh my God I’m finally going to have sex with her. While in the room I’m looking at the people and it’s all kids that don’t have parents. Some that I went to school with. I started feeling sorry for them and one of them came to me and said are you out new dad? I told them without question or thinking about it yes I am here for all of you. They began to play and we’re very happy I started asking around for Lauren (the girl) they said they hadn’t seen her in a while.

      How much of you is there to go around? That’s the question that comes to my mind as I read this scene. All the kids that don’t have parents, and there you are saying you will take care of them. This scene could also show what the female character symbolizes. She says she has something even better for you, and damn if she isn’t presented to you like the best birthday present. Do you see the choice that’s offered in this scene? It begins with the prospect of having sex with the girl you always wanted, and ends with you happily playing with all those kids as their surrogate dad. There’s a genuine expression of your character here. It’s like the scene is saying you know what you have sacrificed and what you get in return makes it all worth it.

      I started looking around the house and found her with another girl I didn’t know but in the same ribbon outfit. Again I was extremely excited they both started rubbing my erection through my pants. But instead of “going for it” I was too scared and I felt like I was going to ejaculate right then. So I ran in the next room to calm down for a second. When I ordered my head out from around the corner it was only Lauren bent over fully nude. She said come get me. At this point I was fully naked and when she said that to me I felt as though I was going to cum again. Shocked I turned to the room covering the tip of my penis but I started cumming….. A lot…. And it was in my hand and I felt myself in a constant orgasm it felt really really good!!!!

      I see the idea expressed in this scene that there’s something you want, something that’s really enticing, but you’re too eager for it, or there’s something you need to think through and be less impulsive about it. I mean, the girl is bent over and waiting for you. Remember, she’s a symbol, as almost everything in dreams is. She symbolizes something you really want and you think it’ll be great if you get it. But again, the eagerness gets in the way.

      But in the room that I turned back in to my girlfriend was standing there laughing at me saying that good huh??? Then walked away with both our kids. I remember thinking I should feel bad but I didn’t I was still consumed by the orgasm.

      Could this scene be saying that you know you could lose it all?

      I have had many dreams where I’m about to get down with some hottie and my wife enters the scene or I think about her and the fun ends. I’ve traced some of these dreams back to the feeling that I sometimes sacrifice very personal things for her that relate to my inner development. The hot woman in my dreams … is me. It’s a side of me that responds to the love I give myself. There’s only so much of me to go around, though, and the more things I have to take care of and the more time and energy they require of me, the less I have for myself. My inner life suffers. But it’s also a sacrifice I make because fuck it man you gotta do it for your girl. If you love her you’ll give everything of yourself for her.

      When I looked down though at my erection (this is when it gets really weird) my erection was really big and really thick but covered in a cocoon……???? What?!?! I started peeling the cocoon wrapper off and I looked fine but when I reached the base my skin was splitting apart from my thigh and guts were coming out. I pushed it back in and held the wound but under my shaft it split and my testicles started coming out so I pushed them back in and held the wound. Then my toes started bubbling and looking like grapes. I squeezed each one the fluid went back in my feet and my toes looked normal again.

      Here’s where the sacrifices you make express graphically in the dream. Your penis is your manhood, and yours is wrapped in a cocoon. Is the metaphor obvious to you? A cocoon can express two ideas at once. One, something is dormant. Two, it’s going through a metamorphosis. The wounding experience is archetypal, meaning all men struggle with it to some extent. We are wounded deep inside by our inability to fully be the men we are. The wound to the groin is the ailment that afflicts the Fisher King. Here, a quote:

      The myth of the Fisher King is a fragment of the better-known Grail myth, and Jungian analyst, Robert A. Johnson says it’s one of the founding myths of our time. It’s about the healing of the wounded feeling function in men, but it also relates to women as they’re just as likely to feel alienated from themselves in the modern world. There are many variations of the story, but in simple terms, it goes like this: 

      Read more:

      The wounded feeling function. As men we face this. Remember what I said about the hot woman in my dreams and she’s a symbol of the love I give myself? Self-love is part of the feeling function. That’s a term from Jungian psychology and the psychology of personality types. Men are really good at things like jumping bikes insanely high and pushing to the max, but the slow, gentle rhythms of inner life and feeling are a mystery to us. They come naturally to women though, and perhaps that’s why your girlfriend appears in the scene.
      I was scared and started running after my girlfriend again when I felt something very heavy in my pants caught at the bottom. I stopped and rolled up the pant leg and it was my penis. I threw it on the ground and kept running. I was breathing really hard and crying screaming after her. I then woke up. It was really odd I was scared heart throbbing I was very erect and extremely horny. While trying to decipher this dream I find myself being to distracted by arousal and I don’t think I’m coming up with the right things. Please help me it would be very appreciated thank you!  

      The phallus is the ultimate symbol of male virility. You have this tremendous masculine energy in you and you are eager to use it, but you’re confused. It’s like you are being presented with an either/or dilemma. You’re either the adventure seeking guy that takes on life with gusto, or you’re the dutiful father and boyfriend who goes chasing after his girlfriend and feeling somehow ashamed of who he is. Do you understand now what you symbolically enact when you throw your penis on the ground and go running after her? You’re giving up something essential about yourself so you can have something else. But ultimately it makes you less of a man than what you can be, and that’s not what your girlfriend wants either.
      You have a lot to think about here. This dilemma is known as “the Fisher King wound” and you my friend are experiencing it. All men do.

  20. I’m a Male. When I was a kid I had a dream that I was swimming in a coral reef. There were fish and mermaids. I somehow ended up in an underground temple-like structure full of naked girls some of which had penises. I sat down on a 10 foot tall girl’s testicles and she seemed embarrassed and a little frightened. She asked me to please get off her penis and I did. Another time I dreamed I went into my garage to look for a hammer and nails. My garage was full of girls I knew wearing nothing but white tshirts and they all had penises and testicles. They were having some kind of party I think. Dispite being half naked and in my house they were embarrassed when I saw them and tried to hide themselves or use various objects to cover their male genitals. Eventually they all calmed down and let me join them sipping beer and chatting.
    In hindsight these dreams are very strange and somewhat humerous but at the time they felt tranquil

  21. Hello! I hope the next words aren’t too much or too graphic. I am a girl but I had a dream where I was in a male body and my penis was hard and huge and I was in a big and spacious building and I was chasing guys to fuck them. I was strong because I could catch them easily. Mostly I was dry humping them. At some point I was fucking this guy from the back but being too big I couldn’t go all the way in and I didn’t want to hurt him. I wanted to have a more normal size. Even annoyed I continued because I wanted to feel the sensation. I couldn’t see any face in my dream mostly because guys were having their back at me. The weird parts for me are that I don’t usually have erotic dreams with guys and I don’t enjoy menxmen porn.

    1. Lexa, I wish I would have gotten around sooner to answering your comment. It’s important to understand your dream as symbolic. When dreams show females with a guy’s toolkit it can show the masculine personality traits they “wield.” No matter how liberated females become from traditional gender roles, they’ll always be a common experience of feeling awkward about utilizing masculine traits. You know what those traits are from reading my lesson about this type of dream. Now ask yourself if that’s what’s happening with you and if the dream is saying that you’re assuming a little too much masculinity than is comfortable for you. Keep in mind, you can be fully female and feminine while also being able to play with the guys. The sensation you refer to could be a sensation of power. The phallus is an image of power and virility. With that in mind, go back and look at your dream. Do you see that idea play out or feel it within you?

  22. I just had a dream about being in a room and In the room next to me was a woman locked in. She somehow made her way into my room and it was just a random woman. So then someone starts to come in and I sit on this “Dr. Chair” with placing her beneath me and covered us up in order to hide her. A man comes in and then leaves. To my surprise she has a penis and it’s inside me. I’m like what the hell. And we both start laughing I then get up and she’s bent over in doggy style and I start caressing her and rubbing all over her ass. I look down and I have a rock hard penis, she’s in doggy looking back smiling. That’s when I put my penis in her and started having sex with her and doing it pretty rough. And I could feel the sensation in the dream. I got off extremely hard. I took it out and hit her butt with my penis and had a seat .that’s when the dream ended. What does this mean?

    1. I love how this dream puts you into a male body to experience awesome sex. That could be what the dream is really about. But I find that sex dreams can be about what you allow to become part of you, or that you become part of. In the woman in the dream you’re really seeing something about yourself that’s loving seeing something masculine in your personality. In the dream you show manly verve in smacking her with your hard on!

  23. The teamI work with just got tranferred under a new manager. last night I dreamt that my work team was being taught by Keanu Reeves. During the break he got naked. I was the first the room his erect penis apparent. I went up to him and said that I was fine with it but that my teammates might feel uncomfortable. Shortly thereafter he was escorted out of the room into some anti room.

  24. I had a dream that I was peeing in public bathroom and two girl I knew from school started watching me pee.One of the girls complemented me on the size of my penis and I felt really good about myself after she said that.What does this dream mean?

  25. I had one of the weirdest dream ever over night, I had a dream I was giving my ex girlfriend an oral sex,stranegly she had a penis (weird). I was sucking the penis then suddenly it pulled out from her body, I asked her why her penis was pulled out while sucking her, she answered and gave a reason but I cant remember what she said. Also in the same dream I remember while giving her orals she pooped on herself and my tongue touched it. I stood up with disgust then went to clean my mouth. I told her I was mad at her for not telling me she pooped on herself. Please help me out, I have been bothered since I had this dream.

    1. Start with the idea of taking shit from your girlfriend and it leaves a bad taste. That’s the simple idea I see here. Go to dream school and take the free into course. It’ll show you the basics of how to understand the symbolism in dreams.

  26. I had a Dream I got a call from a female that wanted me to meet her cause she was in trouble. When I went to location she kept trying to get my attention but I didn’t see anyone. The female said hey I am down here. I looked down and it was my best friend and she was like 4″ tall. She said a troll put a curse on her and and made her tiny. The only way she would get normal size again is if I put my dick in her. As I did I could see the head going into her vagina and up through her body. As it got to her neck she returned to her normal size. What does this dream mean.

    1. I meant to reply to you weeks ago but life got in the way. Your dream uses crazy wicked symbolism and it’s an example for learning to see the hidden meaning behind the imagery no matter how shocking or wild it is.

      With your dream, begin simply by asking what is something small that needs your attention to return to normal? We need to know what your friend symbolizes in the dream, too. Imagine it like this. For your friend to return to her usual self, you need to give her your male energy. That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is to view your friend as representing something about you such as the feminine channel of your subtle energy, your ida. You give it your male energy, pingala, symbolized by your penis. The subtle energy works with your chakras, and in your dream you start at the root chakra when you insert your penis and ends at the throat chakra. The dream could show an internal process happening as you sleep and the two energy channels coordinate. Maybe your system needed a shot of basic male energy.

      The throat chakra is associated with voicing your truth and communication in general. You could view the dream as a story about saying what you need to say and having the gusto to do it.

      Very interesting dream. Thanks for sharing it.

  27. Hello. I’m a male but recently I had a dream which has stuck in my mind for a few days. I had a big penis in front of me, I’m not sure if it was a dildo or the real thing, but I remember I was sucking it, like really deepthroating it. Like I remember feeling it go down my throat and the balls on my chin. Do you know what this means? I’ve have gay fantasys before but this was very intimate and made me feel very curious.

    1. I have helped with a number of dreams with similar imagery and themes and never found them to be gay fantasies. They can be about sexuality and act as a sort of safe place to “rehearse.” However, look at your dream. One, it’s just a penis and there’s no focus on the “owner.” Two, the penis is shown in the dream as being big. These details make me wonder if what the dream is really doing is showing you trying to become more masculine. The penis is a heckuva symbol of masculinity, and taking it into you whether orally or otherwise can simply be a way of showing that you’d like to allow or are allowing more traditionally masculine traits to become part of your personality. A question that arises from your dream is, how much is enough? I’ve also found this sort of imagery in dreams where someone in dreamer’s life is being a “big dick” and “shoving it down your throat” in the symbolic sense.

  28. I’m in a very serious relationship with my best friend, things are going great. I recently decided to give him head because I wanted to try it and Ik it would make him happy. I just had a dream about giving him head, and (hopefully I don’t lose you here, it’s rather confusing) but this girl I do not like but is friends with him winds up giving him a bj, tricking us both. Why is this? Why did I dream of the girl I do NOT like giving my man head? (Without his consent as well)

    1. I see two ways of viewing the other girl. First, like most dream characters, she represents something about you. Like, perhaps there’s another side to the story about making this decision to give your friend a BJ. You want to try it and make him happy — great! — but is there more to it? Dreams bring forward the thoughts and feelings in the background, that don’t get the attention from you that’s needed. Consider the possibility.

      Another possibility I see is the other girl represents competition. You say “giving MY man head.” You have marked your territory. Is giving him head a way of further staking claim to him? If so, you see there a deeper motive. Also, you say that the dream character tricks both of you. You always look first for how details about a dream character point symbolically toward something about you. What sort of tricking is really going on here — including the possibility that you are tricking yourself or him. For example, if your motives run deeper than just making your friend happy, you could say that you are tricking yourself and him by making yourself believe something that isn’t wholly true.

  29. Last night I had a dream that I was having kinky forplay with an acquaintance of mine. At first thought, I felt odd because he was someone a close friend of mine use to casually have sex with, and I am not the girl to go behind my friends. Anyway, he and I had a burning sexual chemistry in the dream. He was doing everything that I liked (I’m celibate now), and I specifically remember him wearing a stained glass harness type of cloak. It was super edgy and fashionable, as this is the characteristic of the guy in question. Next thing I knew, he was massaging my clit with a large red- studded dildo very similar to my personal dildo that I have been semi-neglecting since my lifestyle change. He raised the dildo to my mouth and I excitedly began to suck it, but I couldn’t get anything past an inch in my mouth. I tried a bit more and eventually became frustrated from my poor performance because I use to pride myself in my oral abilities. He didn’t seem bothered by it, and I don’t remember exactly how the dream ended, and I don’t know why I dreamt about him or us having intimate relations in the first place. Please help.
    Also some background info,I am in my early 20’s and have been celibate 2weeks shy of one year.

    1. I see a possibility for symbolism in the imagery of the dildo only going a short way into your mouth. Considering your celibacy, the imagery could show an idea like “I can only go so far with this,” or “I know where my limits are.” I mean, how much thinking about sex does it take before the idea grows on you?

  30. So I’m a in my mid teens and I’m a girl. I just had a really strange dream last night. I dream of sexual things at least once a month. Doing it in the shower, at a public place but then last night I dream of becoming a man in his early twenties with a girlfriend who is somewhat the same age. She was a gorgeous black american and I think I was too. The fact that we had intercourses inside the dream made me really horny the morning I woke up. It felt like I enjoyed it, I kept banging her wherever and whenever. And I can’t forget the look she gives me while I fuck her. What does this mean? Is there something wrong with me?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with you. Everything in the dream symbolizes something. Think of the dream as a safe place to try out thoughts and ideas. Sometimes our dreams show us things about ourselves we don’t know exist inside us. Sex in a dream has many ways it can be used as symbolism. Use the link to read what I wrote about it and let me know if it gives you ideas.

  31. The dream begins with us all having dinner (Bob (foster parent), Alex (foster sister in the home), Juan (foster brother outside of the home), Tiff (foster sister outside of the home), Jen (foster parent) , and Jane (Juans girlfriend). After we finished dinner i had asked Bob about hanging up the blinds in my room because the other thing kept falling down. She said Juan could help me do it. So me and Juan go into my room and close the door while everyone else continues eating dinner. As soon as he enters my room Juan lays down on my bed and starts playing music. I sit on the floor next to the bed. Juan starts complimenting me and the kisses me, we proceed to hot and heavy making out. At this point Juan is down to his hot pink American Eagle boxers and im in my bra and shorts. He pulls out his huge dick and i start sucking it. He has just a tiny patch of hair above his dick and a very toned body. I go hard and start deep throating and gagging and sucking very well. Juan starts moaning and i try to tell him to be quiet but he wont, he just keeps moaning louder. Finally he burst in my mouth and im trying to take all of his load in my mouth before i swallow it. Right as im getting ready to swallow Bob throws the door open hitting me in the head and knocking me down, while Juan simply stands up tucks his dick away and walks out with Jane and leaves. Bob keeps screaming at me all kinds of crazy things and Alex start crying and goes into her room. Then Tiff pulls out a gun and shoots me in my neck and i die. what could this possibly mean please help

    1. My reply is well after your dream so I hope what I can offer you now is helpful. Think of Juan as symbolizing something you want for yourself, not as Juan himself but as what he represents. He’s outside of the home, right? And in the opening of the dream you ask about hanging blinds. That can mean “I want privacy.” Then you are told to ask Juan to help, which can be a way of saying that you are searching inside yourself for an answer to how to have privacy. In the dream, he plays music, and that makes me think of creativity. I find that being creative requires privacy. I’m an author and the first thing I need is the ability to close a door and write. Distractions disrupt the creative process.

      The sexual actions of the dream should be viewed in light of what they could symbolize. Rarely do dreams show things literally. Instead, you view everything as symbolic. I can’t tell you what giving him oral sex really means, but you can view it within the context of the story as something you’d like to do and you need privacy to do it. Again, creativity comes to mind. Since an oral activity is part of the dream, I wonder if it has to do with self-expression. It reminds me of why I only sing in the shower or when alone in the car. I’m self-conscious about my singing. Notice that when you give him oral you sense that you’re doing it really well. Could that mean that you express yourself well under the right conditions? Also, notice that he’s making noise and that leads to the next scene where Bob bursts in. To me, that suggests the idea of “I don’t want to be noticed.”

      The image that comes to mind for me is perhaps Bob is critical and you’ve learned to hide parts of yourself and things you do because you don’t want him to spoil it for you. Or maybe you’ve just learned to be wary of adult men in general and Bob as an adult man is someone you are wary of. Does that all make sense? Feel free to comment in reply. I’d like to help you understand this dream. I was never in foster care but I know people who have been in that situation and I feel for you. Plus, if you are a creative person, I’d really like to help you get in touch with that side of yourself.

  32. I saw a dream but i dont remember it very clear. Just it was a human dick like it was a dildo but it wasn’t plastic it was human dick . I saw it in the floor… and than it starts to be biger and it looked like I started feeling exited. I took it in my hands and I went in bathroom to hide from others… i wanted to have sex with that thing but not in my vagina because of not losing my virginity… but accidentally it went right on my vagina only the head, i was so worried i saw all the toilet things were made with blood. I coudnt belive, i was saying it isn’t possible and crying i was terrified… than wen I woke up… i feelt very relieved because I thought it was happening for real… please can you tell me what meaning does it have… (ps. Im am 19 and in a relationship and im a virgin because of my family wants that girls should do that only after engagement or marriage ?And i have 2 years secret relationship )

    1. The dream could show how thoughts about sex get into your mind despite trying to avoid them. Think of the action of sticking in the penis as simply a thought about what it would be like to have intercourse. Or perhaps it shows a fear of doing something that will spoil your virginity, giving in to temptation or something like that. Then the rest of the dream can be understood as a dramatization of how you’d feel if you disobeyed your family.

  33. I am a female. I’ve had multiple dreams where I will see a beautiful woman & get the feeling that I would like to have sex with her. Once I get the feeling I grad her, pull her pants down & I have sex with her using a penis. I have these kinds of dreams frequently & struggle with trying to figure out why this is the case. The woman is always satisfied & when I wake up, I can feel the sensations in my clit. The other nightI woke up mid dream thrusting and feeling like I was going to cum.

    1. A clit is a mini-dick. Seriously. Biologically, a clit becomes a penis when a fetus turns male. I think what you see in your dreams is you have discovered a power in yourself. Power to assert. To pleasure. To use masculine-based energy. Think of the woman you see in the dream as you, the traditionally feminine side of your personality, and by having sex with her you’re actually combining what’s feminine about yourself with what’s masculine. Very potent mojo here. Notice also that it makes you feel good. Unless there’s a negative tinge to that feeling — such as enjoying dominating the woman or getting too high on your power — I’d view these dreams as positive. You’re a powerful woman who is unafraid of crossing gender lines.

  34. I’m a lady. I had a dream where a stranger came to make love to me. His dick had two heads like a square. We made love for long but neither of us came and I woke up feeling used.. what could this mean

    1. A dick with two heads can symbolize two ways that you view a situation. It’s tempting to think that the dream is somehow related to your sex life but instead it’s wise to look at your attitudes toward male energy, men in general, then venture into thoughts about sex life. Your reaction in the dream says a lot. You feel used. Now ask, how do you feel that way in your waking life? You are unable to climax in the dream, which could mean that you feel unsatisfied in some other way. Oftentimes, sex is about what you integrate into your personality. For example, the penis is a symbol of male virility and energy and traditional masculine traits. The dream could show you trying to integrate a dual aspect of male energy but it leaves you unsatisfied. It gets deep and it’s hard to explain in a paragraph. Check out my post about sex dreams:

  35. In my dream I was being chased by guys trying to kill me. I got into other people cars , trying to run from them but they kept finding me . I was running down a street , getting into random people cars for a while, car hopping . Then after they finally caught me , I surrendered and suddenly we were in a room.. 2 othsr girls and I dont remeber how many guys. We were looking across the hall at a guy poop, the men started jerking themselves off while watching the guy poop.(they had a name fod it ) I actually grew a penis and received oral from a guy . (I actually felt it being sucked) , right before I almost peak.. I woke up out of my sleep and I started saying in the name of Jesus..fully awoke ( my private area was as if I just had an organism. Please help..

    1. Holy cow, what a dream! This provides an opportunity for a lesson in seeing through the overt imagery and actions of a dream. Everything in dreams is symbolism. So let’s look at the beginning. You are being chased by men. You could view that as symbolism for men’s sexual interest in you, or as male expectation for women and how you feel pressure to conform. I mean, how many women would wear high heels and makeup if they didn’t have to? You might find that a lot of what you do or believe is based on these cultural expectations and dictates.

      Surrendering in the dream could mean “I give up my resistance and go along with the program.” That could be the central idea around which the story revolves. Watching a guy poop along with other women…I wonder if that shows that you feel like you are being forced to accept something that you find disgusting. The possibilities could branch out symbolically in so many different directions, I can’t go into them all. But, for example, some women feel pressured to give oral sex. They might find the idea revolting, but what are they to do? It’s expected as part of sex life. There’s a perception, if you want to keep a guy around, you gotta give him what he wants sexually. Since the dream involves pooping, perhaps the expectation is for anal sex. The guys jacking off while watching a guy poop could symbolize the idea of “what men fantasize about sexually,” which leads back to anal sex. I can’t say for sure; just giving you ideas to help you see how the dream is telling a story through symbolism.

      But dreams usually dramatize your inner world, and what you could really be seeing in the dream could relate to something masculine that you don’t want to allow into your personality, but feel like you have no choice. This part of dream interpretation is tricky because it requires you to see beyond the surface of the story and yourself and see how the dream speaks to what’s happening inside you.

  36. Really troubled by my dream. My maternal grandmother, who has passed on, is sitting next to me on a throne, I am to her left. She is telling me how concerned she is, on how I’ve ignored my mother since I moved in with my boyfriend. I reassure her that her that I understand and that I’ll make an extra effort to rengage in my mother’s life.
    As we are speaking one of my uncles steps up to us and kneels handing her a castrated erect penis, I’m so confused. She places it on her lap. I can’t seem to stop staring at it, wondering who it belongs to. My head tells me it belongs to my other uncle who has long passed on…and those are the remains of his cremation, like a ritual. But the penis looks just like my bf’s. I wake up in a panic, and vow to call my mom more often…but I’m at a loss for the meaning behind the castrated penis. Any suggestions? Thank you, I find your website extremely insightful.

    1. Oh my god, I’m still laughing a minute later after picturing the scene of handing over the castrated phallus. The phallus is a powerful symbol of male energy and virility. But with your dream I’d begin by looking at how the story presents the imagery as a sacrifice. You’re told you need to spend extra effort to reengage with your mom. Does that mean you have to sacrifice something related to the imagery of the penis, like, you have to sacrifice your relationship with your boyfriend or give up some of your personal power?

  37. I met a guy at work a little over a month or two ago and recently we started talking. He’d ditch his lunch hour to come talk to me, and my friends said he was into me- except i did not find him attractive. Fast forward a week, and i dreamt i was in my aunt’s bathroom washing my hands and he was in there. I was laughing, and then out of nowhere he pulled out his penis. It was erect, large (but not dramatic), and very tempting. I woke up right after, so nothing sexual happened between us. I’m not unsure if i like him or he likes me…but what does the dream mean???

    1. I see a few ways of looking at it. One, the most obvious answer is you’re realizing you could have sex with him. Two, think of the scenario as simply that’s tempting once you see what it really has to offer. Something that excites you, even just the thought or prospect of it.

      Washing hands in a dream can mean “wash your hands of it,” meaning be done, it’s over. I’m picturing you deciding that you were going to close the door on his interest, but then thought to yourself there might be a way of just having sex with him, or getting something else that you want.

      The key to interpreting the dream is to simplify the idea of something tempting to the broadest meaning, think of all the possibilities for how this guy could represent something tempting, then feel your way through them till one rings a bell with you.

  38. I dreamt my boyfriend and I spent the night at my grandma’s house . It was like a party going on and everyone was going to sleep. My cousin, a woman, was walking upstairs and I was walking down the stairs to go to bed . I turned and saw she had no bottoms on, and what looked like a large clit hanging , turned into a very large erect penis. In shock , I ran downstairs and laid down next to my boyfriend and told him about her penis . My cousins mother an alcoholic, was sleeping on the couch next to us . then I woke up !

    This cousin and I were close as children but now we do not have contact at all. she was raised by a raging Alcoholic and she tends to live a very sad and broken family life now, to the point we cannot talk. She steals from anyone as well.

    I’m not sure what this dream means !

    1. If you step back from the dream imagery and simplify it into a statement, what you see is something that’s exposed to you in a way that’s ugly. Perhaps it’s a play on the idea that the sordid details of your cousin’s life is something you’d prefer not to see.

      1. That sounds about right , I don’t want to see it.
        I told my mother about this dream, and she informed that the cousin I dreamt of is pregnant with her 3rd child, i wasn’t told the sex of the baby. Could that have something to do with it ?

        1. Well, the clit turning into a penis is what happens during early pregnancy when a fetus turns male. All fetuses begin as female. My first thought about that imagery ties in with the idea of seeing something you’d rather not see, but now that you raise the possibility about the dream relating to your cousin’s pregnancy, I can see how the details might connect.

  39. This is a recurring dream… for the last few years. I’m trying to arouse my boyfriend by sucking his penis.. but his dick is actually long, floppy and pencil-like thin. I keep telling myself that once he gets a boner it’ll enlarge, but the next part of the dream I start tasting this weird fowl taste, not his cum, but just a terrible taste which disgusts me, then I’d stop, and the penis is still pencil thin and floppy. He never cums… i wake up with disgust. I’m so sorry, it sound terrible!

    1. Thank you for sharing this dream. I know how difficult it can be to share something so personal. Rest assured though, the dream is creating a scenario that’s loaded with symbolism. Relax!

      You know from reading my article about the symbolism of the penis that it has a wide variety of ways it can be used in a dream-story. If you step back from the dream and explain it in simplest terms, it’s about being frustrated that you can’t create excitement. The dream uses a sexual situation, and that might be the underlying subject. Like, you wonder if your boyfriend is excited about you as a lover, excited sexually. Has he been acting less interested? I’ve seen this theme arise in dreams when a person fears that their partner is losing interest, or they are insecure about their sexual allure or skill.

      But dig deeper. The dream is using some interesting symbolism by showing his penis as long and thin. Think of analogies, expressions, and metaphors, such as a “thin argument,” “long lecture,” and “left a bad taste in my mouth.” It makes me think that perhaps you are growing tired of trying to perform for him or make him excited. That his penis could be a metaphor for how you feel about some aspect of your relationship, or the relationship in general. There might be something that’s hard to admit to yourself.

      Look up “sex” and “oral sex” using the search box on my website. The articles I’ve written about those subjects (related to dreams) show a great variety of ways they can be used as symbolism.

      The dream might show a process happening inside you that really has nothing directly to do with your bf, his penis, or sex. For females, the penis can represent masculine aspects of themselves. When you adopt traits into your personality, dreams can show it as taking something into your body through eating, symbiosis, or sex. Perhaps the dream is showing you trying to adopt a masculine trait but it’s just not working. For example, you try to become more assertive but it’s just not you, or you’re not ready. And what’s a great metaphor for something that’s not ready? A limp dick :)

  40. Hey, I’m a girl BTW. And I had a dream that there was a Stanger in the first floor of my house, (I live on the second floor), but I remember him taking over the house, or something along the lines of that . All of my family was gone, but safe somewhere. I finally got him to let me see him in his “lair”. Then I vividly remember convincing him to take of his pants and let me play with his penis. ‘It’ll feel really good’ I promised. When he agreed he sat down, getting undressed and I began touching his erect penis until he orgasmed, then I did it a couple more times, making him orgasm seemingly easier, every time. Realizing that I had that power over him. So he kept me by his side for a long time. Every occasion I wanted, I would perform my little show, touching him in that way, and he would be so excited. Then orgasm after orgasm. I was beginning to become turned on just watching him become so aroused. I remember him orgasming again and again. Then he said no more, and I gave it to him anyways. Just me putting my hands on his penis seemingly natural, though I have no experience. Then he quaked so deeply I woke up, very aroused and confused. I believe I didn’t know the guy but I think he was near my age or a little bit younger. But I do know that the character didn’t know anything about sex or masturbation. I have never been in a relationship before. Please tell me what this means. I really want to know

    1. The dream creates a scenario based on a subject or idea. In this dream, the subject I see is “power.” I see “control.” Although you don’t have experience with sex, you know that men can be controlled through their sex drive, and that even the hint of sex can make them do whatever you want. Now, think of the actions of the dream as exaggerated and symbolic. Step back from the sexual aspect and see what the story is really saying. What’s the moral? Is it that you can have too much of a good thing? That you need to learn where to draw the line? Power can be intoxicating and as a woman you can have a lot of it, but where do you draw the line in using it? Notice, in the dream you continue orgasming the man even after he asks you to stop. To me, that’s a way of saying you are crossing a line or could cross a line. Also, you enjoy the power you have. The dream is helping you understand this part of yourself. Unl;ess the dream reflects a specific situation in your life where you have a choice about how much power you exert, the dream is speaking to a general tendency and addressing it so you better understand yourself. Does that make sense?

  41. i was in a dream and i took my boyfriend’s penis and went home with it and was wondering how he would be urinating but he wasn’t complaining. but while I was holding this penis for days and he wasn’t complaining but after sometime the penis fell down from my hand and looked dead but i later picked it up and I woke.

    1. To me, dream imagery like this could mean that you are holding onto the feeling of your boyfriend even when you’re not with him. It could mean that sex with him remains on your mind, but the penis is more than just a sex organ. It’s can sum up in one image the strength or virility of a man. Now consider the other detail. You hold onto the penis for days then it falls down and looks dead. That could be a way of saying that you onto something for too long. You know the old saying about holding on too long. Like, there comes a point when you have to get your mind back onto the business at hand instead of thinking all the time about your boyfriend. That’s one possibility for what the dream imagery could mean.

  42. I had a dream where in it, I woke up as a guy. For awhile I felt fine, but then I went to the bathroom in it, and I just couldn’t stop staring at my penis, like just then I realized I was a guy. After that, most of the dream was about me trying to get it up, which I found I was impotent. I was only early 20’s maximum, so I thought it was really weird. I was outside about to go to the doctor, and I just stood right outside my car and thought about a friend, and I wondered if he would love me even as a guy… and then thinking about that friend in the dream, my penis finally started working haha.
    I don’t have dreams about being a male often, so this stood out to me. I wouldn’t consider it a dirty dream either, because I felt nothing erotic about it. I was just a sad guy longing for that friend I suppose.

    1. Gender-switch dreams are fascinating for the way they use the symbolism to tell the story. By itself, a woman having a penis in a dream has a variety of directions it can go symbolically. The meaning is found by tying together the various details and seeing how they all fit together with the gender-switch theme. In your case, the other details are:

      1. Impotence.
      2. Wondering if your friend would love you as a guy.
      3. Getting erect when you think about the friend.

      So ask yourself, what idea or subject could connect these details? Your reaction of thinking about your friend is key, because your reactions are based on subconscious knowledge of the underlying symbolism. The first thing that comes to my mind is perhaps having a penis in the dream is a way of saying you exhibit some masculine traits such as assertiveness and strong opinions. I’ve helped with many dreams with this theme. Females can embrace being strong and opinionated like males but they often wonder where the line is between being a strong woman and being too strong, aka “butch” or overbearing.

      Next, look closely at the detail about your “dream penis” working after you think about your friend. As you noted, the dream isn’t erotic so it’s not like you get excited about the idea of strapping on a dildo and mounting your friend or something. It’s not saying you want to dominate him or make him submit to you. What I see in that imagery is simply “excitement” or “readiness.” The phallus is a helluva symbol and I think people tend to lose sight of the fact that it can simply mean “excited.” As a guy, I know what I’m talking about! An erect penis says “hey, I’m ready.” Compare the erect penis with a limp one. Limp says “unexciting” and “unready.”

      Now, how do those ideas connect with your relationship with your friend? How does he excite you? What are you ready for in your relationship with him? Picture the scene from the dream where the penis works after thinking about him. What is it really saying? You already know subconsciously the answer. It’s simply a matter of remembering what you already know.

  43. I had a dream my newborn daughters father also my boyfriend for 4+ randomly had my oldest sister sucking his dick! What the heck? On top of this my sister born after me was recording it from his phone!!!! This is how I knew and it’s old because I think I was in the room like a hospital room but probably on medication due to giving birth? Omg I have no clue but the fact that my sister was sucking his dick and he stood there and my other sister recording it like she wanted me to find out is disturbing!!!! We had a big fight yesterday about pass random unknown woman messaging him and I went ahead and responded to one taking care of it and it wasn’t a problem but he said I should’ve waited as he saw the message two minutes later and notIced I already replied. He said if I waited he was going to come home and show me the message as we also had a discussion about lots of changing needed to be done for me to trust him again the day before and now this happens ! He said he would’ve responded in front of me so I know he’s changing and taking care of these hoes! Wtf this dream can mean?

    1. The first thing to know is the dream is symbolism so look at it that way, not as literal, instead as figurative. Because of the message you found on your bf’s phone the day before the dream, my guess is the part about recording the sex with his phone connects with that event. The phone is what? How he connects with his “hoes.” But the dream adds a twist. The girl sucking his dick is not some random chick, it’s your sister, and another sister records it. They aren’t random chicks.

      Now, step back from the fact that you know all these people. They are used to symbolize something in the dream-story. What I see in the story is your frustration about having a newborn and you gotta deal with baby daddy out there doing lord knows what. It’s unfair to you. Have your sisters dealt with similar situations with men? If so, perhaps that’s why they are used in the story. It’s a way of saying “we’re all in this together.” Dream characters are like actors following a script, so it’s not like the dream is saying that your sisters would really treat you this way….Unless of course they really would treat you this way. Point is, if what they did in the dream is something they’d never do in waking life, you can bet there’s another reason it.

      I can’t tell you what the dream means. To me, it appears to be a way of saying that someone close to you (your bf) is doing something that really bothers you and it involves his dick! I mean, break it down and that’s the essence of the dream. Question is, what does it really tell you? You are welcome to reply with your answer.

      1. Definitely my issue involves his dick! Ugh as while I was pregnant he went on a “ok single” so to speak faze where he was texting females late at night and while I was at work. To make matters worst this fucking asshole was texting them videos of his dick and pictures. Oh let’s not forget he made a dating profile or supposedly he “reactivated” his profile on POF where he was messaging so many females. It was a side I’ve never seen in him. Like a thirsty nasty man! I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe I was going through it while pregnant. I put a end to it and kicked him out. I was NOT GOING TO ALLOW THAT DISRESPECT! Many people told me “oh it’s normal” or “girl my man cheated on me while I was pregnant” or “men get scared and do dumb shit when they are expecting their first child” wtf you mean normal ? No! I refuse this sort of behavior was “normal”. I did nothing wrong and did NOT deserve it so I cut it off! Allowed him time to think about his actions and how it hurt me emotionally esp during the best time of my life! My first and now last pregnancy! I never want to go through this every again it’s caused me not to even want to be pregnant again. It was just the weirdest dream ever! I hated every moment and I even punched him while he was sleeping and told him I did. Now things are looking up but ever since he’s done the texting behind my back esp sending dick pictures or asking for pictures and had a dating profile as if he was single!!! It has planted a negative seed in my head and to trust him fully would take more than days or months. We’re taking things day by day and I’m just hoping this was a faze because I was pregnant and he knew I couldn’t do anything BUT NOW IM NOT PREGNANT and I would drop his ass like a bad habit and gain full costudy of our child and allow her to see him for the filthy man he is. If he does this shit again to me I’ll know this is the real him!!!

        1. You can see how much of what you describe here is represented in the dream. I feel for you. It’s a tough situation when you are a new momma and the poppa is running around your back like that. The dream seems to be bringing forward what you learned about him during your pregnancy so you fully remember your resolve to kick him out if he starts acting like that again.

  44. I don’t normally have difficulty with dream interpretation but I am at a loss here. Your posts and responses seem insightful, so hoping you can help.
    Last night I had a dream about 2 naked men- I didn’t know them and for most of the Dream the focus was on the chest down. They were erect and sitting facing one another stroking one another. (I’m sorry I don’t mean to be overly graphic). I was both shocked and aroused! ? I am a married woman with 3 kids and been with my hub for 30 years! I woke up this morning feeling disturbed about this dream. Any insight?

    1. The key to understanding most dream symbolism is it represents something based on the commonality of an idea. The second thing is, your reaction tells you what that symbolism is because subconsciously you know what it means and react based on that, not based on the overt imagery or dream-story. What I’m saying is, don’t focus so much on two men jacking each other off (now that’s what I call graphic!), but instead focus on related ideas such as “excited,” “ready,” and “eager.” Now, what does that say about you? What are you excited about, ready for, or eager to do?

  45. Dream about I was sucking a person (woman) belly button in a way. I didn’t know who that person was, but she told that me and her is ready for something. I didn’t really know what to make up. But she was a beautiful person. Than on she brush herself into my lower end of the penis. And than she touched the shaft and I felt like she was sexual teasing me.

    1. I’d start with the basic ideas conveyed by the dream. One, there’s an erotic feel to it. Two, you are ready for something. It could be a straightforward way of saying “ready for sex.” Or, since the belly button is associated with childbirth, it could mean “ready to start a family.” But dreams can speak to deeper things happening in your heart and soul. Like, maybe you are ready to have a more meaningful relationship with yourself, ready to explore the deeper mysteries. Sexual energy can be channeled into the energy you put into better knowing yourself and exploring the inner reaches of your being, so in dreams a hint of the erotic or sexual excitement can be interpreted as “I feel excited about something” and it’s not necessarily sexual. I hope that helps you better understand the dream.

  46. I had a dream about a guy I’ve been friends with for years. A couple times we’ve crossed the friend line, but nothing ever came of it. We were very close but went several years without talking and now we’re talking again. In the dream were were hanging out in a city, laughing, and seemed to be a couple because we were holding hands and kissing, etc. It was great. Then I had to go do something and I find him in the passenger seat of his car with a bunch of trashy-looking younger girls. He’s naked but where his penis should be there’s just a smooth, round scar. He seems drunk or something, smiles and says he’ll meet me later and all the girls laugh. What is this about?

    1. Begin by asking yourself if there’s something about him that you have seen recently that rubs you the wrong way. Like, maybe he seems immature about how he goes about his relationships. That’s what the scene with the young girls could imply. What are young girls? Immature, at least, compared to where you are now. The dream put him in the passenger seat of his car as a way of symbolizing something. My guess is it could be a perception that sometimes he’s not really in control — not “behind the wheel.” Finally, the scene with his penis being gone. It might be a way of saying “what happened to the man I once knew?” Perhaps he’s changed in ways that you don’t like.

  47. I had a dream where my (male) friend was completely naked standing in front of me, but he was smooth like a Ken doll. I asked him why was that and he just smiled at me without saying a word. It looked like we lived in a house completely desolate in the water. In real life me and this friend haven’t been talking lately, but there is some sexual tension in the relationship if that helps. Later in the dream, we were at a waterpark and I was pregnant with his baby, and my water broke. I’m not pregnant in real life so I don’t know where any of that came from. I never got to the actual labor of having the kid in the dream, my friend went off looking for someone before we went to the hospital and then I woke up. I’ve had a few similar dreams about this friend in the past, a lot where he’s naked, doesn’t talk in most of them, he always smiles at me when I’m like “why are you naked?”. And they usually aren’t sexual, but we always have romantic ties in them.

    1. Nakedness in a dream can mean “revealed” or “exposed.” When you know a person well you see below the surface of them, past the surface facade. You know your friend well enough to see past the surface of him. The image of him as smooth could be a way of summarizing how you perceive him. Does smooth mean “without blemish?” Does it mean “smooth operator.” Does it express how you feel?

      Water in dreams tends to tie in with your emotions. Your house in the water is an image of your relationship with him. A water park can mean “fun and play” or it can mean “ups and downs” or even “turbulence.” Depends on the actions with the water. Notice, that’s where your water “breaks.” My guess is, you have pent up emotions. Something is about to break in the figurative sense. See what I mean? It’s time to decide what your friend really means to you and what you want from the relationship.

      1. Thank you, that actually makes a lot of sense. I’m glad I found this site, because most dreams I have I can’t find a solid explanation and usually can find someone who has dreamed similar. I love your site!

        1. Dreams have to be interpreted in the context of the story presented. The story about seeing your friend naked is easy to confuse for desire when it really goes deeper than that. It’s not just about sex.

          By the way, if you want to know more about dream interpretation, check out my We Love Dreams newsletter. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m happy you found what you were looking for.

  48. I had a dream, about my roommates Girlfirend. We were talking then she took out her penis and started jerking off. I feel uncomfortable and powerless. I wanted to stop feeling or feel nothing. It felt as it if I am gonna end up having orgasm with her and I am gonna have to spend time with a women feeling trapped. I am gay. I am more comfortable with sex with men. With women although I never had sex I always feel this way. It is Avery powerless helpless feeling. Can you tell me something about it? Why do the dream and the feelings mean?

  49. I had a dream about my roommates girlfriend. We were talking and then she suddenly took her lenis out and started jerking it. I felt really powerfless and uncomfortable. I didn’t want to feel anything else. But I felt somethin. It was as if at the end of the day i am going to orgasm with sex with her but so am gonna feel trapped. This is what Ami usually feel about sex with the opposite gender. I am more attracted to males and sex with makes seems more comfortable. But I have been having these feelings for a long time and I feel helpless about them. Is a straight man suppose to feel like this. Isn’t it inappropriate for a gay man to sleep with a women? Why do I feel this? What does this dream mean?

    1. Well, consider first of all that unless I miss something here, chicks don’t have dicks. So we know Ami’s penis is symbolism. It could represent that she’s assertive or dominant or even just strong and she enjoys asserting herself or dominating or just showing her strength. In which case, that’s what her jerking her penis symbolizes. Now, why do you get pleasure from it? Because perhaps you like to watch her act like a man. And perhaps it’s rubbing off on you in some way. Like, have you ever just wanted to sit around and do typical guy things and forget that you’re gay? Just be one of the guys. If you are like most gay men I know, you have long known that you are gay and you can have difficulty feeling like you belong among straight guys and doing straight guy things.

      It’s also possible that this dream is more straightforward and it illustrates some sort of conflict about your feelings of attraction to women as well as men. Like, if Ami actually had a penis, would be feel more sexually attracted to her? Is that the essential difference? Are you bothered by the mechanics of sex with women? If so, I think the dream could be helping you to sort through all this and come to a point where you can put to rest this conflict you’re feeling.

      It’s also possible that Ami is a symbol for your roommate. It’s not her you are conflicted about, it’s him.

    1. I need more context to really understand the symbolism of him biting off his penis and eating it. It could be some sort of satire or metaphor for how you perceive him or characterize his actions or behaviors. It could be a way of saying he only embodies part of his manhood, or he only taps some of his capabilities or strength, or emasculates himself. It could be a way of saying he talks about his dick (the mouth is used for eating and speaking), or doesn’t talk enough about it (he only eats the tip). Possibilities branch off from there, such as that scene symbolizing talking about sex. The tip is where foreskin is, and that possibility branches out all over. So, to understand the meaning of that scene, we really have to know the whole story.

  50. I have this dream that I’m in some sort of hotel or cabin with family and friends, and we are spending the night. I’m wearing a bath robe(no bra or underwear, just a eggplant-purple bathrobe) and walk into the hall just in time to see my best friend’s crush, who I will refer to as Marcus, walk by with only a white shirt on. No pants, no boxers. I see his penis and immediately hide my face, embarrassed and possibly traumatized because I have never seen a man’s genitals outside of the internet. Marcus walks past at a normal pace but speeds up after realizing I saw him. He was headed for the bathroom, and I just stand there, covering my face until he comes back and teases me for still being so embarrassed about it. Marcus then comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my Waist. I can feel his penis pressed against me, fully erect, and become very hot and uncomfortable. He whispers in my ear, something about how much he wants me, and we end up making out. I am very vocal during the kiss and there is a lot of tongue involved. I basically allow him to dominate me. He pins me against the wall and starts to grope my butt and breasts, then reaches down to finger me and I moan with his finger inside me right as the dream ends. I am attracted to him in the waking world and used to like him romantically, but stepped aside when I found out my closest friend was also attracted to him. I am a virgin. What could this dream mean?

    1. A dream like this can be tricky to interpret because of the many different things Marcus can represent. On the one hand, the dream could simply be expressing desire for him or someone like him who is attractive to you and sexually appealing. On the other hand, Marcus might just be a character in a story and he’s used to symbolize something else you are attracted to, something that makes you “hot” in the personal sense. Something that gets your blood pumping and juices flowing. Making music is like that for me. It’s a very soulful and sensual experience. I’m also passionate about some subjects of study and knowledge, such as dreams.

      Sex in dreams is also tricky because it can represent a straightforward desire for sex. But sex is a terrific symbol for giving and receiving and for integration of new traits into the personality. This subject gets deep but basically, as a female you can integrate traditionally male traits such as assertiveness and independence. All of us have at least some characteristics of both genders in us. But the idea goes deeper. The yin/yang duality expresses the idea that the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) principles are in a state of constant interaction. From atoms up to galaxies we see this dynamic at the heart of all creation. As a female, you take in male energy and make it part of your mind and body. Your womb is more than a baby carrier, it is a dynamic oven of sorts for nurturing and shaping male energy. Look at the part of the dream where you feel Marcus’s phallus, and his finger inside you. What you might actually be experiencing in that scene is the desire to take in male energy.

      Or, what you see is what you get! No need to analyze more deeply than you are expressing a deep need for sexual outlet and exploration of some sort (even if it’s not with a partner).

      Finally, a key to the dream is your reaction of giving in to Marcus’s advances and talking while making out. Perhaps you have a deep need to express yourself, not just verbally but artistically, creatively, personally. For example, dancing can be a wordless expression of your inner being. You might have a process going on within you that you want to give in to, meaning you let down your ego barriers and other inhibitions and just go with it. Feel that passion. Allow it to find expression in yourself and your life.

      On a side note, read my take on animus. It might give you more ideas. And check out my dream dictionary.

  51. I had a dream of having 5 penises would love to know what it means I’m a guy though and the dream was just looking down and the 5 and I asked my girlfriend which one she would like tonight then I woke up

    1. The key to the dream seems to be in the detail about asking your girlfriend which penis of yours she wants tonight. Five is a number associated with change, so consider the idea that the dream reflects thoughts about putting more variety into your sex life.

  52. A first for me but I dreamed my kid’s father, other kid’s mother was sucking his penuis right in front of me. Well, they we’re talking/ disagreeing on something then she started sucking his privacy while I was behind him, I think or maybe I wasn’t there but I would like do know what does this means?

    1. To me, this dream could stem from feeling like the other mother is interfering in your relationship with him or occupying his time. Perhaps she uses sex or other means to manipulate him, or maybe she’s always talking with him. Notice that she’s giving him head while they talk and you are behind them. That can mean you feel like his attention is being taken away from you.

  53. I had a strange dream that I was laying in a bed, it wasn’t my bed, and I was nearly asleep, when I very dark skinned black woman climbs on top of me, she was very beautiful, but she had a penis and began slowly making love to me, and I enjoyed it!

    1. I can think of a few ways of looking at it. One, the woman represents some new area of life opening up to you and you’re enjoying it. She’s a mystery that’s unfolding. Or perhaps she represents a new aspect of yourself emerging, perhaps connected with traditionally masculine traits. On top can mean “in control.” Start there and ask yourself if there’s some new way that you feel good about being in control. It might connect with your sex life, but more often, sex in dreams connects with integrating something new into your personality.

  54. If love for somebody to interpret my dreams meaning. Honestly.

    I’m just sitting in bed, getting excited and aroused, by myself, as I am single and have been for awhile. I pull back my pants a bit, and all of a sudden this giant penis pops out of my pants, I mean it’s so big that I can barely fit my hand around it. I pay no attention to it though, and just enjoy the sensual feeling. After I woke up, in the half asleep state I was in, I thought it was real and was so happy for some odd reason that it was, though it was not real at all. I mean, what could this mean?

    1. It could represent a feeling of strength or manhood, or your machismo.

      It could represent your sex drive.

      It could represent something else that really excites you.

      It could represent something you’re trying to get a handle on.

      Those are the main possibilities. It’s hard to say for sure.

  55. I had a dream that I had a penis im a Girl by the way. The dream was so weird b/c I was really uncomfortable with it help me what can this mean.

    1. Begin with the penis as a symbol of masculinity and the traits associated with it. A penis on a female can symbolize traditionally masculine traits she possesses or can possess. Therefore, discomfort with having a penis can symbolize discomfort with masculine traits: physical strength, assertiveness, independence, etc.

  56. I woke up this morning having this dream that I was sucking the man I just broke up with’s huge dick, and it was just never ending. His cock never stopped going down my throat, and it just kept expanding, longer, and longer

  57. I had a dream that it was me my dad my sis and my friend and some girl and we were in a hotel and we were waiting for the servent or something like that and well i went to call her came back to my room she took look so as i went i see her outside with her bra and underwears and i started kissing her and and she was sucking my penis after the sex my penis had fallen of i got so scared and i saw it turned sorta like a alien penis sorta it was weird like tenticals spikes coming out and as i put my penis back togther it likee healed weirdly and after like eveytime these tenticals spike came out of my penis i was scared i wanted to wake up but i couldnt i almost cried on how scared i was someone plz explain to me what happen

    1. Waiting on a servant in a dream can mean you depend on other people to take care of your needs. Sucking the penis can be a soothing activity and convenient way of taking care of a sexual need. With that in mind, look at what happens afterward. Your penis is all weird looking. That sort of absurdity in a dream can indicate something in yourself is out of whack. Like, maybe you’ve been dependent on your family for too long and deep inside, you know things have to change. A hotel is a place of transition, so to me, this dream-story suggests that you’re trying to make a transition to being more independent but are too dependent on being taken care of.

  58. A very good friend of mine told me she had a dream that she was brushing her teeth at my house when my boyfriend walked out of the shower and she caught a “peak” of his penis. She said that I was furious. And then she was drinking green tea before this wedding we were all about to attend and she spilled it on an old chair that meant a lot to my family. So my sisters and I were being really mean to her making her clean it up. She said she struggled to clean it and felt awful to have ruined this chair with such special meaning. No one would help her and she couldnt go to the wedding because she had to clean up her mess. My boyfriend felt bad for her and couldnt understand why we were all being so mean to her.

    …in real life, my boyfriend is the one who would be super meticulous and annoyed at a spill like that. What could this all mean?

    1. The dream has two references to self-presentation. One, brushing teeth is done as part of presentation, along with brushing hair and doing make-up. Seeing your bf’s manhood could connect with embarrassment, so my guess is there’s something she feels embarrassed about it in connection with how she presents herself. It could be a physical thing but also consider intangibles such as reputation and persona. The meanness is a projection of her feelings. She’s being hard on herself about something, is my guess–maybe too hard.

      The wedding detail is important and my only thought is perhaps your friend is a bachelorette looking for a man with whom to nest. No one can help her clean the stain…stain implies “stain on character” or on her conscience or just something a minor flaw. Like, perhaps she’s wondering why she can’t land the right man and wonders if there’s something wrong with her or something. In this sense, a stain is something that, in the big picture, is a small flaw, and flaw is used in mating as a reason to not date someone or marry.

      Come to think of it, a chair is something a person sits on, and sit can mean “stay for a while.” Stretch the idea and it can mean “marry.” Of course, a chair can mean you’re getting the “ass end” of a bargain. The detail about being an old chair makes me wonder if your friend thinks that her flaw is she’s too old, at least, by some standards.

      One other thing I noticed is the female characters are hard on her, but the boyfriend character is easy on her. It might be a way of saying that the standard she comparing herself against is something more important to women in general.

  59. I had a dream once related to my penis. The main things I remember were that I was smoking with a girl in a car,but this girl is somewhat of a friend. Then suddenly we appeared on a bed and obviously my penis was out. You may be thinking oh and then sexual things began to happen, but no, the opposite. My penis head or whatever it’s called grew. It expanded, the whole it was happening it was like I felt the pain. It just kept growing and growing till it looked like an actual mushroom head. This has been the only dream that has been like that. I’m just so interested. To give you a better image of what I’m saying;

    1. Well, think of it this way. The penis is a symbol of masculine virility and power. and masculinity in general. The head of it is often referred to as where a man thinks about sex. So either you’re allowing your sexuality to take over your thoughts, or you’re going through growing pains as a man and ultimately the enlarged head is a way of saying you’re becoming more masculine, especially in your thought processes.

  60. So I had a dream about a guy that I’m talking to. We are “friends” not dating. We were about to have sex I was really turned on and on top of him ready to go And as soon as he puts it in he finishes . And I get disappointed and embarrassed for him like what happened. I look down and his penis disappeared. Weird dream but what could this dream possibly mean. We had sex in real life it was good . Please interpret for me.

    1. The guy in the dream might not really have anything to do with the actual person. Instead, the dream chose him because he was a sex partner — a good one — and the situation depicted by the dream is related to disappointment. Something didn’t live up to expectation. It finished before it really started. Stretch the idea and it can mean that something pleasurable or exciting ends. Do you think that perhaps it connects with realizing that this friendship doesn’t have the benefits it used to have? Perhaps the closeness or connection you once shared isn’t there anymore.

  61. I have had 2 dreams about my ex boyfriend of 11 years who is also my child’s father. In one dream we are on the sofa fully clothed talking and the other dream laying on the bed fully clothed talking and in both dreams he places my hand inside his trousers to stroke his semi-erected penis. I always wake up after the stroking so I never see if we end up having sex.

    1. I wonder if his erection is used as a way of measuring his interest in something. Like, his interest in your children, or interest in you. Semi-erect implies semi-interest.

      Another way of looking at it is his character’s action of guiding your hand to his erection is a way of pointing out where his priorities are. I can only guess though.

      A detail that sticks out is he’s fully clothed. I get the idea that the dream could be about knowing him better than other people do. You get access to his private life.

  62. You’re probably right about him truly just being busy. I feel that it only takes a second to respond to a text though. Thank you for insight and I do feel better about the situation now.

    Good luck on your book! Do you mind if I ask what it’s about?

    1. The book is a dream dictionary with built in dream guide and encyclopedia. It’s a huge book and written in a conversational style and teaches while it explains. If you sign up for my newsletter you’ll be sure to get word when it’s published.

      I really hope we’re right about your man. You have a good point about being able to return a simple text msg. I guess you’ll find out soon, eh.

  63. We are in a long distance relationship and he has not been communicating with me very well at all. I’ve told him a couple times that it bothers me when he doesn’t reply to my text messages or return my phone calls. And the longer we go without seeing eachother the less he communicates. I told him to be honest if he doesn’t want to continue the relationship and he says he wants to be with me more than anything he’s ever wanted, and he’s just really busy. I thought the communication would’ve gotten better after that but it hasn’t.

    1. If you have feared that he’s been incommunicado because he’s with another woman (women), it could be reflected in the dream.

      I think the situation comes down to whether you trust him. You gave him a way out and he didn’t take it, so it’s quite likely that he’s just really busy like he says. That, or he can’t admit the truth. I know what it’s like to be so busy you hardly have time to return calls or messages. I’m writing a new book and am under deadline, and haven’t talked with friends or family in weeks.

  64. I had a dream that my boyfriend was naked and in bed with two naked women. He was laying in the middle of them flat on his back and the women were on each side of him. They were drawing blood from him and he had a hard on. When I walked in on them he just looked at me and said “what” in a nonschillant way. I would love to know what this dream means.

    1. The dream could be an observation about something draining his vitality or energy. Erections and blood are both associated with vitality. In which case, the two women symbolize what’s draining him. Does he work two jobs?

      If you’ve had any recent issues with ED, the dream might be related. Blood flow is what initiates and sustains an erection. Bloods drains when an erection goes away.

      Finally, consider the possibility that the dream is just a scenario about him doing something that upsets you and he reacts nonchalantly about it. Focus on that idea. Does he act nonchalantly about doing something that upsets you? Perhaps he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

  65. (I am a cis female)
    I had a dream that I had a 10″ penis, fully erect and when I touched the head I got a bit of pleasure from it. To hide it from my family I tucked it into my vagina which have me pleasure too. Someone told me I can break it and I held it in my hand and crumbled it but was instantly remorseful and sad. What does this mean?

    1. The first possibility to consider is the erect penis in your dream symbolizes masculine qualities or virility. It means you have some strongly masculine traits such as strength, independence and domination that you try to hide — and you have a lot of it. But secretly it gives you some pleasure to have these traits. You could repress these traits in yourself, but you know in the end you’d regret it. That’s my guess. You can be fully a woman and still play rough with the men

    1. Have you been excited because of attention or recognition you’ve received lately, or at the prospect of it? A boner is a sign of excitement, and celebrities are associated with attention and recognition.

  66. Penis size? Not satisfying her? Lack of stamina? Thinking she’s going to cheat on me? All these things, I guess….

    1. All that is expressed poignantly in the image of giving her a reach-around, and it raises the question of what you can do about it. Cardio workouts to increase stamina? More warm up and creative sex play? Turn her on in her mind, too, so sex is a more multidimensional experience? Make her want you more than any man? You don’t have to have the biggest dick to do that, but you gotta have big balls, if you know what I mean.

  67. I dreamt that I removed my penis and attached it to my wife’s stomach. I then knelt behind her, bent her over and licked her vagina & anus while manually masturbating the penis on her belly. That was basically the whole dream. What does that mean?

    1. Wow, what a twist on the idea of a reach-around. If you look up the definition of reach-around on urban dictionary, definition #2 is related to compensating. Are you compensating for something you feel like you lack in your sex life with your wife?

  68. OK So I Had A Dream That Me And My Boyfriend Were About To Have Sex I Ended Up Going Down To suck His penis And After A Few Strokes I bit his penis off there was blood and semen but what makes it weird is it wasn’t on purpose it jus sorted happened it also was stuck in my mouth he had to help pull it out what does this mean???

    1. The first possibility to consider is the dream is an expression of fear that you’ll hit while having sex. Perhaps you recognize the sensitivity of his male organ and how easily a little slip could hurt him. And perhaps the part about him helping you pull it out is a suggestion to have him help you make sure you don’t hurt him while going down.

    1. Unless “big” in this dream means a large amount of something other than your lover’s big penis, I’d say this imagery is a metaphor for being very satisfied in your love life.

  69. I’m a female btw. I had a dream where I was in the pool with a bunch of people, & I couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to look at or touch or feel around a cock. So I noticed a guy who showed up to the pool, & I kept trying to sneak over to him, because I don’t think he could see or notice me if I were interacting with him. I kept trying to go up to him with my head underwater so that I could loosen his shorts, pull them down, & fondle his really nice, thick, hairy cock & balls. Every time though, he would get away. I would get up to a point of feeling him or brushing my mouth up against him, but he would swim away or walk to the cafe. I tried it at the cafe, & he got hard, standing in front of me, even though he couldn’t see me or say anything, and I felt & rubbed him, but he got away again even though I wanted to feel him on & in me so badly. It changed scenes, & I was Lil Wayne at a college party filming people. It was fun & wild, but then I saw I couple get so freaky that the girl had nothing on below the waist, & the guy only had a shirt on. They were still dancing & I could tell they were getting ready to fuck, but I wanted to put my face in the man’s genitals so badly. He made eye contact with me with a really horny, drunk look on his face, so I knelt down & smothered myself in his balls & fine, hard cock, even though his girlfriend was right there but she didn’t care. He started humping his dick across my face, teasing my mouth, with his full balls slowly sliding on my chin, but that’s when the dream ended with my lil Wayne hands gripping his tight ass.

    1. On one level you can view this dream as a straightforward desire or wish fulfillment. But think also of possibilities for symbolism related to something you really want but can’t have. The penis can be a symbol of power, for example, so wanting it but being denied can mean you are denied power. It might symbolize some other sort of temptation. For example, I helped decode a dream about being tempted by a powdered doughnut and eventually giving in. The dream tells a story about being tempted by cocaine. When it was offered, the dreamer turned it down. But his resistance weakened the longer the temptation sat in front of him, and eventually he gave in.

  70. I have this recurring dreaming of sleeping with ladies I don’t know with them having a penis. Please what does that means

    1. The first possibility to consider is a lady with a penis is someone in control, someone who dominates or is assertive. Think of typically male characteristics. Like, are you attracted to dominant women? Or, since you sleep with the female dream characters, perhaps it’s a way of saying you like a woman who takes control in the bedroom.

  71. I had a dream that Ryan Reynolds (or some similar celebrity) came to town and was in the same hotel/rec center/some kind of event building as me. He saw me and was trying to impress me and flirt with me in order to get me to sleep with him. I told him I wouldn’t just sleep with him, that he would have to ‘earn’ it or prove that he wanted me and not just sex (I don’t remember exactly how I said it). He left to hang out with some other girls who were obviously going to give him what he wanted, but he kept coming back to me in more sincere ways.

    I don’t know how much time passed in the dream, but the feelings between us grew and I eventually started to have sex with him. He had 2 penises. I was surprised but not concerned. I commented on it and he was also unconcerned. I think I woke up soon after because I don’t remember finishing the dream.

    I’ve tried to look up the meaning of 2 penises but haven’t found any reasonable explanation. Do you have any idea what this could mean?

    1. If you look at the theme of the first part of the dream, you could say it’s related to the two sides of sex. One, it’s just sex. Two, it’s a lot more than that. Perhaps the dream is asking you how far you’ll go to stick to your guns.

  72. I am a girl and I had a dream that I had a penis. I have had a dream that I had a penis before but before I peed on someone, this time (6+ months apart) some girl was sucking it. I didn’t know the girl in the dream or outside of the dream. I remember thinking in the dream and asking myself, “why do I have a penis” I didn’t feel pressure from it, but it was growing as if I did feel pressure. I am wondering what this means but I’m not freaked out about it. I’m sure it has something to do with being masculine.

    1. Your hunch is the same as mine. The penis is a symbol for typically masculine traits such as dominance and assertiveness. Having another girl — someone you don’t know — suck it is a way of saying you dominate other females. And now it’s growing! So my guess is you are an alpha chick and yeah, that’s all right. Just be aware of it, Supergirl, and use your powers for good ;)

  73. I dreamed I was shaking my butt on a mans penis in my bathroom, I was wearing a bikini and he only had a towel on. Idk who he was. ?

    1. It could be a way of saying you are a tease, or you know how to excite men. Or it could be a way of saying you are making something grow with your attention, or you have masculine-related traits, such as assertiveness and dominance, growing in you.

  74. I had a very strange dream. I have a crush for a guy in real life and i don’t know his feelings for me. He is trying to please me in my dream. He is hugging me from the back and he is trying to touch me and then push his penis against my butt. I felt it very hard penis fully eracted. We are not alone there are other people around us. We are wearing clothes. In real life we never talked but in some occasions we looked into eyes for more than normal time for many times. He is older than me and he is very tall. I think in real life he is very flirty type. What does this mean. Thanks

    1. It could symbolize the way your feelings of attraction for this guy are pushing against you personally. Think of it as a sort of psychological pressure to figure out his feelings for you. As for being in public when the action happens, it might be a way of saying you’ve thinking about how being together with him would be perceived publicly. Clothes can carry the same sort of symbolism because they’re associated with outer identity.

  75. Im going in to labor today and i had a dream lastnight that my husband and i were out and he doesnt ask me but hw tells me that another man is going to suck him up. And i disnt want it to happen but I dont really remember teling him no (at that time). He sees a guy walk by and he looks mexican or mixed but he asks him straight up if he can suck my husbands dick. At first he was hesitant but he left and came back. My husband gets ready for him and the guy goes over to my husband. My husband is a tall man and he tells this shorter man to pick him up with his legs on the stranger’s shoulders and suck him up and he does. People walk by and watch and they both didn’t care that they were watching. Also before they actually do it i begged my husband to let me do it instead and he tells me he didnt want me to get sick or something. What does this mean?

    1. My guess is the dream could be related lack of sexual contact with your husband while you are pregnant and after giving birth — it’ll be a while before you can have intercourse. And fellatio is an alternative to intercourse. The dream could express fear that your husband will turn to someone else to fulfill his sexual needs, but because the character is another man, perhaps it’s related to masturbation. Masturbation is sex with yourself, and since he’s a man, when he masturbates he technically has sex with a man: himself.

      Swallowing your mate’s cum has been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety and affect you positively in other ways. Perhaps you need to let your hubby know it’s all right and can even be beneficial!

  76. Thanks so much what does it mean like if I keep having a dream over n over about a my man cheating on me and I find out by catching them always have that dream n she’s always a friend of mines but not a clear friend of mines I have in reality

    1. Cheating in a dream can be an expression of jealousy or self-doubt. Perhaps you fear that some other woman – perhaps someone close to you like a friend – will steal him away.

  77. I had a dream me my man was at sonic in a place I don’t recall but seems like we lived in that place under a sonic carport area.I was sitting n car he got out car to go somewhere maybe to pee more it was I was laughing cause he got out telling me damn I’m high this stuff is making my penis grow and telling me he needs to always smoke what ever we was smoking.than there was other people around just looking than I woke up but don’t know how it relates to me or what it trying to say cause reality he has a good size one and I do go to sonic like everyday for a drink I love sex wit him but weird.

    1. My hunch is that his penis growing could relate to seeing him in a more masculine way. It’s not really saying anything about sex but instead about what the penis symbolizes: masculinity.

  78. I had a dreame and my man was at sonic in a place I don’t recall but seems like we lived in that place under a sonic carport area.I was sitting n car he got out car to go somewhere maybe to pee more it was I was laughing cause he got out telling me damn I’m high this stuff is making my penis grow and telling me he needs to always smoke what ever we was smoking.than there was other people around just looking than I woke up but don’t know how it relates to me or what it trying to say cause reality he has a good size one and I do go to sonic like everyday for a drink I love sex wit him but weird.

  79. Yes!!!
    I am definitely in a situation where I am stroking the ego of a man who thinks himself much larger than he is. He has been hurt in his past by other women and I find myself not wanting to be another one who does the same. However, I am not satisfied. He is a kind person, but I’m not enjoying it and no longer want to keep stroking….

  80. I dreamt I got into the bed, the top bunk of a bunk bed, with a stranger. In the dream, it seems like we might have known each other from working or something.

    He was naked and I immediately started stroking his penis. He was becoming aroused and larger than any penis I have ever seen. I was amazed and kept stroking it. I pulled at at a little and it stretched long enough to reach his neck. Although he hadn’t reach an orgasm, he had a lot of fluid coming from his penis. I thought it was too much. As I was stroking him, I saw a clump of something like mucus next to his scrotum. It was like a large sticky oval shaped pill. I took it and gave it to him to do something with. He seemed to communicate with me without words asking what I was going to do. Without words, I said I wasn’t going to do anything. I woke up realizing I was in a dream.

    1. Wow, that imagery really presents interesting possibilities for symbolism. The size of the penis can symbolize the amount of machismo, ego, or manliness someone shows. Now look at how the dream sets up the scenario. The stranger is someone you know from work, you suspect. Now look at the actions of stroking and the penis growing. To me, that looks like it could be a metaphor for “stroking the ego.” Now ask yourself if that idea fits your recent experience. Have you had your ego stroked? (Sometimes in dreams we act out what has happened to us, and the dream characters represent aspects of ourselves, so the stranger could be your ego.) Or alternately, have you stroked someone’s ego?

  81. So my husband had a very disturbing dream last night in which he bit off his penis. He said he bit it off gradually in little bites and wasn’t eating it, just spitting the bits out onto the floor. There was no blood or pain. At a certain point semen came out of it as he was biting and he became disgusted and nauseous. In the dream he felt the need to conceal the fact that he bit it off from me and was baffled by his actions. What does this craziness mean? Thanks!

    1. I have an idea about the dream that’s best presented as a question. Before I ask it, be aware that dreams exaggerate the same as we exaggerate in the things we say. They make metaphors. Like, if someone says “he’s strong as a bull,” it’s an exaggerated comparison because no one is as strong as an adult bull.

      With that in mind, answer this question: “My husband would rather bite off his penis than ___.” It’s something he doesn’t want you to know, and it might have something to do procreation. Have you been talking about having a child or getting a vasectomy?

      Now please keep in mind that dreams are incredibly mysterious and hugely varied. There are no set interpretations and no absolutely sure way for anyone other than the dreamer to decode the meaning. I can think of other possibilities off the top of my head related to feeling like his manhood is wearing away a bit at a time (common for men after they’ve peaked physically) or he is forced by circumstances to do something that’s slowly eating away at something valuable to him (like, if his job is really stressful or he has to swallow his pride). He might be too proud to admit it. Start there, and if you talk to him about the dream make sure to be supportive and non-judgmental.

    1. First, know that dreams use symbolism and the characters are like actors following a script. Also, that symbolism can be created from non-sexual aspects of the penis, such as it being a “private part.” With that in mind, I wonder if your husband has allowed your best friend to touch him emotionally or has revealed something private or personal to her.

    1. Hard to say, but the pregnancy part only makes sense if you really are pregnant and it’s unwanted. Every female has a masculine side to her, psychologically, just depends on how much it manifests.

  82. I had a dream where i pulled back thw hood of my clit and there was a small penis about the size of a pinky. It had a bubble of discharge at the tip. What could that possibly mean?

    1. You can point to possibilities for symbolism, such as the little penis behind the clitoris being a symbol for a “little bit of masculinity” behind your femininity. Or perhaps it’s something that wants to emerge in your personality. Another way of looking at it is the penis begins as a clit. Before the fetus takes on a distinct gender it has the workings for a clit. Then at around the end of the first trimester it can become male and the clit grows into a penis. That’s a fact!

  83. I had a strange dream that my boyfriend and I were starting to get sexual. After a while I went to suck his penis. I found that the head wasn’t there and instead the top part of it was hard and looked like a flat thick scab. I dreamed that I continued to such it anyways and that I kept getting the big scabs in my mouth as I went on.

    It was extremely unusual and I am extremely confused as to what this could mean.

    1. Perhaps the symbolism relates to something missing from your sex life with your boyfriend. Like, maybe the attraction comes from your head and not your heart, or vice-versa.

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